Twin Sisters Separated at Birth Reunite on 'GMA'

  • Опубліковано 11 січ 2017
  • Two sisters, each adopted from China by different American families, meet in person for the first time.
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  • Febrila Hardiani
    Febrila Hardiani День тому

    Challenge not to cry, fail T_T

  • Liesel Bragg
    Liesel Bragg 2 дні тому

    y’all went and made me cry

  • Evening Light
    Evening Light 2 дні тому +3

    This is more sad than happy. They should have never should have been separated.

  • Johnny Pham
    Johnny Pham 2 дні тому

    They are not lifeless puppets. THIS IS SAD and exploitative.

  • Ashlee Stark
    Ashlee Stark 3 дні тому

    Me: *looks at girls hair*
    *looks at other girls hair*
    Me: Why u gotta mess up her hair like that when her sisters look so good (this is just a joke and not supposed to offend anyone)

  • Dayra Maldonado
    Dayra Maldonado 3 дні тому +1

    Awww.....! I cried too. When they were crying

  • Jennifer Pirtle
    Jennifer Pirtle 4 дні тому

    Aww tears😢

  • Jessica DiSalvo
    Jessica DiSalvo 4 дні тому


  • Winx_YT
    Winx_YT 4 дні тому

    im the only mad for this being a video. like what were they thinking poor girls

  • Gabby S
    Gabby S 4 дні тому


  • jshd jsjsjs
    jshd jsjsjs 5 днів тому

    How the FUCK did she find her just on Facebook

  • Gagay09 Lala
    Gagay09 Lala 5 днів тому

    Gay life

  • Silvija Nikita
    Silvija Nikita 5 днів тому


  • Skyler Porter
    Skyler Porter 6 днів тому

    I'm not crying, my eyes are sweating.

  • Reddie Trashbrak
    Reddie Trashbrak 7 днів тому

    Dead ass I cried when they hugged...

  • That Kawaii Gal
    That Kawaii Gal 7 днів тому

    I know I should pay attention to the twins' but doesn't Audrey's dad look like Bob Duncan ? Or is it just me ?!

  • Dk ss
    Dk ss 7 днів тому

    wow americans are really nice people

  • Franklin Panis
    Franklin Panis 7 днів тому

    hey my name in Audrey

  • Martis Rosario
    Martis Rosario 7 днів тому

    Big thumbs up

  • lizzy show
    lizzy show 8 днів тому

    Whoever dislikes this video needs help

  • Brendon Morgan
    Brendon Morgan 8 днів тому

    Don't cry
    Don't cry
    Don't cry
    I wish the best of luck to them

  • Jeffrey Fairbanks
    Jeffrey Fairbanks 8 днів тому

    OMG that is so amazing!😸

  • MarcellusTheGreen
    MarcellusTheGreen 8 днів тому +3

    Dressing them alike and providing identical eyeglasses certainly improves the dramatic effect.

  • Tyo Channel
    Tyo Channel 9 днів тому

    Damn. I'm crying...

  • Marco Martinez
    Marco Martinez 10 днів тому

    Man cmon

  • Marco Martinez
    Marco Martinez 10 днів тому

    When you die its whole shiet

  • Marco Martinez
    Marco Martinez 10 днів тому

    Fucl these shows they can all eat dhiet amd die

  • Marco Martinez
    Marco Martinez 10 днів тому

    My dad died

  • Marco Martinez
    Marco Martinez 10 днів тому

    Ask why doctors wont accept people wothout 8nsurance and let them die

    EMON IZAZ 10 днів тому

    Internet you made me cry 😭😭😭

  • Elaine Cochrane
    Elaine Cochrane 10 днів тому

    How can anyone separate twins for adoption? That's just sick.

  • Kynnedy and Keyana
    Kynnedy and Keyana 11 днів тому +1

    Aww this is so cute

  • Phimploy Reuanglit
    Phimploy Reuanglit 11 днів тому

    Imagine if they were neighbors

  • OBG Jay
    OBG Jay 11 днів тому

    *dammit stop cutting onions*

  • Natasha Mantle
    Natasha Mantle 11 днів тому

    This made me cry

  • TripleTeddy Gaming
    TripleTeddy Gaming 11 днів тому

    Who's Filipino here???

  • ponyongie
    ponyongie 11 днів тому

    *i think it's time for soft hours*

  • Potato Alyxaplayz
    Potato Alyxaplayz 11 днів тому +1


    SO SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hopefully this Christmas I get a twin

  • Jungkook Jimin
    Jungkook Jimin 11 днів тому

    Omg I cried

  • Andres Escamilla
    Andres Escamilla 12 днів тому

    7:51 why is Hanna Baker there? lol

    BTS LOVER 12 днів тому

    I was just like i would hang on to my long lost twin and cry

  • Ootheking1234 King of oo's
    Ootheking1234 King of oo's 12 днів тому

    5:06 Me when me and my friend got attacked in Fortnite and we died

  • Nontobeko Wendy
    Nontobeko Wendy 12 днів тому

    I cried 😍

  • Charlene N
    Charlene N 12 днів тому


  • averaxl
    averaxl 12 днів тому

    I cried. Ooooooohoh baby, I cried my anxiety ououot...

  • Harshal Parikh
    Harshal Parikh 13 днів тому +1

    Wtf Chinese already look identical & then this is anothet level identical twins

  • Charis
    Charis 13 днів тому +2

    I’m a twin and this made me cry😭😭😭😭😭💖💖💖💖

  • Aaron.
    Aaron. 13 днів тому

    They ain’t twins they just Chinese ..

  • eiprilabs you
    eiprilabs you 13 днів тому

    Ohhh im crying ..

  • Arcelia Carrasco
    Arcelia Carrasco 13 днів тому

    They even sit the same!

  • Black Forest
    Black Forest 14 днів тому +1

    They cry the same. It’s so amazing

  • Sally Freeman
    Sally Freeman 14 днів тому


  • Just Me
    Just Me 14 днів тому

    Who’s the dude in the red dress

  • Nicole Payton
    Nicole Payton 15 днів тому

    I cried.. What they did not address was these white couples with money snatching up Chinese,African babies not doing research wanting to be Angelina Jolie or Sandra Bullock. Don't get me wrong I know their heart is in the right place. But imma need YOU to stop trying to upside Nancy with her Indonesian adopted you ain't know she was a twin or did you care to find out? Don't get me wrong them foreign countries will fool you

  • Lloyd_robinflex
    Lloyd_robinflex 16 днів тому

    I couldn't hold back.. every time they cried, I cried. This is such a Beautiful story as are the twins and their families.

  • Monika Duana
    Monika Duana 16 днів тому

    the parents treat both of the girls like their own daughter i can feel the warmth of those families ..

  • ClassyMess Channel
    ClassyMess Channel 16 днів тому

    That's so beautiful 😍

  • Maci Rudder
    Maci Rudder 16 днів тому

    Imagine if they pulled a switch a roo like parent trap 😂😂

  • Noel White
    Noel White 16 днів тому

    Just imagine your sitting at dinner with your family and your mom out of the blue says... you have a long lost twin! 😖

  • Evie Urada
    Evie Urada 16 днів тому

    I cried 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 is this a happy moment or is it sad that they never saw each other. this is the second time watching

  • Franchesca Horlador
    Franchesca Horlador 17 днів тому +1

    Its funny cuz they both have glasses😂

  • D Lane
    D Lane 17 днів тому

    China is selling everything under the sun... this made me cry.

  • Vicky Mimi
    Vicky Mimi 17 днів тому

    this is so emotional. 😢

  • FortyFourFitness
    FortyFourFitness 17 днів тому

    I felt as almost as if she wanted to say “it feels good to have a real sibling.” Not that the other guys were real brother, but real as in biological. Seeing the other for the first time would be mind blowing because you know it’s not really the first time and that this inseparable bond is one of a kind.

  • John Day Jr.
    John Day Jr. 17 днів тому

    I admit .. I teared.

  • Stephanie Thompson
    Stephanie Thompson 18 днів тому

    How grotesquely exploitative of these two children, to do something like this on TV. Poor kids.

  • Nevaeh Jackson
    Nevaeh Jackson 19 днів тому

    I’d be scared seeing another me running around

  • Olivia Mekielah
    Olivia Mekielah 19 днів тому

    Omg I cried 😭

    FARK GOOGLE 19 днів тому


  • Bigtayallday 74
    Bigtayallday 74 19 днів тому +4

    Who left onions in the room 😢

  • mr fun at parties
    mr fun at parties 19 днів тому

    Watch one family be a Republican and the other a Democrat or vegans and non vegans.

  • Benjamin Felix
    Benjamin Felix 19 днів тому

    Should have been private, there using them to gaid money and publicity. Should have been private

  • Evie Jeebs
    Evie Jeebs 20 днів тому

    This is so cutee

  • Aleasha Wallace
    Aleasha Wallace 20 днів тому

    "The other girl" rude!

  • T D
    T D 20 днів тому +1 it me or do they look exactly the same wtfff

  • Asan Asana
    Asan Asana 20 днів тому

    I love you people , you are great.

  • Shiloh Teagarden
    Shiloh Teagarden 21 день тому

    I cant believe you put these two children through this emotional upheaval on television in front of everyone. I guess some people want ratings so bad and some people want to be on tv so badly they have no consideration for the emotional life of children who one should expect would be completely overwhelmed. This was a traumatizing circus for all the adults and not a fun event for the children. This exploitation really angers me

  • Eliseslayy’s World
    Eliseslayy’s World 21 день тому

    They are so pretty

  • Isabella C
    Isabella C 21 день тому

    My ❤️❤️ goes out to these wonderful little girls!

  • luis79sin
    luis79sin 22 дні тому

    Jimin girlfriend has been a lot more and more years now and I’ll be going home tomorrow

  • Katelyn Phoenix
    Katelyn Phoenix 22 дні тому

    I was crying so hard

  • Barron Lerner
    Barron Lerner 22 дні тому

    I watched this live on a treadmill and was crying so hard I almost fell off. Pretty manipulative but I'm glad they did it this way.

  • helen pugh
    helen pugh 22 дні тому

    It does worry me that the parents adopted without researching the kids' stories. They could've been trafficked or something...

  • daddy cool
    daddy cool 22 дні тому

    omg i cant believe i burst out crying wtf im a grown ass tough mofo i need to hide it from my wife better make a cheese and onion sanwich fast.

  • wonder stuff
    wonder stuff 22 дні тому

    Not cryinh not crying😭😭😭

  • Paige Woode
    Paige Woode 22 дні тому

    Man my eyes are sweating

  • かわいいRjen-chan
    かわいいRjen-chan 22 дні тому

    I too, cried a whole lot!

  • Jen doe
    Jen doe 22 дні тому


  • Joanna Migo
    Joanna Migo 22 дні тому

    awwwww so cute !!!!!!

  • shawn smith
    shawn smith 22 дні тому

    if you want see more of them here is there channel

  • Mercedes Miller
    Mercedes Miller 22 дні тому

    You're telling me they waited till GMA to meet?

  • RedShadow
    RedShadow 22 дні тому

    Hannah Baker @ 7:39

  • Alison York
    Alison York 23 дні тому

    Only in America would such a private, emotional and sensitive moment for two little girls be used for entertainment. Happy for them obviously, but thank goodness we do things differently in the UK.

  • Kalpana Roy
    Kalpana Roy 23 дні тому


  • Rocker 101 gaming
    Rocker 101 gaming 24 дні тому

    People with 4 kids go crazy

  • Elizabeth Adame
    Elizabeth Adame 24 дні тому +1

    The specialist that helps with twins and stuff.....why does the girl behind her looks like Hannah Baker from 13 reasons why 7:43

  • ChiWanders
    ChiWanders 24 дні тому

    I’m not an emotional person but I cried so hard.
    They’re too cute!

  • amal2055
    amal2055 24 дні тому

    ايش القصة ودي افهم انا ما اعرف غير صيني

  • Delta Travis
    Delta Travis 24 дні тому

    That's sad that they got separated 🤧

  • adriana hernandez
    adriana hernandez 24 дні тому

    I've seen this like 5 times
    I've cried like 5 times