Cascada - Fever - live (Germany)



  • Arturo Nava
    Arturo Nava 6 років тому


  • Jerry Barney
    Jerry Barney 7 років тому

    and some in the us just not as much as germany.

  • SuperCooper19961
    SuperCooper19961 7 років тому +2

    hm yes Natalie is a very nice girl:)

  • harley wilkinson
    harley wilkinson 7 років тому

    @GaGaAteOurHearts Cascada is from Germany.

  • mai121121
    mai121121 7 років тому

    @Ichihimefan247 The thing is; as a professional there is always great pressure to uphold the performnce level standards that is expected of you. Singing in a performance is incredibly risky, especially when following a dance routine, as throwing your diaphragm around like that makes it virtually impossible to provide a consistent, smooth tonal quality.

  • mai121121
    mai121121 7 років тому

    @GaGaAteOurHearts I love Cascada! straight from Canada We love her all over the world!!

  • Martin Minecrafťák
    Martin Minecrafťák 7 років тому

    Thumbs up if you still watching this in 2011! By the way... we love u Natt ;)

  • brightlights212
    brightlights212 8 років тому

    @GaGaAteOurHearts cascada sings "castles in the sky"? are you sure? i thought that was some brunette chick.

  • Yess Borjas
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  • Yess Borjas
    Yess Borjas 8 років тому

    este video me encanta

  • AmaB
    AmaB 8 років тому +1

    who the f**k is VIP ?

  • Ichihimefan247
    Ichihimefan247 8 років тому

    It's Germany. Lots of people lipsinc. It's not a huge deal, if you're saying blahblahblah she has a great voice why isn't she singing live? Well it's probably what the producers of the show asked her to do? She might be singing live at the dome? Because I know I've seen her sing live at the dome.

  • MonsterMakeupSTEF
    MonsterMakeupSTEF 9 років тому

    Why doesn't she sing in these performances?
    I've heard her sing with acoustic and it sounds perfectly fine.
    These perfromances would be thousands times better if she didn't lip sync.

  • julist1010
    julist1010 9 років тому

    @GaGaAteOurHearts Cascada [Natalie Horler] Is from Germany ;)

  • Jakub Tansey
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  • Aarabalaa
    Aarabalaa 9 років тому

    Where are more Cascada videos in the dome 52?

  • Pyin Htet
    Pyin Htet 9 років тому

    cascada is the BEST!!!!!

  • Pyin Htet
    Pyin Htet 9 років тому

    cascadass the BEST!!!