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  • no more postmates for me! lol!
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  • Mads Benn
    Mads Benn 7 годин тому +1

    Am I the only one who thinks that she sounds like Robin from Stranger Things

  • Karla Martinez
    Karla Martinez 10 годин тому

    Lol when she said SWIPE UP

  • Courtney C
    Courtney C 20 годин тому

    Pasta is done *holy shit, life comes at'cha f--king fast!*

  • i_am_a_person
    i_am_a_person День тому +1

    can we talk about how emma's eyes are so gorgeous

  • Sabrina Reeves
    Sabrina Reeves День тому

    i hate cooking cause i suck at it

  • FanTributes 123
    FanTributes 123 День тому

    5:23 sis it kinda is

  • leah whitmore
    leah whitmore День тому

    im 12 and i can cook roast dinners.......

  • Basilikh Mar
    Basilikh Mar День тому

    Come to Greece and I'll make u the best greek salad

  • humberto jimenez picado
    humberto jimenez picado 2 дні тому

    Why does it look like you live in newark

  • Lotti Fordham
    Lotti Fordham 2 дні тому

    Omg me and my bff wuz watching this and u asked how we were my bff said "fucking terrible"and she cried laughing cuz u said "I'm glad"

  • Melissa and Kaylee
    Melissa and Kaylee 2 дні тому +1

    the best macaroni is the *wheels macaroni*

  • Charity Daniels
    Charity Daniels 2 дні тому

    Omg #sofunny #100%dying

  • JadaReneé
    JadaReneé 3 дні тому

    Fav salad: chicken Caesar🤷‍♀️😃😃😃🥬🥒🥕🧀🍗

  • Samera Archer
    Samera Archer 3 дні тому +1

    I love your videos so much!!👍❤❤❤

  • Tyra Lemons
    Tyra Lemons 3 дні тому

    Eᴛʜᴀɴ ʜᴀs ɴᴏᴡ ᴊᴏɪɴᴇᴅ ᴛʜᴇ ᴄʜᴀᴛ ᴀғᴛᴇʀ sʜᴇ sᴀɪᴅ 𝗻𝗼𝗯𝗼𝗱𝘆 𝘄𝗮𝗻𝘁𝘀 𝘁𝗼 𝗺𝗮𝗿𝗿𝘆 𝗺𝗲

  • Maria Hernandez
    Maria Hernandez 3 дні тому

    Brooo that long ass straw 😂😂

  • Lanie Thornton
    Lanie Thornton 3 дні тому

    Literally right before I watched this video, I went on BiteSquad and ordered food😐😂 I have a problem

  • Brad Frye
    Brad Frye 3 дні тому

    conceited **?

  • Guinea PigLover
    Guinea PigLover 3 дні тому

    The one thing I learned from the video...
    Emma doesn’t like macaroni shaped pasta

  • Mady Sharp
    Mady Sharp 4 дні тому

    Emma forgetting how to boil water
    Me: And I opp😂

  • maggie rdzzz
    maggie rdzzz 4 дні тому +1

    is it just me or does she talk like A LOT but in the best way .

  • C Clifford
    C Clifford 4 дні тому

    Does anybody know who she was calling when she was talking about chipotle powder?

  • Oof_ItzBianca
    Oof_ItzBianca 4 дні тому

    *my dinner my dinner my dinner my dinner my dinner my dinner*

  • Ilovekpop
    Ilovekpop 4 дні тому +1

    I was literally drinking iced coffee watching this.

  • Addison Rennaker
    Addison Rennaker 4 дні тому

    I love when people ask questions in the UAclips video and no one answers them

  • Shanice
    Shanice 4 дні тому

    i'm always wifey af I cook for myself all the time ( i'm good too) like damn those boys are missing out, i also love to cook with my friends they be like juding me but in the end enjoy the meal and say damn this is so good.

  • nicole jaimee
    nicole jaimee 4 дні тому +1

    *thats so much oil* -jc caylen

  • Mimi Ortiz
    Mimi Ortiz 4 дні тому

    I never this day would come

  • Missy Vlogs
    Missy Vlogs 4 дні тому

    Dat straw is longer than my hopes and dreams and bi!’:s my hopes are longer than than anything so yeh

  • jasmine cuevas
    jasmine cuevas 4 дні тому

    Your straw is so long 😂
    btw i’m a big fan! 🤩⭐️

  • nti the mob
    nti the mob 4 дні тому

    What are we makeing hunnie

  • nti the mob
    nti the mob 4 дні тому

    Ill make dinner hunnie

  • 高文杰
    高文杰 5 днів тому

    imma sooooooo hooked on ur cooking skills

  • Rilie Avila
    Rilie Avila 5 днів тому

    I *love* that no one is talking about the fact that we just watched


    *cooking with Emma*

  • Ellie H
    Ellie H 5 днів тому +2

    Emma: So, how are you?
    Me: well, my crippling anxiety is taking me over and I’m falling into a deep, dark pit of depression and all of my friends hate me. But, iTs oK.
    Emma: oMg iM So gLaD

  • natalia cortés
    natalia cortés 5 днів тому

    why have i watched this video 3 times today what the fuck is going oooooonnnn

  • Indiah Motilall
    Indiah Motilall 5 днів тому

    3:17 you sound like fucking James Charles

  • Kyra Wade
    Kyra Wade 5 днів тому

    Save the animals lol

  • Shawn Mendes
    Shawn Mendes 5 днів тому

    10:04 "it kinda looks like poop now" girl, if your poop looks like that you have a big problem and you have to make a doctors appointment AS FAST AS POSSIBLE

  • Broken depressed
    Broken depressed 5 днів тому

    And I was like what the hell emmas so pretty yet I look like a sewer roach

  • Broken depressed
    Broken depressed 5 днів тому

    All of my freinds say I look like u and I’m like OMFG I DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Brynn Robison
    Brynn Robison 5 днів тому

    Is anyone gonna tell her that the salt didn’t go in the bowl

  • Hayley Sloggett
    Hayley Sloggett 5 днів тому

    No one:

    Emma: I’m not gonna be a post mate whore anymore

  • Hayley Sloggett
    Hayley Sloggett 5 днів тому

    0:55 Dora vibes 😅

  • suntube !
    suntube ! 5 днів тому

    That straw is longer then my social life

  • L
    L 6 днів тому +1

    whats the intro song because i liveeee

  • Jade E Kenny
    Jade E Kenny 6 днів тому

    i love u emma

  • Solar Flare
    Solar Flare 6 днів тому

    Me: what am I going to eat today, let’s eat cereal
    *goes on phone to order cereal*😂🤣😂🤣

  • XellzX10
    XellzX10 6 днів тому

    Have you ever just been getting a recommendation for a vid for ages but just think you have watched it then realise you haven’t cuz same.......

  • Alix H
    Alix H 6 днів тому +1

    how are you?
    well its summer, i have no friends😂i binge watching you and the dolan twins EVEYDAY😭i haven’t gone outside💀except for church or mall😌which isn’t a problem bc i don’t want to be in that boiling heat✌🏻alright thxs for reading bye✌🏻😌❤️

  • Milly Vlogs
    Milly Vlogs 6 днів тому

    Omg IKR Emma pasta does not all taste the same🤯

  • Hi Low
    Hi Low 6 днів тому

    I love cooking and I also love kale salad with avocado ranch because it doesn’t taste ranch so

  • Bridget Dixon
    Bridget Dixon 6 днів тому

    Everyone else:
    Siri- turn left
    *other people turn
    Emma: shut up *continues talking about feta cheese* 😂

  • Kennyfiya
    Kennyfiya 7 днів тому

    Anyone else loves her intro or is it just me?

  • Chickonlover 234
    Chickonlover 234 7 днів тому

    Paprika has no flavor 😂😂

  • Jordan Keith
    Jordan Keith 7 днів тому +2

    No one:

    Emma: *swipe up*

  • Breanna’s Vlogs
    Breanna’s Vlogs 7 днів тому

    9:45 Ethan does ...... and i oop

  • Dancing With maddie
    Dancing With maddie 7 днів тому

    Why did her strainer have fruit in it WTF

  • GamingWith FortniteKd
    GamingWith FortniteKd 7 днів тому

    Did you wash your hands????

  • WhiskeyChildRecords
    WhiskeyChildRecords 7 днів тому

    Digging your straw! Too funny! Nice videos Emma and it's real fun watching ya! Way to go!

  • Simran Chatha
    Simran Chatha 7 днів тому

    Emma: “nobody wants to marry me anyway”
    Ethan: fucking bullshit

  • karma thomas
    karma thomas 7 днів тому +3

    My favorite salad is Cesar and I like to cook but I like to bake even more

  • Ellie & Bri Vlogs
    Ellie & Bri Vlogs 7 днів тому

    Emma:sPiCeS mAkE a DIfFeReNcE

  • Aaron Luiz
    Aaron Luiz 8 днів тому

    Is she sponsored by "f**k"

  • Alysia Reyes
    Alysia Reyes 8 днів тому


  • Chloe Lucey
    Chloe Lucey 8 днів тому +3

    when she said how are you i said depressed and then she said omg im so glad

  • Gabrielle Parkin
    Gabrielle Parkin 8 днів тому

    These scary ass ads not funny at 1 o'clock in the morning

  • Hannah Howells
    Hannah Howells 8 днів тому

    Emma:so how are you.
    Me:sad and dying inside.
    Emma: oh my God I'm so glad

  • Grace Lucas
    Grace Lucas 8 днів тому +5


  • natalie musolino
    natalie musolino 8 днів тому

    No hate but she makes la seem so stereotypical but...

  • Cienna Orton
    Cienna Orton 8 днів тому


    It's funny to me that u have a bunch of subscribers 8 mil and u get 300k likes which is insane Faze fug for example has 12 mil and he sometimes doesn't even get 100k I'm confused like if u agree

  • Aaliyah Roylance
    Aaliyah Roylance 8 днів тому

    i’m watching this video the second time while i’m cooking mac and cheese and i’m 12...

  • K.G-Z.H 11
    K.G-Z.H 11 8 днів тому +2

    does anyone know what the song she used in the beginning when she made her coffee. or is it just an sound?

    • K.G-Z.H 11
      K.G-Z.H 11 7 днів тому

      avechxch h faw away is her out-tro not the BEGINNING😂

    • avechxch h
      avechxch h 7 днів тому

      far away by tompabeats

  • Jenna Stama
    Jenna Stama 8 днів тому +1

    Hi guys it would mean the world to me if u went and subscribed to my channel pls

  • That’s America’s Ass
    That’s America’s Ass 9 днів тому

    I love how she roast herself as she’s editing

  • Sam W.
    Sam W. 9 днів тому

    12:15 “Washed Salad”😂 jk I ❤️ u emma!!

  • Khloe Manning
    Khloe Manning 9 днів тому +1

    Emma: hOw ArE yOu ?!
    Me: says nothing...

    Emma: OmG iM sO gLaD !!!!

  • Makenzie Casey
    Makenzie Casey 9 днів тому

    i'm 13 and i cook dinner for my family

  • Piedad Lopez
    Piedad Lopez 9 днів тому

    My favorite salad 🥗 is the one that has nothing 🥣 in it cause I don’t like salads 🥗
    Like 👍🏽 if you agree

  • m l
    m l 9 днів тому

    wOw..MmMm..vErY FrEsHhHhH😯🤪

  • Madison Wolford Vlogz
    Madison Wolford Vlogz 9 днів тому

    Lol my mom says I’m crazy and that all pasta taste the same but I only like the shell type I hate the straight noodles 😂😬

  • Inside Electronics
    Inside Electronics 9 днів тому


  • Rachel s
    Rachel s 10 днів тому

    once a post mate whore always a post mate whore💀

  • gianna gonzalez
    gianna gonzalez 10 днів тому

    emma: it never says how much pasta to use

  • Michele Hulsman
    Michele Hulsman 10 днів тому

    Emma: comment down below your favorite kinda salad.
    Me: no salad. 🥗

  • UnicornsForLife 101
    UnicornsForLife 101 10 днів тому +6

    *Gordon Ramsey has left the chat*

  • Douglas Snyder
    Douglas Snyder 10 днів тому

    You are so funny Emma and you make my day 🤞🏻🤞🏻👍🏻

  • Elena Ramirez
    Elena Ramirez 11 днів тому

    Omg i used to eat ketchup strait from the packets #justgirliethingz 👍

  • Magdalene Dove
    Magdalene Dove 11 днів тому +1

    Emma:how are you?
    Me: well, my dog died yesterday. I feel,
    Emma:that’s great!

  • TheTeaIsShook Sister
    TheTeaIsShook Sister 12 днів тому

    This video got 300 more views than your sub account :)

  • Aden.R
    Aden.R 12 днів тому

    Emma do a vid with Liza

  • Karina Lechuga
    Karina Lechuga 12 днів тому

    That straw tho😂

  • Mary Padgett
    Mary Padgett 12 днів тому

    she said no one wants to marry me bu eithen in the house

    AVERI MACALUSO 12 днів тому

    Cesar salad 🥗 is THE best and I did the same thing I drank tubs of ranch 😂

  • Paige 1996
    Paige 1996 13 днів тому

    So here I am stressing about going to stay in a nice hotel with my mom for a couple days just for some fun girl time, because anxiety is absolutely stupid, and watching these videos is kinda helping because I feel like Emma stresses just as much as I do. And I cannot quit worrying about cleaning my apartment before I leave, so I can come home to a clean place afterwards, except it’s 2 weeks away lol so not only do I have plenty time, I just don’t feel like doing anything right now because it’s freaking midnight. Except my anxiety is in overdrive and a new symptom I’ve developed is if something is bothering me I hurry up and just do it to get it over with, however as everyone knows you can’t exactly do that with everything since you can’t move the hands of time lol and so now I’m just miserable worrying over everything and it’s making me not wanna even go, but if I don’t go I’ll be just as miserable with fomo.......ya see, I can totally see how stupid it is, I just can’t do anything to feel better about it........hence the reason I have generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks.........it stinks

  • Meredith Garcia
    Meredith Garcia 13 днів тому

    no one:
    emma: *makes salad*
    no one:
    JC: tHaTs So MuCh OiL

  • aubree chloee
    aubree chloee 13 днів тому +2

    im eleven and I can make psata tacos and many other thing easlily and better then my dads cooking ol

  • Emilio Pruneda
    Emilio Pruneda 13 днів тому

    That long ass straw

  • Yaya Biscuit
    Yaya Biscuit 13 днів тому


  • unicorn lover
    unicorn lover 13 днів тому

    *orders postmates and eats while watching* lol