Green New Deal: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  • Опубліковано 13 тра 2019
  • With the Green New Deal sparking a national conversation about all the ways to combat climate change, John Oliver looks at a few potential solutions.
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  • M1n8Beacon
    M1n8Beacon День тому

    08:52 "building cities more densely" ugh, I hope this idea is not applied in Europe. Our cities are already dense! (Too dense, imho.)

  • Jacob Knecht
    Jacob Knecht День тому

    Of course he never mentions what the money raised from the carbon tax would go towards. It should be used for planting trees or another form of carbon capture that removes CO2 from the air. This is a concept in economics called a pigovian tax. But I'm guessing that liberal Canada is planning to blow it on social programs or some other unrelated money pit. This is exactly why we need to vote in Republicans who acknowledge climate change...the dems have always sucked at basic economics.

  • Rav Gill
    Rav Gill День тому

    Bill Nye is and always be a legend

  • Christian Waverton
    Christian Waverton День тому

    Canadas becoming socialist

  • Paperman
    Paperman День тому

    ok so basically, we're screwed

    THE TIMS0X_GAMER День тому


  • Julietta Sorensen
    Julietta Sorensen День тому

    Angry Bill Nye is the BEST Bill Nye!

  • Poet Armory
    Poet Armory 2 дні тому +1

    Bill Nye is not a scientist!!!!!

  • austin smith
    austin smith 2 дні тому

    Leave it to john Oliver to explain something clear all while making it really entertaining and fun!👍

  • Jo SoZen
    Jo SoZen 2 дні тому

    Damn bill bye on the comeback tour!!

  • Morgue Original Music
    Morgue Original Music 2 дні тому

    Ben Elton's looking good for his age.

  • Jason Alexander
    Jason Alexander 2 дні тому

    Think beyond the next ad you'll skip through and perhaps contemplate your kids/grandkids futures?👍

  • EpicDoggiez
    EpicDoggiez 2 дні тому

    I heard the airplane and cows thing many times. But a 14 year old can read something and state evidence to 40 year old nut-heads. Read the fucking thing before you reject it.

  • IamALeaf
    IamALeaf 2 дні тому +1

    were going to be saved off global warming but people don't like it?

  • Apple Jack
    Apple Jack 2 дні тому

    What about the cow farts?

  • Gringo Espana
    Gringo Espana 2 дні тому

    Please do a bit on how nowadays airline companies charge you 60 dollars to now put a piece of luggage under the jet. It has always been included until recently. Also I purchased 4 tickets at the same time for my family and I to go from Madrid to Miami and they didn't sit us anywhere near each other. They separated a family of 4 on a flight and then wanted us to pay them money to sit us together. Fact is stranger than fiction.

  • Plinko Penguin
    Plinko Penguin 2 дні тому

    I always loved this one comic about climate change denial. It's a person showing the benefits of green changes to our planet and our society on a stage, and then there's one guy who stands up in the crowd and says "But what if it's a big hoax and we make a better world for nothing?"

  • Mister Mantastic
    Mister Mantastic 2 дні тому

    fuck the carbon tax and fuck trudeau god damned traitor

  • shoopdahoop22
    shoopdahoop22 2 дні тому


  • Cascadian Ranger
    Cascadian Ranger 3 дні тому

    At this point, the GOP is just making up random shit. They're constituents literally have no idea what's going on in Congress

    • Das Snek
      Das Snek 2 дні тому

      Big talk when the left makes up so much bullshit themselves.

  • LaurenR
    LaurenR 3 дні тому

    and y’all thinkin the plastic straws were bad

  • Q Watts
    Q Watts 3 дні тому

    Fuck you cakes!

  • Jojo McCarthy
    Jojo McCarthy 3 дні тому

    So stupid. We've been getting dire warnings about the upcoming end of the world being brought on by human civilization for the last....well, since the industrial revolution began. These supposed good faith warnings have all been shown to be mere scams to con gullible people (often through government intervention) out of their hard-earned money. Just another angle of the continuous con job.

  • Roshan Patel
    Roshan Patel 3 дні тому

    Holy shit.......liberalism really is getting quite bad.

  • ArynosValinir
    ArynosValinir 3 дні тому

    I forgot how utterly Left, AOC ass kissing and fact avoiding this is...
    Bill Nye, what's your opinion-.. Oh..
    *Awkwardly tidies up stack of papers*
    No wonder the American public is uninformed..

  • 3 дні тому

    When you put mentos in coke, doesn't it shoot up because it releases all of the carbon dioxide?

    • Wayne Vyrostek
      Wayne Vyrostek 3 дні тому

      It gets released when you drink it too, just more slowly. The larger source of CO2 was making the Coke and shipping it to the market.

  • Brownbeard the Pirate
    Brownbeard the Pirate 3 дні тому

    >They want to take away your hamburgers. This is what Stalin dreamed about!
    -A guy who's never read a single thing Stalin wrote and likely buys into the bullshit propaganda created by Khrushchev to discredit him

  • Connor Treado
    Connor Treado 3 дні тому

    2/3rds of the koala population died of heatsroke because of carbon. Just saying.

  • SleepyGotHandles Fan
    SleepyGotHandles Fan 3 дні тому

    But I am 12 ;c

  • LethalSyndicate
    LethalSyndicate 3 дні тому +6

    You know shit's hit the fan when Bill Nye drops f-bombs more powerful than Hiroshima.

  • ImNot_Char
    ImNot_Char 4 дні тому

    What if i am actually 12

  • Time Warped
    Time Warped 4 дні тому +3

    It's time to take off the gloves, Bill. The F'n World's on FIRE man!!
    Give'm HELL Bill.

  • Cody Cabot-Letto
    Cody Cabot-Letto 4 дні тому +2

    "they wanna take away your hamburgers. this is what Stalin *DREAMED* of!"
    i literally fell off my chair laughing at that lmfao

  • FireOccator
    FireOccator 4 дні тому

    3.6 degrees. Not great, not terrible.

  • FireOccator
    FireOccator 4 дні тому +3

    - Global temperatures are going up.
    - But muh profits!

  • Sudeep Gyawali
    Sudeep Gyawali 4 дні тому +1

    World will end soon thanks donald Trump😂

  • Rohan Desai
    Rohan Desai 4 дні тому

    Tax never works in the long run as tax is almost always passed on to consumers and it becomes a system rather than a deterrent.

  • hedgeclipper418
    hedgeclipper418 4 дні тому

    I just hate Bill Nye so fucking much. His mere presence just ruined the whole show for me.

  • Vassal Colony
    Vassal Colony 4 дні тому

    Incentivizing to create new technologies? But I thought we already had new technology? Hysteria

  • Vassal Colony
    Vassal Colony 4 дні тому

    Except that everything will cost more in a carbon tax system because everything requires energy. This is yet another plan to destroy the little remaining of middle class people, squeeze them out, and consolidate power. The government is actually going to be saying that another tax is good. Intsead, companies will move where there are no carbon taxes and create wealth there instead of at home. All that will be left here is distopias of homeless and addicted pushing their shopping carts.

  • jomax clux
    jomax clux 4 дні тому

    The green new deal doesn't do anything. It is only a ruse by the socialists to try to divert peoples attention. Within the last decade we've already closed 5% most dirty coal fired plants because of the cheap cost of Natural gas. utility scale solar and wind are already cheaper than all of the nonrenewable fuels. They will only accelerate. Electric cars are climbing in market share and they are posed to accelerate. The Green new deal is an attempt to create a package of useless absurd legislation like employing more illegal aliens for example.

  • J Bear
    J Bear 4 дні тому

    Republicans & the right crapping on about the green new deal, well okay then show us what your plans are to stop & reverse climate change, go on give us your ideas & how you propose to implement them. Because unless you've got a better solution or suggestions, sit down & shut up!

    • Das Snek
      Das Snek 4 дні тому

      Carbon Engineering, more reasearch towards renewable energy, and more emphasis on Nuclear power and cutting through the bullshit misinformation about it.

  • Meester Meeseeks
    Meester Meeseeks 4 дні тому +1

    You're here for 18:33

  • jomax clux
    jomax clux 4 дні тому

    Alexandria Ocrazyo Cortez is a pea brain tribalist who is far too stupid to have an agenda . Instead she is a mouthpiece for a more sinister group. "the justice democrats"

  • Uma Chan
    Uma Chan 4 дні тому

    You mean to tell me that Fox News consistently exaggerates and lies? What's next? Water is wet and the sky is blue?

  • tom black
    tom black 4 дні тому

    End capitalism and u end this horror once and for all

    • Das Snek
      Das Snek 4 дні тому

      Oh no..

      It's retarded

    • tom black
      tom black 4 дні тому

      seigeengine and who in fuck do u think made it that way? The fairy’s ?

    • seigeengine
      seigeengine 4 дні тому

      the problem isn't capitalism. It's actually the opposite. The issue is that there's a cost attached to polluting, but instead of making those who pollute pay for it, we all pay for it, but without them having to pay the cost, they have no incentive to compete to reduce the costs.

  • Tan Neemee
    Tan Neemee 4 дні тому


  • Jorge Trevino
    Jorge Trevino 4 дні тому

    “The green n-n-new d-d-deal, makesnosense.”

  • Cosmic Wolf
    Cosmic Wolf 4 дні тому

    our president doesn’t know how to say the word origins smh 🤦‍♂️ 😑

  • william kolesinski
    william kolesinski 5 днів тому

    Bill Nye swearing is bound to become an underground classic. Rates right up there with Doogie Howser tripping. Ahem...if anybody remembers that little movie scene classic...

  • Rindiculous
    Rindiculous 5 днів тому

    The problem with the carbon tax in Canada is that it majorly hurts farmers. They aren’t classified as low income households because they are companies but with the carbon tax these farms currently slight profit margins will go in the red and no one will be able to farm therefore cutting Canada’s second largest industry just behind oil. For this to work farmers would have to be exempt from this tax which is what the premiers in the prairie provinces are trying to achieve right now

    • seigeengine
      seigeengine 4 дні тому

      Even still, that's a problem of implementation. It's not for or against a carbon tax, just a detail of how to implement it well.

  • Mark D'Aquila
    Mark D'Aquila 5 днів тому

    "Oxygen Dividend"?

  • Henrique Tizzot
    Henrique Tizzot 5 днів тому +1

    I think Bill Nye and Lil Wayne should do a show together.

  • Mirza Ahmed
    Mirza Ahmed 5 днів тому

    AOC is still an idiot.

  • Big Hatter
    Big Hatter 5 днів тому


  • blueckaym
    blueckaym 5 днів тому

    How is a geodesic dome representative of 'scaling up the carbon-capture technology'?
    Indeed it has good potential for close to zero (or even negative) carbon footprint (since it's one of the most efficient structures & forms allowing for minimal energy costs esp. if it's from renewable sources; and that it's also very good as a greenhouse - ie plants would capture some CO2).
    But just because you often see the Fullerene structure of a carbon-60 atom on the surface of such dome, it won't make it automatically absorb CO2 ;)

  • Tim G
    Tim G 5 днів тому

    thumbs down just for bill nye

    • seigeengine
      seigeengine 4 дні тому

      Thanks.Your pained anus reminded me to thumbs up the video.

  • Ryan Sheck
    Ryan Sheck 5 днів тому

    There were a lot of lies in this episode

  • Shane Lawler
    Shane Lawler 6 днів тому +13

    John Oliver's show - and the investigative journalism they do on their topics along with a comedic delivery, Is just absolute gold

  • Sergio Melendez
    Sergio Melendez 6 днів тому

    Safety glasses off, mother fuckers.

  • Benjamin Roath
    Benjamin Roath 6 днів тому +1

    President Trump 2020. President Trump has my vote

    • diehardrvdfan22
      diehardrvdfan22 6 днів тому

      People think he is only running for reelection to stay out of jail. Nevermind the fact that something like 87% of incumbent presidents run again.

  • 1EatSleepDrift1
    1EatSleepDrift1 6 днів тому

    What’s with all the unavailable new videos??

  • john chen
    john chen 6 днів тому

    instead of taxing the carbon, can you give bonus to those non carbon? build carbon absorption facilities? Say, using some of your defense budget money? coz every thing emits carbon, including people.

  • rj smith
    rj smith 6 днів тому

    Carbon taxes will not reduce carbon emissions adequately. Enforced regulation will.

  • matszz
    matszz 6 днів тому

    Swedens gas price is 6.5 dollars per gallon, 61% of that is carbon tax. USA, stop complaining and pull your own fucking weight.

  • William Saunders
    William Saunders 6 днів тому +1

    Let the children play (please)

  • William Saunders
    William Saunders 6 днів тому +1

    Man Fuck nazis fuck muslim extremists fuck any groups of fools who fantasize about how their fucking skin color somehow makes them better than someone light or dark or watever . theres alot of us that dont fucking think that way every human is equal. Anf thetes more of us than there is of them and we will defend whats ours especially our loved ones. So lets just get along . (yea right)

  • William Saunders
    William Saunders 6 днів тому

    They wanna take ur hamberders away . stable mother fucken genius iam i says

  • ikorniliussen
    ikorniliussen 6 днів тому

    Yes pie forever!

  • Iliya Badev
    Iliya Badev 6 днів тому


  • Everything batman collector
    Everything batman collector 6 днів тому +1

    10k dislikes? Must all b trump cultists

    • Everything batman collector
      Everything batman collector 5 днів тому

      @Das Snek rational? Na delusional. Not their fault, u get a clown like trump that makes ridiculous and stupid the norm, u get trumpers

    • Das Snek
      Das Snek 5 днів тому

      No those are just rational people.

  • Tim DeCoste
    Tim DeCoste 6 днів тому

    And then for Oliver to say “AOC wanted to use the green new deal as a wake up call” or something to that effect... im sorry arent we all dying? get those farting cows to the mills and tear doen every building in america. lol like AOC wasnt completely serious writing all 7 pages of the green new deal

  • Tim DeCoste
    Tim DeCoste 6 днів тому

    scientists have been predicting mass die-offs due to global warming for decades now its not a new thing. Im still waiting for the frying pan Al Gore promised us in 2006.

  • Fawad Nabi
    Fawad Nabi 6 днів тому

    Earth is round this guy proofs it easilyвідео.html

  • Lance Hondrade
    Lance Hondrade 6 днів тому

    **consider the following**

  • matthew benard
    matthew benard 6 днів тому

    Republicans only purpose is to push back against any demecratic policy, even if its in there own best interst. if it came from the DNC. its a automatic no vote. TY america for being the cause of world wide extinction.

  • matthew benard
    matthew benard 6 днів тому

    that guy with the easter baskets is gay and thats fine,.. but when they are flamers like him, well W/E i just dont want to deal with him. I know gay people i party with gay guys. but being gay and being a flamer are 2 difernt ends of the spectrum.

  • Christopher Bryant
    Christopher Bryant 6 днів тому


  • Will Ricks
    Will Ricks 6 днів тому

    This is my favorite episode of all time. Safety glasses off mouthafuckers

  • Measly
    Measly 6 днів тому

    i mean GEAT friggin shit that america is just now politically adressing how incredibly close we are to being royally fucked and how much needs to be done but like, the reaction is both expected and solidifies my view that we aren't gonna fix this issue in time and billions will probably die. measures shouldn't just be talked about they should be done right the fuck now. but they aren't cuz the system is a mess.

  • Yao P
    Yao P 6 днів тому

    Kinda feel America is isolating itself again, from the rest of the world.

  • chairmoistener
    chairmoistener 7 днів тому

    We watched Suits.

  • Vctor
    Vctor 7 днів тому

    Attacks climate change. Also burns plastics and unnecessarily contributes to more climate change by releasing dangerous volatile compunds.

    • Vctor
      Vctor 6 днів тому

      @TheRzarectah Still more useful than your opinion

    • TheRzarectah
      TheRzarectah 6 днів тому

      useless comment

  • Desmond Miles
    Desmond Miles 7 днів тому

    “These idiots” I guarantee all of those people are way smarter than John Oliver.

    • seigeengine
      seigeengine 6 днів тому

      I didn't say it did. Are you saying non-British can't articulate themselves like adults?

    • Das Snek
      Das Snek 6 днів тому

      @seigeengine having a British accent doesn't make you any smarter.

    • seigeengine
      seigeengine 6 днів тому

      Eh, probably not. At least John Oliver can articulate himself like an adult.

    • Das Snek
      Das Snek 6 днів тому

      Well, maybe not Lindsey Graham

  • concerned citizen
    concerned citizen 7 днів тому

    I liked youtube better when I did not have to see this guys ugly mug all the time on the trending page.

  • circuitboarddude gaming
    circuitboarddude gaming 7 днів тому


  • Judgement Ravi
    Judgement Ravi 7 днів тому

    Duplicate channel soothula poola vaika🏃

  • Bobo Won
    Bobo Won 7 днів тому

    green new deal was a bad. It achieved what it wanted poorly, it didn't come with solutions, it was just poorly written. If she came with real focused solutions it could have been much better.

    • Bobo Won
      Bobo Won 6 днів тому

      @seigeengine all the more reason for her to at least propose some sort of solution. The green new deal basically amounted to what i would expect out of a highschool letter writing campaign. Not what i expect from someone in her position. If you come to the table of climate change deniers and all you say is "we should stop it" your not going to get anywhere at all and thats pretty much what happened.

    • seigeengine
      seigeengine 6 днів тому

      @Bobo Won If you can't acknowledge that there is a problem, and it needs to be solved NOW, you're not going to be implementing any solutions. The point of the bill was a formal acknowledgement that shit is fucked, and we need to act promptly. When the president of your country is a nutjob who rambles about how gases don't mix and claims global warming is a chinese conspiracy, clearly we're not at a "discussing solutions" phase.

    • Bobo Won
      Bobo Won 6 днів тому

      @seigeengine you've completely missed the point of what im saying. If you've got a problem that you want to talk about it's generally a good idea to have some possible solutions to talk about. Just saying "hey this is a problem" generally won't get as good a reception as "hey here are some possible solutions to the problem I found".

    • seigeengine
      seigeengine 6 днів тому

      It was not meant to come with solutions, as mentioned in this video.
      Try not being objectively wrong.

  • charles cook
    charles cook 7 днів тому

    The new green deal is just the UN’s Agenda 21 with a new name. The same UN plan to use the fear of a environmental apocalypse to justify a totalitarian global government. That may not be the greatest idea being that of the 193 member nations to the UN only 85 members, or 40%, are democratic nations. The rest are dictatorships or one party governments in which their citizens do not enjoy political rights or civil liberties.

    • seigeengine
      seigeengine 6 днів тому

      Complete nonsensical fear-mongering.

    • Game Drunks
      Game Drunks 7 днів тому

      The US loves war specifically for oil gains and war profits.
      We are not for a green new deal as a government. As a people, we do want to stop destroying a planet. A large chunk of the UN is full of 1st world countries that have a living wage, affordable housing, universal heatlhcare, and free education.

      US still hasn't caught up.

  • Steven Holaday
    Steven Holaday 7 днів тому

    I feel like a better way to do the last experiment would be to actually fucking use the fire extinguisher.

  • Elizabeth Charles
    Elizabeth Charles 7 днів тому

    Good lord I'm embarrassed to be from Alberta.

    • seigeengine
      seigeengine 6 днів тому +1

      I mean it's understandable why a province whose prosperity is based on fucking up the world is against things that would get in the way of their personal gain at everyone's expense.

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius 7 днів тому

    That clip of Parliament is so sad. No surprise that our greatest leadership right now are literally children.

    • seigeengine
      seigeengine 6 днів тому

      It's honestly pathetic.

  • Marcus Aurelius
    Marcus Aurelius 7 днів тому

    They had to put a lot of jokes in this one in order to make it palatable. It's sad

  • Samantha Monaghan
    Samantha Monaghan 7 днів тому

    I had in one of my homes a very good skylight system, A tube the provided natural lighting. Currently I can not afford to put one in the new home, six or more of these would eliminate need to turn lights on which in turn would use less electricity, then during the night I use 7 watt LED bulbs which mean 8 bulbs is equivalent to 1 60 w bulb, @56W but the carbon tax prevents this by raising all my other costs.

    • seigeengine
      seigeengine 6 днів тому

      Complete horse shit, Samantha. Also, your paltry lighting is nothing compared to the costs of not ceasing our collective subsidizing of corporate pollution. At the end of the day, a carbon tax is beneficial for everyone.

  • TheFandomFish
    TheFandomFish 7 днів тому +1

    yeah the earth is dying but >:(!!!!! what about my MONEYYYYYY!!! >:(!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stacie DaPonte
    Stacie DaPonte 8 днів тому

    You think that poem was bad, you guys should have used a clip of the Ontario MPP who used the monster mash song to make fun of the carbon tax. Canadian politicians area bunch of embarrassingly ignorant clowns desperately holding on to the fossil fuel industry for as long as they possibly can. Trudeau is one of them, btw.

  • christian
    christian 8 днів тому

    The true genius here is getting a foreign comedian to explain something as serious as The Green New Deal(TGND). Humor is a great way to mask the problems of a plan that tries to be a solution but isn't really planned out. Because of the poorly outlined plan of TGND Cortez and her co-author Markey produced a FAQ sheet to accompany TGND and that is where a lot of the idiotic plans are laid out.
    Oliver cracks a joke about how TGND isn't wanting to get rid of farting cows and airplanes. THIS IS A LIE. As funny as it sounds it is clearly written in the FAQ that: "We set a goal to get to net-zero, rather than zero emissions, in 10 years because we aren’t sure that we’ll be able to fully get rid of farting cows and airplanes that fast." Plain and simple it says that they want to get rid of cows and airplanes, they just don't thing they can do it fast enough.
    They also want to "retrofit every building in America" with an undisclosed procedure and provide "Economic security for all who are unable or unwilling to work". So in short, every building in the U.S. will be remodeled and anybody that doesn't want to work doesn't have to AND they will still have all the money they need to do whatever they want! Where does the money come from to accomplish this? Well, one place is to cut it from our military at the tune of about 1.5 Trillion. That might work except that the annual budget for the military this year is 716 billion. At that rate it will only take a little over 2 years to get the 1.5 trillion we need and all we have to do is shut down our military. EXCELLENT IDEA!
    Unfortunately all TGND is just a conveyance for AOC socialism and government control. Communism.

    • christian
      christian 6 днів тому

      @seigeengineLOL. You are calling me a moron and your dumbass doesn't even know what the difference between a bill and a suggestion! You are obviously mentally challenged so i'll make it easy for you to understand. AOC GND was proposed for a vote in congress (which it didn't even get a majority of the Democrats to vote for). Do you really think congress votes on "suggestions"? NO THEY DO NOT.
      As far as the garbage you are spewing about socialism, that's exactly what it is..GARBAGE. Roads will always need to be built. Houses will always need to be built. I'm pretty sure your idea of socialism is having the government give you money for everything you want and that's not gonna happen. All you will get is what's needed to survive, food, shelter, and basic clothes. Anything extra you want but don't need, well good luck with that. Where would this money come from? Take it from the people that have a lot and give it to someone that doesn't. Yeah, they have a word for that and it's called theft. If socialism works soo good then name one country EVER that has used it and survived and made any contribution to society. Quite frankly you bore me with your liberal snowflake BS so do us all a favor and learn something more than one semester of economics.
      Oh, and the numbers and "suggestions" you think I made up, I got them from AOC own website.

    • seigeengine
      seigeengine 6 днів тому

      It's not a plan, nor a solution. Suggested solutions are not the GND, and that isn't even a suggested solution, it's a joke morons like you take seriously to make juvenile attacks against something you have no valid criticisms of.
      Retrofitting buildings can't have a "disclosed procedure," because it's a case-by-case thing. The goal is to improve the efficiency of buildings, which is a good thing.
      "unwilling to work" did not refer to people who simply refuse to do anything productive. It's far more complex than that, and there are merits to the idea on many levels, but it's irrelevant. You're bitching about nonsense to try to discredit something you, again, have no valid criticisms of.
      You just made numbers up, didn't you? Lol. your criticism doesn't even make sense. Nothing would be done all at once.
      Socialism is the basis of civilization, and increasing socialism is a technologically-determined imperative. There's no other choice but the end of human life as we devalue human labour.

  • Just a Random
    Just a Random 8 днів тому

    Glad me and bill are on the same page here

  • Akash Kumar
    Akash Kumar 8 днів тому +2

    god that quick life recap john just gave. i cried

  • Burnt Rubber Productions
    Burnt Rubber Productions 8 днів тому

    Bill nye the fucking science guy ft samuel L motherfucking Jackson