Because I Won't Pull Your Hair, That Makes Me Sexist?

  • Опубліковано 6 лис 2018
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    When Michael was in seventh grade his whole class was walking back from recess one day, and he and his small group of close friends were just walking and talking and joking around together.
    For some reason, one of the jokes was revolving around hair or something, and Michael and one of the girls in his group were walking together and they started joking around too. And, randomly and suddenly, maybe as part of the joke, this girl just pulled on his hair. It wasn't too hard, really, just a few tugs, but, it made him really mad.
    He was upset, thought it wasn't very respectful of her, and so he asked her "why did you pull on my hair?!?!" And she said she was just joking around, but then said "hey, you can pull on my hair too if you want, so we're even, you know, for revenge."
    Michael declined, and said "I don't pull on girls' hair." But then, when she heard him say that she came back at him, upset, and said "Oh man, that's so sexist!" He meant no disrespect.
    Michael was totally confused. He wanted to know, "how is that sexist? I'm just being respectful, not sexist!"
    Michael had been raised to be a gentleman, to be chivalrous, and he just couldn't see how pulling a girl's hair was the right thing to do. So, this girl got really mad at Michael and she told their whole group of friends and they all jumped on the bandwagon and swarmed all over him calling him Sexist and getting really mad at him. HE was not being inappropriate at all!
    Then, when the got to the lunchroom, all those friends of his moved away from him to the other side of the cafeteria. He really couldn't understand what he had done so wrong. He wasn't being sexist, he was just being respectful but they all just kept calling him that, and making an argument that because he wouldn't pull on that girls hair he was sexist. He was falsely accused.
    He was so upset. Nobody came to sit with him at lunch except for one person from that group, actually pretty good friends with him, and that helped, a little. But other than that, things just got kind of out of hand, more and more. Everything that Michael said, if one of those friends heard it they would try to find a way to make it sound sexist, and again, they would call him names and give him a hard time.
    It got so difficult at school, and in the classroom, and lunchroom, with these kids always calling him a exist, that eventually he didn't even want to go anymore. It was basically him against a swarm of wasps! He finally talked to his parents about it and they gave him good advice - to move on from that group of friends.
    So eventually he made a new group of friends, and a lot more of them, and they all know him for who he really is - a decent and respectful young man, and not sexist at all.
    Today it seems like everyone is very ready to get very offended about almost anything, and it also seems like there is very little talking going on but a whole lot of quick judgments being made.
    Remember, don't be so judgy! Nobody benefits. It's akward and awkward anyway.
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  • GameFreak
    GameFreak 15 годин тому

    Trust me, never forgive those guys

  • Charlieegan6
    Charlieegan6 17 годин тому

    Guy: Treats girl differently and upset girls for the sole reason because she’s a girl*
    “i aM noT sExiSt”

  • Orochi the Destruction Bearer A123321123

    *Guy pulls girl's hair*
    *Guy doesn't pull girl's hair*
    Either way a man won't win against a woman.

  • yondu udonta
    yondu udonta День тому

    Boy: *breaths*
    Random feminist girl : YOU SEXIST PIECE OF SHI-
    boy: *slaps her*

  • Anime Fanperson.
    Anime Fanperson. День тому

    That is not sexist. Oh my god, girl. Getting your hair pulled would hurt. You should be grateful he didn’t want to do that

  • Teaconic
    Teaconic День тому +1

    Dude: *exists*
    Them: that’s discrimination against people who died!

  • Charity Middleswarth
    Charity Middleswarth 2 дні тому


  • Zappy The Star
    Zappy The Star 2 дні тому

    I cringed so hard at this story. "yOu diDn't pUll oN mY hAir, tHat's SexIst." Fucking stupid.

  • tic tock star
    tic tock star 2 дні тому

    Lol lol
    Lol lol

  • Artist Assassin
    Artist Assassin 2 дні тому

    Its so sad that this is the shitty world we live in now...


    Absolutely nothing:
    Nothing at all:
    Girl: SEXIST

  • HeebieJeebies
    HeebieJeebies 2 дні тому

    Toxic friends

  • Ellie _gacha4life
    Ellie _gacha4life 2 дні тому

    what is wrong with them not the boy

  • Aurora Luycx
    Aurora Luycx 2 дні тому

    Wat is sexist

  • Joseph Samuel
    Joseph Samuel 3 дні тому

    -SEXIST! Dude it could be a lot worse!

  • Visible Un-keepable galaxy’s
    Visible Un-keepable galaxy’s 4 дні тому

    Kid: IM NOT SEXIST!!
    other kid: YAS YOU ARE PLEB!
    kid: Ye you Annoying Bullies
    Other kids: IMA TELL A TEACH-
    other kids: BYE FELICIA!!!

  • PurpleSparkleyCat PurpleSparkleyCat

    My boy my boy my boy MY BOYYYY. U ain't sexist. these people prob. don't even know what sexist means! I hope they see this video along with some people that know them and start to make them feel made fun of. But don't worry boy just ignore them and if they say sexist then tell the teacher. i would say this if i was u "Okay look if your going to keep calling me that every time i say something I am going to tell the teacher. i'm a gentlemen and its just not right to pull a lady's hair. so keep saying it bc u will just get in trouble." Again I would say it and after i saw it walk away.

  • Gamer girl Letz play
    Gamer girl Letz play 5 днів тому +1

    So if a girl kill someone and she told me I can kill someone and I didn’t want too she say that’s sexist ;-;

  • Jennifer Little
    Jennifer Little 5 днів тому +1

    ThEy tRiEd tO pUT mE on tHe coVeR of VoUge

    BuT my SexIstNesS was TOOOOOOOOO loNg

    Everyday is like that

  • cutiecupcake Lps
    cutiecupcake Lps 5 днів тому

    people take sexist out of context its annoying and stupid

  • The A&A Adventure
    The A&A Adventure 6 днів тому

    Those people make no sense of ha doesn’t want to pull her hair then just freaking chill!! Geez

    Sorry I said freaking when I get mad😂

  • Ayesha K
    Ayesha K 6 днів тому

    I would love to slap her face very hard on his behalf

  • SamanthaMSPT
    SamanthaMSPT 6 днів тому +1

    I think they thought it was sexist s because you said a “girl’s hair.” If you had said just, “hair”, they wouldn’t have called sexists

  • Spirit Wind
    Spirit Wind 6 днів тому

    ahhh... the seventh grade

  • Rodrigo Estrellanes
    Rodrigo Estrellanes 7 днів тому

    Nice girl posts
    "In a relationship, there is the one that's always right and there's the man"

  • Aamia Donaldson
    Aamia Donaldson 7 днів тому +1

    They probably thought he was sexist because girls usually have long hair

  • hello !!!!
    hello !!!! 8 днів тому

    -You can pull my hair
    -But I'm thicc

  • Jacob Scanlan
    Jacob Scanlan 8 днів тому +1

    That kid is my brothers friend and my friend his name is Michael and check out his Channel and please subscribe to him

    • Jacob Scanlan
      Jacob Scanlan 8 днів тому

      His channel is Michael Hakim vlogs.

  • Mukta Devi Upadhyay
    Mukta Devi Upadhyay 8 днів тому +2

    Rose's are red
    Ketchup is to
    I got a like
    Wait why is it blue

      CVIL PLAYZ 6 днів тому

      Deep inside you just wanted to go get likes but noone will give a shit about you

  • Singer Girl
    Singer Girl 8 днів тому

    Your really nice to girl

  • Jalynn Lai
    Jalynn Lai 9 днів тому


  • Meme City
    Meme City 9 днів тому

    I really don’t know why she would think that. He’s trying to be a gentleman but just rejects that fact. Honestly humanity these days. 😒

  • Nina Pavlickova
    Nina Pavlickova 9 днів тому +2

    Girl:pull on my hair
    Boy: No i dont pull on girl's hair
    Boy: YEET *pulls of hair

  • Luna Cat lover
    Luna Cat lover 9 днів тому +1

    Wait what

  • Poetic Speach
    Poetic Speach 10 днів тому +1

    People are like snow flakes the second u say somthing they meltdown

  • help me get 100 subs with no video
    help me get 100 subs with no video 10 днів тому

    Why do u have recess in 7th grade

  • Lacey Greco
    Lacey Greco 10 днів тому

    I always feel like there's at least like one or two people they always find a way to be offended by something

  • Chesterson Jack
    Chesterson Jack 10 днів тому

    Jesus Christ. Honestly, she shouldn’t have pulled on your hair to begin with, that’s a violation of your personal space.

  • bee
    bee 10 днів тому +2

    Don't take this personally, but it kinda is and unfair on the boys, but they r definitely over reacting

    But as a girl I know that no one should be offended, I said as a girl cause the girl is the one who got offended.

  • supergnaricbros
    supergnaricbros 11 днів тому

    What that does not make you sexist because you don’t wan’t to pull a girls hair

  • pro newb
    pro newb 11 днів тому

    There just stupid little kindergarten's I think they need to go back to 1grade

  • uurtel the turtal
    uurtel the turtal 11 днів тому

    There stuoid

  • IzzyB Arnold
    IzzyB Arnold 12 днів тому

    I know I’m in seventh grade but they were just dumb teenagers back then they don’t know anything. I mean really just going to call somebody sexist they don’t even know what sexist means in the first place.

  • Lilly-Rose Bajt
    Lilly-Rose Bajt 12 днів тому

    Teacher: wats 2+2?
    Kid: 4
    Girl: SEXIST!

  • Anton Pittracher
    Anton Pittracher 13 днів тому

    Das sind schlechte Freunde!:(

  • Maisie 28 sparkles
    Maisie 28 sparkles 13 днів тому

    Even tho I'm a tomboy and I don't believe in gender rules even I think that's not sexist

  • GoogleUser Xx
    GoogleUser Xx 13 днів тому

    Me: Sup.
    Girl: OMG SEXIST

  • ConservativeMedia
    ConservativeMedia 13 днів тому

    men fight with fists and that is honorable. Pussies and women pull on their hair to make the other b**** less prettier.

  • Charlie Lopez
    Charlie Lopez 13 днів тому

    Maybe she thought it’s because u thought she was weak

  • Pratibha Chaudhary
    Pratibha Chaudhary 13 днів тому

    Please tell me meaning

  • Pratibha Chaudhary
    Pratibha Chaudhary 13 днів тому

    Can someone tell me the meaning of sexist?

  • Ivan Dinio
    Ivan Dinio 14 днів тому +1

    Just punch the group in the face

  • They Call Me C4
    They Call Me C4 14 днів тому


  • Nathalia Velasquez
    Nathalia Velasquez 14 днів тому

    It’s fine once some one was like oh my favorite color is black and then my whole class was like *OH MY GWAD THATS RACIST* i was so confused and tbh I still am

  • Zenebech Gebrimcale
    Zenebech Gebrimcale 15 днів тому


  • Chamomile Tea
    Chamomile Tea 15 днів тому


  • •XxRagingamergirlxX•
    •XxRagingamergirlxX• 15 днів тому

    If someone pulls my hair they get smacked

  • Dogski28
    Dogski28 16 днів тому +1

    What kind of logic is that? That’s like saying...
    Me: I don’t like to wear black clothes.
    Kid: RACIST!

  • FCJ The Legend Killer
    FCJ The Legend Killer 16 днів тому

    Maybe you didn't realise, but saying " I don't pull up girl's hair " is very sexist, but what your """friends""" did to you is way more unforgivable

  • Golden Hour
    Golden Hour 17 днів тому

    Their stupidity is making me so angry 😡

  • Wtf Des ;-;
    Wtf Des ;-; 17 днів тому +43

    *Doesn’t pull on hair*
    “OMG UR SEXIST!!!!!!”
    *Pulls hair
    “WOMAN ABUSER!!!!”

  • Mary Grace Cepe
    Mary Grace Cepe 17 днів тому

    Weird that is not sexist there are not right your not sexist

  • Christina Lazaridis
    Christina Lazaridis 17 днів тому

    Me:I don’t want to pull it hair

    Girl: UR SEXIEST

    me:rips scalp off

  • Sub crib e
    Sub crib e 17 днів тому

    If I was him I would quickly jump and fart the girl’s hair/face

    That’s how mafia works

  • Sub crib e
    Sub crib e 17 днів тому

    if she was pulling his hair OOOOO GAY GAY

  • Cutie Pie
    Cutie Pie 17 днів тому

    *didnt pull anyones hair* Friends: *YOUR A SEXIST*

  • Wizzy Pizza97
    Wizzy Pizza97 17 днів тому

    My brother called me it too😞

  • Hungry
    Hungry 18 днів тому

    She makes a bad view of a girl, don’t pull on boys or girls hair, neither are good to do

  • Nicholas Wood
    Nicholas Wood 18 днів тому

    I don't pull on girls' hair. I just shoot them with a Nerf gun and call them every girl insult in the book

  • Josh Slug
    Josh Slug 18 днів тому

    Maybe you should stop Bitchin about it and actually do something first

  • katie brenneman
    katie brenneman 18 днів тому

    Well those girls need dictionary

  • katie brenneman
    katie brenneman 18 днів тому

    She's saying your sexist because you said you don't pull on girls hair implying you'll pull on boy's hair but not girls.

    • katie brenneman
      katie brenneman 18 днів тому

      sorry I commented this before the end of the video

  • PVP Black Vegito ssj blue
    PVP Black Vegito ssj blue 18 днів тому

    Your friends are stupid and don't surround yourself with idiots

  • Uma Linda Pessoa Qualquer
    Uma Linda Pessoa Qualquer 18 днів тому

    ok looks like we all know what is sexist so what about _machist_

  • Cristo Zuniga
    Cristo Zuniga 19 днів тому

    And Ik ur not sexist even though idk what’s sexist u really look like a nice man and also if u don’t wanna do it u don’t have to u can just move schools or make new friends that’s what I do sorry if I write a lot but ur not sexist bc u sound real kind and look real kind ok and I’m using my dads phone and it’s an I phone and I’m a girl I’m Kayla and ur not sexist they are sexist look one day they are ganna have bad look bc if ur mean u get bad look so.... remember ur not sexist ok😁😁

  • lea papilota
    lea papilota 19 днів тому

    Bruh Who said that if you don't pull someone's Hair is Sexist?! Is it Satan or Something?!

  • Cristo Zuniga
    Cristo Zuniga 19 днів тому

    What’s sexist?

  • Nargiza Tashmuradova
    Nargiza Tashmuradova 19 днів тому

    A boy have to protect girls not pull their heir!!!

  • Azouz
    Azouz 19 днів тому

    me: hi guys
    them: what about girls?

  • your username is next
    your username is next 19 днів тому


  • Nelli Van
    Nelli Van 20 днів тому

    Girl : Wow! You're so sexist because you didn't pull my hair.
    Me : Okay, if you want me to pull on your hair, how about I rip it off your scalp?

  • Mustafa
    Mustafa 20 днів тому +1

    2:18 I Found Daphne

  • Doge dude
    Doge dude 21 день тому +1

    Feminists in a nutshell

  • ZoomPlayz -NonCopyRight
    ZoomPlayz -NonCopyRight 21 день тому

    Your old friends are idiots

  • yasmineNorway
    yasmineNorway 21 день тому

    What is sexist

  • Malachi Jones
    Malachi Jones 21 день тому +1

    I mean well its not fair to not get hit or something like that just because your a girl but they didnt have to get so triggered

  • XxRed Jacket GamerxX
    XxRed Jacket GamerxX 21 день тому


  • yo panda
    yo panda 21 день тому

    Its fake because no one in their right mind is that dumb(im talking about the other kids that called him sexist)

  • I Sad
    I Sad 21 день тому

    Woman: YOUR Sexist

    • I Sad
      I Sad 19 днів тому

      LucarioThePhantom everyone one starts somewhere moron

    • LucarioThePhantom
      LucarioThePhantom 19 днів тому

      +I Sad and look at your video XD it was only 3 seconds long and you have a watermark on it

    • LucarioThePhantom
      LucarioThePhantom 19 днів тому

      It wasn't a roast and it's does*

    • I Sad
      I Sad 19 днів тому

      LucarioThePhantom yOu NeEd tO mAkE gOoD vIdEoS

    • I Sad
      I Sad 19 днів тому

      LucarioThePhantom your roast dose dose not make sense

  • Fluminox5284 -
    Fluminox5284 - 21 день тому +2

    People get WAAAY to offended. It's gone to a laughable degree

  • grace Kim
    grace Kim 22 дні тому

    FUCK YOU 3 GIRLS AND 1 BOY😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • The dot Dot
    The dot Dot 22 дні тому

    Your so sexist sexist and actually your the one who got offended sexist stupid smelly ant breath

  • DarkShadow
    DarkShadow 22 дні тому +5

    Dude looking at a girl is sexist now of days bro

  • itsPrincessLife
    itsPrincessLife 22 дні тому

    2:21 who saw *daphne* ? At the back of their couch?

  • Bloodmoon__GachaTuber •
    Bloodmoon__GachaTuber • 22 дні тому

    You're not SEXIST. You're just POLITE.

  • Wolf0842
    Wolf0842 22 дні тому +1

    Do they even know what sexist means?

  • Melvunene Varloala
    Melvunene Varloala 22 дні тому

    Me: watching p## n
    Girl:s exist pervert
    I'm on mobile so sorry about spelling

  • Saint Collie
    Saint Collie 23 дні тому +1

    The kind of people that respect girls like you are very rare so enjoy it

  • Mo On
    Mo On 23 дні тому

    I would just pull the hair and shut the bitch up

  • Bashir Jami
    Bashir Jami 23 дні тому +1

    Cop: lady, do you know why I'm pulling you over?
    Lady: Because I'm a woman?
    Cop: No, because you were driving 90 miles per hour in a school zone and ran over 10 kids.