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How to summon Giga Monty and his Army in FNAF: Security Breach

  • Опубліковано 15 січ 2022
  • No mods, no cheats, just good old security breach :)
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  • Torch
    Torch  +8

    If the devs patch the game, they should publish the fixed version onto a new build or something. The game as it is now should be preserved. It's a gift that keeps on giving.

  • Angeeel L.M.

    "This game will be so successful, it'll be a monty printing machine!"

  • Nebulous Insomniac

    Considering Monty's very limited presence in the game, this is actually a really cool way to make him a unique, prominent threat on his own. An animatronic that never teleports, just always chases with great pathing and like foxy in fnaf 2, knows you're in the freddy disguise

  • Firock Finion

    The game: "He doesn't have any AI; it'll be fine, he'll just sit there."

  • GrimmBones

    Honestly, I feel like FNAF: Security Breach has become the new Skate 3, where people disliked it originally for it's bugs, and end up praising it and loving it for them, probably far more than they ever would've if the game was perfect, code-wise, and never had a single bug.

  • TheTardis
    TheTardis  +332

    Normal Monty: "Oh well I cant see the kid anymore, guess he dissappeared."

  • Firepingun123

    Speedrunner tries to beat the game without running

  • StrastTheFox

    What if Giga Monty was supposed to be a punishment for getting caught in the spotlight? In the actual game, Gregory says to avoid the spotlight, but nothing happens if the spotlight catches you, what if that Monty was supposed to basically guarentee your death if you get caught by the spotlight?

  • Soapport
    Soapport  +336

    Truly a sight to behold. Now all we need is a glitch that makes Monty larger or Gregory smaller so we can truly have GIGA Monty. Great work as always Spiff!

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks  +803

    Awesome how you put the stream-chaos into a video

  • Kiryu
    Kiryu  +339

    Honestly this seems like a perfect idea to add a hard mode to the whole game and have the AI mega op

  • arlo975
    arlo975  +138

    it does seem sad that giga monty is stuck on the spotlight considering how much power it could yield, and it would make gregory's statement "i gotta avoid that spotlight" way more realistic, since it would give you a reason to avoid said spotlight

  • Justas
    Justas  +1

    I really like the way Giga Monty works. Instead of just teleporting a murder robot behind you, it instead alerts them and have them chase you with extreme focus.

  • KindredKeepsake

    Fun Fact: A group of alligators is called a congregation. I love how they all work together with a common goal, almost like a hivemind--with Spotlight Monty as the leader and coordinator. Poor Freddy nearly broke himself at the thought of other Freddy's, while Spotlight Monty is like "Yo fam, want to hunt?" and the other Monty's help him. It's almost a wholesome thought. If I heard a chorus of "Rock and Roll!" as they stampeded after you, I would have died. XD But the fact that they say their own individual lines one by one is even better!

  • Second Sense

    Unreal Dev here! What it's doing is spawning a new Monty for the sequence, when you enter the trigger, since the sequence is only meant to happen once but the devs don't check to see if that Monty has been spawned into the world, causing another to spawn. A simple check to store that Monty as an Actor variable (Unreal devs will know what I mean) and see if it is set, before spawning, would've prevented this from happening. This check can be done with literally three nodes in Blueprints, one to set the variable, one to get the variable and the third being an IsValid(). Not to big myself up but how a studio of people didn't do something that a solo dev like me would've done is beyond me. The game was definitely rushed out.

  • Shaggy
    Shaggy  +63

    I genuinely wanna see someone do a glitchless speed run in this game where they desperately try to avoid glitches in this game

  • Oran Bluethorn

    This is one of the very few glitches in this game that honestly, they should NOT fix. I would adore if this somehow stayed in game past any and all patches it gets, the ability to turn on a unique hard mode: Monty Is Going To Eat You mode, by just messing with the rooftop Monty

  • Spac3y
    Spac3y  +46

    Giga Monty.... easily the scariest and funniest creation known to man. This is exactly why the creators of this game should have had Speedrunners stress test the game, Giga Monty is a prime example lmao

  • MadsZ
    MadsZ  +2

    Love how the incredibly loud thumping and shaking of the Giga Montys is more effective at scaring you than anything in the game

  • Steff-Anne Dark