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Across the Spider-Verse - Cosmonaut Quickie

  • Опубліковано 4 чер 2023
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  • @crimsoneclipse1882

    I love how Spiderpunk kept changing designs because he hates consistency.

  • @Akirathechampion

    When Miles says "There's no spider-man here."

  • @kaito2005
    @kaito2005  +502

    The 'what's up danger' scene is unique because it was conceived by the Spanish artist Alberto Mielgo as a proof of concept for Sony. He wrote, designed and animated that piece before there was even a script for Into the Spider-Verse. So it existed completely outside of that movie. Probably one of the best moving-storyboards I've ever seen.

  • @zachvii6476

    So glad you mentioned Pemberton’s score. He must have burned at least five studios down making that music and people aren’t talking about it nearly enough.

  • @andresmith1652

    I loved punk Spider-Man he was the secret gem of the movie. The way he told him to absorb with his hands and the way he knew from the jump that this was wrong was amazing.

  • @GothPaoki

    That was better than any Spiderman comic in the last decade.

  • @kenji7318

    They basically adapt Gwen's entire first comic arc with her father flawlessly in about 15 minutes

  • @Aisubun
    @Aisubun  +80

    I love how this movie looked and I'm honestly sad that the animators seem to have been having a rough time with the production. As much as I want part 2, I would gladly wait another 5 years just for them to have any kind of breathing room.

  • @Reu8enofleon

    Miguel’s synth theme keeps reminding me of that lonely whale singing a song in a different frequency travelling the globe for its family but they can’t hear it

  • @nicholasloduca6668

    So glad Daniel Pemberton's score is being touched on because I felt that due to how impressive the visuals, themes, story, etc. was in the first spider-verse, his score went a little under the radar but he topped himself with this incredible score. Also cool to see Joaquim Dos Santos go from directing some of my favorite Avatar The Last Airbender episodes in my childhood to helming a large scale superhero animated movie pushing the limits of animation

  • @yellowlantern4809

    For me, it feels a lot like Empire. Ends with a downer cliffhanger ending setting up the third, and final, part in the trilogy.

  • @zserbs2326

    Phil Lord and Chris Miller have always been able to put out top tier level work, seriously talented guys. Love to see them be the ones to do Secret Wars.

  • @antunes1127

    this movie is so good that the main complaint people have with it is that it ends

  • @antigrav6004

    I loved that it JUST. KEPT. GOING. that cliffhanger was amazing. I loved it taking its time to get to the main plot. It was like starting up the engine, letting it warm up, turning on the radio and blasting off.

  • @jonathankey1533

    The writing was soooo damn good I’m actually quite confident they’ll end it with a 10/10. Setups were done so perfectly, the payoffs should be downhill

  • @johanserna356

    I personally love the first third of the movie,it’s just so heartfelt and sets up so much emptional baggage for both Gwen and Miles and getting to catch up on how they were doing after the events of the first movie was so entretaining to me,definitely my favorite part of the movie

  • @dntthe88
    @dntthe88  +98

    If this movie doesnt get an Oscar for the visuals ill go insane

  • @jeremytewari3346

    He only briefly touched on it because of spoilers, but both main antagonists of this film were so well fleshed out and they each only got about half of the movie’s screen time. Miguel in particular basically has the one scene where he explains the spiderverse and then a long ass chase and he still feels so compelling

  • @suly.s8029

    Gwen’s universe was so visually appealing to watch. The water colouring was amazing to look at. I love when her and her dad hugged, there were warm colours that spread across the screen.

  • @N13J
    @N13J  +9

    The only bad thing about this movie is that it ended right at the peak of moment. I was totally absorbed and then it felt like the ending literally said "see ya chump" in your face. I can't wait for the final part of this awesome trilogy.