making and eating my first ever crunchwrap

  • Опубліковано 19 кві 2019
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  • Taylor Lynn
    Taylor Lynn 6 годин тому

    As an Aries, it’s so very comforting to watch another fellow Aries struggle in the kitchen. Specifically with patience.

  • Anna Iris
    Anna Iris 20 годин тому +1

    julien calling nutritional yeast “nooch” is so amusing to me idk why

  • Людмила Исакова
    Людмила Исакова 22 години тому

    Julien: calm chef jenna enters room ARIESSSSSS jenna leaves room Julien: calm chef

  • ash jay
    ash jay День тому +1

    *8:49** for BEEE PEPEP PEP*

  • Samantha Mortimer
    Samantha Mortimer 2 дні тому +1

    Lol I work at Taco Bell and this is made way better then theirs and made better too 😂😂😂😂

  • Bri the Queen
    Bri the Queen 2 дні тому

    Hey there taco employee! for the crunchwrap, the assembly goes like this: warm tortilla, put on nacho cheese, meat, then you put the crunchy mini toastada and swirl it. Next you add a ring of sour cream, four fingers of lettuce and three fingers of tomatoes and then put it on the grill to hold together. just in case you or anyone wanted to know!

  • Bri the Queen
    Bri the Queen 2 дні тому

    Hi taco bell employee here! the crunchwraps fall apart normally so yours falling apart is completely normal!!

  • Fea Pratt
    Fea Pratt 2 дні тому

    “I think the fryer has a problem” *shoves scissors in the back

  • death to LaVey
    death to LaVey 3 дні тому

    i had just picked up my phone when he said sumn about texting lmfao

  • Sena
    Sena 3 дні тому

    the way i can hear you breathe reminds me of my dad

  • Sena
    Sena 3 дні тому

    is he vegan or does he just eat plant based for health reasons

  • Pão de Limão
    Pão de Limão 4 дні тому

    You might be able to buy smaller tostadas, which would fit better inside of your gluten free tortillas. Worst case scenario, you can buy the small street taco size 4" corn tortillas and make your own tostadas in the deep fryer.

  • Laura Robertson
    Laura Robertson 4 дні тому

    When using GF tortillas, put a little oil in a pan and "warm" them up. They're pliable and dont break as easily. Also, I make my own and they're bomb! So simple ans wayyyyyyy better than store bought. Cassava flour, salt and hot water.

  • Edith Aguirre
    Edith Aguirre 4 дні тому

    Use toothpicks to keep the wrap in place. They can be fried and after you just pull them right out

  • Sarah
    Sarah 5 днів тому

    As someone who perpetually bites me nails and my lips seeing you pick out the Jalapeno's with your hands and juice a lemon in your hands I cringed real bad...

  • L
    L 5 днів тому +1

    get got.

  • Mark Boron
    Mark Boron 6 днів тому

    I feel like if you are going to use a lot of GF tortillas maybe you should invest in either the press/warmer thing they have at Chipotle to make the wraps more pliable orrr get the steamer thingy they have at Pita Pit which does something similar. Maybe that would help the tortillas not suck as much??

  • ashley blaylock
    ashley blaylock 6 днів тому

    Julien and Jenna are undoubtedly two of the best content creators on this platform. I LOVE them together, LOVE them separately, and I adore both the relatable and the magnificent parts of their lives. fuck it up sis u really did that shit!

  • M. M.
    M. M. 6 днів тому

    In my school phones are confiscated till the end of the day

  • Marc-André Demers
    Marc-André Demers 6 днів тому

    Julien did you just handle gluten then directly put your hands on your own food?? Dude every gluten molecule you ingest is gonna bust one of your microvilli and you just got hundreds of them on there!
    Also you should always heat up a gluten-free tortilla before handling it, to soften it up.

  • Elizabeth Hart
    Elizabeth Hart 7 днів тому

    For how much of an Aries he is all the time, his videos can be incredibly zen

  • Dana Hugel
    Dana Hugel 8 днів тому

    julien is exactly 10 years older than me, we have the same birthday

  • 8 днів тому

    You and Junskitchen have such opposing energy yet are so similar in some ways. I adore it.

  • Almost Humans
    Almost Humans 9 днів тому +1

    Local Man puts dog in fryer “I had to do it to em’.” he claims.

  • Mystic Avie
    Mystic Avie 15 днів тому

    Gluten free wraps get more flexible when you put it in the oven for 15 seconds

  • Lindsay Ariel
    Lindsay Ariel 16 днів тому

    I think this would work better with homemade corn tortillas

  • Kayla Rotondi
    Kayla Rotondi 17 днів тому +1

    jenna & juliens relationship is a perfect example of DDLG🤔❤️❤️❤️

  • Sarah VanSickle
    Sarah VanSickle 22 дні тому +1

    Looks good

  • Jayden Castle
    Jayden Castle 22 дні тому +2

    I watch Juliens videos to feel calm but still want a lil laugh

  • Courtney Dyck
    Courtney Dyck 22 дні тому

    Sometimes I find myself pondering how goodlooking Julien is, but then I feel guilty for thinking that way about my best friends boyfriend, and then I remember that I don't actually know these people at all and get kinda sad.

  • Alyssa Ann
    Alyssa Ann 23 дні тому

    Togo’s has the best gluten free tortillas ever, and they are actually huge. I literally just go there and buy the tortillas on their own. I always warm mine up first and they never break.

  • Laura Emily
    Laura Emily 24 дні тому

    Did you use actual ground beef, or a vegan substitute?

  • Badina Lighthouse
    Badina Lighthouse 24 дні тому

    They just take ur phone give it to the office and the end of the day u take the walk of my phone was taken to get it back

  • ベルライネ
    ベルライネ 25 днів тому

    who else was eating a crunchwarp while watching this o.o

  • J-Hopes Hope
    J-Hopes Hope 26 днів тому

    Tell Jenna to plz deep-fry Flex- tape products? Or dip them in paraffin wax? Idk, no one will like this because it's a stupid idea. ☠

  • 메리암
    메리암 27 днів тому


  • Crystal Salas
    Crystal Salas 27 днів тому

    Just an fyi, you should always warm the tortilla before you fold it. A warm tortilla is so much more pliable!

  • Eleni Hines
    Eleni Hines 28 днів тому

    Yes Bob's Mills. Such a game changer. And so satisfying to close.

  • Quesadilla_Queen
    Quesadilla_Queen Місяць тому

    A crunch wrap is a quesadilla. You should trust me...I’m the quesadilla queen.

  • Joy Pomeroy
    Joy Pomeroy Місяць тому

    I want. Give it.

  • 38lizzieb
    38lizzieb Місяць тому

    this is the first recipe that i actually want to try...

    SUGAR COMA Місяць тому

    I want a julien

  • Jennah Warren
    Jennah Warren Місяць тому

    I literally shouted out “noooooooch” and did this thing 🤘🏼🤘🏼 (*gang gang*) @ 5:06

  • Sophia Bernier
    Sophia Bernier Місяць тому

    I only eat raw carrots when im cooking too! Lol

  • Tina Yulo
    Tina Yulo Місяць тому

    Unfortunately those are the worst GF “flour” tortillas, they legit taste like play dough (at least when they aren’t pan fried)

  • Mediante Delavega
    Mediante Delavega Місяць тому

    Wait where is 8:52 from???

  • Medina Hamid
    Medina Hamid Місяць тому

    Watched this while eating my first ever crunch wrap

  • Steven Pesantez
    Steven Pesantez Місяць тому

    Ummmmmmm hey king can you do this with the impossible ground beef

  • Amy Jean
    Amy Jean Місяць тому

    "we all here? We all ready to do it to them?" 😂🤣♥️

  • Jessica Felber
    Jessica Felber Місяць тому

    I've made crunchwraps at home before. Unfortunately, specialty(gluten free and low carb) tortillas are usually only small and you really need the big one to wrap it.

  • Buppo
    Buppo Місяць тому

    when i saw the thumbnail at first i though you had six arms and were hugging a crunchwrap 😳

  • Vast Anims And More
    Vast Anims And More Місяць тому

    U over here making crunch raps while I'm over here making microwave burritos then melting cheese on the top

  • E.E.
    E.E. Місяць тому

    I literally laughed so fucking hard when the crunchwrap just flew when he cut it

  • Lynnbabby
    Lynnbabby Місяць тому

    Can you make more cooking videos? Do a vegan steak video! I’ve always wanted to know and I can look it up but you would make it more entertaining 😂

  • CaderTater
    CaderTater Місяць тому

    I was a very sad gluten-free vegan prior to his cooking videos.
    I ate salads, basically.
    Now I am eating what appears to be normal food again, except it doesn't press the shutdown switch on my intestines and hospitalize me.
    B l e s s.

  • samiamato
    samiamato Місяць тому

    What about a chalupa?! Make one of those!

  • Karla Knobel
    Karla Knobel Місяць тому

    I would suggest you next time use like about three tortillas that you lay one over the other in a circle shape, so that in the end you got much more of the tortilla that you can fold over, if you know what i mean.

  • Shelley Skaggs
    Shelley Skaggs Місяць тому

    Omg I laughed out loud when he said “fuck the potatoes!”

  • Meghan Martin
    Meghan Martin Місяць тому

    No one:

  • a h
    a h Місяць тому

    you never know what you're going to get with these videos. either really insightful cooking tips or a hilarious string of cooking mishaps. it's great