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The Evolution of the Mirage Window Smoke

  • Опубліковано 19 бер 2023
  • The Mirage window smoke has been crucial since the launch of CS:GO, with players constantly seeking to improve it.
    I go through the Evolution of the Mirage Window Smoke, an 8 year process that pushed the limits of what the scene knew about creating nade lineups.
    "Top teams" refer to the top 15/20 teams that played Mirage at the time specified.
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  • @mahone_tv

    This is my first long-form video that digs into more of the history of how CS tactics evolve over time. What did you think of this video and would you like to see more? Let me know what you’d be interested in!

  • @launders

    this man really watched every mirage demo in history. most sane faceit user

  • @ZachsWonderland

    I'd like to give this guy props, I have never played cs go, never watched a tournament, and yet I watched an entire video on it because of how it was presented, made it genuinely interesting

  • @Frogesh

    I really can't I watched a 20 minute video on throwing mirage window smoke. The History of this game is so rich and you are such a good story writer to explain it so nicely. thank you so much for this video

  • @CrayCow
    @CrayCow  +602

    You know this game has such an abundance of history when someone can make a 20 minute video on 1 utility being used in 1 area of this 1 map

  • @sherwinkp
    @sherwinkp  +671

    I never thought something like this could be made. It just enhances my appreciation for the game and the community around it. The amount of effort you put into this is almost unimaginable. Thank you for doing what you're doing Mahone.

  • @apeologistcsgo459

    Mahone was so dedicated he built a time machine just for this one video. I appreciate all the effort you put in and hope to see more

  • @FNScence
    @FNScence  +324

    Snax must have thrown it by pressing W+A while crouched to make use of wallstrafing, as well as standing up just before (or by simultaniously) jump-throwing for extra speed. He always had super innovative line-ups like the one for heaven on Nuke where he lined himself up while running out of T spawn.

  • @Lekeing
    @Lekeing  +171

    ESL should show this during their breaks instead of dead air. THIS is good content.

  • @tjamesnorton

    This must have been a tonne of work to research and record. Awesome job dude - this will go down as one of the most important historical CS videos ever! Now go take a day off :)

  • @dr1zz3n
    @dr1zz3n  +44

    I find it amazing that you managed to pick such a small thing about CS and managed to make it into such an interesting video

  • @Dummythc

    Linking ancient spawn throws to mirage window honestly blew my mind man. Truly a work of art crammed into a 20 min video. Unbelievably well done. Sharing this where I can <3

  • @5h4rpy
    @5h4rpy  +8

    Its great to see mahone getting the love and respect he's much deserved for his work explaining and demonstrating use of tactics and utility in such a majestic game

  • @johnstevenson3628

    I never thought I’d be so invested in learning about grenade smoke optimizations in a game I don’t ever play or know much about. This is a a testament to your great video quality, storytelling, and engaging writing which made this a pleasure to watch. Cool video, keep up the good work.

  • @same418
    @same418  +14

    I never played CS:GO but this documentary was on point, watched it all! Amazing to see the evolution of the technique and props to you for all the research you did on this topic!!

  • @flpymnky

    This was absolutely fascinating to watch the evolution of strat optimization and the fact that objectively more efficient plays still took time to be adopted in the highest level of play

  • @604Nice
    @604Nice  +19

    Mr Danny, what an insane video to put out. The editing on this is wild, we need more videos like this :)

  • @rythmUK

    i always felt like lining smokes up with the geometry was such a weird (unintended?) mechanic, but its depth knows no bounds and this video shows off how valve letting players creativity run wild has resulted in an incredibly high skill ceiling.

  • @saliva134

    I love how much work was needed to do this. Absolute quality and originality and I learnt so much.

  • @DannyAbcro

    this was a fantastic video, I'm impressed by the huge amount of work you put into this! I'd love to see more videos like these