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Kevin Gates - 3rd World Panama ("Peru" Freestyle)

  • Опубліковано 30 тра 2023
  • Kevin Gates - 3rd World Panama ("Peru" Freestyle)
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  • @nbabuckets4507

    Real gates fans hear less than a minute after this drop 💯

  • @michaelharris5568

    If you've grown with Kevin you'll understand how "It hit different" as they say

  • @CFO341
    @CFO341  +10

    Been on repeat every since I heard this …. Anybody gong thru, you’re almost there. No matter how many “No’s” you get , you only need 1 “yes”

  • @jamesherbst2429

    I've looped this song about 200+ times in the past 3 days. Thanks for the vibes mr gates

  • @Audi4Rings808

    Kevin gates. This man got me through so many highs and lows over the last decade it's insane. Glad he still here and making music... surrounded by fake people all day feels good to listen to real music..one of the few left 🎵🎶

  • @bigceo9234

    Ngl his music helps me get through all

  • @Love15488

    He pull me out da hole every time. ❤

  • @soniadeveau6806
    @soniadeveau6806 19 годин тому +55

    Kevin Gates is one of the best rapper alive. that's true

  • @desighnr
    @desighnr  +166

    In tune & in alignment stay focused on y’all journey and never give up 💯🔋🔥

  • @Ohwowthatshowwedo369

    I’m the gym and seen he dropped this!! Started cheesing 😁😁 bout to be a great session!!💪🏾💪🏾

  • @NovaLegends0

    when i say this song been on repeat i mean its been played 10 times and ima play it 10 more

  • @arolenastephens5113

    As a Panamanian, I definitely approve of this message. Thank you for being our truth out. We might be 3rd world. But our world is beautifully amazing! 🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦🇵🇦

  • @ljsmith5546

    Shit crazy… i was on my way to work and this song popped up in my head. I was boutta go play the unreleased version then I saw he actually dropped it🔥

  • @blakejohnson8114

    Born again I’m a king ,I’m a God , I’m a emperor learning to surrender!

  • @breakthebank6086

    I’m on replay keep giving us that gas Kevin been with u since middle school

  • @Fedayeen73

    this song on replay!! forever one of the GOATS in da game hands down💪

  • @shelbyuuu8west261

    I have an unreal kind of love for this man 😩🫠🫠🫠🥹🥹🥹💫💫💫💫💫 i feel everything he writes so deeply 🥺🫶🏻🫶🏻💫💫💫 he's really my twin flame 😩🥹🧡😅

  • @dredgeboater8613

    The discipline and focus it takes to be this great. 💪🏽 Thank you Thank you Thank you

  • @LM.IiGiI_

    You helped me get through my hardest times Gates 💪🎶

  • @MackGeeOfficial

    Your music is therapy. May the most high keep blessing you