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The Most Delusional NBA Fan In The World

  • Опубліковано 30 лис 2022


  • Kubaaa'
    Kubaaa'  +20

    Hot take: Jimmy's wife has never had an argument with him, because she is afraid of how many charts he'd present to prove her wrong.

  • Jacob Gutiérrez

    As much as it makes him mad we all know these are definitely Jimmy's favorite videos to make

  • Kevin Jones


  • Abiola Ibiyemi

    that Kobe tweet at the start is criminal.

  • Moises Acevedo

    I think saying LeBron doesn’t have a bag relates to what we now nowadays as fancy moves, jelly, etc. Many players have developed insane offensive arsenals which defenses have a hard time to deal with... Also the referees are letting players have more flexibility with the offense as opposed to earlier days when players would receive calls for little things today go unnoticed.

  • Alex Zavoluk

    The way to win the bet is to find a player that's known for being really kind and sympathetic, explain the situation, and hope they're nice enough to let you win.

  • Chillin Around

    “I’m closer to Lebron James than you are to me” - Brian Scalabrine

  • No
    No  +93

    Out of ALL the players he could’ve chosen to save his family he chose Lebron 😭😭

  • Jamie Kelley

    For the bag hot take: It's all relative to me. Most people think that Shaq doesn't have a bag but that man had moves and skillsets that others could only dream of. It's just compared to other NBA players does Shaq seem more limited. I think the same holds true for LeBron. Compared to a number of other NBA players that rely on more skill to get buckets Lebron, like Shaq, uses his physical dominance to do that more than those other players.

  • Eufel John Labordo

    Bro told us that LeBron has a bag then proceeds to show a clip of Him hitting the back board

  • DBest Content

    The second take is hoy, but you have crushed it, Jxmmy presenting us with the Brian Scalabrine challenge. Where Brian, the White Mamba, owned all challengers, even at a D1 level. That's all she wrote.

  • C. Nek
    C. Nek  +7

    The good answer to the 1v1 question is "whichever NBA player would be nice enough to drop the game in order to save your family". So I would probably go with Giannis, he looks like a good egg.

  • More2Life Worldwide

    That "you don't stumble onto 37 thousand points" had me spitting my food.. Too accurate. 😂

  • Mr Sweating

    Glad to see my favorite guy Steve Nash making a goat guard list ❤️ loved watching him growing up

  • LeeWillTravel

    My friend in college was always talking shit about pro and college players and how good he is but he didn't get the chance, blah blah blah. Then we scrimmaged against the women's team (D1 top 25) That shut him up for a while.

  • Jamin Lee

    Hot Take: Despite being a crowd favorite, Austin Reaves is an on-ball defensive liability. He regularly gets exposed by opposing teams guards.

  • Alexis Pennington

    Honestly I’m picking steph just so I can meet my favorite player before my whole family dies

  • Backcourt

    Shoutout!!! to the guy who picked Kawhi 😂😂😂

  • rikkiteriyaki_

    Giannis. That man is so nice I feel like he’d let me win to save my family.

  • Rodney Gear

    I’ll take Bob Cousy 1v1 today 😂