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Testing Scary Minecraft Seeds That Are Actually True...

  • Опубліковано 22 вер 2023
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КОМЕНТАРІ • 4,9 тис.

  • @PrestonPlayz

    Which seed could you survive the longest in??

  • @roxannewolf6132

    I saw the entity

  • @VanillaLongplayz

    That was so unbelievably entertaining! Love those scary worlds!

  • @user-yq5iv6ei6l
    @user-yq5iv6ei6l 12 годин тому +2


  • @solifa1
    @solifa1 День тому +2

    The first seed isn’t scary, it’s just cruel.

  • @maxwelllombardo6165

    Appreciate that this guys content is always getting better. It’s like he is starting to shift his tone from little kid audiences to older kids audience.

  • @elenaveverka6423
    @elenaveverka6423 19 годин тому +2

    I can't watch scary stuff but I still want to watch scary stuff that's not scary so this is perfect keep up the great work

  • @Flash-banged

    Man, I miss the old days nobody was toxic. Everybody just enjoyed the game and played. There was no 3 AM Minecraft videos. Those were just the times.

  • @christophervalle7668

    i love how chase is in creative mode the first 5 seconds of the world

  • @user-vb9gm7hj2u

    A bush doesn’t spawn in a plain grass it usually spawns in taiga’s and the fact he had to make a tree right next to some blue flowers just to remember where to dig

  • @andreacoelho5674
    @andreacoelho5674 16 годин тому +1


  • @carienetormonantipz3130

    Just appreciate that preston makes our day ❤

  • @kathryn7470
    @kathryn7470 28 днів тому +14

    I believe in the third one I saw a guy that had a eyes, and they had white stuff on it. Happy to tell you.

  • @Ohiogoats816

    of course everyone saw something in the infinite seed

  • @littlelloyd5209

    Well done with the editing on the cave and the player skins

  • @MatthanAyodele

    Preston is actually the most daring person to try scary stuff in mc

  • @MemeKing0-mz8ie
    @MemeKing0-mz8ie День тому

    He does realise he put it in the world name for the first one, Right?

  • @winxclubfangirl5227

    I can't imagine how many times Preston try saying Thanatophobia 😂😂

  • @princekahwege5624
    @princekahwege5624 12 годин тому

    Gotta love these videos❤

  • @wasifsyoutubechannelvlog7819

    The seed in the thumbnail was founded by Itseystreem if you dont know