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  • Alize Ramirez
    Alize Ramirez 9 годин тому +1

    You heard it here first folk Emma chamberlain is a vsco girls

  • I have too many repeating characters
    I have too many repeating characters 12 годин тому +1

    Eww what the hell, her finger 8:47

  • Ava Jane
    Ava Jane 16 годин тому

    I love Emma

  • Jennah Barakat
    Jennah Barakat 23 години тому

    hey, random question but does anyone know where I can find the bed frame she has I really like it but can't figure out where she got it.

  • JFYT
    JFYT День тому


  • anonymous user
    anonymous user 2 дні тому +1

    she’s 5’4”

  • Madison Bletzer
    Madison Bletzer 2 дні тому

    Very nice! You did very good at decorating! Also ily💜

  • Niko TheBlackCloud
    Niko TheBlackCloud 3 дні тому


  • Noelynn Ugh
    Noelynn Ugh 3 дні тому

    -im a able to get allowances like others-
    has to study all day✅

  • Sparshita Sahu
    Sparshita Sahu 3 дні тому

    Is it just me who likes Emma 's outfit 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Jon Weaver
    Jon Weaver 3 дні тому

    I was born in 2003 and I know how to read analog clocks

  • nayif naseem
    nayif naseem 3 дні тому

    She said its boring , but its at 7 million veiws , lol , i love emma

  • Freja Stenlund
    Freja Stenlund 4 дні тому

    13:09 why did I fucking laughed my as off🐌🐩🎀

  • Alex Jacobs
    Alex Jacobs 4 дні тому

    Emma: I’m going to bed
    Me: Can I Slytherin?

  • Jenny Martinez
    Jenny Martinez 5 днів тому

    anyone know what part of la she lives in lol

  • Cupcake Lemon
    Cupcake Lemon 6 днів тому

    A truly realistic apartment tour

  • robinjoe1
    robinjoe1 6 днів тому

    I read a Times article about this chick. I’m a 56 year old male. Other than once lived in LA, I have nothing in common with her. But I watch a video and I can’t stop watching. 20 minutes disappears every time. WTF is going on?

  • CaiElise TV
    CaiElise TV 7 днів тому

    Her cursing around her mom makes me cringe😩

  • Lily Hiser
    Lily Hiser 7 днів тому

    Your house is so cute

  • Allison McCurter
    Allison McCurter 8 днів тому

    I liked it better then what I would’ve done

  • Kiera Robinson
    Kiera Robinson 8 днів тому

    wth is anyone gonna talk about how she’s so fucking rude to her mom?! hello?! like she’s even cussing in front of her mom. if i cussed in front of my mom I’d be slapped to another F A M I L Y .

  • Danya Franzen
    Danya Franzen 8 днів тому

    omg i love it

  • Zainab Ibrahim
    Zainab Ibrahim 8 днів тому +1

    Your so fucking cool

  • FuckYaChickenStrips
    FuckYaChickenStrips 8 днів тому

    Anyone know where she got the credenza and the dressers

  • FuckYaChickenStrips
    FuckYaChickenStrips 8 днів тому

    Okaaayyy but like tell us where you got the furniture, the fuck

  • Markie Johnson
    Markie Johnson 9 днів тому +1

    Awwwwww Emma I think it is cute that you have a picture of the sister squad also I stopped listening when you said that I could come and eat food with youuuuu and I'm probly you biggest fan ever

  • Guinea PigLover
    Guinea PigLover 10 днів тому +1

    I actually love Emma’s apartment💖

  • ashlayyy
    ashlayyy 10 днів тому


  • shayla bacon
    shayla bacon 10 днів тому

    Your dAting team sweety

  • Irfan Sabir
    Irfan Sabir 10 днів тому

    so guys i just found out that she had lice in her hair..... no offense but i legit saw her lice crawling in her hair... she dosent shower so this is what is gonna happen

  • Cancel-That-Bitch
    Cancel-That-Bitch 10 днів тому

    How are so many people fooled by these fake ass youtubers man....literally making a great living of dummies

  • savannah wambles
    savannah wambles 11 днів тому +1

    This is an apartment?!? Damn it looks like a mansion

  • Welcome Londyn
    Welcome Londyn 11 днів тому

    Where do u take showers

  • Welcome Londyn
    Welcome Londyn 11 днів тому

    U can curse in front of your mom🤨

  • Peyton Rhymer
    Peyton Rhymer 12 днів тому

    Holy shat. I’m llitterally dyinggg

  • Isabella Laurie
    Isabella Laurie 13 днів тому +1

    Label ur lights switch so everyone knows what to turn but doesn’t matter now because u moved

  • Madison Bornis
    Madison Bornis 13 днів тому

    I wanna eat them

  • heyitsmecarl1
    heyitsmecarl1 13 днів тому

    New York Times sent me here...???... Love it!

  • J'deyah Carey
    J'deyah Carey 14 днів тому


  • Claire White
    Claire White 15 днів тому +15

    The clock at 6:42 is the same clock in stranger things season 3 but the pink version

    • Claire White
      Claire White 12 днів тому

      and it’s also in 13 going on 30

  • Gabby Memmen
    Gabby Memmen 16 днів тому

    Aaaahhhh I have the same fucking coffee table ( you prob don’t give to shits.......... but whatever)

  • Natalie Williams
    Natalie Williams 16 днів тому +1

    the way her and the dolan twins talk to their mom is beyond me.

  • Gg R.
    Gg R. 18 днів тому +1

    Emma: “ I am not gonna show you this because you don’t care “

  • Ruby Eliza Vlogs
    Ruby Eliza Vlogs 18 днів тому

    Yes i would love to come and eat those... personally

  • lauren_ makena
    lauren_ makena 19 днів тому

    Where is her bed from it's so cute

  • Zoey Davenport
    Zoey Davenport 20 днів тому +5

    Who else is watching an Emma marathon?😂

  • kk kirk
    kk kirk 20 днів тому

    Boi I have stigmatizme to Twins XD

  • Mattytate
    Mattytate 20 днів тому

    If you enjoy these videos you might enjoy my channel as well!
    Love Emma she's so great!

  • Ella Bruce
    Ella Bruce 20 днів тому +3

    O my God did anyone else see the picture of the sister squad on her shelf 😍😍😭😭 they were friends no one can deny it

  • Parker King
    Parker King 21 день тому +5

    Omg “now we have to let them dry because we’re gonna add nail vinyls next”

  • Melissa coviello
    Melissa coviello 22 дні тому +1

    I feel like the giant windows that offer no privacy are not good for a 17 year old girl on her own. Yikes.

  • Reeseycup Let’s go
    Reeseycup Let’s go 22 дні тому +2

    Love you apartment
    ❤️ u byeeeeeee

  • Yo its Tylar
    Yo its Tylar 22 дні тому +2

    Emma ily 💓

  • Pushpa Khandelwal
    Pushpa Khandelwal 24 дні тому +1

    okay u rich rich

  • Jacqueline Adamo
    Jacqueline Adamo 25 днів тому +1

    you know Emmas relationship with her mom is golden when she can say "big boner" and survive (12:08)

    ILOVE BTS 25 днів тому +1

    0:13 tell me that ain’t Ethan Dolan

  • Drake :
    Drake : 26 днів тому +1

    Where did she get her bed frame??

  • Gabrielle Cooke
    Gabrielle Cooke 26 днів тому +2

    I was born in 2002 and I definitely know how to read an analog clock. That's like one of the first things I learned how to do...

  • Allison Toler
    Allison Toler 26 днів тому +1

    Emma the “rug” is not a rug its for your chair

  • Noa Kamara
    Noa Kamara 27 днів тому +1

    Is this a apartement??? It’s a house or smt

  • Alivia Care
    Alivia Care 28 днів тому +2

    who's watching this directly after watching her moving vlog and who plans on watching her second moving vlog next?

  • Gabriela Perez
    Gabriela Perez 28 днів тому +1

    I love you so much 💗💕💖❣️💘💓💙💛💚🖤💜❤️💞

  • Shehza Hassan
    Shehza Hassan 28 днів тому +1


  • Shehza Hassan
    Shehza Hassan 28 днів тому


  • yeet yeet
    yeet yeet 28 днів тому +1


  • Acacia Drane
    Acacia Drane 29 днів тому +23

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Emma: this stool helps you poop better
    June 2019, anyone?

  • Barbie Doll
    Barbie Doll 29 днів тому +1

    Please water the plants

  • jordan simen
    jordan simen 29 днів тому +1

    I love u ; ur furniture looks incredibly uncomfortable

  • sora xxforever
    sora xxforever Місяць тому +2

    I thought that was an escalator in the thumbnail

  • Bridget McGuire
    Bridget McGuire Місяць тому +1


  • HiImJellyBean
    HiImJellyBean Місяць тому +1

    Aaaand I’m 27 living with my parents...

  • H.j Gymnastdancer
    H.j Gymnastdancer Місяць тому +1

    “Zoom in to my vagina” 😂🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • H.j Gymnastdancer
    H.j Gymnastdancer Місяць тому +2

    Couldn’t she just use pads since she doesn’t do any sports😂🤷🏽‍♀️ BUT LOVE YOU EMMA!! I rlly wanna meet her someday😂

  • Reese _
    Reese _ Місяць тому +1

    Yeah mom. Zoom into my vagina...

  • Aaroah Mittal
    Aaroah Mittal Місяць тому +1

    Remember that watch from simplinailogical ( BLACK) ;)

  • Dávid Freund
    Dávid Freund Місяць тому +1

    Literally nobody:
    Emma: zoom into my vagina

  • Lay Gacha
    Lay Gacha Місяць тому +1

    Emma is like the funniest UAclipsr on earth

  • sophie bridge
    sophie bridge Місяць тому +1

    I’m sorry but she will tell us how she shits but won’t let us see her fridge ? 😂😂❤️

  • wjpettit1
    wjpettit1 Місяць тому +1

    U are my fav youtuber

  • Dee Julissa
    Dee Julissa Місяць тому +1

    I just love how her mom is silently watching her front row & center too😭 i love it

  • Bean Daley
    Bean Daley Місяць тому +1

    i was born in 2007 and i know how to rread an analog clock!

  • manu guerrer
    manu guerrer Місяць тому +2

    all the lights on are giving me anxiety

  • Gia Loren
    Gia Loren Місяць тому +1

    the rule with rugs is that it has to be under the first legs of the couches

  • Bad Pink
    Bad Pink Місяць тому +12

    She's 17 and already living by herself and I'm 17 and I don't even have a job lmao SAD

  • Mathilda J
    Mathilda J Місяць тому +1


  • Mathilda J
    Mathilda J Місяць тому +1


  • OneKrazyKid
    OneKrazyKid Місяць тому

    what type of apt is this???????

  • hi
    hi Місяць тому

    Emma can I eat ur war head icecream

  • Vernita Ismael
    Vernita Ismael Місяць тому

    Emma: I don't have a TV because it rots your brain

    Me: yh because coffee and social media every single second is healthy😑😒

  • Cisti Yrn
    Cisti Yrn Місяць тому

    2:33 the reason why emma take off that photo its because its ethma pic

  • Isabella Helfand-Elg
    Isabella Helfand-Elg Місяць тому

    it's ok sis I use a squaty potty too!!

  • Zoe Green
    Zoe Green Місяць тому +20

    watching this again and realised

    *i have the same rug as Emma Chamberlain*

  • Nora Gomez
    Nora Gomez Місяць тому +1

    I am 5'3 and I'm 10

  • hello lauren
    hello lauren Місяць тому

    These edits are legendary

  • Abbie Wills
    Abbie Wills Місяць тому +1

    OMG OMG OMG 2:03 the left hand side of the photo columns the top one I swear that’s Ethan😭😍

  • Aiesha Sales
    Aiesha Sales Місяць тому +93

    5:04 picture of her, james and the dolan twins. I miss the sister squad videos 😢 like if u miss them 😢

  • David P
    David P Місяць тому


  • Siyao Chen
    Siyao Chen Місяць тому +1

    the ads weren't obvious at all WOW

  • chelsea's gaming
    chelsea's gaming Місяць тому +1

    i love how im 12 and i know how to use a record player

  • Megan Dark
    Megan Dark Місяць тому

    "buddies" as in Ethan Dolan💀