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    Today, Carter Sharer and Lizzy Sharer team up with their friends from the Carl and Jinger family to do an epic science experiment with dry ice. Carter and Liz went and bought over 100 pounds of super cold dry ice so they could dump it in the pool as an experiment to see what would happen if dry ice got wet. Carl and Jinger helped put the dry ice in the pool and it started to make the water bubble and boil! The water got so bubbly that it became hard for Carter to swim! This dry ice was a challenge to handle, but the experiment was super exciting! Comment below #DryIce #Experiment and what you would do with 100 pounds of dry ice!!
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  • Carl & Jinger Family
    Carl & Jinger Family 7 днів тому +598

    That was such an amazingly fun time!! So crazy!

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  • Jarett and jaden GG GOD
    Jarett and jaden GG GOD 5 годин тому

    Is Liz your sister

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    Gary Atkinson 5 годин тому

    People/hackers are after you Chad wild clay and papa jake one of them was at your 4th of July party

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    naomi jasmin lebiga 6 годин тому

    Wow amazing

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  • Galip Yilmaz
    Galip Yilmaz 10 годин тому

    Sunny day and tons of water, so it can't lower the temperature easly. But those blocks are huge and lots of CO2 coming out. If you get closer to bubbles, you may feel very dizzy because of O2 decrease in the air. Wet gloves are always dangerous to hold something too hot or cold.

  • Holly Kaly
    Holly Kaly 12 годин тому

    Hi your videos are the best

  • Caleb and Parker Sharer
    Caleb and Parker Sharer 14 годин тому

    Hey carter Lizzie was floging when you were hanging out with her She hidden a camera in the room you guys were in she thinks you have a crush on her

  • Nivhlas Plays
    Nivhlas Plays 14 годин тому

    Thanks for loving my comment

  • Mitchell Li
    Mitchell Li 15 годин тому

    dry Ice underwater hmmmmmmm seems like a great title need seen dried ice underwater

  • Ded Ender 072
    Ded Ender 072 15 годин тому

    Is this channel ment for kids....becuase it feels like this is acted out .

  • Ded Ender 072
    Ded Ender 072 15 годин тому

    Woah × 44

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    chad cook 16 годин тому +1

    Somebody was at the 4th of July party Carter I think it was the hacker that's what papa Jake knows and The hackers have captured papa Jake

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    Poopie pants 16 годин тому

    What are these women doing out of the kitchen?

  • Bored Bean
    Bored Bean 18 годин тому

    When she said “woah it’s going higher”
    i-i-it’s going lower 😐😑😐

  • Joe Reichley
    Joe Reichley 19 годин тому

    I thank the water temperature will be 20°

  • Pirelli Sumner
    Pirelli Sumner 19 годин тому

    I came for papa jack channel and he said that the the hacker was at your party

  • Pirelli Sumner
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  • Cyrus Coil
    Cyrus Coil 22 години тому

    Wow that’s cool

  • Daury Davis
    Daury Davis День тому

    They’re all having so much 😊

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  • msdogooder
    msdogooder День тому +1

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  • Jay Alvarez
    Jay Alvarez День тому

    Lizzy have a crush on you

  • ZIRI B
    ZIRI B День тому

    cool vid

  • Arthur P.
    Arthur P. День тому

    The IR thermometer will read the temp of the bottom of the pool, not the water itself. So the water probably really was cooled.

  • NaturalGamingGirl 101
    NaturalGamingGirl 101 День тому

    If there's chlorine in that water that might have changed something

  • Aquela Granger
    Aquela Granger День тому


  • Lindsey Spivey
    Lindsey Spivey День тому

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      Pacheco kids День тому

      you are the best. can you give me a sprize


    Carl has the same shirt as my dad in the beginning

    THANATOS IXU День тому

    1. Dry ice doesn’t melt, it sublimates 2. Freezing something does not cook it 3. That amount of dry ice won’t do much to the temperature because of the differential (as its easier to heat something up than cooling it down)

  • Jake Hogan
    Jake Hogan День тому

    Every word you say sounds like you are a bad actor

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    jOOp Inferno Kitty День тому

    1:50 “I didn’t know it goes into negatives” “me neither” “it just keeps goin up” when you have the vocabulary and brains of a 4th grader but your rich because some 4 year olds watch your vids

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    Savanah Burnett День тому

    It's a cold tub instead of a hot tub.

  • Angie Nunnally
    Angie Nunnally День тому

    # Jingrific

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    Jacob Sylvester День тому

    I love your videos love you carter share the love 🤟🏻

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    Carter make them swimming pool cooler with loads of ice💚💖💖👄 from Ines

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    So cool that's awesome

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    I love you Liz

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    Add me on snapchat: Nerdism74

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  • Allie V
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    I think afterthe dry ice it will be 46

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    J-døpë 2 дні тому

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  • Owen M
    Owen M 2 дні тому

    Wow I didn’t know dry ice was cold

    LILLUMS THE GAMER 2 дні тому

    Yeah right they were standing on hot sand in 120 degrees with no protection on their feet

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  • Rahul Gavri
    Rahul Gavri 2 дні тому +1

    88°F - it's really hot
    89°F - woooah!! It feels cold

  • Connor Bukowski
    Connor Bukowski 2 дні тому

    David Dobrik used like 5,000 times more dry ice in his pool and made the video less then 5 minutes..

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    This is what happens when a kid gets 1 million dollars

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    “Apparently the water hasn’t changed temperature “
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  • big shannon
    big shannon 2 дні тому

    Cool video to bad seems like no one can hold their breath longer than six or seven seconds would have been nice to actually watch the dry ice under water for more than seven seconds you and your whole crew need to get into better shape it was also annoying listening to you huff and puff out of breath same goes for the girl it sounded like one of those mouth noise videos

  • Logan Curry
    Logan Curry 2 дні тому

    10 agrees

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    Test testing 2 дні тому

    guys i exposed this guy for who he really is

  • Khizer Khan - Fallingbrook MS (1547)

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  • Khizer Khan - Fallingbrook MS (1547)

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  • Baby Ona Leash
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    Adds *ice*

    ‘It’s like a *HOTtub* ‘

  • PrincessStabbatha
    PrincessStabbatha 2 дні тому

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    Irene Pialago 2 дні тому

    that why it is "dry" ice

  • Irene Pialago
    Irene Pialago 2 дні тому

    dry ice does not melt
    it become gas instead of liquid

  • Christian
    Christian 2 дні тому

    I think this guy is missing a chunk of his brain..

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