Dealing with INTRUSIVE THOUGHTS | Sanders Sides

  • Опубліковано 25 чер 2019
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    Sometimes, the most troubling issues we face are ones we’re too frightened or hesitant to talk about with others. In this episode, Thomas deals with some troubling thoughts from the night before, and it has the Sides at odds with how to address the situation, if at all. And it doesn’t help that a new force is bringing all of this forbidden thinking about. Hope you all enjoy!
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  • AnimeGirl Paradise
    AnimeGirl Paradise День тому

    When are you going to make another Sanders Sides video

  • Demitri TheWolf
    Demitri TheWolf День тому +1

    16:30 to 17:00
    Did you see Virgil’s reactions?
    It proves that he knows all the Dark Sides like brothers, and it seems Virgil was known as “Paranoia”

    • Demitri TheWolf
      Demitri TheWolf День тому +1

      22:00 watch Remus blink, That’s how I blink when I haven’t gotten any sleep

  • StaTIc
    StaTIc День тому

    So, I know this has nothing to do with the video, but I ran out of jam yesterday so I'm going to put cranberry sauce on my toast instead.

  • S3rvivor
    S3rvivor День тому

    Please bring back the Real or Fake Anime series!!!!!

  • Bananas Audrey2
    Bananas Audrey2 День тому

    My mom uses hello fresh

  • Julie Bakly
    Julie Bakly День тому

    Virgil's got super dark eyeshadow now, how did I not notice?

  • Just Mike
    Just Mike День тому

    Intrusive thoughts can be a disorder but it also is a side of everyone
    Anxiety can be a disorder but it also is a side of everyone
    Urces-Datson (don't know the spelling) curve. If you take some disorders and down grade them you can figure what the other dark sides are. Also the next one is probably paranoia.

  • Rūta Brīvlauka
    Rūta Brīvlauka День тому

    I've recently had some horrific intrusive thoughts and this made me feel better.

  • Andie Kjar
    Andie Kjar День тому

    When the duke said “stinky?” He had a turd in his hand gross

  • Ryan Hornseth
    Ryan Hornseth День тому

    I just love how good they've gotten at editing! The split-screen that allows Thomas to be in the same place twice really adds to the feel of the video! Also, he hit himself in the head with a mace and it looked flawless??????

  • fander brent
    fander brent День тому

    Logan: You're just para-
    Me: *flashback*
    Roman: You're just para- paranavigilant!
    Me: *Current time* PARANAVIGILANT!!!!!!!

  • fander brent
    fander brent День тому


  • Junaid Wali
    Junaid Wali День тому

    This brought me to tears. I've been dealing with intrusive thoughts and this really helped. Thank you Thomas

    • Junaid Wali
      Junaid Wali День тому

      @fander brent Thank you, I really appreciate that

    • fander brent
      fander brent День тому

      Junaid Wali.....remember we all are here for you, Thomas, Joan, and all of us Fanders, we all back you and love you.

  • Jax Figliola
    Jax Figliola День тому +1

    17:21 I Wonder What This Dream Was About As We Only See 4 Small Clips.

  • Nele Bauer
    Nele Bauer День тому

    I have the theory, that all good sides can become bad sides and bad sides can become good sides, like Virgil.

  • Kiwi Piwi
    Kiwi Piwi День тому

    I know everyone loves Remus's theme but can we appreciate the background music like at 13:09

  • MisticMarionnette 24
    MisticMarionnette 24 День тому

    Petition for Thomas to find 'his 7 twins around the world'

  • The 1 And only Cash
    The 1 And only Cash День тому

    Pls stop cursing on tik tok

  • DottyFruit101
    DottyFruit101 День тому

    The post-it note says “Naked Aunt Pattie”
    In the first Christmas vid,when Roman was sinking out,he said,”let visions of sugar plums dance in your head and hopefully not visions of your naked Aunt Pattie”
    That is clues of what Remus or the next dark side was going to be

  • PineapplePie
    PineapplePie День тому +1

    HAHAHA I got a deodorant ad go figure

  • Abigail Gillen
    Abigail Gillen День тому +1

    Hey I'm Catholic too LOL 😂

  • full of unicorn energy
    full of unicorn energy День тому

    16:42 and the plane crashing into an orphanage omg im awful

  • Marvle Nerd
    Marvle Nerd День тому

    He is worried of his thoughts but he has random people talking in his head what?

  • The yeemo Crying in a corner
    The yeemo Crying in a corner День тому

    Can we appreciate Logan’s sass?

  • Booze And Bullets
    Booze And Bullets День тому

    I wonder what would happen if Virgil went back to the dark sides

  • cat lover
    cat lover День томувідео.html
    I couldn't help but send this song to you. It's a sanders sides animatic.
    the song is from a show called rapunzel's tangled adventure

  • KrustyBunny
    KrustyBunny День тому

    Sorry Deceit... The Duke is my new Bae.

  • Redmusicxxo
    Redmusicxxo День тому +1

    i just realized that Remus is called The Duke because Roman is a Prince. I'm sad it took me this long to figure it out.

  • Hannin wa kIMI NANDA
    Hannin wa kIMI NANDA День тому

    You know, I just discovered this channel because I read that "The Duke happened" to this fandom and.... not only I like a lot the dynamics and the way the message is put but tHE SONG AT 6:47 BECAME UNEXPECTEDLY EXTREMELY CATCHY AND I'VE BEEN LISTENING TO IT ALL-DAY-LONG

  • Jess Hough
    Jess Hough День тому

    We know roman is a portrayal of a Disney Prince
    Does that mean that Remus is a different, modern day portrayal of Uncle Remus from the Disney film song of the sound?
    They are both part of Disney and the films.
    The prince part of Thomas (Roman), is strong, imaginative and the nice part of creativity where as Remus could have been inspired from a film which caused a lot of controversy, which Remus seems to cause within thomas’ mind

  • Rika Gasai
    Rika Gasai День тому

    I haven't seen a comment like this: At 27:48 there is a slight jumpscare. The Duke screams with a static voice. I thought I should write a comment, just in case someone watching the video is sensitive to this

  • Bear That random one
    Bear That random one День тому

    I give u three words on my theory on Deciet. Adam and Eve

  • GAME _ON
    GAME _ON День тому +1

    is Duke from *AREA 51*

  • Luka de Smit
    Luka de Smit День тому

    Is it just me or all the sides sassy? I love that.

  • I'm not okay
    I'm not okay День тому

    There's a snake in my butt

  • Donovan Simmons
    Donovan Simmons День тому

    This was such a good video!

  • DeltaRune 3106
    DeltaRune 3106 День тому

    Me: ...what kinda snake do ya mean? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • DeltaRune 3106
      DeltaRune 3106 День тому

      @Nele Bauer Don't worry, I do the same thing.

    • Nele Bauer
      Nele Bauer День тому +1

      Probably Deceit's D- what am I doing here. I'm 'shipping' 2 characters who are played by the same person.... Seems normal

  • Andrew Litchfield
    Andrew Litchfield День тому


  • Pasta Thing
    Pasta Thing День тому

    Roman: no mummy I don’t want the mashed potatoes

  • undercover_alligator
    undercover_alligator День тому

    can we all just... AHHH

  • Paws 'N Claws
    Paws 'N Claws День тому

    mmMMMm- me and remus would get along well- poor virgil is just gonna snap one day- its gonna happen-
    ( also these videos are serious and funny- I use em as therapy for my... mmmm- anxiety and stress- )

  • Alex
    Alex День тому

    betelgeuse but royalty??

  • Evann 13
    Evann 13 День тому

    I'm sorry for screaming that was not acceptable of me.

  • Evann 13
    Evann 13 День тому

    I actually was gonna say this before, but was too lazy to comment then forgot, but I actually get the jumping out of a moving car thought alot too (yep thats literally it)

  • My Stories
    My Stories День тому

    “It’s unicorn horns and dragon tales, Romans Dull Creativity”


  • Rory Malfoy
    Rory Malfoy День тому

    I was crying for half of this video😭😂

  • Virgil Vantas
    Virgil Vantas День тому

    My common intrusive thought is "Ah man, you should get a rope and... Idk tie it into a knot and hang it on the ceiling lamp? And maybe like... Die? Yeah that would be nice. "

  • Kairi Castillo
    Kairi Castillo День тому

    Wait, we've seen Deceit:Patton, Duke:Roman, ?:Virgil, next time will we see dark Logan?

    • Nele Bauer
      Nele Bauer День тому

      I hope so. I want to know how Logan will react on him

  • Hanaha
    Hanaha День тому

    Here because after hours of sleeplessness, Remus decided to visit my dreams and i had one of the most emotionally disgusting and traumatizing dreams i've ever had.

  • Connie Petal
    Connie Petal День тому

    25:06 Remus shut up- Virgil has changed ok òmó

  • Ollie Rowan
    Ollie Rowan День тому

    I don’t know if it’s just the costume, but oh my god, Remus reminds me of Christian Borle as William Shakespeare in Something Rotten!

  • Xxcat_ treatsxX
    Xxcat_ treatsxX День тому +1

    *no deodorant was harmed in the making of this video*

  • Theseus Smith
    Theseus Smith День тому

    The duke is basically me instead of all the buttholes and nakedness about me

  • Jun Child
    Jun Child День тому

    Patton: is Thomas a bad person?
    The fandom: NO, PATTON!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wolf Heart
    Wolf Heart День тому +2

    Young Remus: **finds Romams deotarent** hmm whos is this? And what is it? It looks like food **eats** ohhh yummy
    Young Roman: **walks in** MY DEOTARENT REMUS NOOO
    Young Remus: ... oh this is yours? You dont mine if i ate some right?
    Young Roman: you ATE deotarent ewww you know i put that in my arm pits right?
    Young Remus: it tase GOOOOOD
    Young Roman: er.... you can keep that now.....
    Young Remus: oh wow thanks Roman **eats more**
    AND THAT LADYS AND GENTLEMEN is how Remus satrted eating deotarent

    • Nele Bauer
      Nele Bauer День тому

      😂😂 Can someone draw this, please?

  • Wolf Heart
    Wolf Heart День тому +1

    Im trying to find the scene where decite or remus says "decpite his best efforts he could never stop being the bad guy" to virgil HELP MEEEEE

  • Lukey Huettner
    Lukey Huettner День тому +1

    “Shut your mouth or I will rip off your nipples and shove them up your nose” 😂😂😂

  • Jasmin Northway
    Jasmin Northway День тому +5

    Deceit: something something isssues
    Me: why is he saying issues like tha- OH MY GOD WAIT ISSS HISS ISSSUES HE'S A SNAKE SNAKES HISS AHHJJ
    Calmed down me: I see what you did there Thomas that was smart

  • Cora Schantz
    Cora Schantz День тому

    Can I just say that 24:34 is incredible!! 😂

  • Hey_ItsŁiły
    Hey_ItsŁiły День тому

    This was....eventful.

    DAVIN KERRIGAN День тому +1

    tHeReS a sNaKe iN mY bUtT

  • SnoozySnacks
    SnoozySnacks День тому +4

    My favorite part of the whole episode.

  • Hayl3ys Com3t
    Hayl3ys Com3t День тому

    The ending😂😂im so uncomfortable but I’m cackling at the same time

  • Morgan Earley
    Morgan Earley День тому

    Im kinda late to this vid and i know that it probably won't be seen, but i wanted to say thank you. I deal with alot of intrusive thoughts and this helped me deal with them alot better.

  • Nightmare Neo
    Nightmare Neo День тому

    I honestly can't wait to see the bloopers from this video-

  • FireSoul Elderwoods
    FireSoul Elderwoods День тому

    Hey Thomas, I think it would be awesome to watch you and your sides sing "this is Halloween" from the nightmare before christmas for Halloween 😃😎

  • XCyberLifeX1 _
    XCyberLifeX1 _ День тому +1

    Editing? Flawless
    Lines? Great
    Remus? My strange trashy son
    Song? A bop

    And can we talk about that smile Virgil gave Roman when he appeared in the beginning, that’s the reason I ship prinxiety

  • Grandma Susan
    Grandma Susan 2 дні тому


  • Peggy Kyle
    Peggy Kyle 2 дні тому +4


  • Isabella Lohr
    Isabella Lohr 2 дні тому

    Anyone notice Virgil's expression at 7:06

  • Feight Garbage
    Feight Garbage 2 дні тому

    I officially have a problem, this is the fifth time I've went back to this video just to skip to the end and watch Remus just continuously appear and eat deodorant, while i am non stop laughing, and now anytime i have any bad thoughts like that, i just remember Remus eating deodorant and i cant stop laughing, so in other words
    1: i have a problem
    2: thank you for this

  • Kikiland
    Kikiland 2 дні тому +2


  • panda Bear artist 190
    panda Bear artist 190 2 дні тому

    I can't how many times i have watched this video ,ITS SO GOOD😄😂

  • Alyssa Loitz
    Alyssa Loitz 2 дні тому

    Both Roman and Remus called Logan a nerdy Wolverine

  • Minecraft 99
    Minecraft 99 2 дні тому

    Fun fact Jeffrey Dahmer was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, schizotypal personality disorder, and a psychotic disorder

  • Daevi Dork
    Daevi Dork 2 дні тому

    I've watched this video to the point where the 2 snaps Virgil does is one of my tics

  • Spaghetti From The Void
    Spaghetti From The Void 2 дні тому

    Logan: I don't understand why we must prohibit any and all discussion about the intrusive-
    Virgil: I'm going to prohibit your breathing if you don't stop talking.
    I'm sorry that was just really funny to me

  • Emmy Riggs
    Emmy Riggs 2 дні тому

    At 8:23 Remus pickpocketed Thomas. Excep Thomas was wearing a bathrobe. Where was he putting the money Remus took??? XD

  • Hailey Rose
    Hailey Rose 2 дні тому

    The sticky note behind Remus at 7:18 says "Aunt Patty Naked". Roman said something like, may visions of sugar plums dance in your head and not visions of your naked Aunt Patty, in the 12 days of Christmas episode. Remus must have been projecting himself through Roman then. Just something I noticed.

  • Virus
    Virus 2 дні тому

    Omg they killed Kenny! 20:06

  • Potato GachaStarandLunar
    Potato GachaStarandLunar 2 дні тому

    Thomas has 199 videos. I swear to god, imma make a "Congrats on 200 videos Thomas!" video when he gets there. aHAAAAAAH-

  • Lea McKenna
    Lea McKenna 2 дні тому

    Honestly I thought jumping out of a moving car sounded pretty cool, like in the movies 🤷‍♀️

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    loltodo :D 2 дні тому

    Thank you for making me think of hammering fingernails to a chalkboard

  • Galaxy Chan
    Galaxy Chan 2 дні тому

    I look at this and I many times does it take to apply and reapply the makeup and the clothes.

  • Eleventh Piløts
    Eleventh Piløts 2 дні тому

    I have a theory:
    deceit was based off the voodoo dude in “princess and the frog”. Cuz Deceit is obviously a dark side we know that, also he’s friends with the other dark sides and voodoo bro has friends in the “other side” (this would be the dark sides). And voodoo man needed help from his friends, and in the dealing with intrusive thoughts video, Remus said that Deciet talked to him and stuff.and voodoos shadow is shown as a snake, and Deciets logo is a snake. So, the other sides could be based of other Disney villains (since y’know Thomas is obsessed with Disney)

  • Skylar Satan
    Skylar Satan 2 дні тому

    Ok um theory

    Pattons the one taking the most emotional/phyisical pain of all the sides. I say this because he obviously hides his negative emotions in which he bottles which usually leads to deepression which usually leads to suicidal thoughts. Suicidal thoughts are intrusive thoughts and with the arival of remus that mean patton may be dealing with these. Also, in the video cover image you can see him covering his ears most likely to try and block out his thoughts. But hey, thats just a theory. A sides theory.

  • Crazy
    Crazy 2 дні тому

    after binge watching the sanders sides videos i love how there were hints for Remus and deceit far before either of them were ever introduced, and even more besides the obvious ones, such as "your naked aunt paddy"

  • Chocolate Wafflez
    Chocolate Wafflez 2 дні тому

    Jeffrey Dahmer with brought up 6 times and there was five things that needed to be censored

  • dumbass ravenclaw
    dumbass ravenclaw 2 дні тому

    do- do my roman and duke *combine* when i write smut? 😂💀

  • Kori Mcsweeney
    Kori Mcsweeney 2 дні тому

    I really wish he didn’t do a sponsorship on a video like this. Dealing with such a subject then bouncing to an ad like come on Thomas’s I know you can do better I love your videos but was the ad in one like this necessary

  • CowMooMooFarm 1
    CowMooMooFarm 1 2 дні тому

    Patton: tried to be serious and uses the word, “Icky”

  • Uncle Lyd
    Uncle Lyd 2 дні тому

    Why does my personality fully encompass Remus

  • Veralicity
    Veralicity 2 дні тому

    Whoa, this made me realize Intrusive thoughts aren't as common as I originally thought. I seriously thought every person had them all the time but I guess not?? But it simultaneously made me realize that it's not extremely weird, abnormal and odd. I talked to someone who never really has them after this video and it blew my mind so thank u, Thomas, cause I've learned a lot :D

  • Elequent Bottle / Chloe Sines
    Elequent Bottle / Chloe Sines 2 дні тому +2

    Me: I can't talk well when I'm... Uh... Uh... Tired.
    Thomas, 5 seconds later: I can't talk. Because of the tires.

  • The Elliecorn
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    Rainbow Mender 2 дні тому

    7:59 oh my gosh it's...


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    This was beautiful and made me cry in the way you do when you finally give yourself a mental break ❤

  • Kristi OR
    Kristi OR 2 дні тому

    Me to my friends: have you ever been on a bridge and there was a thought that just said throw your phone off it?
    Friends: what? No, of course not!
    Me: welp :3