Design Life: Sarah’s Island 2.0: Be Our Guest (Ep. 22)

  • Опубліковано 21 вер 2019
  • In this episode of Sarah’s Island 2.0 - it’s all about our guests (Tommy included)! Come along with me on a tour of the new and improved Guest Room, Bathroom and our beloved Bunkie! Learn how to stretch your design dollar and maximize the cozy factor for family and friends! Stay tuned, because this episode is just the first of more reveals to come! #SRDesignLife #SarahsIsland2 #InteriorDesign
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    An award-winning designer and television personality Sarah Richardson is the host and co-producer of eight HGTV lifestyle series which are seen in over 100 countries. Sarah’s practical and inspiring approach to design teaches viewers how to turn ordinary spaces into magazine-worthy rooms! Pick up for her bestselling books: Sarah Style and At Home: Sarah Style (Simon & Schuster) at your local book retailer, and catch her on HGTV or right here on UAclips as she documents are daily Design Life and brings viewers along for the ride!
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  • Marci Robins
    Marci Robins 3 дні тому +1

    Sarah and Tommy have always been the masters of fabric mixing. It's a master class.

  • Carsy Lea
    Carsy Lea 4 дні тому +1

    Love the floating vanity in the bathroom.

  • Nick Elvins
    Nick Elvins 15 днів тому

    So beautiful! Are you taking any bookings for the bunkie for next summer? Lol Great job Sarah

  • Cory Springer
    Cory Springer 18 днів тому

    Ohhh, I love that bed frame in the bunkie. Is there a way to find out where she sourced this?

    • Sarah Richardson
      Sarah Richardson  День тому +1

      You can find all the sources on my website! :)

  • chicky6three
    chicky6three 18 днів тому

    Help! I can't find the marble knobs on the EQ3 site. Does anyone know if they are going to be making them available again?

  • Kat Kristar
    Kat Kristar 18 днів тому +1

    Does the bunkie have a bathroom?

  • Andrée
    Andrée 20 днів тому

    You can never go wrong with a timeless and classic look : )

  • Karen Ross
    Karen Ross 20 днів тому +1

    Great advice about the bathroom. We gutted and rebuilt ours from the studs up ten years ago. I still love it and would not change a thing. I spent a great deal of time picking out the fixtures and the tile.

  • Галина Бердникова
    Галина Бердникова 21 день тому +1

    thanks for doing and sharing your magic!
    many years ago felt in love with your views and still loving it!
    keep going 👍

  • Momma From Scratch
    Momma From Scratch 21 день тому +1

    I remember the when you first did the cottage. Oh im so happy your on here now!

  • Diana B
    Diana B 23 дні тому +1

    I love love love your style. Perhaps because it is so much like mine.

  • ruth arjona
    ruth arjona 23 дні тому +5

    I remember her being one of my favorites on HGTV long time ago. I learned so much of her. She still amazing as always ❤️

  • Giuliano Rosati
    Giuliano Rosati 24 дні тому +1

    Love this!

  • Michelle Bradley
    Michelle Bradley 24 дні тому

    Where is the bed frame in the bunkie from? I know that Sarah said they can be ordered. Anybody know where from?

    • Sarah Richardson
      Sarah Richardson  23 дні тому

      You can get it from Wayfair! Check out the full source guide for each room on my website here:

  • John S
    John S 24 дні тому

    “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”🤫🤫🤫🤫

  • DAJ
    DAJ 24 дні тому

    The bathroom and bunky look great. I can hardly wait to see the living room area. All the time it took to select a paint/stain for the walls and ceiling. So many decisions. LOL!!!

  • Anne Dvorachek
    Anne Dvorachek 24 дні тому

    Gorgeous! Would you please tell me where the bunkie's bed platform was purchased?

    • Sarah Richardson
      Sarah Richardson  23 дні тому

      Hi Anne! You can get it on Wayfair - check out the full source guide on my website!

  • Melissa Geittmann
    Melissa Geittmann 24 дні тому +1

    Love love the towels in the bathroom!

  • Melissa Geittmann
    Melissa Geittmann 24 дні тому

    In the guest room, there are 4 items on the dresser. Odd numbers! I'm shocked since this is such a basic rule!

  • Miriam Ayala
    Miriam Ayala 24 дні тому

    Sarah, I loved the bunkie 11yrs ago and I love it more today!!! wow so pretty and soft with those beautiful blues and whites!!! Is that blanket in your collection ? Ohh and your bathroom is so timeless and fresh and I love love the river rock in the shower!!

  • Maggie Valois
    Maggie Valois 24 дні тому

    What special spaces you create Sarah. I have loved your shows since forever now utube enables us to watch whenever we please.
    Thanks for the utmost inspiration you always deliver.

    • Sarah Richardson
      Sarah Richardson  23 дні тому +1

      I'm so happy to hear that, Maggie! Thank you for following along!

  • lyradpario
    lyradpario 24 дні тому

    What website do I use to buy a bed base?

    • Sarah Richardson
      Sarah Richardson  23 дні тому

      Check out the full source guide on my website here:

  • Barbara Dempsey
    Barbara Dempsey 24 дні тому +2

    We need more Tommy!!!! Love everything. Feeling the blues and greens. Great job, Sarah!

  • Craft Time With Jenny
    Craft Time With Jenny 24 дні тому

    Who needs cable when we have UAclips !
    You need to be on HGTV gal !
    New subbie and already hooked !

    • Julie Smith
      Julie Smith 24 дні тому

      She's been on HGTV for 15 years. Has had 7 different tv series, including the original making of this cabin

  • Beverly Martin
    Beverly Martin 24 дні тому

    Gosh we miss Tommy... 💟💟

  • Deb New
    Deb New 25 днів тому

    Gosh I love a reveal ❤️🇦🇺

  • chromemaster
    chromemaster 25 днів тому

    So the light fixture is lower than Sarah's head in the main bath! Wouldn't it be better to have two sinks in there, instead of a separate tub? I would imagine a second sink would be far more useful.

  • Redouteshabby
    Redouteshabby 25 днів тому +1

    Love it! I instantly relax every time I see the cottage. And a video without Tommy would not be a video. Thanks for being there Tommy!

  • Liz Doherty
    Liz Doherty 25 днів тому +1

    Love this xxx can’t wait to see more 💜💜💜

  • Casey Trudeau
    Casey Trudeau 25 днів тому +1

    Tommy should have his own Design/Travel show, "Tommy's Away Takes" or "Tommy's Take Aways"

  • Elaine Earl
    Elaine Earl 25 днів тому

    Just returned home from my cottage and was so excited to see your first reveal episode, beautiful, loved it. Now you have given me some ideas! Looking forward to more reveal.

    • Sarah Richardson
      Sarah Richardson  23 дні тому

      I'm glad to have inspired some ideas for your own cottage!!

  • Kimberly Varvorines
    Kimberly Varvorines 25 днів тому +1

    Are there window screens and just not on for the reveal?

  • Amanda Bradley
    Amanda Bradley 25 днів тому

    How absolutely beautiful

  • Sharon Mika
    Sharon Mika 25 днів тому

    I have followed you for years and you never disappoint! Love your work.💫 The redo is amazing, and this coming from someone who loved, loved, loved the original!

  • Lynn Zoeller
    Lynn Zoeller 25 днів тому

    As always, LOVE, LOVE!!! You are my Favorite Designer and i am a HUGE FAN of everything you do!!!! Looking forward to your next video.

    • Sarah Richardson
      Sarah Richardson  23 дні тому +1

      I'm looking forward to sharing it with you Lynn!

  • James Juarez
    James Juarez 25 днів тому

    OMG that turned out absolutely beautiful!!! Stunning! Gorgeous! So well planned and executed!! Wow Sarah you continue to amaze me with your talent, color choices, fabric choices and so on. Thank you for taking us along for the ride as I look forward to seeing the rest of the finished island cottage. Sigh.... xo

    • Sarah Richardson
      Sarah Richardson  23 дні тому +2

      I can't wait to share the rest with you! So happy that you like it so far.

  • Mel O
    Mel O 25 днів тому

    Thank goodness this came up on my feed. I've been wanting to access your design shows from Australia, but couldn't through HBO (?) channel. So happy!!!!

    • Sarah Richardson
      Sarah Richardson  23 дні тому +2

      You can catch all of my Design Life here on UAclips or my website!

  • dogzzz2002
    dogzzz2002 25 днів тому

    I love the fixed elements of your bathroom too! Thank you also for sharing the links to some of your buying spots - I’m looking for a vanity and immediately paused the vid & got to see a new vendor website. Awesome! And since I didn’t live with the fabric headboard of your guest room it still looked great to me. Loved the ‘eye’ shape. I also love how you can change up the colour of your furniture, move it to another room and feel refreshed again. I think I’m stealing that idea 😉

  • MG Mford
    MG Mford 25 днів тому +1

    So beautiful! Excellent tips on renovating as well.

  • Siansonea Orande
    Siansonea Orande 25 днів тому

    Love it, it's amazing, always loved the bunkie, love it even more now. It was one of my favorite reveals in the original show, and it's even more special now that it's really set up the right way for the space.

  • Linda Cruikshank
    Linda Cruikshank 25 днів тому +1

    More more more please.....

  • Olivia Casino
    Olivia Casino 25 днів тому +2

    Thanks for the reveal, Sarah; for some reason I thought we were going to be "done out" of same! Silly me. You're such a pro at these shoots.
    Also enjoyed a glimpse of Tommy who seems to grow more darling with the years. (I'm sure his Mum will agree!) Looking forward to your next post...just another faithful fan from California. Happy Sailing.

  • Loren Wilkerson
    Loren Wilkerson 25 днів тому +4

    The most enlightening thing about this video was that the pub next door to Tommy has him on speed dial. 😜

    • Stu cumins
      Stu cumins 20 днів тому


  • Doc Savage
    Doc Savage 25 днів тому +1

    First off.... YAY!!!! TOMMY!!!!
    Second... One reason I’m drawn to Sarah’s designs is that her harmonious layering of colors, materials, textures and patterns is like a beautiful symphony. In a strange way I can look at these rooms and hear a melody, something soft, gentle and inviting.

  • Alison Shanahan
    Alison Shanahan 25 днів тому +1

    Thank you very much for your video. I appreciate your views on buying the right basics in the beginning especially for the bathroom. The minor changes you made are amazing in the final look of your bathroom and as you said, are very affordable. We are about to undertake a renovation of our ensuite which is in original condition from when we moved in 18 years ago, complete with pink walls and dark green and cream hexagon tiles that have been falling off for 15 years. I hate hexagon shapes, so old fashioned, absolutely everywhere 20 years ago here in Australia.

  • Elizabeth Perkins
    Elizabeth Perkins 25 днів тому +2

    Thank you for this gift ,loved it

  • Latoya Jarvis
    Latoya Jarvis 25 днів тому +8

    Yes Sarah you did it again. I thoroughly enjoyed it all from beginning to end. Sarah and Tommy always a winner combo for me. Looking forward to the next vlog.

  • Susan Thompson
    Susan Thompson 25 днів тому +2

    Gorgeous as always! Love, love, love the colour choices and blending of older and more contemporary pieces. 😍

  • Yvonne Colon
    Yvonne Colon 25 днів тому +1

    Fantastic 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Wildflower wind
    Wildflower wind 25 днів тому +1

    The Bunkie needs a Bunkie outhouse.

  • Wildflower wind
    Wildflower wind 25 днів тому

    North Light? Really?

  • Jo
    Jo 25 днів тому +2

    Breathtaking! Love everything again. Love Sarah and love Tommy. I remember in the first Reno Tommy putting dibs on the guest room and the bunkie.

  • Tim Carrington
    Tim Carrington 25 днів тому +2

    Amazing! As usual. 😍

  • A La Maison
    A La Maison 25 днів тому +3

    Love, love, love! Thank you and Tommy both for sharing your design tips! It was your use of pebble stone in your cottage bathroom that has inspired my husband and I to use pebble stone as an accent in our own bathroom renovations. Since we’re in the city and not the country we’ve opted for a flat, white pebble stone (made from marble) as an accent in our niches. So, different than how you used it in your cottage, but inspired by you nonetheless!

  • Deborah Reid
    Deborah Reid 25 днів тому +5

    Taking notes here Sarah!! Great renos on the guest bedroom, bathroom & bunkie (as our family tends to call them 😉)!!! I love how you share your thought process as well, which is similar to the internal monologue I always have as I go about decorating. 🤔😉👍 Looking forward to seeing the rest of the renos!!! Enjoy your family (Tommy included 💜) time up there ... two days until Fall! 🎃 🍁

  • Christina Yip
    Christina Yip 25 днів тому +1

    Beautiful 2.0 reiteration ! Bunkie!

  • kaboombox
    kaboombox 25 днів тому

    Love the bunkie,I just don’t think it needs the desk at the end of the bed.

    • Sarah Benjamin
      Sarah Benjamin 25 днів тому

      ...actually it does: maybe not style-wise, but certainly function-wise for some guests and definitely for the owners.

  • KansasGirl
    KansasGirl 25 днів тому +27

    Am I the only one who wonders how a guest in the bunky visits the bathroom in the middle of the night?

    • Linda Estoll
      Linda Estoll 22 дні тому +2

      Tony BellCanyon You must be under 55! 😀. At night? In the dark?

    • Tony BellCanyon
      Tony BellCanyon 22 дні тому +2

      You get up and walk to the bathroom... it's not a hike through Kilimanjaro!

    • Vivien Mcnaul
      Vivien Mcnaul 23 дні тому +1

      Years ago we used a poe at my grandmother's. Now I think about it I was much much younger couldn't do it now. 😂

    • Lyla Rovello
      Lyla Rovello 24 дні тому +2

      KansasGirl right there with you. Wondering if males find it easier to use nature’s urinal rather than the house loo. Know lots of people who would be a bit stressed staying out there.

    • Siansonea Orande
      Siansonea Orande 25 днів тому +6

      I'm guessing that they walk up to the house and go inside and use the bathroom.

  • Diane Calwell
    Diane Calwell 25 днів тому +1

    So thoughtful. You do it well.

  • Linette Chesnut
    Linette Chesnut 25 днів тому +1

    Looks so relaxing 😎