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How To Understand Market Structure | FOREX | SMC (Part 1)

  • Опубліковано 20 бер 2023
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    0:00 Intro
    2:18 Importance of structure
    4:22 Basic market structure
    10:09 Strong vs weak highs & lows
    13:03 Trend changes
    16:30 Change of character (CHoCH)
    22:35 Structure mapping types
    26:24 Chart walkthrough
    36:48 Outro
    Market structure is the overall order flow of the forex market and provides us with a mechanical framework to read and understand price.
    When you understand and map market structure correctly, it massively increases the probability of understanding where price is more likely to go to next, but also the behaviour of how price will likely move to get there.
    You need to have a mechanical method for mapping market structure consistently the same way every single time. If you can be consistent in your approach to analysing the FX market, then you increase the probability of achieving consistent results within an uncertain market environment.
    Bullish trend/OF - higher highs and higher lows
    Bearish trend/OF - lower lows and lower highs
    Swing high - highest point that caused the swing low
    Swing low - lowest point thar caused the swing high
    Strong low - lows that caused highs (HL’s)
    Strong high - highs that caused lows (LH’s)
    After a break of structure (BOS) - expect a pullback on that timeframe
    CHoCH - bullish structure changing to bearish structure (vice versa)
    - Can signal that a swing run has ended and a swing pullback has started
    - Can signal that a swing pullback has ended and the next swing run has started
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  • Oscar Velasco
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    The clearest explanation about structure that I've seen on YT so far!

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    • Sthembiso Mfusi
      Sthembiso Mfusi 3 місяці тому

      Yeah his video has assisted me in understanding market structure very well, it was one of the things that was messing up my trades but I've watched and revised this video so many times and now my profits have been waaay more consistent, I made 5% on a 25k account in a week and a half, a margin that would take me close to 6 weeks to reach. Highly recommend to watch it

    • Esther Ngugi
      Esther Ngugi 8 місяців тому

      Sure.. the best for me so far

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      really exited to learn .
      i think this is the real actifity on market
      thank you for your share sir

  • cullen quito
    cullen quito 10 місяців тому +89

    Dude this is the best market structure explanation I've ever watched. Not only explained, but also the chart walkthrough was crystal clear.

  • James Paul
    James Paul 9 місяців тому +21

    1:30 (1) CONSISTENTLY Map Market Structure = high probability you will be on the right side of the market. = HIGHER STRIKE RATE. (2) sky rocket RRR and (3) Gain CONFIDENCE. 3:28 Importance of Consistency. Become a SME at mapping market structure. Put the work in and you will see exponential results. No one can do your push ups for you. 4:30 Basic Market Structure 6:00 Higher TF Swing highs and swing lows > this is basis of market structure and trend bias. 6:20 EVERYTHING in between the Swing High and Low is INTERNAL STRUCTURE. 6:55 SWING LOW = the LOWEST point that caused the Swing HIGH not negotiable. 8:10 Become a SME and Understand External (Swing high /low) vs Internal Structure. IF you trade internal structure and counter trend trades = expect a low probability of success. 9:55 Break out traders who jump in at or above highs = low probability of success. (Why 50 to 70% this move has already happened >> you are trading for low pennies and have high risk of market gong against you. 10:05 when you see a BoS > automatically starting looking the price level where the next low will form.

    • Fabian chinonso
      Fabian chinonso 2 місяці тому

      Wonderful job james! Can you do the same for part 2🥰

  • James Paul
    James Paul 9 місяців тому +22

    35:15 The 2nd CHoCH confirms the internal structure is now aligned bearish with the External Structure.
    35:20 Key concept: When internal structure aligns with external structure then you have a high probability of setup. Remainder of this video covers in detail additional CHoCH and valid entries.36:50 Summary. List of questions to ask yourself when you analyzing market structure.

  • Mentari Saputra
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      I have heard about this same Cassandra Roberts somewhere as there are testimonies about her, I'm definitely trading with a second thought

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      I have been scared it loosing my money but I feel some confident about this trader and I have to try it because am really feeling good about this

  • James Paul
    James Paul 5 місяців тому +8

    26:40 Live Charts.
    28:44 Internal structure now aligned with the Swing Structure (bearish) **** critical concept ***
    37:00 Live charts walk through = AWESOME.
    37:15 Checklist. (1) map out swing high and swing low (2) Pro trend or counter trend (3) has the pull back started (4) has there been a change of character ? (5) Is the internal structure back in line with the swing structure ? (6) Where are the weak highs or weak lows ? (7) your target should be the weak high or weak low points the structure.

  • Darren Rafel
    Darren Rafel 7 місяців тому +18

    Three years trading...this is the most valuable video I've ever seen. Thank you...inadvertently great for psychology too

  • James Paul
    James Paul 9 місяців тому +19

    22:40 Structure mapping >> HOW to use the wicks or the candle bodies for the highs and lows. BULLISH CASE examples:
    TYPE 1 (conservative) full body candle candle must close above the wick.
    Type 2 ( aggressive) only a wick needs to form above the previous high.
    25:00 Type 1 used when Swing high or low confirmation required = continuation.
    Type 2 (wick break above the high or below the low) used for CHoCH
    26:30 Live chart walk through. 4h TF valid pullback +-/ 40 pips (or a minimum 3 candles?? > WHY >< need three candles to form a high or low = middle plus one to left and one to right) 32:35 Reversal Minor fractal high taken out 33:32 BEARISH CHoCH is very subtle (best to scale down from 15 to 5m or less TF this fails to make a LL !! Bullish CHoCH forms and market takes out the Bearish Swing high = reversal confirmed.

  • Princess Madueke
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    I just wanna say - I really appreciate you, man. Coming across your videos have really enlightened my
    Psychology as well so I got into your course after watching all your YT videos twice. STAYING PROCESS ORIENTED rather than goal oriented - thank you! I want this so bad

  • Michael Harris
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    This is the clearest explanation of structure I've heard in 2 years, thank you 💯💯

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    To be honest you're the best SMC teacher ever I founded omg idk why I didn't find you long back ago. Thank you so much for providing such a valuable content as well making it very easy to understand.👌 You're seriously awesome bro. ❤️

  • michael aldan
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    ive gone through 75% of your course..and i must say this is the absolute best outline/presentation of SMC i have seen after watching many other traders explain what SMC consists of....your psych course is also an eye opener....simply superb work...i can only commend you on all the time and effort you have put into this...amazing...

    • michael aldan
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      @Ebuka Solomon if you dont understand the course you really need to go back to basics, ultimately...price action is the most important

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      Please can you help me with the course...

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    No waste time💪
    The clearest explanation🔥❤️ I just subscribed and watch the rest of your videos.

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      I follow you also on Instagram sir. Post other videos how to ignore order blocks or imbalances that never tested❤️

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    This video itself deserves millions of likes and shares , i am sad that i can only like once . This is the best Market Structure video i have ever seen> Thanks so much for your time and effort you put in . It means alot to us ,,, Watching you all the way up from Chins . Big love and Big respect , Keep pushing , cant wait to see your upcoming videos on YT .

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    Bru.... you the king of market structure 🔥🔥🔥 I have never seen this kinda break down in my life. Definitely interested in your Mentorship. The 40 plus min watching your video never get tired nor neither be bored. This is advanced level indeed. 🙏🙏

  • 21-049 Hardy Aditya Chandra
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    i have watched plenty videos about market structure but this video has more value both in the quality and information offered. Excellent work man, glad to find your youtube channel

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    Just found this video and agree with many of the comments, one of the best explanations of market structure I've seen. Thanks so much, I will be watching this over and over until it all sinks in

  • haxpor
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    Totally great stuff! It makes me look at the chart differently than before. So much of structure :)

  • James Paul
    James Paul 9 місяців тому +6

    10:20 Strong and Weak highs and lows (this concept changed my life) Bullish market have a series of STRONG HIGHER LOWS and Bearish market have a series of Strong Lower HIGHs 10:55 the job of a higher low is make a HH and the job of lower high is make a LL. 12:00 GOAL in bullish markets to catch HL and in Bearish market the goal is catch a LH simple! 13:10 TREND CHANGES: Photon uses a single BoS for the trend change. (the BoS take out a strong low therefore the low is now a weak low) 17:00 CHoCH is used for INTERNAL structure. First sign of weakness in market. 17:43 CHoCH carton > very good. Tools used include: Liquidity, Supply and Demand CHoCH form the HH and HL (Bullish condition) and LH and LL (bearish condition) 20:05 Complex pullbacks

  • Mojtaba Alishzadeh
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    I have seen more than 100 videos about market structure on youtube.. This is literally the most complete video about market structure.. I want to say thank you.. you are the best❤❤

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    I'm glad I came across this video. Market structure is a new concept to me, however, it made so much sense.

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    Hey Matt, first of all - you are an exceptional good teacher, the way you explain stuff really sinks in. Not many FX mentors can really drive the point home like you do. Thanks for the free teachings you provide on your channel!
    Definitely considering to get your course!
    One question I have: you say for you on the H4 40pips is your limit to consider a pullback to be Swing structure. Surely, this only is the fact for EU. What do you consider swing structure on pairs like GU, GJ, UJ and AU? Any way to figure that out by myself on any pairs?
    Thanks mate, appreciate it!

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    Man I just loved your method of teaching market structure,can you please make a video on how to trade the pullbacks into the supply/demand zones.
    Thank you

    • Ar Fa
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      Try fair value gaps for that part. Good luck

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    Definitely this is the clearest and best explanation of market structure I've ever seen. I wish you would upload videos about other Price Action concepts.

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    Why aren't there a million views here??. This is by far the BEST explanation and clarity ive received. I am glad I came across your page and I really hope traders find this so that great improvement can be made. Thank you for this and I appreciate this content

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      Haha I wonder that exact same question every day 🤔😂. Thanks for the feedback Theophilus, I’m glad you’re taking value from it 💪🏼

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    Your content is absolutely amazing, this is the clearest explanation of market structure that I've seen in trying to understand the market. Liked and subscribed!! Thankyou so much for this.

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    I just have one doubt, the candles on you chart are not in 2 colours and there are rather 3, so i am just wondering what actually is the meaning of the three different candles, the white candle, the grey candle and the blue candle, also how can we setup that, to make our charts look like yours!!
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      @Photon Trading I appreciate folks like you who make out the time to helps noobies like me, you just earned yourself a loyal subscriber, downloaded all videos. Now you said, you'll leave a link to download the candle stick PDF you used to explain in the video. Not great at writing but I guess you get the hang of what I'm trying to say. Much love

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      They are inside bars. Just search for an inside bar indicator. It’s just a candle that fails to break the prior candles high or low. I use this for internal structure and SD zones (as they represent a range on a lower timeframe)

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