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Why 99.7% of Mongolia is Completely Empty

  • Опубліковано 25 тра 2023
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  • Chimedtseren Ganbaatar
    Chimedtseren Ganbaatar 4 місяці тому +20156

    I am Mongolian, and I would like to thank you for talking about my country. Most of the world still does not know about us and what we have sacrificed for our independence and existence.

    • osheridan
      osheridan 4 місяці тому +1581

      Huh there's probably a Mongol Empire joke here somewhere

    • Ukashk_10
      Ukashk_10 4 місяці тому +2156

      As a non-mongolian, your country is quite famous

    • Posya
      Posya 4 місяці тому +474

      Bro I’m from Uzbekistan and never heard anything about you guys at all. Everything I know about Mongolia is from books/wiki/youtube.

    • jiqlakdipslwk
      jiqlakdipslwk 4 місяці тому +410

      blud is Mongolian 💀💀

  • Evelyn Barkley
    Evelyn Barkley 4 місяці тому +1478

    as a meteorologist, i genuinely appreciate the effort you went into to explaining the climate of mongolia. you did an excellent job of simplifying a very complicated discussion into digestible information for non-mets :)

    • BestDitch
      BestDitch 3 місяці тому +1

      Clown why,Crimean peninsula in russia?

    • Micah Philson
      Micah Philson 3 місяці тому +16

      As a weather enthusiast, yet much uninformed kinda hobbyist in meteorology, the way he put it was perfect! Easily comprehensible, mostly comprehensive, and extremely relatable!

    • Jack Duck
      Jack Duck 3 місяці тому

      ​@BestDitch Well it is in Russia , for now .

    • BestDitch
      BestDitch 3 місяці тому +1

      @Jack Duck well teach the map,like Luhansk and Donetsk but they are not on this map

    • Mr. ZAP
      Mr. ZAP 3 місяці тому +10

      You... you call yourselves "mets"?...

  • Furkan Efe Türeç
    Furkan Efe Türeç 4 місяці тому +4766

    Fun fact: During USSR's entire existence, Mongolia has been the only country that has repeatedly applied for membership (aka annexation by USSR) willingly AND get denied.

    • 001
      001 3 місяці тому +399


    • Billy Jean
      Billy Jean 3 місяці тому +175


    • RedOktober
      RedOktober 3 місяці тому +174

      It’s not a legend or myth, it’s real, history matters made a video about it

    • Durdom
      Durdom 3 місяці тому +474

      Yeah USSR was like:Bro I literally spending tons of resources to develop Siberia and far South parts of my country. I know you want me to build you for you but I ain't that generous.

    • Furkan Efe Türeç
      Furkan Efe Türeç 3 місяці тому +592

      @Durdom Well that and also USSR didnt want to piss of their only worthwhile ally: Chinese.
      Chinese had a claim on Mongolian territory, so USSR kept Mongolia out incase Chinese demanded it.
      They never did.

  • HippiePajon
    HippiePajon 3 місяці тому +2018

    I really appreciate how, when someone mentions Mongolia online, many Mongolians come to the comments and show a great courtesy and education, thanking the journalist or creator for talking about their nation.

    • David Enns
      David Enns 3 місяці тому +36

      Mongolians are also the most nationalistic group of people I have ever encountered on the internet.

    • James Corrigan
      James Corrigan 3 місяці тому +28

      @David EnnsMore than Serbians?

    • Kek-Senpai
      Kek-Senpai 2 місяці тому +9

      @David Enns Interesting. I always thought it was people from the Philippines that were most nationalistic.

    • Ever Fierro
      Ever Fierro 2 місяці тому +10

      The Balkan states got some weird stuff going on.
      Turkey too.

    • Shogun570
      Shogun570 Місяць тому +6

      @Kek-Senpai indians too

  • 南蠻酋長
    南蠻酋長 3 місяці тому +1003

    I had no idea that Mongolia had such extreme winter/summer temperature variations. What surprised me was that Mongolia's summer temperature is similar to Singapore which is near the equator. The ocean's monsoons and currents are indeed crucial to the climate

    • Jenn Wanderer
      Jenn Wanderer 3 місяці тому +25

      The same thing happens to three of Canada's provinces. We get the same frigid winters and hot summers. But we aren't as dry, so they're mostly farmland in the south and boreal forest in the north.

    • Micah Philson
      Micah Philson 3 місяці тому +14

      I'm from Nebraska, the midwestern US, and we're _VERY_ used to wild and extreme swings in weather. I'm specifically accustomed to -10 to -30 C winters and 30-45 C summers pretty regularly.
      However, there's always some humidity. To have these extremes, sometimes even more extreme, and NO humidity, often NO rain/snowfall, that's just an entirely different extreme I can't possibly understand! I dearly want to live in, love, and experience Mongolia now, but even being very accustomed to wild and extreme weather like they don't have (tornadoes are a way of life here), being so dry, sunny, and permafrost devoid of life is an emptiness even Nebraskans would have trouble reckoning with!

    • MS
      MS 3 місяці тому +10

      This phenomenon is common in the norther hemisphere. In Russia there are cities that reach 35c in summer and -35c in winter

    • helios396
      helios396 3 місяці тому +14

      Actually, us living near the equator are the weakest when it comes to tolerance to temperature swings. We live between 25-35 Celcius all year round. Everybody else can go between 0 to 35.
      There's one thing we're a champion at though, it's tolerating super high humidity 😂

    • RAAM855
      RAAM855 3 місяці тому +6

      ​​@Micah PhilsonJust like how Nebraska is in the middle of the warm air of the south and cold air from the north. Mongolia borders the Chinese desert and the eastern Russian Siberia. All those hot and warm wind go through Mongolia. Theres actually A LOT of Tornados in Mongolia just like Nebraska is in Tornado alley but nobody hears or records them cause of the population density being mostly one city.

  • Manic Hearts
    Manic Hearts Місяць тому +202

    I have a student, the sweetest little boy, he's from Mongolia. I know a bit for an American (not a lot for the more worldly individuals) about Mongolia. I asked him one day where his family was from, and he told me. His eyes light up when I told him what I knew about Mongolia. He was shy and quiet until that day. It was like I helped open his shell. He taught me some Mongolian, and whenever he sees me, he just lights up. It surprised me how little people know about Mongolia. It has an amazing history and culture. By far, my favorite Asian country to learn about.

  • Horyd
    Horyd 4 місяці тому +2943

    As a Mongolian, thank you for this upload. This is a very well researched video and it accurately pinpoints crucial facts why Mongolia is how it is today.

    • ShermanMark1
      ShermanMark1 4 місяці тому +5

      @zyalss Yeah he probably Lying.

    • Unurjargal Enkh-Ochir
      Unurjargal Enkh-Ochir 4 місяці тому +3


    • Horyd
      Horyd 4 місяці тому +16

      @zyalss yu shaagaad bga gichii ve

    • Telmuun tt
      Telmuun tt 4 місяці тому +40

      @Horyd hhha he is Mongolian. Only Mongolian will write this lol

    • Cat Catty
      Cat Catty 4 місяці тому +91

      im mongolian and why is it hard for people to believe mongolians have access to the internet lmao

  • oh2sail
    oh2sail 4 місяці тому +542

    All my life I wanted to visit Mongolia, and stay with nomadic families. I did not want to travel in bus tours with other Americans. A few years ago, as a single elderly American woman, I went from one yurt to another… yes, Mongolian nomadic families list on airbnb! I have traveled much of the world and Mongolia is my favorite country. i loved every minute of that trip. The Mongolian people are hilarious, interesting and absurdly kind, and the landscape is astounding. It was not “easy” travel…. but if you don’t mind living under very basic circumstances, I would encourage you to visit!

    • louzo
      louzo 3 місяці тому +2

      the easy ver of this travel is somewhy kazakstan

    • Rex Tsik
      Rex Tsik 2 місяці тому +2

      you can come to inner mongolia,it is more fun

    • DefeatedRoyalist
      DefeatedRoyalist Місяць тому +3

      You and I share similar mindsets! Did you travel between air bnb destinations? How long did you stay? As a single non-citizen what was your experience with safety?
      I’m currently working in Asia and have been dying to plan a feasible trip to explore the Steppe during holiday!
      Sorry to pester you! Any information is incredibly helpful :)

    • SanADO
      SanADO Місяць тому

      Did you learn Mongolian, or were you able to get by with English relatively well?

    • Roni Dogan
      Roni Dogan Місяць тому

      I'd actually love to travel there one day, Can we get in touch so you'd share in details how you organized yourself there ?

  • Sanzhar Sailaubek
    Sanzhar Sailaubek 4 місяці тому +623

    I am from Kazakhstan, and I am glad to know more about our regional friends. I am really hoping that someday we will become even more close than today. I think Mongolia and Central Asia can become big friends 👍🏻

    • spirichyellas
      spirichyellas 3 місяці тому +5


    • Aian Chik
      Aian Chik 3 місяці тому +2

      ​@spirichyellas қалайсын?

    • spirichyellas
      spirichyellas 3 місяці тому +2

      @Aian Chik шүкір жақсы, өзің?

    • Aian Chik
      Aian Chik 3 місяці тому

      @spirichyellas қалай ойлайсың
      Қазақстандада осындай проблемалар барма?

    • Aian Chik
      Aian Chik 3 місяці тому

      @spirichyellasшүкір бәрі жақсы

  • Jagaa Sumiya
    Jagaa Sumiya 3 місяці тому +269

    Thank you so much for spreading awareness about my humble “little” country. I greatly appreciate how everything is historically accurate, which must have taken a tremendous amount of research on your behalf.

    • ☽ㄥ乇ʻ卂☾
      ☽ㄥ乇ʻ卂☾ Місяць тому +1

      why you is calling 18th biggest country little?

    • Jagaa Sumiya
      Jagaa Sumiya Місяць тому +16

      @☽ㄥ乇ʻ卂☾ that’s why it is in quotation mark. I do not mean it literally as I know the land is big, but in terms of economics, population, and world recognition, Mongolia is small.

    • solev
      solev Місяць тому

      hey do you live in the capitol or somewhere else

    • Jagaa Sumiya
      Jagaa Sumiya Місяць тому +4

      @solev hey, yes I am from Ulaanbaatar

    • Lewi CC
      Lewi CC 15 днів тому

      I want to visit and normally work abroad when I travel. What's a good job to work while traveling in monholia (travel gets expensive and I find it better to experience a country when you work there).

  • 101jir
    101jir 4 місяці тому +212

    Asked some Mongolian foreign exchange students about what they thought was most unique about their own country compared to those they had visited (many had been to more than just the US). Population density was the first thing they pointed to, pretty quickly and unanimously.

    • Aarav Diwakar
      Aarav Diwakar 3 місяці тому +1


    • Ben Jamin
      Ben Jamin 2 місяці тому +11

      Australia is a much larger country (about the size of China). It's hard to put into word the isolation you feel living in a town in the interior.

    • Milokiss82
      Milokiss82 Місяць тому +4

      @Ben Jamin I genuinely dream of taking a trip - Or even more - To the inner parts of Australia. I myself am not an introvert, But those harsh environments like Mongolia and in Australia seem just... Perfect. Beautiful. Blissful. Taking a trip to the Opal mines, As a geology enthusiast, And getting one for myself, Is a longstanding dream.

  • Matt
    Matt 3 місяці тому +75

    I'm from the UK and I have always been fascinated by Mongolia, I would love to visit Mongolia and understand its culture. Thank you for a really interesting video

  • Cosmosmon
    Cosmosmon 4 місяці тому +2942

    As a Mongolian, I approve this message. We are having a difficult time threading fine line between the true independence and a satellite state of these 2 big countries. Send help!

    • Andrew Tataj
      Andrew Tataj 4 місяці тому +167

      be careful what you wish for.

    • TheKingK
      TheKingK 4 місяці тому +261

      @Andrew Tataj why all westerns are like this, they had all the luxury of independence and freedom and yet they suppress others from having a basic human right.

    • CJ Clark
      CJ Clark 4 місяці тому +65

      @TheKingK we think we have freedom ourselves but we don’t, most will balk and go but but but at this comment but it’s the truth.

    • KaiSquare
      KaiSquare 4 місяці тому +24

      Ooof thats a dangerous thought mate.

  • Steff
    Steff 4 місяці тому +246

    Mongolia has always been one of the most mysterious countries to me. The culture and history is fascinating

    • jackwright2012
      jackwright2012 3 місяці тому +1

      Il make you discover more.raw meat is a famous dish in mongolia

    • arima
      arima 2 місяці тому +2


    • jackwright2012
      jackwright2012 2 місяці тому

      @arima is true

    • arima
      arima 2 місяці тому +1

      @jackwright2012 no japan koreans eat raw meat sushi is actually raw meat you know?

    • jackwright2012
      jackwright2012 2 місяці тому

      @arima yes but Mongolians eat alot and alot of raw meat. They don't eat sushi they eat steak sized raw meat

  • Batu
    Batu 3 місяці тому +363

    As a Kazakh, I always thought we are the ones doomed to depend on those two giants due to our geographical position, but comparing to our Mongolian brothers, actually things are not so bad.

    • Aian Chik
      Aian Chik 3 місяці тому +1

      У нас с климатом тоже не ахти

    • Anar 702
      Anar 702 3 місяці тому +17

      very similiar,but mongolia is even more independant than kazakhstan,Russia for some reason is more into invading kazakhs than mongols

    • Googane
      Googane 3 місяці тому +27

      Yes and no, kazakhstan is obviously much richer, larger and less dependent on trade with Russia and China than Mongolia is but they are much more involved in your internal affairs. Mongolia at least can counter the balance between russia, china and america to maintain their autonomy.

    • 1wasinAlpha
      1wasinAlpha 3 місяці тому +20

      We need to create a 4 party neutral zone in between China, Kazakstan, Russia and Mongolia where 4 countries could trade their goods freely. They deliberately cut the border in current Mongolian and Kazakstan shape so that the 2 countries don’t have direct acces to each other…

    • Enkhbat B
      Enkhbat B 3 місяці тому +9

      @1wasinAlphai always sensed a foulplay in this 76km area that seperates us

  • cupit
    cupit 2 місяці тому +10

    My grandfather is Mongolian born. His family lived in the northwest, pretty much on the border with present day Russia. They lived in a small village by a lake, like many did outside the capital. They moved to the USSR before my grandfather was old enough to even speak the language fully.

  • Zach Conde
    Zach Conde 4 місяці тому +137

    I’ve been living in Ulaanbaatar for a year and a half, you did an excellent job balancing most the issues that we deal with here. The only things I think that could tell a more complete story would be adding the potentially massive change coming from the recent expansion of the OT copper mine and the ongoing, persistent corruption issues. Thanks for the video!

    • Ranjit Tyagi
      Ranjit Tyagi 4 місяці тому +3

      What do you do there?

    • Rekt
      Rekt Місяць тому

      Ulaanbaatar is changing dramatically. About a decade and a half ago UB is nearly empty and people were an uneducated but now it’s all changed.

  • Samuc Trebla
    Samuc Trebla 3 місяці тому +96

    This is a great, eye-opening production.
    I knew Mongolia had it rough but it has always been difficult to imagine such high climatic, historical and geopolitical stress levels on such a seemingly remote, vast and open land. This video makes it all comprehensible.

    • Nanyi Dong
      Nanyi Dong 2 місяці тому +2

      Mongolia people has been living this style of life for thousands of years. It used to be that when things gets really bad, they would migrate south and invade and raid sometimes conquer China (also Europe, but less frequently). As you know from this video as how bad the situation really is, it's kinda understandable. The modern world had deprived them of this crucial piece of their life cycle.

    • Samuc Trebla
      Samuc Trebla Місяць тому +1

      @Nanyi Dong yes, it's not obvious that invasions are more often the result of exodus from whatever remote catastrophe than genuine conquering and colonization (of course conquerers tend to emerge eventually in troubled times)
      It's so easy to look at history with moral glasses, full of bad peoples and leaders, but the realty is always more complex than that. I guess modern Mongolia does not need conquering anymore to survive in our times, but I understand they need to invent something else.

  • Wellboy Johnson
    Wellboy Johnson 4 місяці тому +2735

    As a Mongolian, I know why most of the nomadic population live in the capital city, Ulan Baatar. Unfortunately, this situation is worsening day by day. Due to lack of sewage system and capacity limitations of the CWWTP, people living in suburban parts of the city were forced to use the wooden toilet (also known as a pit latrine or outhouse). This led to not only increases in soil, water and air pollutions, but also infections like cholera. Most of the suburbs don't have running water, only water kiosks (khudag). Further exacerbating problems.

    • Nothing..,..,
      Nothing..,.., 4 місяці тому +9

      @RealLifeLoL bot

    • Hasufel y Arod
      Hasufel y Arod 4 місяці тому +35

      Greetings to Mongolia from Mexico

    • Wellboy Johnson
      Wellboy Johnson 4 місяці тому +27

      @Hasufel y Arod Feliz día! 🌞

    • Hasufel y Arod
      Hasufel y Arod 4 місяці тому +6

      @Wellboy Johnson oye, hablas español?
      Hey, you speak Spanish?

    • Wellboy Johnson
      Wellboy Johnson 4 місяці тому +15

      @Hasufel y Arod No, por lo menos saludos
      I know at least how to say Hi and How are you?

  • Mr. Reese
    Mr. Reese 4 місяці тому +39

    Mongolia is one of the most fascinating countries on our planet. As someone who has been playing geoguessr for a few years by now whenever I land in Mongolia I am in awe of the vastness of the country while being mostly empty. It's an Asian country that uses the cyrillic alphabet, even only slightly outside of the capital it looks like there is no human settlement for hundreds of kilometers, and the people drive on the right side of the road with right-hand drive cars imported from Japan probably :D. It's a country of many contradictions.

  • Victor Quesada
    Victor Quesada 4 місяці тому +37

    The title wasn't really grabbing my attention, I figured that the rain shadow effect of the Himalayas would be the single largest factor to consider, and that the dry landscape would affect the population the most. But you really opened my eyes to all of the other considerations worth taking into account. What does Mongolia even export? Now I know. The ecological and climate situation were interesting and sad, and the geopolitics are particularly sharp at the moment as well. Thanks for making this.

    • A Jim Fan
      A Jim Fan 3 місяці тому +2

      One thing he didn't mention is that cold air still travels down from the mountain carrying moisture, so the Gobi desert will never go past the mountain range. It would have to go around it somehow.

  • Kay martin
    Kay martin Місяць тому +3

    Im australian and I thought our place was pretty big for no reason, mongolia humbled this thought 😊

  • Ayman Travel & Transport
    Ayman Travel & Transport 3 місяці тому +22

    Did a bit of digging and found that after the capital Ulanbataar (pop 1.6 million), the next largest cities (Erdenet and Darkhan) are each only just reaching past the 100k mark (the usual threshold where you would distinguish a city from a town), so not even a tenth the size of Ulanbataar. Thereafter, all the remaining cities scattered across this sizeable chunk of landmass are each under 50k population-wise, with only around 25 cities that have populations ranging from 10k to 44k. And yes, they are all spread out and extremely remote, many of them serving as capitals for their respective regions.

    • Greazy
      Greazy Місяць тому


  • NeutralGenericUser
    NeutralGenericUser 25 днів тому +1

    I love that you primarily use metric measurements. We need more Americans like you ❤

  • Asia Uncovered
    Asia Uncovered 4 місяці тому +3119

    Having a third of your population be Buddhist monks is crazy, to think that the Tibetan clergy had that much influence over the country is insane. Great video as always.

    • Radnaa T
      Radnaa T 4 місяці тому +153

      Tibetan Buddhism and game of thrones like civil war among Mongols are true reasons why Mongol Empire turned to modern day Mongolia.

    • Dan F
      Dan F 4 місяці тому +12

      @Radnaa T weird how it worked out wasn't the mongol empire Muslim for a long time

    • Pilvenuga
      Pilvenuga 4 місяці тому +104

      @Dan F mongols ruled over lands that were muslim and the local leaders there adoped islam

    • Radnaa T
      Radnaa T 4 місяці тому +63

      ​​​​​@Dan F Oirat-Mongols were so powerful before genocide that Manchus did. They were first to convert to Tibetan Buddhism and some religion sh!t happened prevented islam to come. Before that, during Mongol empire collapses into 4 sectors, 3 of them converted to Islam and disappeared among Turkic, Iranic slaves and population, which they ruled. They were always been minority, yet always been rulers at that time.

    • Johnson Doeboy
      Johnson Doeboy 4 місяці тому +1

      It’s insane

  • Soren
    Soren 3 місяці тому +45

    This might be your best video yet. Such a brilliant and comprehensive take on the history of this part of the world, showing love and attention to such an interesting and vibrant country such as Mongolia. I especially loved the connection and emphasis on the Eurasian steppe and its impact on global humanity.

  • braddy daddy
    braddy daddy 3 місяці тому +14

    I’ve always been fascinated with Mongolia since learning about it as a kid. Such a beautiful country with a harsher lifestyles than most but it’s definitely on the bucket list of places to visit before I hit the hay

  • Harsh Kumar
    Harsh Kumar 3 місяці тому +8

    I was trying to brainstorm various ways to use the barren land but with every new section there was some challenge posed to me which really made me think of two things The first one is of course the non efficiency which would come with Mongolia's urban expansion and the second was the quality this video was paced at ( every new idea was backed down by the problem discussed in this video section by section )

    • A PnG
      A PnG Місяць тому +1

      Lol.....I thought I was the only one. But honestly only thing that can drastically change the nations future. Is to focus on technology advances built within the challenges of weather and land demographics

  • Tom S
    Tom S 4 місяці тому +47

    Another interesting fact: Mongolians basically use 3 different alphabets. They have a traditional mongolian script that is written top to bottom but is not used super often. Then most things are written in Cyrillic Script, but online when using their phones for example they use the latin alphabet

  • Cadin Hasko
    Cadin Hasko 2 місяці тому +10

    This was incredible intriguing to watch. The current issues going on are extremely important and definitely highlight some very important things going on globally. I hope to travel to Mongolia someday

  • 2002 dial up connection
    2002 dial up connection 4 місяці тому +2611

    I had a girlfriend from Bangladesh that had a Mongolian friend and roommate. She made us a traditional Mongolian dish with Mongolian beef vacuum sealed and sent to her, still one of the most delicious meals I’ve ever had. She also gave me some Mongolian currency, it had Genghis Khan on it.

    • Spacemongerr
      Spacemongerr 4 місяці тому +96

      I thought he was dead

    • David Ford
      David Ford 4 місяці тому +156

      I'm sure that was excellent beef. Unlike most of the meat from the west, free range animals tend to be healthier and leaner with much less fat.

    • Dito Device
      Dito Device 4 місяці тому +175

      Fun fact: Their currency is actually called The "Genghis Khan", but it is pronounced Genghis Coin.

    • ThirstyFajita
      ThirstyFajita 4 місяці тому +31

      @David Ford fat is flavor

    • David Ford
      David Ford 4 місяці тому +60

      @ThirstyFajita Not always. Texture is a component of flavor, as black pepper proves.
      Ignoring the fat, the major difference between Brisket, Tenderloin, and Top Sirloin actually comes down to texture.

  • Aaron Curtis
    Aaron Curtis 4 місяці тому +25

    It sounds a lot like a bigger more extreme Wyoming. Extremely dry, hot summers, frigid unpredictable winters, inhospitable non arable land and population concentrated in just a few places. Even the B roll in the background could have tricked me if you told me it was Wyoming especially the bit with the snow blowing across the road.

    • Слышь, ты
      Слышь, ты Місяць тому

      The only missing thing is own tv incident
      (Went to google if there was)

  • Le Roi Ragnou
    Le Roi Ragnou 3 місяці тому +21

    Mongolia has always been a country that fascinated me, we all know Gengis Khan but somehow we don't know much about the country. I wish to visit there someday, the people look so welcoming and I'd be so happy that the country get more recognition. Love from France !
    I also loved how the video really answered a lot of questions I had. I really couldn't understand why the country have no arable lands but now it all makes sense, especially that they have such a strong history of nomads and use of horses.

  • a r friedman
    a r friedman 23 дні тому

    Thank you for your interesting and informative video.
    As a child, I looked at maps alot. I've seen Mongolia on the map, but I only read what the encyclopedia said about it. My dad bought us a used set of colliers encyclopedia.

  • Filip Mazic
    Filip Mazic 3 місяці тому +13

    The history of Mongolia is FASCINATING. I'm so glad I got to learn about it. Hopefully one day I can visit this beautiful nation

  • Nightmare _
    Nightmare _ Місяць тому

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    it really seemed weird for me as to how such a large country was so focused on either a big city or scattered tribes

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    Historians in the future shall puzzle over this quote

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    In 2020 during online school, I had a Mongolian friend, and I was playing kahoot with him, and it was in Mongolian. At first I thought it was Russian, but he gave me the answers because they were about Mongolia. Mongolian culture is so interesting 🤔

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    I'm from Russia and I always dreamed of visiting Mongolia one day. I'm a big fan of Tibetian Buddhism and I find nomadic lifestyle so fascinating. Thank you for the video.

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    Thanks for this ! Mongolia is one of those countries that is barely talked or written about by the rest of the world for no reason.. This always made me curious about it. After seeing this video as a Dutch person, I realized how Mongolia couldnt be ANY more opposite to my densely populated, super small, flat, agricultural, barely any snow during winter, and mega wet country of rain called the Netherlands. Much of respect and love to all mongolian citizens who have to face challenges in the opposite way as we had.
    I was wondering during the video though, what if the mongolians were to lower the south western mountain ridge just enough to allow rain clouds to pass over the country some more to possibly increase agriculture? As in the opposite of landscaping the Dutch had to do to keep the water out? And replant grass seeds etc to reverse the damage goats do? Has that been tried in the past? Or attempts to turn snow into water and using solar energy etc? Just curious :) I really hope china or the rest of the world can help you guys out with that in the future!

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    As a German I'm kind of used to the 30°C+ summers but we usually also have high humidity but I'm not at all used to temperatures below about -10°C and lets be honest it usually doesn't even get this cold here.

    • Thomas
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    • GrimValker
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    • Mephisto
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    • Ometecuhtli
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      Would you say it's more a cultural problem (wisdom of the authority, saving face, criticism isn't seen as positive) or technological (poor or slow communication, access to independent news media)?

    • maynardburger
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      @Mephisto Land, yes. Money and opportunity, not so much. Mongolia unfortunately has one of the worst hands in the world in terms of economic potential. And this means investment in things like state infrastructure and whatnot(necessary to build out new cities) is extremely limited. I'm gonna go for a big hot take here - Mongolia would be better off under Chinese rule. I know that sounds horrible, but having access to that greater economic pool of wealth would mean a lot more opportunity to grow. Independence is a great virtue for a people to have, but Mongolia as an individual entity has very limited potential. The alternative take here is that perhaps many Mongolians prefer to live simpler and limited lives if it means being free, which is 100% valid.

    • J0 M4M4
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      That's all the political class. They tell you what you want to hear to get into office and once they're in, they do everything to solidify their power and position.

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    Omg, thank you so much for making this video. I’m Mongolian and I always had trouble explaining my country to others. Most people think I’m over exaggerating the conditions of my country. When I go inside a vehicle during November, I can see my breath, the windows on planes are frozen, and I have to moonwalk against the cold air to a public bathroom to warm up. On the first day of April, there was a blizzard, the weather sure fooled me. Thank u so much for explaining the climate to others

    • Jamie Wave
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      No such thing as "over exaggerating".

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    • Kojak
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    Thanks, great video with a lot of information.
    I would only like to add the fact that the 0.3 per cent figure actually does not refer to the urban area of Ulaanbaatar, but to the entire province.
    0.3 percent corresponds to 4,500 square kilometres, which is slightly less than the US state of Delaware and significantly more than Rhode Island. And as we all know, Rhode Island and Delaware are no cities, but densely populated, still rural regions on the east coast of America. In fact, Ulaanbaatar's 1.6 million people crowd into a very small space (just check Google Earth or the web there are a lot of high rises in the city), but well over 90% of the province is wilderness. So not 99.7 per cent, but 99.97-99.98 per cent of the land is completely empty. And that is the fascinating thing about this country: behind the last building there is nothing, only wilderness. The second largest city, Erdenet, actually only consists of one big main street and a few small side streets.

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    • Terry Shi
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    • The Crab
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    • Quincee
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    • The Crab
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      @Quincee *And the shortest empire in history.

    • Oceiros _LordXIV
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    Living in northern part of Finnish Lapland and absolutely loving it Mongolia seems like a paradise. Must visit, for sure.
    Oh and a fun fact, -30 degrees celsius inland where the air is dry doesn’t feel even remotely as cold as -10 degrees next to the sea where the air is humid. Speaking from a lot of experience.

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    Thank you for sharing❤ Great to know more about Mongolia. I am Han people from Inner Mongolia, we never learnt anything about Mongolia history except Yuan Dynasty from our textbooks.😢 Most of my Mongolian friends who live in the city can not speak Mongolian. Hope to travel to Mongolia in the future❤

    • Shek JUNE
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      Another fact: As far as I know, Most of Han people who’s living in Inner Mongolia including my family have similar experiences that they were landlords or small business owners and they suffered brutal Political repression after CCP came into power😢 so some of them escaped from all over China all the way to Inner Mongolia to have a fresh new start😢

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  • Munkhbilguun Soronzon-Od
    Munkhbilguun Soronzon-Od 4 місяці тому +353

    I grew up as a nomadic mongolian and we are very much used to the cold winter we prepare for it by eating dairy and usually avoiding any large amounts of meat in the summer and absolutely gobble them up in winter, like nomadic mongolians eat nothing but meat in winter and we also keep our animals inside a shelter in winter as opposed to letting them roam free everywhere under our supervision in the summer
    Of course theres the occasional "zud" which is a snowstorm even worse than the already brutally cold winter

    • lizardjoel
      lizardjoel 4 місяці тому +28

      That is so cool. I am ethnic Hungarian and learned recently that the Avar people came from Siberia. They were living in Carpathian basin (Western most edge of Eurasian steppe) when the Magyars rode in from Siberia forming Hungary by mixing with them and Slavs and Turks. I think all Siberian people are closer than we once thought when you look at shared culture, languages, and now using modern science DNA comparisons of modern and ancient samples and the nomadic technology and skills were incredible.
      A 2022 study concluded that the Avar Khaganate rode from modern Mongolia to modern Hungary in only 10 YEARS making it one of if not the furthest and fastest paced mass human migration in history. Imagine going from bordering ancient China to the Roman empire just in the span of half of a human childhood. I love that the Kuraltaj is seeing people take pride in Siberian and nomadic heritage. I grow autoflower strains of cannabis the same type our Scythian ancestors smoked thousands of years ago when ancient Greeks and Chinese encountered them on the steppe.

    • Munkhbilguun Soronzon-Od
      Munkhbilguun Soronzon-Od 4 місяці тому +16

      ​@lizardjoel its always nice to learn about other cultures

    • lizardjoel
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      @Munkhbilguun Soronzon-Od likewise :) I bet both cultures share great jerky that's the most ancient nomadic / extreme cold weather tradition that was passed down and enjoyed by my family today although it's from the grasslands of Texas not Hungary lol

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    • Fixundfertig1
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    • Puse
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    • lucy finiarel
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    • wardain
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    • Bill Kong
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    There are two other larger urban areas (Erdenet and Darkhan), but they are also in the central north area of Mongolia, quite close to Ulaanbaatar.

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      I’m Mongolian and pretty sure baikal is in Russia not Mongolia

    • Вирус The Выхухоль
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      Ah, yes
      The south-eastern territories of Russian Federation are a part of Mongolia

    • Nokard
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      Sure sure to both, but in the old empire it was all Mongol.

    • Leslie
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      @Other Self Baikal is originally Mongolian land full of native Mongolian people living there today with native Turkic neighbors that both Russia and China are conspiring to sell and exploit. Be aware of your history.

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    I am so happy to see this video , a Mongolian from Inner Mongolia. Although we are both Mongolian people, I don't have extensive knowledge about Outer Mongolia. Many Mongolians living in Inner Mongolia have transitioned from a nomadic lifestyle and now reside in the surrounding metropolitan areas. While we still use traditional Mongolian script, our proficiency in Mongolian writing has become less fluent compared to Chinese characters, and this has become more common among children. It saddens me to see the dilution of Mongolian culture with the advancement of modern civilization. Although we Mongolians are considered compatriots by the Han Chinese, and I love China as well, an independent Mongolia holds great significance for me. I hope that Mongolia can revive traditional Mongolian script, as it would facilitate communication and the preservation of traditional Mongolian culture among Mongolian people in Inner Mongolia. Thank you for uploading videos about Mongolia.

    • Terry Shi
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      As a Han Chinese from Northeastern China, I'm glad to make a number of outstanding Mongolian friends. Mongolian culture is indeed charming, and it would be a great loss for everyone to see the cultures slowly vanish and get lost forever.

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    • Epicvids (Ketti08)
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      ​@OrgilThe CCP would be behind that

    • Yuki Kui
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      ​@Orgil ​there are mongolian language schools in Inner Mongolia, students can choose to go to the language scool and normal public scool. But the public school use Manderin in teaching. It is same in USA that the public school teaches in English, and American Chinese Korean Japanese usually go to language school on weekends. Is it possible to have public school teaching in Chinese in USA?

    • Orgil
      Orgil 4 місяці тому +12

      @Yuki Kui no there arent,china banned teaching Mongolian in schools.classic wumao always with whataboutism

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    Now is one of the few times I get to mention my sophomore year biology teacher who did not believe in Mongolia. Not that she didn't believe in their government or their culture, she literally doesn't believe that the land we call Mongolia exists. She thinks that is a fake addition to maps, and I never got a straight answer as to why.

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    In your heat map, I noticed that the temperature remains consistent into outer-Mongolia (part of China). Geographical borders are cool. With the Gobi desert shaping the natural Chinese border, too.

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    This is one of the best basic summary videos about Mongolian geopolitics I’ve seen on UAclips. One thing I would add to this video is that while it is true Mongols are a minority in Inner Mongolia, the vast majority of Chinese are living in the in the cities in the south of Inner Mongolia. Meaning that the countryside (99% of land) is still majority Mongol. Just the southern cities are Chinese, but since there are so many people in those cities, that’s why the population statistics are skewed.

    • James Carter
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      If this is the best, we have a lot of problems b/c this is at best a C+ work in Uni lmao

    • Edward Snowden
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      The North of inner Mongolia province is also inhabited my millions of Chinese. A simple glance at the prefecture level breakdown of population by ethnic background will tell you this.

    • mello sleeplessdreamer
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      And many chinese people register themselves and their children as mongol minority to get access to the benefit of ethnic groups receive in those regions . And lets not talk about the mongol people who got married to chinese through the generations , i wouldnt count them as mongols . They dont speak or understand and value mongol .

    • Jacob
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      @James Carter Look forward to watching your B+ soon

    • ay lmao
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      The prefecture level data has lots of gerrymandering, for example, the Baotou city borders extend all the way north.

  • Üilsee
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    It is a very good video. Enjoyed it. Thanks for making this video. As a Southern Mongolian I have to say that there are few things need to be corrected. Firstly Inner Mongolia is the direct translation from chinese, Southern Mongolia is the direct translation from Mongolian. and Qing Dynasty is not the real name . The real name is Daichin Guren which means “the Nation of Warriors” in both Mongolian and Manchurian.

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    A couple of weeks ago, on a family visit, something about Genghis Khan came up. Short discussion. I made a comment about Mongolia being a separate country from China, and my father didn't believe me.
    😂 Funny thing is, he loves The Hu.
    I insisted that Mongolia is still a separate country, actually very large, just a relatively low population. He still didn't believe me.
    Then he Googled it. 🤣

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    I'm a Mongolian as well. Thank you for bringing awareness. Please, dear tourists and investors, visit our country. We won't disappoint you.

    • Nose Boop
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      For tourism, where in Mongolia do you recommend? And what activities?

    • Turuus
      Turuus 4 місяці тому +94

      @Nose Boop Terelj national park is close to the city and thereupon easily accessible - a must. Explore sand dunes if you've never seen a desert. Camel rides are available. If you want to see greens and wilderness, go to northern Mongolia during summer. Ofc, horse rides are available there

    • Nose Boop
      Nose Boop 4 місяці тому +19

      @Turuus Great, thanks for the answer.

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    But also options for city living. May Mongolia continue to live in peace

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    Charles 24 дні тому

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      The Mongolian death worm still exist somewhere in that country

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      @Služba za organizaciju centra za zavod U prevodu No, I mean Mongolia, Bhutan is also a beautiful country

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      To the west, Mongolia *is* still rather mysterious. At least among the "poorly educated" and wilfully ignorant. The incurious, the self absorbed, the narcissistic.
      In America there are tens of millions of "Poorly Educated."
      An epidemic of willfull ignorance and stupidity.
      People who couldn't even state the correct continent that Mongolia is on, or the general region of that continant. Those street interview "IQ Quiz" vids are alarming.
      Many of the Idiocracy has never even heard of Mongolia, or couldn't spell it, even though it should be easy.
      After all, spelling " Mangoleeuh" should be a piece of cake - right? 😂
      Unless a westerner has put in the time required to study and understand places like Mongolia, it's going too be a mystery.
      Even most people's own country remains a bit of a "mystery" to them, and it's understandable.
      Most people only have time and energy the devote to themselves and their interests. That's human nature. The human condition.

    • Cedric s
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      Peaceful, where was their peace during Genghis Khan , AKA " The Golden Hordes ." What goes around comes around .

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    TLDR/TLDW: Mongolia exists within the rain shadow of several mountain ranges. Mountain ranges block moisture from reaching to the other side, thus resulting in a desert beyond the mountains. The only weather they usually experience is cold dry air from Siberia.

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