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“In Bakhmut Storms”: Unique footage of the Bakhmut battles and frontline stories told by 3rd SABr

  • Опубліковано 3 жов 2023
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    For your attention here is a documentary in which fighters of the Third Separate Assault Brigade share life stories that they had to experience while fighting in the Bakhmut direction.
    Stormers talk about whether they feel fear at the front line, reflect on heroism and the new experience of urban warfare.
    The documentary consists of 7 small chapters. The stories of the fighters are illustrated with video footage of city battles with views of the destroyed Bakhmut and its surroundings as well as with moments of uplifting military humor, which helps the stormers of the 3rd SABr to keep their fighting spirit in critical situations at the difficult Bakhmut front.
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    In the first chapter, named “The Guide”, a soldier of the 3rd SABr tells about how the infantry has to enter the positions. He explains who a guide is, what his functions are, and what it means to be a bad guide. “When you enter Bakhmut, you are told: “Now the guides will lead you to the position.” And you think to yourself: “Oh, guides. They must be some cool scouts. And on the third day you are already a guide yourself,” - the stormer states.
    In the second chapter “The Quick Legs”, the fighters recall the conditions in which they sometimes have to deliver the ammunition to the front line, when one have to carry a 50-kilogram box full of mines, while making the way through snow that is waist-high and covering the shell craters.
    The third chapter contains the memories of the stormer of the 3rd SABr about how he managed to save the life of his combat mate. “I applied two tourniquets and occlusive seals to him. Bandaged his neck and head. Now he is in good condition, he speaks already and is recovering further,” - the fighter remembers.
    “I drove the fuckers here. I will finish them off.” - the fourth chapter, entitled “Legion”, tells about a fighter who, after being wounded, not only continued the battle, but also advanced on the enemy in order to recapture the lost positions.
    The fifth chapter “The Wave” deals with the occupants’ assault tactics in the Bakhmut direction, who are thrown into the fray wave after wave, not worrying about the losses.
    “If you don't take him now and push him out the window and jump out yourselves, you will stay there with him forever.” The sixth chapter tells about a critical situation during the battle, when the fighter did not want to leave his wounded mate, but in the end saved his life along with his own.
    The final chapter “Lexus” involves the combat medics commemorating their fallen friend who saved his mate’s life at the cost of his own.
    The offensive of the 3rd Assault Brigade or How the russian 72nd brigade fled from Bakhmut area | TEASER • Наступ Третьої штурмов...
    Life in the trenches, nudes, and dark military humor - at the positions of the 3rd SABr near Bakhmut • Життя в окопах, нюдси ...
    Enemy shelling, military humor and a mine with a motor - in positions with the fighters of the Third Assault Brigade • Ворожий обстріл, армій...
    The front line near Bakhmut, life at line zero and the evacuation of civilians - a day in the war as seen by 3rd SABr • Передова під Бахмутом,...
    Wagner’s revelation: satire on Putin, love for Bandera, business in moscow and drug addiction • Одкровення вагнера: са...
    The 3rd SABr burns the enemy with its own weapons: we took a trophy Msta-S and burned down the ammunition depot • 3 ОШБр випалює ворога ...
    00:00 Prologue
    00:50 Chapter 1. The Guide
    03:15 Chapter 2. The Quick Legs
    06:00 Chapter 3. The Combat Mate
    08:43 Chapter 4. The Legion
    10:57 Chapter 5. The Wave
    13:56 Chapter 6. Push him out
    16:07 Chapter 7. Lexus
    19:07 Epilogue
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    * This is an informative video, intended to inform the Ukrainian public about the realities of the war, work and life of the soldiers of the 3rd SABr in Bakhmut.


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      Would you consider adding English (subtitles) . I think it would reach a bigger audience. 🇺🇸 🇺🇦

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    Każdy z Was jest bohaterem. Nawet nie jestem w stanie sobie wyobrazić przez co codziennie przychodzicie i czego doświadczacie. Chwała Wam!

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    Your unit really proved to be hardcore. You did well and achieved much more in Bachmut than anyone could hope for.

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      ​@3-тя окрема штурмова бригада А песель той ще живий?..

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    Great filmmaking. Kudos to whoever created this , excellent editing and everything. Even though I’m completely oblivious to why the war is happening , this footage will definitely aid in advancement of the human race overall.

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      AGNI SURYA JAYARAM 4 місяці тому

      СЛАВА УКРАЇНІ !!! 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦
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      Я 4 рада донатил на сбор средств на байрактары .
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      Реально успіхи наших бійців тримаються на їх вміннях, мотивації та стратегії. Була б в нас така кількість озброєння, як у московитів--війна вже була б десь за Уралом або взагалі вже Владивосток довбали б.

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