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  • Опубліковано 5 лют 2023
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    I bought Adam Lz's old Porsche 992 GT3 but the car is in Florida (4000miles away from home, so im using Tavarish's unit and tools to rebuild it whilst im over here. With the Porsche being a 2022 model parts are difficult to get and i am on a short time scale & now i have just found more damage that i originally thought.
    Thanks - www.e3customs.com/ - e3customs?...
    / @matarmstrongmk2387
    / @tavarish
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  • YouTube
    YouTube Місяць тому +2075

    what a project this is 😮😮

    • Michael Mccain
      Michael Mccain 23 години тому

      @bara that was my point kid

    • Fernando Estrada
      Fernando Estrada 4 дні тому

      @615 Colt nah fr tho 😂😂

    • bob orb
      bob orb 5 днів тому

      wha- what?

    • On2Wheels eMTB Enduro
      On2Wheels eMTB Enduro 5 днів тому

      Never knew that UAclips had an alter ego 😂

    • bara
      bara 5 днів тому

      @Michael Mccain yeah so, what's your point kid

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Місяць тому +943

    Appreciate how hard he works on projects like this

  • Bryan Steed
    Bryan Steed Місяць тому +358

    So great to see Freddie truly smiling again and having some fun!! Mat is just what Freddie needed right now!

    • David Jeffries
      David Jeffries Місяць тому +2

      I had 2 watch their joy of the bump start in last video a handful of times.. this is what's still great about UAclips

    • cam tran quoc
      cam tran quoc Місяць тому


    • Schrodingers Cat
      Schrodingers Cat Місяць тому +7

      So true, Mat's energy and enthusiasm is totally what Freddie needs. I hope they are genuinely having a great time on this build, looks to be turning into quite a challenge.

    • zach sutton
      zach sutton Місяць тому +5

      Spot on man and genuinely seems to be enjoying it

  • Carie J. Pippins
    Carie J. Pippins Місяць тому +189

    I love how the lads were drilling and bashing and scratching their heads for ages over than nut, and Hannah just nonchalantly undoes it from under the bonnet and asks if that's the one! 🤣🤣🤣 Made my week that!

    • Technically possible
      Technically possible 23 дні тому +1

      actually this was the first thing i thought - no matter overall stupidity of the process of changing the fuse - there is no way that you can`t access bolt relatively easily, probably it should be unscrewed from the other side
      Hannah is the best )))
      But this is why, if you stuck, you should ask for outside opinion, coz you just so focused on progressively more complicated solutions, that you cant see one right in front of you

    • tam thuong
      tam thuong Місяць тому


    • Big Boost
      Big Boost Місяць тому

      Removal is the reverse of fitting Matt! No need to drill holes!! 😢

    • cam tran quoc
      cam tran quoc Місяць тому


    • George Simmons
      George Simmons Місяць тому +7

      +When I was watching this part, I did think, maybe it's bolted through the firewall, then Hannah just walks up and undoes the nut on the bolt, love it. She will reminding Mat on this one for ages.

  • Aidan COLLINS
    Aidan COLLINS Місяць тому +54

    Mat had gained 100k subscribers in the past week, this channel is going to the moon and it’s so well deserved

  • MegaRetr
    MegaRetr Місяць тому +70

    So great to see Freddie truly smiling again and having some fun!!

  • zollotech
    zollotech Місяць тому +578

    Quite the project now, but looking forward to the next.

    • thi kim
      thi kim Місяць тому


    • Jon Braid
      Jon Braid Місяць тому +1

      It makes me want to throw up how bad modern cars are to get to anything. You shouldn't have to take the entire interior out to get to a fuse. I wouldn't keep this piece of shit Porsche if you gave it to me for free. These cars are not to be celebrated they are everything that is wrong with the world today.

    • мя нαρρу тяσℓℓ
      мя нαρρу тяσℓℓ Місяць тому +6

      Didn't think id see you on a video like this lol

    • MrHeksas
      MrHeksas Місяць тому +7

      When 16.4

  • UrbanJungle
    UrbanJungle Місяць тому +19

    Despite the nasty little surprises and the challenges Matt still keeps on smiling…. When you have that kind of positivity you can beat any odds. Keep going Matt, you’ve got this! 👍

  • Trackxion
    Trackxion 25 днів тому

    This is definitely a mega project for Matt. What a guy

  • Jose Becerra
    Jose Becerra Місяць тому +8

    Everybody , let’s support him and do whatever it takes to make this build happen ! I want to see Adam’s car rebuilt and back on the road . It’s in very capable hands and we know you can make this happen … we are all behind you on this one , can’t wait to see it back on the road 👍🏻

  • WashburnD10
    WashburnD10 Місяць тому +18

    Go for it mate. You have worked real hard for this. You will do this. Really nice of Freddy to host you at his garage.

  • Repair Update Repeat
    Repair Update Repeat Місяць тому +2773

    I honestly never thought I'd see a Freddie and Matt crossover. But we needed it. Just need the Matt and ed china crossover now 🤣

    • son van
      son van Місяць тому


    • thi thi
      thi thi Місяць тому


    • Muhammad Hesa
      Muhammad Hesa Місяць тому

      Ngl at first glance I thought this comment mentions about Adam's old employee 😂 (Freddy the tuner & Matt Shulman)

    • Nathen Fredrick
      Nathen Fredrick Місяць тому +1

      @Dave Rowland there would be some amazing fabrication, but ultimately never finished.

    • Da One TL
      Da One TL Місяць тому

      Honestly I fully expected a collab between them. Not even the first time Freddy has collab’d in this way with a British youtuber

  • BraidedButthair
    BraidedButthair Місяць тому +11

    As a bodyshop guy, that structural damage is a big one! Hopefully you get it repaired properly, its not gonna be a cheap job

  • Josh West
    Josh West 6 днів тому

    Dude, this project is sick. Love it and Tavarish is The Man. Appreciate you both and the videos are incredible. Thank you!

  • Pete Nicholson (LegoMiniPete)
    Pete Nicholson (LegoMiniPete) Місяць тому +1

    Gutted for you to see that structural damage. But if anyone can sort it out, from what you've achieved with other cars and the experience you've gained, it's you Mat. Going to watch Pt2 now!

  • Chasing Clouds and Flavor Reviews
    Chasing Clouds and Flavor Reviews Місяць тому +2

    A huge shout out to Hard Up Garage for turning me on to this channel. I'm stoked as I watch these rebuild videos! Good on you man. Love from the USA 👊😎

  • Harrison Nevel
    Harrison Nevel Місяць тому +531

    Those carbon bucket seats will cost your around $15,000... trust me I just bought a set lol

    • Chris2008
      Chris2008 Місяць тому

      @Gotword That would instantly 10 fold the value of the Civic. lol

    • Swift_
      Swift_ Місяць тому

      Carbon buckets in an M3 G8x are $30k, ( from bmw ) I can’t see Porsche ones being 1/2 that cost??

    • BmwSinceKid
      BmwSinceKid Місяць тому

      @g Dont be like that? He wasn’t bragging just told
      How much he paid for it.. why is that a bad thing? Some people can’t see then dont tell how beautiful the place that you saw last week for example… I don’t understand your negative thinking..

    • Harry Lancaster R.CLOTHING
      Harry Lancaster R.CLOTHING Місяць тому

      No one asked you

    • Tanner Shanks
      Tanner Shanks Місяць тому

      You got a steal. They're normally around 16k a piece.

  • Mohammad Alhusaini
    Mohammad Alhusaini Місяць тому +4

    i kinda hoped this would have collab elements but just like this it’s awesome. shows how great Freddie is to just let another Tuber do his thing in his garage. what a great dude

  • Achilisa Tembo
    Achilisa Tembo Місяць тому +5

    Massive work ahead, it always inspiring to watch your rebuild projects, how i wish we had quiet a number of courageous self-taught guys like you here in Zambia (Southern Africa). All the best in this rebuild.

  • Chris Bartlett
    Chris Bartlett 23 дні тому

    Suppose at least you dont have to worry about the Air Bags going off. Looking forward to the results, you do fantastic work and are such an inspiration.
    Also a BIG Hats off to Freddie, what a Star.

  • Matt Lunetta
    Matt Lunetta Місяць тому +1

    At the end of the video when you revealed what your winning bid was for the Porsche I gasped because it was so close to the base price of new GT3. I want so badly for this to work out for you. I honestly believe that you will complete it. I understand passion & I love anything that goes fast so I am rooting for you all the way on this build. It will be amazing when complete.

  • Bryan Steed
    Bryan Steed Місяць тому

    This is going to be the best rebuild I’ve seen yet from anyone and I love your positivity through it all Mat! Plus, so good to see Freddie smiling and having some true fun again!!

  • Mohammed Muaawia
    Mohammed Muaawia Місяць тому +600

    I used to watch your videos for the car transformations, but now I mainly watch them to live vicariously through you. Seeing you live out your dreams, and collaborate with your idols, it's hard not to feel proud of you man.

    • Nai Atelu
      Nai Atelu Місяць тому

      @Mat Armstrong the vlog aspect to this and MK2 has become great viewing now. Reminds me of what e_ought does with his channel

    • D3URY
      D3URY Місяць тому +1

      Perfectly put

    • Seppl Schpeedruns
      Seppl Schpeedruns Місяць тому +1

      @Berats Builds das ist wahr 😂👍

    • V-Orthex
      V-Orthex Місяць тому +1

      @Berats Builds ist so! Mat macht schon das richtige :)

    • Anil K
      Anil K Місяць тому +1

      @Seppl Schpeedruns😂✌🏼

    AVFC_PICK Місяць тому

    Ya brilliant Matt,such a positive guy all round man,&like they say if u don't laugh u will cry,hope ur project starts getting a little easier bro,respect bro!!!Back from the U.K.

  • Alexi Angelatos
    Alexi Angelatos Місяць тому

    Love the Video. As a Porsche technician I know what battles you'll have with this rebuild. We've stripped down of plenty of 911's down to the fire wall for front tub repairs or complete replacements due to front end damages. . Wish you best of luck on your GT3 repair journey.

  • joe hurst
    joe hurst Місяць тому +6

    What a journey Mat , from the Audi TT to here , it's been an absolute pleasure watching you build a successful channel and life , well done mate I know following your dreams is harder than it looks having done it myself...kudos to you 👍🏻👌🏻

  • John Miller
    John Miller Місяць тому

    Loving watching this. What a massive project and can’t wait for the next episode.

  • Pedro Betancourt
    Pedro Betancourt Місяць тому

    Love to see the journey of this rebuild :) best of luck to the whole crew.

  • tlowe1210
    tlowe1210 Місяць тому +339

    Tavarish is that one friend everyone needs

    • Simon Johnson
      Simon Johnson Місяць тому +1

      McNugget is a legend 😁

    • F1 #44
      F1 #44 Місяць тому +6

      As we know he is the Warranty.

    TAHUSHKA LAZARETTO Місяць тому +1

    Well done guys! Make a real candy out of this Porsche!

  • Xavier
    Xavier Місяць тому +1

    Hang in there Mat, and stay positive. Hopefully that can be repaired and we will see you drive this in the UK eventually.

  • ranbir singh
    ranbir singh Місяць тому +1

    Mat - been watching you videos over the last couple weeks . Not really a car fanatic BUT Iam only watch it because of you, you have amazing talent on camera and you positivity is brilliant.🤘🤘

  • Skill Phade
    Skill Phade Місяць тому

    Absolutely fantastic watching these videos ❤️

  • Dad
    Dad Місяць тому +1

    Huge amount of respect to you this is a huge undertaking, especially being out of your country

  • The Count Saint Germaine
    The Count Saint Germaine Місяць тому +284

    I totally respect how Mat just laughs in the face of adversity. Like most days, I've had an awful day at work - but seeing how this lad takes things in his stride without losing the plot, genuinely picks me up.

    • Mat Armstrong
      Mat Armstrong  Місяць тому

      @Jeremy M sure bro

    • The Count Saint Germaine
      The Count Saint Germaine Місяць тому

      @Mat Armstrong I don't have a lot of money, but even if I did, the pain of a rounded bolt and dealing with a pig of a job would have me swearing like a docker!

    • Mat Armstrong
      Mat Armstrong  Місяць тому +1

      Thanks bro ✌️

    • Mat Armstrong
      Mat Armstrong  Місяць тому +2

      I find it strange how some people could think money just solves all your problems 😅 it really doesn’t. It doesn’t change the fact I have to fix this car and figure out how to do, where to buy parts and juggle the content Inbetween 😂 the reason I smiling is because I absolutely love what I do and wouldn’t change it for the world

    • 4 DOWN
      4 DOWN Місяць тому +3

      He’s making tens of thousands of pounds a month from UAclips.. If I was making that kind of bank I wouldn’t get particularly stressed either.

  • blackers2005
    blackers2005 Місяць тому

    Mat you are an absolute inspiration, hopefully your luck will turn a bit on this one. Great video and so entertaining can't wait for the next one !

  • Ss C
    Ss C Місяць тому +1

    From watching mat bmx to rebuilding a GT3 in America is crazy! If you need any motivation just watch this channel from start to finish! What a G

  • Omar Kowlessar
    Omar Kowlessar Місяць тому +1

    respect to you Matt for taking on such a project but the kudos goes to your missus for solving the dash frame removal! These vids are awesome, keep them coming fella

  • rodney brown
    rodney brown Місяць тому

    MATT! you really are in it with this one. My arse would have fell right out when I saw that chassis damage. I can't wait to see your solution. By the way, that strut replace on the M5, just awesome.

  • Bayu Aryanto
    Bayu Aryanto Місяць тому

    Emotional roller coaster build with this GT3. I"m sure it will goes well. Having Freddie there, sure will help a lot with his experience deflowering exotic cars. Can't wait to see the finished product

  • Robbie G
    Robbie G Місяць тому

    I watch a lot of car UAclips channels but never ones where they rebuild cars. I'm super excited to come along on this ride with you.

    ABC STEVE Місяць тому +309

    I’m really enjoying this one! I love how every time Freddie sees something broken he says “we can fix that!”

    • Richard M
      Richard M Місяць тому +7

      You don't get a garage full of cars like Freddie has with a negative attitude!

  • magmaan
    magmaan Місяць тому

    Honestly, I can't believe how you can find the positivity and drive to keep working on something like this. Watching you take all the bits apart and finding that structural damaged part, seriously made me uncomfortable. I wish you the best of luck, Mat. Hopefully you'll find just the right people to help you carry this project to victory.

  • Wade Watson
    Wade Watson Місяць тому

    This looks like one serious project! Good luck and will be following this build for sure!!

  • B Honsou
    B Honsou Місяць тому

    Bro all the best with this build sending you so much luck and success bro your a legend for risking so much and going out of your comfort zone the lord is with you on this one bro you got this 💪💪💪💪

  • Ken Liekens
    Ken Liekens Місяць тому +1

    The wheel locking key tool should be in the front boot/trunk behind the panel on the drivers side

  • Ben Riley
    Ben Riley Місяць тому

    Love the videos mate! You will have to pop over to Australia some time! I really hope the gt3 works out, you are a bloody legend! Looking forward to some good news on the next one

  • Necrodox
    Necrodox Місяць тому +299

    Freddy is the real MVP, dudes going through a lot and still manages to help Matt out. Kudos to him, we wouldn't have this glorious content without him.

    • Necrodox
      Necrodox Місяць тому +1

      @Schrodingers Cat absolutely spot on!

    • Schrodingers Cat
      Schrodingers Cat Місяць тому +5

      Mat's enthusiasm and energy is exactly what Freddie needs to be around right now. I can't imagine anyone around Mat being down for too long the guy is buzzing constantly.

    • Drew
      Drew Місяць тому +4

      @Dan Formless I know he’s so happy all the time 🤣 I need his energy

    • Dan Formless
      Dan Formless Місяць тому +6

      @Drew hard to think of anyone more positive to have around you than him.

    • Drew
      Drew Місяць тому +14

      @Dan Formless maybe helpin Matt is taking his mind off what’s happening and helping him cope 🥲

  • William MacDonald
    William MacDonald Місяць тому +8

    MAT & HANNAH, It must be a measure of your success to date that within only TWELVE HOURS of posting this vid’ you have already clocked almost 750,000 views. This is an epic challenge but we are all rooting for you! Hopefully that helps a little. Impatiently waiting for episode 3. Thanks & congratulations! 🥳 PS: Freddie’s channel @tavarish has a new subscriber too! 👍🏽

  • Craig Bibby
    Craig Bibby Місяць тому

    19:16 yes Matt another cracking vid, just hoping the build dosent end up costing you more than buying that car new , fingers crossed for you buddy I’m looking forward to seeing you grab some bargain parts .. keep the content coming you absolute legend. 🎉

    SHAHIN-FF Місяць тому

    ppreciate how hard he works on projects like this

  • Big Video Energy
    Big Video Energy Місяць тому

    Mats really living the dream with his missus figuring out problems in the car.

  • Simon Bird
    Simon Bird Місяць тому

    Just watching you strip down the inside of the car sends me into waves of anxiety! How on earth do you remember what went where?? Amazing project - I’m totally hooked!!

  • Rupert Knight
    Rupert Knight Місяць тому +190

    I’ve not watched many of Freddie’s videos, but from this alone, he seems an awesome guy who has been incredibly generous with assistance, knowledge and the use of his facilities.. man’s a total legend! I’m certainly going to subscribe to his channel next. Wish you the very best of luck with this project. I can only imagine the additional problems you’re going to encounter sourcing the parts in the USA compared to working back in the UK, but will certainly make a very interesting series of videos. The smile on your face when that engine started was worth what you paid for the car alone!

  • Tomley RC
    Tomley RC Місяць тому

    Mat's taking over the Trending page on every video... 🔥

  • Toff
    Toff Місяць тому

    Mad props to Tavarish!! Dude is an absolute legend

  • Damian Pixley
    Damian Pixley Місяць тому +1

    Matt for me you’ve just topped Calvin Car diary’s, rev your engines Scotty, Shmee, car wizard, cars for Paul, saving salvage, volkswizard and carwow. What a great guy so positive so genuinely nice. Love the posts you put look me up will take you for a drink in New Forest and cars for Paul a close friend of mine would come too regards Damian Pixley

  • Ross Coulston
    Ross Coulston Місяць тому

    Can’t wait to see how this one turns out. Right hand drive conversation for UK roads maybe?

  • Craig Hatfield
    Craig Hatfield Місяць тому

    Hi mat. Just received my desert sand v8 hoodie today and it's amazing thank you. I wasn't sure were to leave feedback so I did it here. Keep up the fantastic work mate. Love this channel

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith Місяць тому +179

    This project has made me forget about the Lamborghini! This is turning into an epic series! There’s no hyperbole, this project is MASSIVE - good luck guys. We’re all going to love watching this and will be totally rooting for you!

  • Wayne Russell
    Wayne Russell Місяць тому

    Keep going Mat, if any one can rebuild that car, you can. Look at what you have done in the past. 😉🥂

  • Daryl Hughes
    Daryl Hughes Місяць тому

    Loved this Mat, well done mate.

    WCADS Місяць тому

    Come on Mat trying wrench a captive nut is a rookie error 😂😂 Kudos to Hannah for spotting that one by standing back and looking at the big picture😎😎. By the way that broken suspension mounting looks like a big issue (it showed on your face). Its things like that keep us hooked for the next upload. Also trying to fix a high end, rare, salvage damaged car on another continent is definitely next level - no other YTuber has ever tried that yet. It knocks those cocky Goonzquad boys off their perch. Its exactly how you get to 2m + subs. - keep it up😁😁

  • Prawnstar
    Prawnstar Місяць тому

    It’s absolutely sick.. you’ll get it done.. and in the end you’ll be so stoked to own it!

  • Simon Romaines
    Simon Romaines Місяць тому

    Wow Mat, that's a big unexpected revelation!
    Parts will take some finding, but maybe you can find a section in the USA, its a great watch and lovely to see the collaboration with the US guys, I wish you luck in finding the parts inc that ceramic brake disc at a good price in the USA ! I'll be watching! Thanks really enjoyed it so far, but recognise that sinking feeling when you find this kind of damage !

  • Menno Bro's
    Menno Bro's Місяць тому +484

    Matt you're super talented. great video. hoping to see our channel hit the success yours has. great work

  • Zero the Wheelman
    Zero the Wheelman Місяць тому

    Great episode. And I love the colab between you two. As an FYI, when restoring/rebuilding/modifying my Audi TT, I discovered a number of parts I needed I could not easily find in the US, but I could find them in the UK and Germany, but many of those suppliers would not ship to the US. So, I use Forward2me to have the parts shipped to me from across the pond to my place here in the US. This may be away for you to get parts for the GT3 that you cannot get here, but you can in the UK. You can have the parts shipped to Freddy's facility this way... Just an idea. 😁

  • morton766
    morton766 Місяць тому +1

    Keep up the great work Matt ,we are all with you!!

  • Isaak Rempel
    Isaak Rempel Місяць тому +3

    Man I love how your so genuine about everything! …. Freddy finds something funny just starts laughing 😂

  • allancar
    allancar Місяць тому

    Mat- your videos ALWAYS make me smile. Thank you

  • Joshua Rivera
    Joshua Rivera Місяць тому

    If anyone can give this car a second chance, it's definitely you Mat! I can't wait to see the next part of this journey!

  • Hannah Rapley
    Hannah Rapley Місяць тому +221

    You put so much effort in to your builds so let’s appreciate how hard he works on projects like this

  • TheMrFishnDucks
    TheMrFishnDucks Місяць тому +1

    This is going to be a super interesting video. Looking forward to the rest of the series. Keep up the good work.

  • deanfx
    deanfx Місяць тому

    This is an awesome project; this is going to drive you crazy, you'll want to quit; Whatever you do, don't give up! You'll be driving this car sooner than you know it and filling in that dream. Keep up the hard work, hang in there, and keep uploading these awesome videos!

  • evodarkangel
    evodarkangel Місяць тому

    you go Mat, been watching Adam a long time and you to since ur bentley adventures. Great work keep it going!

  • C L
    C L Місяць тому

    how long will this project take? super awesome and cant wait to see the finished car 🙌

  • CuteClaire
    CuteClaire Місяць тому

    Love these people really rebuilding cars as a hobby

  • Haseeb Ali
    Haseeb Ali Місяць тому +416

    Once repaired, do a road trip across America. You can also collab with different UAclipsrs. keep up the great work!

    • Nostalgia Gaming
      Nostalgia Gaming Місяць тому

      @MrFredl91 Uneconomical repairs don't have to be. He's got a Clean Title for it too, meaning it can be registered no problem.

    • SewoRecens
      SewoRecens Місяць тому +1

      Do a collab with Chris Fix haha

    • MrFredl91
      MrFredl91 Місяць тому

      If declared a total loss by insurance, the car can not be registered again in the US or am i wrong here? Otherwise i think there will be no trip in any way

    • Viktor Jovanovski
      Viktor Jovanovski Місяць тому +4

      Reunite lz with the car and everything that would be awesome views will be up and everything hope he does it

    • Erok Rocks
      Erok Rocks Місяць тому +2

      @DBGMLV what if he crashes again?

  • sliverhi
    sliverhi Місяць тому

    Hannah and Tavarish nice work! Matt, this will be the UAclips build of the year. Don’t give up and keep slogging on!!!

  • Sebin Angadickal
    Sebin Angadickal Місяць тому

    Happy to see this beast coming back to the road.

  • Ryan Reyes
    Ryan Reyes Місяць тому

    Why have I not seen any of your videos, AND Tavarish’s before this? You two are totally the type of friend’s any car enthusiast never knew they needed

  • Gareth Branigan
    Gareth Branigan Місяць тому +1

    The amount of work you do, just for small wins (pyro fuse), is incredible. My head hurts just watching. Fair play mate

  • fabbegood
    fabbegood Місяць тому

    This is definetly gonna be a long road, I wish you the best to the future of this project, keep up the good work guys!

  • stricardo
    stricardo Місяць тому +147

    Freddie is an absolute gentleman.
    Mat has the attitude/ability to rebuild a Saturn V.
    Hannah is just the best.
    Brilliant work/content.
    Thank you!

  • snik2pl
    snik2pl Місяць тому +1

    It's more common than you think with bolts from other side. Best clue is when you can't get to it with normal tools.

  • Chris Ince
    Chris Ince Місяць тому +1

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