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Big & Small Choo-Choo Charles Iron Man vs CURSED Train Thomas with Triple Head | BeamNG.Drive

  • Опубліковано 6 чер 2023
  • Hello guys, today we are merging 2 characters into 1 again. Now it's Iron Man and Choo-Choo Charles! Just look at it, isn't it funny? Well, to test this character I have big & small cars which will try to overcome giant pit and defeat another new train character - cursed thomas the tank engine with triple head. Well, there is something else near the railway - giant portal trap which can lead entering car into any place in the entire universe imaginable. It could car to down of death, for example, or in a sea with sharks. Car could meet other characters from BeamNG Life universe... You'll never know what's on the other side unless you watch the entire video. I hope you enjoy it, took me a ton of time to put this whole thing together, had to create a lot of mods for this.
    Contents of the video:
    0:00 - Train Thomas & Pit
    0:53 - Down of Death
    1:48 - Lava River
    3:14 - Stairs Jumps Down
    4:55 - Trains & Giant Bulge
    6:44 - Giant Police Car
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    The game I played-
    BeamNG.drive -
    Official game site: beamng.com (there you can download the game)
    Official mods repository: beamng.com/resources/
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