Can 6 Psychics Predict The Fake Psychic?

  • Опубліковано 20 жов 2019
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  • Jubilee
    Jubilee  Місяць тому +1123

    Hey Goodhumans! For the first time, we asked our IG followers to guess who the mole was, and we were blown away by how many of you voted! We love it when you guys get involved, so be sure to follow us on Instagram to take part in the future! See you there!

  • John Schukei
    John Schukei 11 хвилин тому

    Aren't they all liars tho?

  • nazi mario
    nazi mario Годину тому

    It takes one to know one

  • MisterB
    MisterB 4 години тому +1

    "This is beautiful but this is trying too hard."
    -- *Man dressed as 1930's black-and-white movie villain*

  • ZeeD
    ZeeD 4 години тому

    You're not a physic your a con

  • Jacobs Realm
    Jacobs Realm 4 години тому

    Is it all of them? I think the answer is all of them.

  • Jasper Gijsman
    Jasper Gijsman 4 години тому

    Psychics are frauds.

  • MWoodson
    MWoodson 4 години тому

    The two who raised their hands to continue, were actually the ones who said I knew it.

  • meez
    meez 7 годин тому

    Can 6 crazy people Predict the sane person?

  • noah fick
    noah fick 7 годин тому

    It’s such a cringe, they’re obviously not real psychics. it’s so evident that they’re lying. They can’t even vote the right person!!! Psychics are all shams

  • Carolline Munyaradzi
    Carolline Munyaradzi 7 годин тому

    Can anybody remind me again what a psychic is😂

  • Wkd Mage
    Wkd Mage 10 годин тому

    I am a bullshitter!

  • ㄥ 卂 乂尺 乇
    ㄥ 卂 乂尺 乇 11 годин тому

    Everyone was the liar. If you're an psychic you'll instantly know who the liar is. And psychic is psychic, cause people think that psychic doesn't really mean that you're a psychic.

  • I'm Irrelevant
    I'm Irrelevant 13 годин тому

    "My ancestors date back to America since the 1500s"

    Hol' up

  • Zeynep Beyazgul
    Zeynep Beyazgul 13 годин тому

    I thought it said who is not a psycho

  • Ate some high quality Bread
    Ate some high quality Bread 13 годин тому

    During the game: “hmmm.. let’s see who was piggybacking and just going along (using basic human logic)
    After: “I KNEW IT” (then what the fuck?!😂🤣)

  • Livid Ramen
    Livid Ramen 13 годин тому

    y'all didn't feel anything LOL

  • King Kai
    King Kai 14 годин тому

    Okay but carla can read whatever tf she wants about me

  • Tyrus Sleightholme
    Tyrus Sleightholme 15 годин тому

    Weird... They all knew it but didn't decide to continue. Shocking.

  • Emily Welsh
    Emily Welsh 17 годин тому

    Richard was on season 22 episode 4 of ghost adventures. I watched this video on UAclips the other day and then watched the tv show and recognized him. Double checked, and yup, that’s him

  • Travette Pettigrew
    Travette Pettigrew 17 годин тому

    At the end they should have all known that that mole was still in the box...the 2 raised their hands were standing right next to the mole... of course they FELT it!

  • KanadianSpaceProgram
    KanadianSpaceProgram 18 годин тому

    No matter who they pick, they win. They're all faking it.

  • damien cruz
    damien cruz День тому +1

    I am a sidekick

  • uri mascka
    uri mascka День тому

    Thos is probably the weirdest group ever on this channel

  • Axel Enarson
    Axel Enarson День тому

    Who is drunk

  • Gizem Kökhan
    Gizem Kökhan День тому

    “I knew it was her really, I was just scared of everyone seeing my super psychic powers so I lied but like in my Venus and Jupiter energy I FeLt ThAt sHe wAs ThE MoLe”

  • top man
    top man День тому

    Funny thing is that there all liars

  • Chronicles of Bap
    Chronicles of Bap День тому

    But surely...

  • Heidy Coleman
    Heidy Coleman День тому

    They all knew it was her but somehow they didn’t manage to vote her out

  • Lilla uwu
    Lilla uwu День тому

    Richard Lael looks like Mumbo Jumbo

  • LittleDiggi
    LittleDiggi День тому

    I thought Peter Pettigrew is dead?!

  • serine the rat
    serine the rat День тому

    did this mans just say the United States back to the 1500S?!!!!! Sumn dont add up...

  • Heel Entertainment
    Heel Entertainment День тому

    If they’re all psychics, shouldn’t have they been able to tell who the liar was right away? “I felt it”, stfu. No you didn’t.

  • Keezy K
    Keezy K День тому

    I’m a psychic bc i guessed it within 30 seconds lol

  • FRIES!!! ._.
    FRIES!!! ._. День тому

    How the hell did you find 6 psychics?

  • Rizz Cloud
    Rizz Cloud День тому +1

    if you were a real psychic you could predict who the liar is

  • interessante _com
    interessante _com День тому

    man there is some crazy people out there

  • Skylar Evins
    Skylar Evins День тому

    If they're "psychics" shouldn't they be able to tell immediately?

  • Zant
    Zant День тому +4

    “Can 6 Psychics Do Literally the One Thing they Claim they Can Do?”

  • Zant
    Zant День тому +1

    Should be titled “Can 6 Con Artists Predict the Non-Asshole?”

  • charlie rain
    charlie rain День тому

    Shantell look the most psychic to me.

  • charlie rain
    charlie rain День тому

    Brenda was super funny lol.

  • CJ K
    CJ K День тому

    *plot twist...they're all liars....*

    Physics aren't real 😐
    There's *psychiatrists*, but I meannn!!!!!

    Is there any information I'm missing? Cause, um, no... -^-

    Everyone: *I knew it, I felt*
    Me: *So why didn't you vote for her?*

  • Oh K
    Oh K День тому

    Wow these people really believe they are above others...

  • Anna Laurent
    Anna Laurent День тому

    LOL maybe im a psychic. I thought it was Paris as soon as the intro when she said "I am a psychic". I went, it's definitely her. 😂😂

  • Elizabeth Garrison
    Elizabeth Garrison День тому

    Is it just me or does the guy explaining the rules have such a nice voice? It seems so therapeutic.

  • Danielle Morris
    Danielle Morris День тому

    I knew she was the mole because she was the only normal one lol

  • Brother Yach
    Brother Yach День тому

    There will never be a Psychic biologist

  • Conor John McNulty
    Conor John McNulty 2 дні тому

    “This is Beautiful but trying so hard” said the guy dressed like Dracula 8:18 lol

  • Peşeng Deniz Genç
    Peşeng Deniz Genç 2 дні тому

    i thought this was a physics thing

  • Yash Deshpande
    Yash Deshpande 2 дні тому

    Craziest thing is 6 pyshics couldn't vote out one non psyhic even with their powers 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Blah
    Blah 2 дні тому

    Damn I got it right for once

  • Kerry Collier
    Kerry Collier 2 дні тому

    Trick question, none of them are cause psychics aren't real.

  • ArtisticPleb .ω.
    ArtisticPleb .ω. 2 дні тому

    Brianna was kind of rude- Like- idk but she gave me a bad vibe...

  • Dime
    Dime 2 дні тому

    I knew!!! Hehehehahahah

  • Peter Farmer
    Peter Farmer 2 дні тому

    Fam these people trippin hard

  • Locus Cades
    Locus Cades 2 дні тому

    Do light workers berate others to a large audience?

  • yashashwini Nsimha
    yashashwini Nsimha 2 дні тому

    So psychic powers is bogus...lesson learnt.. moving on...

  • tamara mohammed
    tamara mohammed 2 дні тому

    How is not a syco

  • patchyfish1
    patchyfish1 2 дні тому

    They have clairvoyence but couldn't predict who it was??? Hmmm...