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Apple Vision Pro Impressions!

  • Опубліковано 4 чер 2023
  • I tried Apple's first ever spacial computing device, a $3500 VR headset. There are my honest thoughts.
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  • MrUnknown
    MrUnknown 23 години тому +15783

    Not gonna lie I'm getting the strongest "real life Black Mirror" vibes I've ever had from this and it feels absolutely surreal

    • Zaydan Alfariz
      Zaydan Alfariz 23 години тому +216

      Yeah, it defo looks like it. Maybe Apple should redesign it to something other than ski glass

    • MrUnknown
      MrUnknown 23 години тому +978

      Also, Watching a guy take a photo of his kids playing, while wearing ski goggles in the presentation might be the bleakest thing I’ve ever seen.

    • Glenda Baptiste
      Glenda Baptiste 23 години тому +74

      This is as small as Apple could manage for now. I'm sure it will be refined in future versions

    • πRMD
      πRMD 23 години тому +166

      especially in the memory section that was uthopian as hell... When the price will drop let's get ready even for more isolation! (to be fair the price is lower then expected I don't get why people are freaked out, the tech is indeed impressive, especially if it's going to work as well as shown)

    • Zaydan Alfariz
      Zaydan Alfariz 23 години тому +25

      @MrUnknown Imagine being used for...

  • TayZonday
    TayZonday 19 годин тому +506

    This might offer very interesting possibilities for people like me with special sensory needs.

    • 100K Subs Challenge With 0 Videos
      100K Subs Challenge With 0 Videos 19 годин тому +6

      ya maybe!

    • B B
      B B 19 годин тому +8


    • SoggyBottom
      SoggyBottom 19 годин тому +7

      That's a good point, my brother has become limited in a lot of what he can do but this might be something that can help. When/if becomes cheaper.

    • NaviR9
      NaviR9 19 годин тому

      Technology is really cool

    • Bobo
      Bobo 19 годин тому +5

      It's pretty cool! I wonder if it can explain the american economy right now though...

  • Vik
    Vik 19 годин тому +125

    I was really impressed. Definitely not getting the first generation unit but I’m looking forward to see how it develops.

    • Majora
      Majora 18 годин тому +1

      $20 this will be the first and only one when nobody buys this

    • Miki Cerise
      Miki Cerise 18 годин тому

      I'll get the Chinese knockoff, I guess.

  • Jeremy Roe
    Jeremy Roe 18 годин тому +4

    I’d love to hear more about Apple’s accessibility plans for this device - with eye tracking like this it could be an amazing tool for those suffering from things like ALS where all mobility except eye movement is lost. Current eye tracking tech is far less than ideal.

  • Swiftstyle
    Swiftstyle 19 годин тому +227

    Now that I’ve learned it’s not actually a clear pass through I’m concerned with the low light performance. I feel like in a dark environment your surroundings will get grainy and feel digital like any camera. Can’t wait to test. Great review per usual

    • Vik
      Vik 19 годин тому +28

      Maybe this is why they’ve been working on dark light photos on iPhones

    • Tofifi Channel
      Tofifi Channel 19 годин тому +7

      @Vik Genius

    • Sinister Hippo
      Sinister Hippo 18 годин тому +10

      It has LiDAR

    • Relatable
      Relatable 18 годин тому +12

      I’m sure they’ll tackle that problem using a mix of AI and LIDAR

    • Ad Am
      Ad Am 18 годин тому

      Just need some ir lights and cameras capable of ir

  • Guz Forster
    Guz Forster 18 годин тому +4

    This is the ONLY review we've been all waiting for! Can't wait for the detailed breakdown when you get your hands on one. But I'm impressed how you were so amazed by the eye-tracking thing. The PSVR2 already does a pretty incredible job with that, is that Vision Pro's SO much better?

  • Karl Rock
    Karl Rock 19 годин тому +606

    Great explanation. It’ll be really fun to try out and experience it that first time. Can’t imagine I’d buy one and use it a lot though, not yet anyway.

    • Heheh Boiii
      Heheh Boiii 19 годин тому +4

      2.67M subscribers but 26 likes? (first)
      _Actual comment:_
      *_Honestly, I don't understand how the hand gestures are convenient. It's just not familiar._*

    • Nello
      Nello 19 годин тому +8

      I believe in a few years when people are getting used to it and the technology isn’t that expensive anymore, it can become a pretty normal thing to own and use in a variety of ways

    • Ninx Music
      Ninx Music 19 годин тому

      you have to buy it ;)

    • Neonify
      Neonify 19 годин тому +3

      costly though for a middle class guy but memories are important

    • Neonify
      Neonify 19 годин тому

      @Heheh Boiii all his subscribers may not be here?

  • Will Mosse
    Will Mosse 19 годин тому +24

    One downside for me was that they haven’t shown any immersive virtual reality. It’s all AR stuff - iPad apps floating in the room you are in in real life. That’s cool, but also quite limited. I want to be able to walk on alien worlds and sail Viking ships. I guess it has the capacity to do that, but they didn’t show any of it off, so it seems like it’s not a major focus.

    • Ro Ro
      Ro Ro 18 годин тому

      It’s releasing in a year, I’m sure they’ll keep leaking new features.

    • Greg Pim
      Greg Pim 18 годин тому

      Those worlds need to be created. It already exists.

    • hurani
      hurani 18 годин тому

      Buy a PlayStation vr man apple doesn’t do gaming what your describing is gaming

  • Pixel B0i
    Pixel B0i 19 годин тому +14

    I was patiently waiting for this to drop! Props to MB and the crew behind the scenes 👏 🙌

  • Nicole K
    Nicole K 18 годин тому +7

    this is so freaky but so cool at the same time! I love getting tech updates from your channel!

  • Seb Splatter
    Seb Splatter 18 годин тому +2

    I cant afford it and I'm also not a huge Apple fan though I can appreciate how good some of their tech is, especially UI/UX. But this is the first product in a really long time that actually made me excited. Not exactly because of this specific device, I'm sure it comes with loads of little problems that need to be solved before it is convenient without major drawbacks. I'm mostly excited because this is the first presentation of this AR/VR tech where everything is coherent and neatly integrated and I can tell how this will eventually be part of daily life and provide a cohesive experience. Depending on how they go about some aspects of it, I can definitely see myself dropping my smartphone/laptop in favor of this for most things that I do with them (e.g. browsing, reading, watching videos, videocalls). Only real exceptions would be coding for which I need a proper keyboard and messaging/navigation with my phone while on the road. Both can be done on significantly cheaper non-apple devices.

  • Mike Blissett
    Mike Blissett 18 годин тому +4

    Great video, as always Marques. I got the sense watching yesterday’s keynote that we may have glimpsed part of our future with the Apple Vision Pro. Is it the complete deal? Not....yet, but as you said, it invites developers, and when launched consumers, to make it come alive. I agree, pre-launch it definitely appears to be a rich person's toy, but as I said, I think it also offers a glimpse into the future. Exciting times, for sure.

  • 5MadMovieMakers
    5MadMovieMakers 22 години тому +1226

    Was surprised how much of the content promoted was 2D instead of 3D or 6DOF. I hope they have UAclips available on day one with 360 videos

    • opinionated_take
      opinionated_take 22 години тому +64

      Pardon my ignorance, no sarcasm intended, what is 6DOF, if you don't mind educating me?

    • R Shramik
      R Shramik 22 години тому +26

      Yt with snoop Dogg

    • Connor Tribble
      Connor Tribble 22 години тому +1

      @R Shramikbeat me to it

    • dm
      dm 22 години тому +141

      @opinionated_take 6 degrees of freedom, i.e. stuff can rotate in all 3 axes and move around in all 3 axes

  • The Rest Of Us
    The Rest Of Us 18 годин тому +16

    At $3500 I wonder how many they’ll sell on day 1. Don’t get me wrong - I don’t think it’s overpriced given all the tech they threw in there. In fact with all this cutting edge tech the price seems almost fair. But just not a lot of people who can afford this. Will be interesting to see how much they can bring down the price with versions 2 and 3 (as they’ve done in the past with other products).

    • Victor
      Victor 18 годин тому +7

      You'd be surprised how many rich apple fan boys are there

    • Alex Du Toit
      Alex Du Toit 18 годин тому +1

      Worst part is in third world countries, where that is literally my salary for 4onths with the current exchange rate being up to shit rn

    • Omar
      Omar 18 годин тому +2

      I think like he said ,this is for mainly developers and rich people , they are expecting developers to buy it so that they can start developing apps for it ,this is not meant for the mass I think but the developers or some rich people .

    • The Rest Of Us
      The Rest Of Us 18 годин тому

      @Omar There are a lot of (even not so rich) people dropping $3500 on a phone+tablet+laptop+desktop+display. So the money is out there. If this thing develops into something so useful that it replaces a lot of these devices a lot of the time, they could sell big numbers.

  • Justin West
    Justin West 18 годин тому

    as always, marques is answering the questions that REAL users have and isn’t just reading a spec sheet ❤

  • Zeemyrdin
    Zeemyrdin 18 годин тому

    actually using the function to just look out at your surroundings making your eyes visible is a very handy indicator for people around you, and also so that they know they can see you, i could see people maybe creeping around and snooping at things they shouldn't, acting like they cant see the thing. that way you can always see them seeing you, and it makes conversations if not less awkward more personal because there would be some kind of eye contact

  • Braeden F
    Braeden F 18 годин тому +31

    I'm not a big Apple guy, but I am really happy to see more companies joining this space. This stuff really is the future. Eventually hoping to see super clean AR glasses that could essentially replace a phone at some point in the next 20 years

    • Darko Bert
      Darko Bert 18 годин тому +2

      Phone will never be replaced dude cause its just not practical

    • Diarmuid
      Diarmuid 18 годин тому +2

      @Darko Bert it probably will

    • Leo
      Leo 18 годин тому +1

      This is not really the same space as the rest IMO. Nobody who had been playing with or in the market for a Quest will realistically afford this.

    • Braeden F
      Braeden F 18 годин тому +1

      @Darko Bert Maybe not entirely, but mostly for sure. This technology will definitely advance beyond our wildest imaginations. And technically it's not even this technology that I'm talking about. Specifically just AR, where I can see Google Maps on the physical road, and have virtual TVs all around my house, etc. All of this without entering a virtual reality

    • Braeden F
      Braeden F 18 годин тому

      @Leo You're definitely right I'm that sense. But obviously this product is pushing the limits of the technology and making advancements that we could soon see in cheaper headsets

  • Slaveyko Slaveykov
    Slaveyko Slaveykov 18 годин тому +4

    Really good video - great job as always :) I was just wondering if you've tried the HoloLens2 (I know it's enterprise as opposed to consumer so not exactly your thing). The price seems relatively similar and I'm curious about how they compare, specifically the tracking, resolution, FOV, battery life and more AR-y features

    • CatzumaGaming
      CatzumaGaming 18 годин тому

      Exactly my questions. Sadly they did Not Get answered here

  • The Engineering Mindset
    The Engineering Mindset 20 годин тому +1060

    I've had the oculus for a while, it was revolutionary when I got it and I loved the idea of being able to have extra screens and a nice work environment. But quickly you realise your eyes get sweaty, hot and sore from using the device. The battery life isn't good. The device is heavy on your face. You look ridiculous and aren't going to wear it outside the house. I haven't used it in months. Will this device have the same pitfalls? Perhaps it will finally crack the VR market because of the loyalty of the fans, but the price point is so high, how many people can justify the price.

    • Sander
      Sander 20 годин тому +1


    • Moon Man
      Moon Man 20 годин тому +4

      have you seen the quest 3?

    • Stefan Bernhard
      Stefan Bernhard 20 годин тому +36

      Its absurd. But sets the stage for brands to set more competitive prices.

    • Dennis P
      Dennis P 20 годин тому +38

      This is a first gen product to market, I don’t see it taking off in the consumer space but I do see it being very competitive in the enterprise space and government space.
      Specifically, being a strong competitor to Microsoft HoloLens. Give it a few generations to see where it really ends up going.
      I was a early adopter of the 1ST gen HTC vive and a few generations later cost game down and the product got soo much better
      One thing that apple is doing which is massive and gets me excited is the fact you can get custom prescriptions for the lens. As someone that wears glasses, it was one of the key factors that stopped me from using VR headsets since it requires me to put in contacts among other prep work.

    • Morgan Rennie
      Morgan Rennie 20 годин тому +31

      A big hurdle for VR is when you have guests at your house. Game consoles, TV, even phones are all acceptable to use. But someone visiting doesn't want to sit there while you're in VR.
      The dad at the birthday is a perfect example. That is too socially unacceptable for now

  • Klust
    Klust 19 годин тому +1

    I'm concerned there aren't enough sensors since it's using inside out tracking. Ideally, it'll have sensors that cover behind and above you too. Playing games, you quickly learn the limitations and feel like your movement is restricted in basically every inside out tracking vr headset.

  • Jay Quincey
    Jay Quincey 18 годин тому +3

    I'm surprised you didn't mention your subjective feel for its FOV. Given it hasn't been touched on at all in the announcement, let alone officially spec'd, I'd be very interested to know if your perception was that it's groundbreaking or in line with other pass-through MR devices?

  • VJ
    VJ 18 годин тому +2

    Fully agree! It’s not just about what you all you do with this headset, but also equally important is what others around you see/think when you are wearing this headset during those important moments.

  • benjiebarker
    benjiebarker 18 годин тому +3

    Nothing bad to say…they slapped the best vr lens on it. If $3500 is the pro price, hopefully the SE or regular vision will be sub $1k 😊

    • Dropsey
      Dropsey 18 годин тому +3

      knowing apple its probably 2500 i mean they did charge 500$ for wheels, and they charge 800$ for a memory upgrade,

  • Mac Mi11i
    Mac Mi11i 18 годин тому

    I love that VR will be in the spotlight now with more developers wanting to jump on this ship that has been tug boated by vive and oculus. Big screen now being in the game too makes me excited for the future. I think I’d get it just to support the tech but I see myself happier in a quest 3 when released

  • ProBioMech
    ProBioMech 23 години тому +1525

    As a dad one of my regrets was always videoing the significant events of my kids instead of just watching them and being present so your comment on the ‘oddness’ of capturing events with the headset really hit home

      CYJANEK 23 години тому +210

      I was very surprised they used that as an example. Instead of saying you can take 3D photo of some environment, things for art reference, car you want to buy to show someone in a cool way they used the worst example - sitting in that next to your kid instead of doing something with them.
      Who decided people will love it?

    • TITAN productions
      TITAN productions 23 години тому +3

      First I was here first in the comments.

    • Pedro7526
      Pedro7526 23 години тому +94

      Yeah that was bizarre. How could you be staring at a display in front of your eyes while those significant events happen. I don't care how realistic the passthrough is, you are just not "present".

    • Gopikrishnan
      Gopikrishnan 23 години тому +19

      Maybe next gen iPhones will take 3D videos that can be viewed (experienced) via the headset.

    • Dont_Enter_My_Profile_
      Dont_Enter_My_Profile_ 23 години тому +3

      Don't read my name..

  • Charles Gay
    Charles Gay 18 годин тому +1

    Interesting take, thank you. I think the 'mac like' experence for getting work done on infinite resizable virtual displays is the unique and exciting thing.

  • Antionne Ball
    Antionne Ball 18 годин тому +21

    See…here is why this is the only tech channel I rely on. I watched a couple videos that came out before this one and they described a transparent screen that shows your real eyes. MKBHD is so thorough and accurate with the information! Thank you!

  • Michael Acosta
    Michael Acosta 18 годин тому

    Very cool to see where one of the biggest tech companies is at. I honestly think its super cool. Out of my personal budget. Bob Iger’s portion of the presentation really grabbed my attention. Cant wait to see how this stirs the pot.

  • Too Many Hobbies Jeremy
    Too Many Hobbies Jeremy 18 годин тому

    Great job! As always a smooth well thought out video. ❤

  • Jack Guo
    Jack Guo 20 годин тому +500

    For the 1st Gen, as a rational consumer, I think I just gonna wait and see for the next gen to see how it goes. Anyway, the demostration is freaking stunning. The Future is now, and it's really expensive lol...

    • bani benzo
      bani benzo 20 годин тому +14

      Next generation gonna out in 10 years 😂

    • Jack Guo
      Jack Guo 20 годин тому +18

      @bani benzo Noway, I think 4 years will be the longest product life that I can think of. IMO, 2 years for next gen.

    • Mayur Bhosale
      Mayur Bhosale 19 годин тому +1

      Apple Pay’s huge for demo. It’s all marketing thing.

    • smilex
      smilex 19 годин тому +2

      Monkey talk monkey touch

    • Jack Guo
      Jack Guo 19 годин тому

      @Mayur Bhosale Anyway, the pricing is too high, and only one product. Because it's 1st gen, I don't think it's gonna be a big success. IMO it's just experimental.

  • Giovanni Galvez
    Giovanni Galvez 18 годин тому +1

    Love the Ready Player One vibes with that transparent-looking glass on the outside. That I thought I’d never see in real life. I always thought “nah they wouldn’t because that would be too costly”… they did

    PERFECTDARK 18 годин тому

    Incredible review! 🤯. Companies really need to pay this guy millions because he’s the best I’ve ever seen. He can sell walnuts to a squirrel and it will think about buying it 😂. Amazing!

  • Vladislav Sanikovich
    Vladislav Sanikovich 18 годин тому +1

    Brilliant review as always... love your calmness and logical narration

  • Jogha Ella
    Jogha Ella 18 годин тому

    On one hand, I am extremely impressed with the technological advancements made for the headset. Also, it bringing a new form of realism to the 2D content of the Internet that we have been consuming now for decades is certainly a great development. But on the other hand - I am not going to lie, I am scared of a future where people will use AR/VR headsets like this 70-80% of the day. Since VR games, movies, and applications are more immersive, it is only natural that humans will want to spend as much time as possible in the virtual world. It feels like the end of normal human interaction; people will become less grounded. VR addiction is going to be a thing and invoke a major mental health crisis. I also am curious to know what effects VR is going to have on the body.

  • Henry
    Henry 20 годин тому +243

    It has its pitfalls right now but it really excites me as to what the tech will be like in 5-10 years. Apple entering VR/AR could really do stuff to this market

    • Dropsey
      Dropsey 18 годин тому

      all they will do is have crap tech and more expensive than its rivals, only the apple zombies will be into this.

    • sfdntk
      sfdntk 18 годин тому

      @Dropsey it must really burn your ass that the iPhone outsells and out-benchmarks your cheap plastic android phone lol

    • SupremeCody
      SupremeCody 18 годин тому

      ​​@sfdntk Galaxy is s23 is now cheap 💀. Apple definitely outbenchmark the snap 8 gen 2 either 🤡

  • dzeykop
    dzeykop 19 годин тому

    Once again, great video🎉 @Markus, that comparison to magic is incredibly accurate! 😮
    „Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic“
    Arthur C. Clarke
    And @Apple proved it again

  • TerrinTV
    TerrinTV 18 годин тому

    Great preview from you. I’ll definitely wait and see how this product does when it comes out.

  • Kioto
    Kioto 18 годин тому

    amazing, they actually got augumented reality right. looking forward to see similar, more affordable devices by other manufacturers. 1.000 - 1.500 $ would be awsome.

    GOKULRAJ NAINARAJ 18 годин тому

    Hey Marques! Any idea about the dpi of the screen or the resolution? How would you compare it with other VR headsets?

  • Simon Sol
    Simon Sol 18 годин тому

    I gotta say this is competing a bit with handheld screens or ipads if you ask me, but the problem I have with the goggles are battery life (only 2 hours with the thing) Waiting for improvements on this thing

  • Maxime DE MARINIS
    Maxime DE MARINIS 23 години тому +1756

    What an insane piece of tech. Curious to see how much this is going to evolve in the next 10 years. 📱

    • LB
      LB 23 години тому +5


    • IncredibleGaming
      IncredibleGaming 23 години тому +3


    • Fabreeze1993
      Fabreeze1993 23 години тому +57

      Less and less people gonna buy it

    • KANR
      KANR 23 години тому +10

      This ratio is more insane

    • Nicolas
      Nicolas 23 години тому +15

      Get smaller more powerful more gesture. more complex system.

  • dftba14
    dftba14 19 годин тому

    Incredible video, as usual. This is a big step in computer accessibility :D

    • Dropsey
      Dropsey 18 годин тому

      no its not stop the cap.

  • Michiel Boerjan
    Michiel Boerjan 18 годин тому +1

    first I thought ' ok yeah a VR-headset from Apple, I don't want it' , but while watching the event I was actually getting the feeling I do want it cause it looks amazing and all the stuff it can do 😮 but then the price came up so I went like 'nah thanks' 😅

  • Jan Steinberg
    Jan Steinberg 18 годин тому +2

    The eye tracking on the PSVR2 is also very impressive, actually, haven't seen a game that incorporates it, though

    • Steve R
      Steve R 18 годин тому

      Rez does

  • Cody Avant
    Cody Avant 18 годин тому +1

    I’ve never seen MKBHD this blown away. Exciting future. Great video!

  • Raj kishore Sahu
    Raj kishore Sahu 18 годин тому +8

    After the event, we were able to take a brief look at the $3,499 Vision Pro itself - we couldn’t use it or even touch it, 😅 but we could gaze upon its metallic wonders in a demo room at the Steve Jobs Theater.

  • Makoto is me
    Makoto is me 22 години тому +275

    I think this could turn into something pretty cool in the next 10 years or so. Personally I think they should develop optional haptics for this.

    • Jimmy Zhao
      Jimmy Zhao 22 години тому +31

      Maybe some third party will develop thin haptic gloves ?

    • Bildungsbucht
      Bildungsbucht 22 години тому +12

      I believe the Apple Watch will contribute to haptics.

    • Joey L
      Joey L 22 години тому

      For sure you’re right , it just sucks we have to wait that long

    • TiltedxFn
      TiltedxFn 22 години тому +2

      ​@Joey L you never knows technology changes everyday

  • RandomGuy
    RandomGuy 19 годин тому

    It looks awesome, and it is really, really cool. But with the price and chunkyness, I don't think that it will be that big at first. It is like a bigger and a lot better version of the Google AR glasses from a few years ago.

  • Oli Norwell
    Oli Norwell 19 годин тому

    30 minute demo! That's awesome. I thought it would be like a 60 second demo per person.

  • Denis De Plaen
    Denis De Plaen 18 годин тому +1

    Can you imagine an operator going on a coaster and record the ride with the VisionPro? the immersion for viewers must be really out of this world! Like a real life version of Braindance!

  • J Powell
    J Powell 18 годин тому

    I really wanted to see some VR gaming on it. I wonder if it’s capable of that

  • rogo117
    rogo117 18 годин тому

    Another great video, hopefully one they'll eventually make a mass-consumer friendly price.
    Also, can you share your MBP wallpaper? 🤩

  • Parsa Shabestari
    Parsa Shabestari 23 години тому +466

    Thank you Marques for always getting the tech instantly and leaving the highest quality review. Subbed since 2015 :)

    • Rob I am
      Rob I am 23 години тому +3


    • Tinkerer Sagar
      Tinkerer Sagar 22 години тому

      The JIO effect

    • MrPointVIsion
      MrPointVIsion 22 години тому

      Agree on the high quality but not a review of course

    • Parsa Shabestari
      Parsa Shabestari 22 години тому

      @MrPointVIsion yea I kinda meant overview

    • mongolianbeef
      mongolianbeef 22 години тому

      This is the first channel I ever subscribed to on UAclips

  • Pranav Mathur
    Pranav Mathur 19 годин тому

    Imagine if they add video editing and music making features to it IT WOULD BE CRAZY

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor 18 годин тому

    I think the apple vision pro will really take off when people can walk around outside with it, im guessing a battery would make it too much on the head so a belt holstered battery the size of a phone could work, walking around outside would bring to the option of profiles of people that want their professional or social info displayed on their person through your transparent lense

  • elusiveanmol
    elusiveanmol 18 годин тому

    My WWDC stream experience was akin to going back to being a kid again who just got his first videogame console. The gleam and jaw-dropping moment. VisionPro for me was exactly like that. Don't let the short-sightedness rob you of the potential this device has in the next few years. Apple Watch was engineered and designed from the lens of a fashion accessory, however, quickly over the years, with consumer feedback and tech advancements, the device pivoted to a more-focused accessory: your lifesigns. I believe that this device is what will evolve into the more-focused: lifestyle device.The genius of Apple is in the branding of it - VisionPro. It's not a new reality, or a "AR/VR" "Headset", in the coming years, it has the potential to be as ubiquitous as wearing prescription glasses. What's better than having a 20/20 Vision; it's VisionPro. It's a human enhancement device. Take it off, wear it whenever you like. You get the full benefits of the real world and then some. This is a GEN1 device. For those who believe in feeling immersed in their favourite content or take control of their space. A foundation for things to come. I'd readily wear it daily in the future because this device has lot of hardware that can be eshewed and simply be powered by a near-future iPhone/Diary (the iPhone fold with Pencil attached 👀) via cable. Imagine having a Facetime call with your spouse, by the pier, in life-size scale, immersed in a call, with audio-cancellation, visual-cancellation and playing a Spatial Recording of the place where you two first met! OR if you want to go really creative, a device for Forensics to quickly see the environment: get scan data. material data. volumetric data. OR. Film makers or Conceptual Artists who want to visualise a world set in Iceland - but in postapocalyptic scenario, well, they might soon, see Iceland, all in in real-time, with overlays of, as shown in the PDF demo for iPad, all the art seamless blending and overlapping with your world done by a concept artist right besides you, on site. Or HealthCare providers who can just LOOK at someone's WATCH and get all their Emergency Health Details - enough to provide the right emergency care. Imagine the improvement in the lives of so many with disabilities, as they navigate life, and get real-time VOICE FEEDBACK, VISUAL FEEDBACK with OVERLAYS and INFORMATION of obstacles, objects, people. I mean...this is the visor-in-the-making. This is magical. This is Apple. For me, this WDDC truly felt like okay, this is the work and fruition of everybody in the org, so unified in their vision, in their strengths. In their values. And principles.

  • jameswalker199
    jameswalker199 18 годин тому

    I was kinda expecting the pack to be a compute module when I first saw it, I was like "oh, they've done that to save weight on the head, and because the batteries and processor have to all fit in that, that's why its only got two hours battery life". Learning that its only the batteries makes me wonder just how much power this thing is consuming to only last two hours.

  • Lordcron
    Lordcron 18 годин тому

    Very informative. About as in depth as one can go so far... Great job as always Brotha Brownlee.

  • Kang Ho
    Kang Ho 18 годин тому +1

    This is Apples take on the Microsoft Hololens which was released in 2016 and the Hololens 2 in 2019. I am surprised Marques did not compare this to the Hololens since its pretty much do the same thing. I think the price also is similar to the Hololens as well.

  • Michael Blankson
    Michael Blankson 23 години тому +287

    Phenomenal review on what you managed to experience in the 30 minutes of trying them. Apple are being apple, and the world will jump onto this after the app developers have built it up. Exciting times ahead.

    • hoogemast
      hoogemast 23 години тому +8

      It is just a Microsoft hololens with a sleeker design, however since apple pushed it, it might become something "big" now

    • Hirnfaser
      Hirnfaser 22 години тому +19

      @hoogemast lol no, hololens is completely different

    • X32i
      X32i 22 години тому +1

      ​@Hirnfaser explain what is different

    • M F
      M F 22 години тому +7

      @Hirnfaser its EXACTLY the same, calm down fanboi

  • ton-618
    ton-618 18 годин тому +1

    I think at this point, a lot of companies are having some personal issues with meta😂 can't wait to see how mark would face off against these companies

  • R Coleman
    R Coleman 18 годин тому

    Great review, MKB. It sounds like the future to me. iPhone, IPad, Mac for so many/so long, AirPods (Qtips) and Apple Watch…the best. Way to go and good luck Apple.

  • Fabse Es
    Fabse Es 18 годин тому

    Great review thank you so much for your insights. I’m very interested wich direction it will bring us to. (In terms of future)

  • Sjaak Schulteis
    Sjaak Schulteis 18 годин тому

    I like your review as one of the best. You are not promoting a sponsored article, looks more like your honest impression. To me it is a headset that is way beyond the money I want to spend on a headset....

  • Gray 🎲
    Gray 🎲 18 годин тому

    If they add blueprint holograms, make it at least 10hr battery, and lower the price, I can see this being used in a lab type setting. Being able to look at any mac you're signed into (I hope that's how it works?) And pull up the screen is big. You can hop between tasks/pc's extremely easily and share data with co-workers very easily.
    Gets me excited for the future of these things in professional work, but it scares me for day-to-day usage for the average consumer because it feels so dystopian.
    TLDR; I'm excited for the tech, not for the product.

    VIRESH JAIN 20 годин тому +56

    I think one of the updates of VisionOS would be to allow using a desk as a support for their apps. In all their demos, the screens are always front facing which can cause neck pain sometimes. But say i want to use it on a desk or table and then i could just swipe on my desk or table and it would swipe along in the app that i am using. Kind of like the projector keyboards that track hands for typing. Then after this next update would be using Apple Pencil for Scribble in notes. Completely overshadowing the iPad

    • zerodeaths
      zerodeaths 19 годин тому +2

      But looking in front of you is the natural position of the neck and back. Why would you have pain? I feel pain when I look down.

  • Dave Bredenberg
    Dave Bredenberg 18 годин тому +2

    Marques, this is why you are the absolute best. I've watched several videos on the Vision Pro and I didn't get it at all until I watched yours. Thanks so much for doing what you do.

    • Dropsey
      Dropsey 18 годин тому

      dont lie i know you still dont get it? explain to me what this product is even for, sitting on a couch staring at icons and trying to click on stuff lmao what a joke

    • Mark F.
      Mark F. 18 годин тому

      @Dropsey but it's REVOLUTIONARY and only 3500$

    KUSHAGR IX 19 годин тому +15

    This is the type of innovation I was expecting with Apple. Apple is late in launching products, but when it launches, it is literally mind blowing...

  • Hilary Chuo
    Hilary Chuo 18 годин тому

    20 minutes well spent👏👏 He talked about everything we wanted to know about it.

  • Steven Arellano
    Steven Arellano 18 годин тому

    Whoever had the visible eyes idea is a genius because then humans will have something to look at when communicating with someone that is wearing the apple vision pro and it will feel more familiar which leads to more comfortable, that way this vr headset won’t seem so weird when being used in a public environment

  • Caleb Anderson
    Caleb Anderson 18 годин тому

    He nailed it -this would be perfect for those long flights where you don't want to deal with anyone around you lol

  • It's Mahad
    It's Mahad 22 години тому +392

    I feel like the best part of apple releasing a VR headset is it's gonna lead to much higher software support to all VR devices, Apple is great at popularizing certain tech and I feel like more componys are actually going to put the time in to develop more software. The quests biggest problem is the extremely lackluster appstore with really high prices (understandably, VR apps and games are expensive to develop for right now).

    • Alexej Vornoskov
      Alexej Vornoskov 22 години тому +30

      Yeah... at 3500$ dont expect many developers to jump on that bandwagon. Price alone makes it unatracctive to a lot of potentional apps, that need masses of users to be useful.

    • SkinUpMonkey
      SkinUpMonkey 22 години тому +7

      Ya good luck with apple not locking this down.

    • Anush Gopalakrishnan
      Anush Gopalakrishnan 22 години тому +11

      @Alexej Vornoskov It's actually extremely attractive, it's a new niche, that's created by apple.

    • Wxrldend
      Wxrldend 22 години тому +17

      ​@Anush Gopalakrishnan its not created by apple 😂

    • Samuel R. T.
      Samuel R. T. 22 години тому +4

      @Wxrldend It is wdym

  • EhNani uwu
    EhNani uwu 18 годин тому +1

    This is the closest we have gotten to something similar to iron man's helmet. This could be so useful for other tech companies and the aviation industry. Or for anything that could benefit from a live high tech heads up display.

  • Franklin McLaughlin
    Franklin McLaughlin 18 годин тому

    The PS5 VR also has an impressive eye tracking based rendering. The vision pro has some standout features tho

  • Mr.A
    Mr.A 18 годин тому

    This is basically a tech demo.
    And, the tech is definitely very impressive.
    Would I use one though... probably not.
    I'm wondering if having the background dial in negates any nausea issues headsets can bring?

  • Richard Everett
    Richard Everett 19 годин тому

    I am curious as to whether it will allow a three finger swipe to the right or left to see other open windows like you would on a MacBook so that you do not have to move your head to see other screens.

  • RobG
    RobG 18 годин тому

    Great overview as per usual, does anyone else do reviews like Mr, Brownlee? this has been my go to trusted channel for years for tech info. thorough, concise, and to the point, Great job.

  • vidIQ
    vidIQ 21 годину тому +547

    Wow, that battery life is a deal breaker isn't it? Am I right in thinking that the headset has zero battery at all - you would have to put the device to sleep in order to swap out the battery? Curious to see if Apple would offer a 'power bundle' with two extra battery packs for an extra $500 - and that propriatary cable, good old Apple. Alternatively, everyone's going to be buying 20ft USB-C cables and creating trip hazards everywhere...
    ...Oh wait, the deal breaker is $3499 isn't it?

    • Josh Palmer
      Josh Palmer 21 годину тому +76

      if you know anything about these kinda headsets, this is way cheaper than expected. There are PC VR headset with way less tech selling for 2-3k... This is a lovely push in the MR/VR/AR industry! Features we see here have been wanted for the last 10 years in the VR community. Trust me, I've been in VR since the Oculus Developer Kit 1 in 2013 I was 12 at the time The future is looking sweet for this tech! I may not get Apples headset, but now companies will want to compete and bring us an equivalent experience for a cheaper price, that is the bigger picture for us consumers!

      SOFTWARE MASTER 21 годину тому +5

      Chad vidIQ

    • Ad Am
      Ad Am 21 годину тому +1

      They should have a power cord for watchibg movies

    • grim.][.sentinel
      grim.][.sentinel 21 годину тому

      “Supple” cable 😂😂😂

    • UNoWho
      UNoWho 21 годину тому +9

      oh no, a fanboi is upset lol I paid over 2k for my very first pair that were complete junk 6 months they released a better version cheaper. You cry about the battery pack which the headset does much more and better than any other headset on the market so ya it's going to be pricy. You should be happy cause this will only make other companies that do VR step up their game and make something better.

  • Manuel Vásquez
    Manuel Vásquez 19 годин тому

    it’s been a while since I’ve seen Marques this excited about a product in an impressions video

  • badmonbeyond
    badmonbeyond 19 годин тому

    Now this is the kind of thing that would get me over to Apple. Can't wait to see Samsung's response to this headset.

  • Chet C
    Chet C 19 годин тому

    As this won't be available until January or February (I think that qualifies as "early next year") I wonder if we'll see an M3 chip in it when it comes out. If the rumors are correct about that chip, it will be on a 3nm architecture making it more power efficient. That could extend the battery life somewhat. Even if it added 15 to 30 minutes, then it would be enough to get through most movies.

    • DreadPirate Flappy
      DreadPirate Flappy 18 годин тому

      they already confirmed in the event that it's the M2 chip.

  • Linkophere
    Linkophere 19 годин тому

    Im extremely excited for this headset. Just to watch movie and videos on a 4k whatever inch screen i want is so amazing. 3500 is alot but ive seen plenty of people who shouldnt be buying things, buy them anyways cause they just want them (looking at you iphone buyers who rock the cracked screens cause u didnt wanna get apple care cause THATS the too expensive part).
    Zeiss lenses are king and the fact i dont need glasses is so amazing. The density of those lenses theyre packing are legendary too. I dare you to go out and find me a 90 inch 4k display, surround sound, and set it up lake side over the water and tell me house much thats gunna cost. Tell me how much making a movie theater in my house will cost me. All that and i can still send texts and stuff due to apple's ecosystem. Im not even an apple fanboy but they're slowly converting me cause theres just nothing like this on android or windows. Androids has its very strong pros but none of those are this.
    You cant beat this value. Sure its gen 0 but god damn if it doesnt seem like they put in alot of genuine passion into this.
    This product FEELS different. Like they really truly cared about it and im definitely considering getting one.
    Edit: Almost forgot my favorite part. NO CONTROLLERS. God how much i hate the controllers for other headsets. I cannot stand those annoying, in the way and awkward things you ALWAYS gotta hold. No controller and eventually tactile gloves is the the true future of VR. From even early VR, it all felt outdated to me simply due to the controls. They truly hold you back. This, i hope, becomes and industry standard and i hope we evolve toward tactile gloves that tighten to provide tactile feedback to what you touch in VR.

  • Gaurav Sharma
    Gaurav Sharma 18 годин тому

    The video was super cool! I believe one of the best.. videos. A great detailed explanation of the tech, covering all the aspects and the birthday part was.. 😂!

  • TheGreenPianist
    TheGreenPianist 23 години тому +158

    First time I'm excited/intrigued by an Apple product in a LONG time. This is insane!

    • Conservative Juggalo Podcast
      Conservative Juggalo Podcast 22 години тому +1

      So are you getting the Apple Vision $999 or Apple Vision Pro $3500? I'm looking for a $500 VR headset not AR but to each their own

    • Michael Cheng
      Michael Cheng 22 години тому +1

      Your bank account isn't tho 😅

    • TheGreenPianist
      TheGreenPianist 19 годин тому +3

      Nah my dudes, I ain't getting this AT ALL lmao. It's just the first time an apple product caught my attention in terms of innovation and just the "Oh wait this is actually pretty cool" factor.

  • Earth's Little Secrets
    Earth's Little Secrets 19 годин тому +1

    I can't wait for people to be able to test it at home. I want to buy it, but the price makes me second guess.

  • GhostJC777
    GhostJC777 19 годин тому

    This is the first Apple product I've been impressed by in a long while. That ecosystem looking persuasive! But I need more money 🤣

  • Mohd Yaseen
    Mohd Yaseen 18 годин тому

    You know its real dope when mkbhd is this excited❤

  • Rikudou Ray
    Rikudou Ray 18 годин тому +1

    Marques explanation feels like I already experience the product itself. 👏

  • PendingBadness
    PendingBadness 18 годин тому

    The most impressive tech since the intro of the M series Mac, wonderful!

  • AA
    AA 22 години тому +122

    Very cool. First piece of tech I've ever seen where Marques has been truly shocked, in a good way.

    • iamwowed
      iamwowed 21 годину тому +3

      He was more shocked at Google Starline. That video was only 2 weeks ago lol

    • Me to myself:
      Me to myself: 21 годину тому +1

      ​@iamwowed well what do you expect from an ifan? 😂😂😂

  • Krishna Teja
    Krishna Teja 19 годин тому

    This is dope tech - scary and surreal at the same time. Meta world can take off with this device real good.

  • Jan Kykerle
    Jan Kykerle 18 годин тому

    My question is whether you can pair up two or more headsets for a shared gaming/movie experience.

  • tham jun yan
    tham jun yan 18 годин тому +2

    the eye tracking on psvr 2 was extremely good, wonder how these two fair against each other

  • Billy
    Billy 19 годин тому

    I always feel a bit sick (and get headaches) using VR, and I think it's because of the lack of depth of field - my eyes can't focus on anything, everything is in focus. Does this emulate it? Ie does it track your pupil size and adjust focus accordingly?

  • Michael Galloway
    Michael Galloway 18 годин тому

    Just an excellent commentary on this. The good and the bad. Also, wasn't line of sight wireless over the air charging a thing. Why not use that with this? Maybe that tech isn't ready. Anyway, aspirational, but a better aspirational thing then the $55,000 Mac Pro tower with $1,000 stand and $400 per pop wheels.

  • Abdel
    Abdel 23 години тому +313

    As a tech lover, I’m super impressed and think the technology is amazing. As a human, I am afraid for our future.

    • SquibbDibb
      SquibbDibb 23 години тому +54

      And as a wallet, I’m afraid of the price tag.

    • Dont_Enter_My_Profile_
      Dont_Enter_My_Profile_ 23 години тому +1

      Don't read my name..

    • Isaac Chan
      Isaac Chan 23 години тому +2


    • Isaac Chan
      Isaac Chan 23 години тому +14

      It’s just a fking ar vr thing it’s nothing new for dooming human and stuff

    • Abdel
      Abdel 22 години тому +30

      @Isaac Chan Our phones already disconnect us from reality enough

  • Manly O'Beeferton
    Manly O'Beeferton 19 годин тому +9

    The PSVR2 has eye-tracking. Works flawlessly from what I can tell.

    • KICit
      KICit 18 годин тому

      Psvr2 is trash 🚮

    • Mike Acheampong
      Mike Acheampong 18 годин тому +3

      ​@KICit Ever tried it?

    • Oxford VODs
      Oxford VODs 18 годин тому +1

      The problem with PSVR is that it's such a restrictive ecosystem. You're basically stuck with the very small handful of decent games that PSVR has to offer.

    • KICit
      KICit 18 годин тому

      @Mike Acheampong bro, you have to hook it up to a PS5z it being tethered means it’s already lost the race. This is between apple and meta. No one else is even close

  • Android78
    Android78 19 годин тому

    I really want to support this because it has things that I’ve been wanting in a headset. Great display, optics and processing that should be able to support them. The one thing that will let this down will be lack of controllers. The designers will always say that you don’t red them because of their flawless hand tracking but, for gaming, you really need good thumb sticks and tactile feedback. I wouldn’t care if they were and extra purchase even but the ‘they won’t be developing controllers’ shows their attitude. I guess this headset is a miss for me until Apple come to their senses.

  • Amr Eshkal
    Amr Eshkal 18 годин тому

    I truly think this is gonna be something big, like when the first iPhone came out or the first home Computer came out, it’ll eventually get cheaper and cheaper and everyone will have one eventually

  • Rafael Rigues
    Rafael Rigues 19 годин тому

    One thing that worries me is that the power cable seems to be fixed to the battery pack. This precludes using bigger, third party packs (unless you tether a pack to the pack. Packception!) and increases hassle when (not if) the cable breaks. Instead of replacing just the cable, you will have to lug the whole pack to the Apple Store.
    That said, I REALLY liked that Apple isn't hiding the cable in any of the videos.