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What Your Hunter Exotic Armor Says About YOU (Destiny 2)

  • Опубліковано 25 вер 2023
  • Are you a Hunter Main in Destiny 2? For shame. Here's a video I made on what your Hunter Exotic Armor pick says about YOU as a player. Enjoy.
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    00:00 - Intro
    00:17 - Knucklehead Radar
    00:41 - Celestial Nighthawk
    01:12 - Foetracer
    01:39 - Graviton Forfeit
    02:09 - Wormhusk Crown
    02:44 - Assassin's Cowl
    03:09 - Mask of Bakris
    03:34 - Blight Ranger
    04:01 - Young Ahamkara's Spine
    04:33 - Mechaneer's Tricksleeves
    04:56 - Aeon Swift
    05:33 - Shonobu's Vow
    05:59 - Sealed Ahamkara Grasps
    06:18 - Shards of Galanor
    06:36 - Oathkeeper
    07:06 - Liar's Handshake
    07:29 - Khepri's Sting
    07:49 - Athrys's Embrace
    08:27 - Renewal Grasps
    08:52 - Caliban's Hand
    09:16 - Raiden Flux
    09:38 - Lucky Raspberry
    09:54 - The Dragon's Shadow
    10:23 - Ophidia Spathe
    10:40 - The Sixth Coyote
    11:04 - Gwisin Vest
    11:24 - Raiju's Harness
    12:05 - Omnioculus
    12:42 - Gyrfalcon's Hauberk
    13:09 - Lucky Pants
    13:40 - Oprheus Rig
    14:04 - St0mp-EE5
    14:37 - Gemini Jester
    14:56 - Fr0st-EE5
    15:27 - The Bombardiers
    16:01 - Star-Eater Scales
    16:37 - Radiant Dance Machines
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  • Fallout Plays
    Fallout Plays  9 місяців тому +1206

    All scientifically accurate. Also, like today's vid if you want a Hunter or Titan follow-up vid 👍

    • Marquis
      Marquis 9 місяців тому +128

      A uh, Warlock one right?

    • nm
      nm 9 місяців тому +10

      Caliban's hand guy... everything is true except my fav D2 youtuber is FalloutPlays for his sense of humor 😆

    • Piag
      Piag 9 місяців тому +12

      Young Ahamkara's Spine take is 1000% on point. Fuck yes, I love blowing up overconfident titans trying to shouldercharge around the map with a sneakily placed tripmine. Get fucked, titans.

    • Alex GT
      Alex GT 9 місяців тому +7

      He definitely meant warlock lol

    • trey randall
      trey randall 9 місяців тому

      Foetracer, invis Hunter here...

  • Zombo2112
    Zombo2112 9 місяців тому +2427

    The fact that you immediately described shinobu’s vow by saying that you are above the age of 30 is hilarious because thats what my dad mains😂

    • Sylok, the Defiled
      Sylok, the Defiled 9 місяців тому +27


    • Kayron Fritz
      Kayron Fritz 9 місяців тому +147

      You play with your dad?! W Parent

    • UltraMeenyPants
      UltraMeenyPants 9 місяців тому +56

      Im curious about what the warlock and titan versions are. Trying to get my dad off lion ramparts is like getting a stompies main to use Radiant dance machines

    • Sylok, the Defiled
      Sylok, the Defiled 9 місяців тому +3

      @UltraMeenyPants is he using it for pve or pvp?

    • Sylok, the Defiled
      Sylok, the Defiled 9 місяців тому +3

      @Kayron Fritz ong

  • Andrew Bowen
    Andrew Bowen 8 місяців тому +104

    For Caliban's hand I thought he said "Talibans hand" and then went on to talk about how much you love to make people explode. I was dying laughing so hard.

  • MegaDrain
    MegaDrain 8 місяців тому +46

    I'm so happy he mentioned mayhem for shards of galanor. Shards on the rare times mayhem is in crucible is absolutely busted. Even if one of your knives tags a player and doesn't kill them, it immediately refills your super meter. In a game mode where the super meter fills up fast anyway, having an exotic that immediately refills it as long as it touches someone is super broken.

  • Emyron
    Emyron 8 місяців тому +403

    As a Gyrfalcon’s main, that was a spot on description of me, and yes, thank you so much Crucible players, this exotic is now cemented to my chest.

    • Frankie Big Rings
      Frankie Big Rings 8 місяців тому +1


    • Deion Caddiell
      Deion Caddiell 8 місяців тому +3

      I'll nvr write that thank u note

    • Jake A
      Jake A 8 місяців тому

      I have already written several thank you notes

    • CommanderCH
      CommanderCH 8 місяців тому +5


    • tacoboy 221
      tacoboy 221 8 місяців тому

      You are welcome

  • Joos2000
    Joos2000 8 місяців тому +15

    I really appreciate these vids. The writing is both funny and accurate. Best of both worlds, I am both entertained and learn a lot! ❤

  • Kat Kazuma
    Kat Kazuma 9 місяців тому +118

    Mask of Bakris was actually really fun to use in PVE and synergized well with Ager's Scepter to pump out some decent damage

    • gameipedia
      gameipedia 7 місяців тому +3

      them + an Arc Shotty, Fusion, or Trespasser is a good fun time

    • Vollie D
      Vollie D 6 місяців тому +2

      I miss when stasis was playable lol

    • Allison Ruby
      Allison Ruby 5 місяців тому +1

      ​@Vollie D
      Ever pretend that the avatar you are PLAYING, would be a real boy, or girl?
      Ever ponder what their lives would be like? Like what if they were a historic excavator, like for artifacts and stuff. But they cant put in the time, because you are flying them all over the meta realm? Oh wait, meta, still a thing. But ask them if they mind , lol just a thought to keep with you down yonder

  • ilovethis1324
    ilovethis1324 9 місяців тому +146

    Celestial Nighthawk in pvp isn't about "building" or "being effective". It's about making a point.

    • Reality Rogue
      Reality Rogue 5 місяців тому +6

      I would probably leave the match out of respect

    FL4MING R4VEN 8 місяців тому +10

    I run the bombardiers as a pve main, because I know the pain of a horde of Thralls or wretches running at me to tear me asunder... I also know the satisfaction of hearing them all scream when they are reduced to naught but ash in the wake of the path I paved.
    Also, I enjoy the fact that they used to belong to the first Vanguard Hunter.

  • TheBlackFlame
    TheBlackFlame 6 місяців тому +5

    I use Sealed Ahamkara Grasps for my hunter rn, the melee damage -> instant reload works great with the new Strand melee kunai or the Stasis throwing stars to get ranged melee damage. Between that and the Marksman's dodge, it saves a lot of reloading time for stuff like LMGs.

  • Acrius05
    Acrius05 9 місяців тому +119

    I look forward to your Warlock takes. I especially look forward to Sunbracers, considering our tendencies to blind our teammates. Listen we’re sorry but we took Shaxx’s words about grenades to heart.
    That and Eye of Another World, I rarely see anyone else wear it so I’m curious what you’ll have to say about it!

    • Affan Sami
      Affan Sami 8 місяців тому +4

      sunbracers are just dumb and wonderful fun and even though solar warlock is a shallow husk of its former self the sunbracers or sunbreakers as they were originally called will never disappoint

    • Scutty_Senpai
      Scutty_Senpai 8 місяців тому

      I actually do use eye of another world and I'm curious as well lol

    • CJ3M
      CJ3M 8 місяців тому +4

      God its good to see other sunbracer users out there, and yeah we are sorry for the blinding suns

    • Gildedbolt
      Gildedbolt 8 місяців тому +3

      "Guardian, have you tried throwing more grenades?"

    • Jessi Scott
      Jessi Scott 8 місяців тому

      @CJ3M ayeee another sunbracers user here. They’re a lot of fun

  • Eoniic
    Eoniic 6 місяців тому +9

    As a long time Orpheus hunter, I can absolutely confirm that this is 110% accurate. Mans is in our heads

  • Cookeez
    Cookeez  6 місяців тому +5

    I love the bombadiers, i mainly use stompees these days because speed is fun but i always like to throw the bombs on for fun. Wsh more hunters knew how fun they are in crucible, especially the void suppress.

  • Ellis Griffin
    Ellis Griffin 9 місяців тому +629

    As a part of The Council of the Radiant Dance Machine Mains, I can confirm that, despite the small sample size, this is scarily accurate- I am always trying to get other people to try them. They always try them out once or twice, but they never stay. I'll find another one someday. Eventually.

    • KAIOKEN99
      KAIOKEN99 9 місяців тому +37

      Oddly enough this is almost poetic

    • BotThoughts
      BotThoughts 9 місяців тому +15

      I want to give it a try. My pve gyrfalcon build doesn’t work with the new changes, but radiant dance machines or bombardiers might work instead

    • Ellis Griffin
      Ellis Griffin 9 місяців тому +15

      @BotThoughts I like to think of RDM as a Stomp-EES but for grounded movement rather than aerial. I am curious what you are planning to do with it in PvE, though

    • Nageku Kanashimi
      Nageku Kanashimi 9 місяців тому +1

      Try and get them hooked on the PVE bow build once they fix broadhead on Wishender

    • Suros
      Suros 9 місяців тому +3

      I use them in pve with fourth horseman

  • Ghost Ohrion
    Ghost Ohrion 8 місяців тому +3

    Something I think people should know about aeon gauntlets, the sect of force gives increased reload speed on rapid precision hits. That in combination with Outbreak makes it feel like it has rapid hit (only the reload speed part tho)

  • Sniclops
    Sniclops 3 місяці тому +4

    As someone who currently mains 6th Coyote, I also wanna add that if you're a PvE main, you most likely have a fairly strong build combo set up around your dodge and melee, but you're afraid of messing up something in the order, so you grab a 2nd dodge charge to make up for it

    • g4greed
      g4greed 13 днів тому

      can vouch, I literally do this

  • Konno Saeko
    Konno Saeko 9 місяців тому +3

    When the void update released I loved using Dance Machine with a shotty, but then I went to Gyrfalcons because it just suited me better with what it provides. Keeping in mind I never touch pvp, I just liked the invis spam both can provide but gyrfalcon gives me better survivability.

  • Blieu Blieu
    Blieu Blieu 8 місяців тому +7

    This vid was so good! Loved how accurate you are on most builds! Sad to see my poor Athrys' being mentioned only for their PvP bounce. I've been in love with them as a solo-mostly PvE player since their release and the feeling of two-tapping champions or one-tapping some of the biggest yellow-bars is something I'd never give up on. Sure they're not the best in PvE but I love em so badly much and they're so cool when you stack their knife with the arms spreading! Still, an amazing video!

  • Vertex
    Vertex 8 місяців тому +2

    As a Celestial Nighthawk main, I can confirm that I am BOTH players that you described. I hate build crafting and I like to look my best

  • Tim Hall
    Tim Hall 9 місяців тому +195

    Would love to see a warlock and titan version!

    • Cen
      Cen 9 місяців тому +19

      Warlock video would be pretty short, right? Every build would be;
      "You're a warlock, you enjoy PvE, and reading operating manuals to machines you don't even own. You hate that all your magical tools are better in the hands of crayon eaters and gutter rats."

    • nitrousgranola
      nitrousgranola 9 місяців тому +6

      @Cen “all the perma exotics are helmets, so you can’t wear the cowboy helmet”

    • Jess Walczak
      Jess Walczak 9 місяців тому +3

      @nitrousgranola No way I'm taking off my Osmiomancy, Getaway Artist, Necrotic Grips, or Contraverse Hold gloves, tho, to be able to wear one of those sweet exotic helmets

    • clever ape
      clever ape 9 місяців тому +2

      @Cen i wonder what he'd say about contraverse hold, verity's brow and nezarecs sin considering they're all used in the same way for the same build

  •  6 місяців тому +3

    This video is great to see what the exotics really do. You basically chose a playstyle you want to test and/or like a lot.
    It's funny and you learn a lot. Thanks man

  • Falasi4
    Falasi4 5 місяців тому +1

    Hilarious stuff! I actually did most of my initial Iron Lord on hunter with radiant dance machines and grinding out my Mida catalyst! More movement than a colonoscopy prep!

  • wolfgamer
    wolfgamer 8 місяців тому +3

    Radiant dance machines are actually good when paired with forth horeman. You essentially empty out the mag immediately.

  • Christopher Garland
    Christopher Garland Місяць тому

    7:07 Unironically inspired me to try my build and go for an SF Prophecy after giving up a few years back. After a couple blunders in the boss room (and learning the hard way that Gathering Storm kills in-air momentum, multiple times), I got it.

  • Coolbeans
    Coolbeans 7 місяців тому +1

    I’m slowly getting back into D2 after only playing casually before stopping 4 years ago. It’s interesting to see the different play styles associated with every exotic.

  • Dan
    Dan 9 місяців тому +98

    This was fun to watch, but as a Warlock main I can't wait to hear about the Warlock exotics and what my favorites describe me as.

    • HamsterPixel328
      HamsterPixel328 9 місяців тому +1

      What is your favourite warlock exotic? Mine’s either contraverse hold or necrotic grips depending on the day

    • Corey Wilson
      Corey Wilson 9 місяців тому

      My favorite for both PvE and PvP used to be Contraverse Hold, but it's been Ophidian Aspect for PvP ever since Handheld Supernova got (justifiably) nerfed into oblivion

    • Xerxes
      Xerxes 9 місяців тому

      @HamsterPixel328contraverse holds are S tier. Second pick for me is osmiomancy gloves

    • Abdullah Mohamed
      Abdullah Mohamed 9 місяців тому +1

      Me sweating when he talks about how karnstines make me a better punch main then the most crayon deprived titan

    • 210Chillian
      210Chillian 9 місяців тому

      Nezarec's sin
      Eye of another world
      Ophidian aspect
      Claws of ahamkara (paired with arc class)
      Vesper of radius (on stasis)
      These are the exotics I can't wait to see in the warlock video

  • Sir Feint
    Sir Feint 5 місяців тому

    I'm an Arcstrider with Sixth Coyote.
    I love having double the up-time on Lethal Current.
    It's godly with Flow State as well.
    Also really fun with Dynamo/Hands On.

  • accuRAT
    accuRAT 8 місяців тому

    Smg + 35 zoom sniper with knucklehead is so slept on for aggressive cqc play.
    Constant and extra detailed radar allows you to hold close range sniper angles (think like chaperone on roids) and constant radar also makes smg Multis a walk in the park.
    The detailed radar while sliding is also amazing for dialing in your aim mid slide before you cross a corner.
    Just food for thought. It’s totally viable, if not strong AF when used the right way.

  • Classified
    Classified 7 місяців тому +3

    Lucky pants main here. I must add it's also for those of us who use Malfeasance to do the most damage with a primary hand canon and praying that one day it will receive a catalyst so we can use it outside of pve.

  • Blue Flame Studios
    Blue Flame Studios 8 місяців тому +4

    Sixth Coyote main here. Definitely accurate, I love it because it looks dope and I am often my team’s medic having to revive people in PVE in dicey situations, dodging to invis and then smoke bombing to make my team invisible to escape

    • Korayyy
      Korayyy 8 місяців тому

      Ayo same brother. I have a Viking like look rn because of it’s new ornament

  • justin gibson
    justin gibson Місяць тому

    My only counter argument for radiant dance machines is that stasis can basically become a subclass with close to quintuple 100 stats along with such high ability spam and healing that most areas that have army's at the ready will become your dance pad playground

  • FalloutOW
    FalloutOW 9 місяців тому +100

    As a Young Ahamkara Spine Hunter, I agree with this message. But would add sticking people in PvP is the endorphin rush to chase. And the PvE chaining potential is magnifique.
    The Oath Keeper assessment was also on point. Solid video, I like seeing your longer vids always interesting.

    • Pharaoh Avalon
      Pharaoh Avalon 9 місяців тому +2

      Yeah pretty spot on also I love to get potential multi-kills, punishing hand holding team shooters.

    • Jcrrjr
      Jcrrjr 9 місяців тому +1

      I love to control enemy movement by restricting exits or entries. Ahamkara angles are nasty

    • Duster
      Duster 9 місяців тому +5

      My tripmine brothers is there nothing more satisfying then placing a tripmine getting killed in pvp then seeing the person who killed you die four seconds later to that mine you place?

    • TAmari
      TAmari 7 місяців тому

      @Duster there are few things more hilarious than running Telesto and Spine in Momentum Control and just slapping danger zones fucking everywhere, you can die as much as you want because the moment you respawn you've got at least 3 kills from people who just don't look where they're going LOL

  • coby
    coby 7 місяців тому

    Assassin's Cowl main here. I'm actually not particularly good at PVP, but I find that it's a perfect exotic to throw on any build for good survivability, especially if you build around it. Easily my favorite exotic in the game, and my favorites on the other classes are actually the ones that came out at the same time and all revolve around finishers.

  • Wrath
    Wrath 8 місяців тому

    As a Jester main, you nailed it 100%. Unironically, I've never been t-bagged half as many times while using ANY other exotic.

  • MBZypher
    MBZypher 5 місяців тому

    I just got the bombardiers a couple days ago and I’m loving them, they also look pretty nice too with a good shader on

  • NamedSnowfur
    NamedSnowfur 5 місяців тому

    The FR05T-EE5 one... you're right. I have not taken those boots off since I got them on my first day playing as a Hunter on the Moon. I remember it dropped from one of those wandering major captains that drops a chest when you kill them.
    Edit: Okay. The only time I have ever removed them was when I was forced to by my Raid team back then.

  • GM
    GM 6 місяців тому

    With the new strand subclass I’ve been using assassins cowl as a hit and run tactic item in PvE. Grapple into a group of enemies, Air slash, goes invisible, pick up tangle, throw it at closest group of enemies, grapple away

  • shye
    shye 9 місяців тому +172

    Two long fallout videos in a week? Now that's a treat.

    • Cyberlord15
      Cyberlord15 9 місяців тому +1

      Looks like Christmas came early

  • Frayed Peaches
    Frayed Peaches 6 місяців тому

    I usually run Sixth Coyote and Shinobus Vow just because the lore for the 6 Coyotes is pretty sick. You already know I got that band wagon exotic ship as well.

  • Lagspresso
    Lagspresso 8 місяців тому

    There's actually an optimal DPS strat when using YAS on smaller scale bosses the with Impact Induction mod. Make sure to build into ignitions granting grenade energy and proper scorch fragments. Grenade-Blade Barrage-Grenade-Knife Trick-Grenade before the ignition next ignition hits-Ignition-Grenade.

  • Duublo 121
    Duublo 121 8 місяців тому +2

    I’ve recently switched from Liar’s Handshake to Dragon’s Shadow, but Liar’s Handshake’s playstyle still applies to me
    I just like using the dodge for a free knife and a Monte Carlo reload for more knives (my entire build is just KNIFE, throwing out as many Prox Knives as humanly possible in PVE to make aiming redundant. KNIVES!)

  • Nonna Yobiz
    Nonna Yobiz 6 місяців тому +1

    I have been playing Hunter since we opened the vault. I was there, 3,000 years ago. . . It's been a hard winter and this video made me laugh a lot thank you. Also, I don't think i've once used the radiant dance machines

  • RadioDemon7752
    RadioDemon7752 7 місяців тому

    Renewal grasps is perfectly described, also running a scout rifle with threat scope is always fun

  • myidos
    myidos 9 місяців тому +57

    How you don’t have some type of SubStack weekly article is beside me. Your humor and mastery of words is what ultimately brings me to this channel. Pure smiles every damn time from beginning to end. Can’t wait for the Titan and Lock

  • MadMaxim
    MadMaxim 3 місяці тому

    Kephris is an super underrated exotic I don't main it, but I've used it a couple times and it so fun to play a peak game against someone with wall hacks and gives u such a advantage, it's why I started using wish ender

  • Joshua Rusin
    Joshua Rusin 5 місяців тому

    Very accurate for Orpheus. I was a hardcore knife throwing gunslinger until void launch and haven't looked back since.

  • Roy Kimura
    Roy Kimura 8 місяців тому +2

    I have used Sixth Coyote since their release and barely use Nightstalker. I just like how cool the exotic looks and it is a good universal Hunter exotic.

  • Tom Richards
    Tom Richards 5 місяців тому +1

    Wormhusk literally described me perfectly, well done!

  • Oreo Pierrot
    Oreo Pierrot 7 місяців тому

    You named like 3 exotics i mained and the descriptions for them were so accurate that I felt called out, like actually put on blast for them, thank you so much.

  • FoxtrotThe1
    FoxtrotThe1 9 місяців тому +32

    I think it would be cool to see what your favorite exotic weapons say about you after the titan and warlock armor vids are done

  • Brownmangaming
    Brownmangaming 8 місяців тому

    As a YAS enjoyer, you’re right. That perfect tripmine kill is to die for

  • Yuki Kaguya
    Yuki Kaguya 8 місяців тому

    Your sealed part was right on the money. I spend hours min-maxing my character and I'm at 3 100 stats while still building my character to be unpredictable and fun.

  • Lezori Tuesaxe
    Lezori Tuesaxe 8 місяців тому +2

    I main Sixth Coyote & I'm an arc hunter with blink. The double dodge helps with movement while blink is on cooldown.
    Arc hunters blink better than void warlocks & look stylish while doing it.

  • Jin Yasha Gaming
    Jin Yasha Gaming 7 місяців тому

    I loved this, I’m currently maining Hunter and use Calibans hand. That was spot on! 😂😂 please do Titan next to help show us more pvp Titan options! Thank you.

  • GH05TH4WK
    GH05TH4WK 9 місяців тому

    Star eater main here and I absolutely take pride in the amount of damage I can do as a void hunter. I have a load out that causes my abilities and health to constantly regenerate and boost my super recharge 😂 especially when I make orbs which is consistently

  • bjcooper43
    bjcooper43 9 місяців тому +217

    16:01 Star Eater Scales main here and I approve this message. It’s actually scary how accurate you are… even down to the “give loadout advice” part

    • Corey Wilson
      Corey Wilson 9 місяців тому +2

      Yep, that's Fallout. He's pretty good at reading people

    • Juggernaut 49
      Juggernaut 49 8 місяців тому +3

      Booya to Star Eater Scale mains
      Slap on something to your helmet that gives you orbs
      Slap on the health regen from orbs on your solar legs and it’s pretty hard for you to die in PvE
      Especially if you go Void subclass to go invisible if you need time to naturally regain lost health/shields

    • Evan Collins 112
      Evan Collins 112 8 місяців тому +3

      I'm starting to main Star-Eaters but i don't have any font mods yet. So i'm not THE PvE guy... Yet. I'm working on it. Maybe with LightFall.

    • El Dogg
      El Dogg 8 місяців тому +2

      star eater scale mains also dont activate windows

    • Evan Collins 112
      Evan Collins 112 8 місяців тому +1

      @El Dogg Amen. I don't have Windows to activate. Xbox S lets go!

  • Philaxty
    Philaxty 8 місяців тому +1

    I’m not a dance machine main, but they actually provide a really good way to replenish your super in PvE

  • Chase Nelson
    Chase Nelson 8 місяців тому

    As a graviton forfeit user I'm astonished on how accurately you managed to recreate my hunter

  • Ken Ishmael
    Ken Ishmael 9 місяців тому +1

    I need - *NEED* - to hear your Titan exotic rundown in this format!
    Looking forward to it!!

  • clearskyy
    clearskyy 6 місяців тому

    I'M UNDER ATTACK! The shards, caliban's, and flux description hit right in the heart ahahaha

  • Christopher Heavrin
    Christopher Heavrin 8 місяців тому

    I would like to see warlock Next, it's my main and after the incredible work you did with the hunter I am looking forward to it.

  • John
    John 9 місяців тому +60

    I switch exotics often, but the way you described them perfectly described the mood I'm in when I'm using them.

  • Krypted
    Krypted 4 місяці тому +1

    6:26 I loved using those in the days of three round gambit (insane I know) but me and my friend would play gambit then and loved just for the moment when the third round was reaching the end and we'd super buffs and decreased super time so I'd jump up and throw out my super and I'd have thrown it out 4 or 5 more times by the time I hit the ground it was glorious

  • b!82
    b!82 6 місяців тому

    Oathkeeper one was almost 100% correct. They used to be my favourite to run just because I main bow on most activities. One exception however, is that I despise Le Monarque.
    I say used to, because while they're fun and make it so I don't have to spam r + m1, sixth coyote provides me with a second dodge and that is crucial for a casual player like me.

  • yokkisman
    yokkisman 8 місяців тому

    Pretty spot on with the nighthawk except I like to use it on PvP specifically with the intention of 1 taping people in their supers, so I guess I am crazy.

  • MercuryRain
    MercuryRain 6 місяців тому

    I love that Radiant Dance Machines just needed Strand to exist for people to start using them.

  • GaLeHaN
    GaLeHaN 9 місяців тому

    I want a Titan and Warlock version of this so bad...

  • Shane Osinloye
    Shane Osinloye 9 місяців тому +66

    You know your a hunter main when you love several of these and Fallout was accurate about your respective psychology for each and every one 😂🤣☠️

    • Ethan Dohnt
      Ethan Dohnt 9 місяців тому +1

      You know you are a hunter main when you play hunter.
      Well said.

    • Showaker
      Showaker 9 місяців тому

      my main changes based on whatever I'm feeling like playing at the time. Never titan though. Titan's are just too boring "Me put wall here. Me punch this. Me throw hammer." whether it's blink jump warlock, infinite arc soul warlock, rolling thunder hunter, or junk rat hunter, warlock and hunter always lead to a lot of fun.

    • kbrownfocus
      kbrownfocus 8 місяців тому

      No lie

  • James Perkins
    James Perkins 7 місяців тому +1

    Your description of Star Eater Scales is absolutely perfect for my friend. It’s uncanny: I’m now convinced that you know each other…

  • Anon E. Mus
    Anon E. Mus 17 днів тому

    When Sidearms like Forerunner were easily more powerful than most hand cannons, I ran Mechaneer's Tricksleeves with pride for a long time. Now with Sidearms getting a nerf and Hand Cannons getting a buff, HOLY HELL ERIANA'S VOW does insane damage!

  • MoneyTalks1812
    MoneyTalks1812 8 місяців тому +1

    It's crazy how I use Stomp E's for 90% of my PVE with an eager edge for speed and have never used them once in PVP

  • Andre Hammers
    Andre Hammers 6 місяців тому

    I feel called out by the stareaters one.
    On the otherhand, I mained Graviton for a long time, and focus on PvE. the reload and recov is just great
    But not much I can argue with otherwise.

  • Spheria Areials
    Spheria Areials 9 місяців тому

    I feel like Wormhusk could be 50/50, honestly. Me (solar) and another hunter (stasis) use it solely because its just easy and works pretty well in basically everything (connivence wins again! and i think the ornament is pretty kickass and fun to commit Fashion (TM) with). But then there's another hunter who uses it *constantly* in pvp as Void... bleh. Used to use Ophidia tho. Kept it for so long since it was my first exotic and I thoroughly enjoyed the knives
    ...i might want to hurry up and get a good roll of Caliban's, though. My build is all about blowing everything up with incandescent and firefly, lmao

  • Steelfeather Repeater
    Steelfeather Repeater 9 місяців тому +110

    As someone who has barely taken off Lucky Raspberry since I first started playing years back (besides some raid and dungeon encounters, trust me I bring it when I can) this is 100% accurate. I'll never get tired of the primal joy of an arcbolt zapping 5-15 adds and knowing I'll have another when i need it

    • Mozu Chan
      Mozu Chan 9 місяців тому +1

      Big zap, big happy.
      I fucking love it, also helps that i just love electricity in general so ark all the way for me.

    • Glacie
      Glacie 9 місяців тому +1

      Fell in love with it recently with Arc 3.0, no regrets keeping this on my Hunter at all times

    • Pierre-Keleti TRAORE
      Pierre-Keleti TRAORE 8 місяців тому +1

      Exactly ! This armor is basically trinitary ghoul with catalist and you can equip anything you want with it you know you're not getting out of a room with the most kills/assists

  • Kestrel-13
    Kestrel-13 7 місяців тому

    I'm a PvE player but yes, I am hopelessly addicted to Wormhusk. It took my actual favorite exotic (Bombardiers) away from me and burrowed it's way in like the parasite it's made from.

  • ZinC Warframe23
    ZinC Warframe23 6 місяців тому

    You actually described me lol I love Blade Barrage and was upset they nerfed it but understood so I still rock Shards

  • Jirito
    Jirito 9 місяців тому +2

    That Mask of Bakris Dnd roast personally hit me, deep in my soul..
    Well played Fallout, well played

  • St_Anger06
    St_Anger06 3 місяці тому

    The dance Machines actually go kinda hard in pve en with powerful Attraction and a power orb build

  • Eri, Sister of Aerial
    Eri, Sister of Aerial 9 місяців тому

    My 5 favorite Hunter exotics: Foetracer, Knucklehead Radar, Mechaneer's Tricksleeves, Oathkeepers, and Lucky Pants. I just wish Oathkeepers had more oomph to help other bows.

  • Arty
    Arty 9 місяців тому +21

    As an Orpheus Rig main on my hunter, you're right about me being old school. I'd love to see a titan version so I can see what you have to say about the exotics I use to main and currently main.

  • FunkyFilmsJunior
    FunkyFilmsJunior 8 місяців тому

    I don’t think I’ve ever done a GM without an Omnioculus user. It’s a necessity for high end content.
    Stompees are also for when you suck at jumping puzzles.
    Wormhusk is my go-to exotic for when I’m lazy at buildcrafting because it’s always useful for low effort.

  • Mark Colaci
    Mark Colaci 8 місяців тому

    A fun series. Well done.

  • IBrokenOutcastI
    IBrokenOutcastI 8 місяців тому

    I use Graviton Forfeit 2:04 because I like being a support hunter in PvE. The long time invisible helps with revives. I also wear bright colors, white, teal, and tan

  • Deus Ex Ludos
    Deus Ex Ludos 8 місяців тому

    Its nice to see knucklehead not get tons of hate, i personally love bows, high impact scouts and pulses, and handcannons i stick to mid to long range and you nailed me, thank you.

  • Kairos Logan
    Kairos Logan 8 місяців тому

    As an Oathkeepers main, can confirm. 100% accurate

  • AsthmaticAncom
    AsthmaticAncom 9 місяців тому +69

    My raid group has three hunters, a Caliban's main, a Gyrfalcons main, and a Star-Eaters main. You absolutely nailed all three save for the fact that CO never dropped for me and I can't bring myself to care because Funnelweb exists

    • phil hodges
      phil hodges 9 місяців тому +9

      if you love gryfalcons, you should definitely check out the velex-x pulse rifle. repulsor brace + golden tricorn for overshield and extra damage! it's an easy gameplay loop too: dodge, kill an ad, get a grenade kill, boom! golden tricorn x2 for huge damage buff. I've been loving it.

    • AsthmaticAncom
      AsthmaticAncom 9 місяців тому +8

      @phil hodges definitely a great pick! I'm tied at the hip to Funnelweb (112k kills with the thing means I'm basically required to comtinue using it no matter what lmao) but I'm very much looking forward to using it for the moments of triumph grind!

    • Mr Lag Out
      Mr Lag Out 9 місяців тому

      Agreed, but personally, I use the Guardian Games SMG. It has ofa and sfa, since classy in tender gives class energy on kills, and since the Too Stylish debuff goes down in 2 seconds, you’re able to kill an add in the time it takes for the debuff to go down, thus allowing you to go invis every single time.

    • TH
      TH 8 місяців тому

      Since it's in farmable rotation until reset, I highly recommend you farm the Vault in Duality. If you get Unforgiven with Repulsor Brace, you may want to ditch Funnelweb for a while, since it's essentially that but gives overshields. It's a buttload of fun, and Veles-X is a nice substitute for longer ranges.

    • AsthmaticAncom
      AsthmaticAncom 8 місяців тому

      @TH I've tried it out and I truly just can't stand 750s lol

  • Sebastian Turner
    Sebastian Turner 6 місяців тому

    2 new ones!
    Cyrtarachne's Facade:
    PvE - You don't care for complex builds, and you love grappling every single chance you get. You have _optimized_ your grapple cooldown, and now only walls and kill barriers can stop you. Sure, there may technically be other ways to get woven mail, but... grapple.
    PvP - You're calling _everyone's_ bluff. Yeah, sure, they're gonna hit all their headshots. Good luck to them with that, cause with your bonus flinch resistance, you'll be hitting yours.
    Speedloader Slacks:
    PvE - You _hate_ slow weapons, and you'll be damned if you or any of your allies ever have to deal with one again.
    PvP - You like Dragon's Shadow, but you don't like it's (admittedly spotty) uptime. Plus, everybody loves a team player (but you know you're really just in it for yourself.)

  • AllHailRNGesus
    AllHailRNGesus 6 місяців тому

    it was mtashed years ago that showed me the true power of the dragons shadow... havent taken it off since. even in pve with the insta full loudout reload and almost infinite invis uptime. doesnt do anything crazy but just gives amazing value all the time in any mode

  • Knight Spartan
    Knight Spartan 8 місяців тому

    I main renewal grasps and ahamkara spine. Don't change the build at all simply switch out the arms for whatever element I'm feeling. And as a spine user myself in pvp I think it might be a liiiittle bit op. Trip mine kills are so easy.

  • Jimmy Vegoren
    Jimmy Vegoren 5 місяців тому

    Pretty accurate! The Nighthawk is both cool and simple.

  • DankPands
    DankPands 8 місяців тому +1

    Main reason I use Bakris mask when I play hunter dmg buff for arc and when the enemie is affected by duskfield very useful imo

  • Limeboy0603
    Limeboy0603 9 місяців тому +36

    As a PVE main, I am currently using Assassin's Cowl. I am basically pairing it with solar hunter infinite knife build (Ember of Torches + Knock 'em Down) so I could get infinite healing and invisibility. This actually allows me to at least solo Pit of Heresy and Shattered Throne when I first stepped in endgame PVE.

    • M3RG3RPlays
      M3RG3RPlays 9 місяців тому +3

      Likewise but arc. Day one arc 3.0 i ran a strike with two liar's handshakes and they both kept trying to follow the paths i took and would die from it...

    • ClayLess
      ClayLess 9 місяців тому +5

      nice to see another PVE cowl user out in the wild. I was kinda upset when that void fragment made cowl useless, but then we got arc and it's so much better

    • Daddy Lazar
      Daddy Lazar 9 місяців тому

      It warms my heart knowing bottomless knife builds are still alive

    • TH
      TH 8 місяців тому

      It's without a doubt still my main Solar exotic. It's essentially that sustain of Loreley but on Hunter. Melee Wellmaker, Well of Life and Healing Grenades, and you can heal yourself in a ton of ways, including:
      -Melee kills
      -Elemental wells
      -Healing Grenades

  • Tormex
    Tormex 8 місяців тому

    I used to be a dragon's shadow main, but it's just so ugly. And Young Ahmekara Spine is super fun, and looks awesome. (Though I begrudgingly use Wormhusk Crown when I'm try-harding since it's OP)

  • Michael Hernandez
    Michael Hernandez 8 місяців тому

    When athrys embrace first came out, I actually thought it was for stasis melee. I thought that for almost a year wondering why my shurikens never stunned champions.

  • Mojojojo2466
    Mojojojo2466 7 місяців тому

    Alright. Content of any kind rarely makes me laugh audibly or show much emotion even when I do find it humourous. But this actually broke me several times. 10/10

  • Cody Estes
    Cody Estes 7 місяців тому

    Calibans hand is just so fun to use. Throw it in a crowd of weak enemies along with a major/ultra, and then the small ones explode and kill the major. All with one knife. It is Chefs kiss

  • Evan Darling
    Evan Darling 6 місяців тому

    As an assassin's cowl main, that was 230% accurate.

  • Wrath
    Wrath 9 місяців тому +15

    The gyrfalcon's thing is very accurate. i used to use it in pvp a lot and cried when the "nerf" hit. then i realized that by using stylish execution, any void weapon with repulser brace, and rat king that you could be constantly invis and have an overshield. it's insanely stupid and i love it.
    star-eaters was also very accurate. i've been duoing the first boss of spire and smile when i see the beeg numbrs.

  • spazzologist
    spazzologist 5 місяців тому

    Thank you for the deep analysis of assassin’s cowl and omnioculus💀 I’m a pve main and so much yes😂

  • Travis Tesluk
    Travis Tesluk 7 місяців тому

    As someone who’s been a Coyote main since I came back to D2 late last year, yes, I do enjoy being invis. 🤣
    Liar’s Handshake is broken on Arc 3.0
    I usually still use Wormhusk in PvP. Spot on. Lol
    I only recently discovered Gyrfalcon, PvE mains absolutely thank PvP mains. 🙏