Bowser's military hierarchy | Unraveled

  • Опубліковано 17 лют 2019
  • Bowser needs to organize his military or else he might be committing a war crime. Brian David Gilbert is here to help solve his hierarchy.
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  • Payton Daugereau
    Payton Daugereau 35 хвилин тому

    Brian is my inspiration for my masc wardrobe

  • Trinity
    Trinity 9 годин тому +1

    I'm personally insulted that you think King Boo even thinks about listening to Bowser.
    Like. He's his own man. What's Bowser gonna do if he ignores him? _Kill him?_

  • Cthulhu Ftagn
    Cthulhu Ftagn 16 годин тому

    After Serving In Super Mario World War One, Galoomba #37 Became The Mario Equivalent Of Hitler

  • Food with gluten
    Food with gluten День тому

    Brian please, do that list of every Pokemon in order of edibility. I don't know whose idea it was but jesus, I need it in my life.

  • anthony rowan
    anthony rowan День тому

    *a bomba spawns in your inventory, active* (drop and run to escape that. else) *you explode*

  • anthony rowan
    anthony rowan День тому

    *was swallowed whole and digested by the piranha plant character*

  • Jordan Botelho323
    Jordan Botelho323 День тому

    I bet you're looking for 8:30.

  • Marsh Narsh
    Marsh Narsh 2 дні тому +2

    Wait a second if the Geneva convention was actually "necessary" to read it then you didn't read something unnecessarily? I've been let down.

  • UncleBadTouch
    UncleBadTouch 2 дні тому

    King Bobomb wants an independent Bobombic Caliphate

  • Cdu Sles
    Cdu Sles 2 дні тому

    No Bowsette, I'm out.

  • Harrison Lichtenberg
    Harrison Lichtenberg 3 дні тому +1

    "Why do pirhana plant have bone in it?"

  • Azmar
    Azmar 3 дні тому

    Actually I think that almost all of the forces presented in this video are in fact civilians and not at all under Bowser's order.

  • Blyat Blyatrakov
    Blyat Blyatrakov 4 дні тому

    The only funny and interesting guy in Polygon

  • Sam B
    Sam B 4 дні тому


    SAMANTHA DEREGO 4 дні тому

    10:20 is the Thwomp song, for anybody who wants to listen to it

  • OrangeGlowSticks
    OrangeGlowSticks 6 днів тому

    This has to be am amazing thing to film

  • Megaphant2
    Megaphant2 6 днів тому

    The only two timestamps you need: 8:14 and 10:30

  • Hailey Rei Zhang
    Hailey Rei Zhang 6 днів тому

    I know this comment is fairly late, but is it possible you could go over all the war debt Ganondorf has accumulated, and how much he needs to pay to cover all the war-time damage he's done to Hyrule?

  • i use furry yiff as my profile picture

    Y O U D I D N ' T N E E D T O P A N T S T H E M A N

  • Logan Alexander Beatrice Cook
    Logan Alexander Beatrice Cook 7 днів тому +1

    1. Turn on captions
    2. 11:55
    4. Enjoy

  • Phe Mackenzie
    Phe Mackenzie 7 днів тому

    For anyone here to rewatch the piranha plant line, it's at 8:30

    But as for the video itself... I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Tanaka Haruki
    Tanaka Haruki 7 днів тому

    Brian: And to fix that, we have to turn to the only thing that's worked in the past.

    Me: Genocide?

    Brian: Song.

    Me: oh.

  • Miss Katonic
    Miss Katonic 7 днів тому

    I'm not sure what upsets me more, that this upsets and intrigues me or that I JUST FOUND IT!

  • Slugpaste TM
    Slugpaste TM 8 днів тому

    Brain telling us what we already know.

  • SFreeman
    SFreeman 8 днів тому

    I'd die for this man.

  • Ben Shapiro
    Ben Shapiro 8 днів тому

    I used all of the quotes today it WORKED!

  • rad chems
    rad chems 8 днів тому

    the sheer amount of comedic impact that "mario is a war criminal" has completely eviscerated anyone in a 50 mile radius

  • Sophia Masiewicz
    Sophia Masiewicz 8 днів тому

    13:23 is the best part of this whole video 😂😂

  • Lily Malcolm
    Lily Malcolm 8 днів тому

    commenting on this to save 11:04 because brian saying "valour stealing bastard" is all ive ever needed

  • Snivy for SSBU
    Snivy for SSBU 9 днів тому

    (Keep it going)
    There’s thwimps...

  • Raikkappa23
    Raikkappa23 9 днів тому

    Dear god, Brian can really sing. This man is too strong.

  • Landon Beaird
    Landon Beaird 9 днів тому

    okay but 3:21 was some of the smoothest editing ive seen in a long while

  • Idiosyncrasies
    Idiosyncrasies 9 днів тому


  • Victor Dennis
    Victor Dennis 9 днів тому

    "His very name strikes fear into the heart of man and mushroom alike"

    [insert clip of Bowser dying to a midget plumber]

  • radical adequacy
    radical adequacy 9 днів тому

    i was very sad and now im looking forward to only having small glimpses of sadness for the next 15 minutes thank yoy

  • //\\//\\//\\ film
    //\\//\\//\\ film 10 днів тому

    But how does Bowserett fit into this?

  • Angel Drouet
    Angel Drouet 10 днів тому

    Please give us a full song.

  • Mason Robinson
    Mason Robinson 10 днів тому

    What about koopalings they should be field marshal

  • Moki Doki!
    Moki Doki! 10 днів тому

    So bowser kidnapped peach 15 times and lost to mario all 15. Maybe its time for a career change bud.

  • Mystaee
    Mystaee 11 днів тому

    *G U S H E N*

  • London Hughes
    London Hughes 11 днів тому

    Is that the perfect pokerap genius?

  • Pufferfish 2074
    Pufferfish 2074 11 днів тому +1

    The stu's need their own game

  • EnRandomSten
    EnRandomSten 11 днів тому +2

    the name "koopa troopa" is just Todestool propaganda

  • алтос поропн
    алтос поропн 12 днів тому

    that beautiful singing voice

  • SlothManJ
    SlothManJ 12 днів тому +1

    If there is any justice in the world, BDG's career needs to take off.

  • LadyJosie
    LadyJosie 12 днів тому

    ... im so worried for this man...

  • YSquared, Yobozo
    YSquared, Yobozo 12 днів тому +2

    Wait, but Bowser is also a war criminal, he took a non-military hostage, kidnapping princess peach made him a war criminal

  • Legend Femme
    Legend Femme 12 днів тому

    i love the nail polish

  • Nyxed Capricorn
    Nyxed Capricorn 12 днів тому

    should have been communist military

  • Ryan West
    Ryan West 12 днів тому

    Why is this man not a household name

  • AzizidarkReborn
    AzizidarkReborn 12 днів тому +1

    Bingewatching season 1 will never be the same again, now that BDG has a moustache. It is too powerful and I cannot unimagine it.

  • Hey BoSs
    Hey BoSs 12 днів тому

    I hate polygon. But this guy is alright

  • Radioactive Pugman
    Radioactive Pugman 13 днів тому

    there are more stus

  • Xxh0mEr0xX
    Xxh0mEr0xX 13 днів тому

    Why is anything he makes a piece of art?

  • Brain Dump
    Brain Dump 13 днів тому


  • Ms Freakshow
    Ms Freakshow 14 днів тому

    War. War never changes.

  • David Vogel
    David Vogel 14 днів тому +1

    By your logic, Bowser is a more moral leader than the US government because he actually followes the Geneva convention. BOWSER 2020!

  • Shadow Thief
    Shadow Thief 14 днів тому

    So Mario is now a sociopath *AND* a war criminal. Wonderful.

  • MicrowaveGamer
    MicrowaveGamer 15 днів тому

    Wait a minute. Wait one freaking minute.
    Goombas and bricks in the original game were transformed citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom.

    Holy feck.

  • Chloe Chang
    Chloe Chang 15 днів тому +1

    11:10 - 11:21

  • Trashy Cat
    Trashy Cat 15 днів тому

    this man acts and looks like a feral college student

  • Charlotte Taylor
    Charlotte Taylor 16 днів тому

    I hate that I laughed so fucking hard at 3:15 because it's like he went to the future and drilled a hole into my brain to know exactly what I was thinking as I was watching the video, then said it out loud, but as a "placeholder".

  • Kazuma - kun
    Kazuma - kun 16 днів тому

    "Allwarfare is based on deception. If your opponent is of choleric temperament, seek to irritate him. Steal their hats." Had me chortling for whole minutes.

  • WilderChart8 / Dinky
    WilderChart8 / Dinky 16 днів тому +1


  • Lambkins 18
    Lambkins 18 17 днів тому

    Look at this gALoOmBa

  • Beta Sketches
    Beta Sketches 17 днів тому

    3:12 to 3:20

  • Truman Way
    Truman Way 17 днів тому

    “This shit heal of a monkey”

  • Alex Mar
    Alex Mar 17 днів тому

    I have never played Mario.
    Why am I here?

    • Alex Mar
      Alex Mar 17 днів тому +1

      finished video.
      three times.
      I have no regrets.

  • constellationthought
    constellationthought 18 днів тому

    Brian’s delivery at 8:31 is the first thing that’s made me laugh out loud in real life all week thank u Brian

  • M.R.V.N
    M.R.V.N 18 днів тому

    Mario Odyssey isn't official? Huh, I didn't know that.

  • Butter Pikmin
    Butter Pikmin 18 днів тому +1

    10:43 *wHiLe We WeRe mArChInG ThRoUgH GeOrGiA*

  • Sleep Ninja
    Sleep Ninja 19 днів тому

    Game theory who?

  • BowmanMikayla
    BowmanMikayla 19 днів тому

    How about estimating the hospital bill for each Mortal Kombat 11 fatality.

  • Braxton Johnson
    Braxton Johnson 19 днів тому

    Bowser is a tortoise not a turtle

  • girlwithasweater
    girlwithasweater 20 днів тому

    OK but Brain actually has a good voice? Is there ANYTHING this man CAN't Do???

  • WojtekUniverse [ SRRG ]
    WojtekUniverse [ SRRG ] 20 днів тому

    it’s the stus.

  • Ella Ambrosia
    Ella Ambrosia 20 днів тому


  • Fought a Pidgeon
    Fought a Pidgeon 20 днів тому

    I love that silver nail polish you have on

  • Agent Fuse
    Agent Fuse 20 днів тому

    Now just make a video talking about all the war crimes SovietWomble has committed in his Arma III videos.

  • Big Papa
    Big Papa 20 днів тому

    Where’s the pdf

  • GlowingHorror
    GlowingHorror 21 день тому +1

    I come back to this video daily to watch him talk about the Stus. Holy shit.

  • PooCrizzap
    PooCrizzap 21 день тому

    Why do piranha plant have bone in it? Is my favorite line in any UAclips video

  • Kollin DeWitt
    Kollin DeWitt 21 день тому

    "why do piranha plant have bone in it?"

  • A Li
    A Li 21 день тому

    “it’s the stus”

  • isandrei
    isandrei 21 день тому

    i was reaching this after a long time and holy fuck i forgot about the song at the end and it caught me so off guard

  • cecil the bastard
    cecil the bastard 21 день тому

    so like where to cop that tie tho…

  • Unholy Grain
    Unholy Grain 21 день тому

    Me: holy shit

  • calle nordholm Lindström
    calle nordholm Lindström 21 день тому

    So being a genius and madman is not very different

  • Hey Mandy
    Hey Mandy 21 день тому

    He sounds like mike trapp when he talks about the funny parade.

  • Elana Raybould
    Elana Raybould 21 день тому

    You are a mystical human

    ERROR ANONIMO 21 день тому

    Yeah that's right, baby mario gave the order, don't teach you that in school huh?

  • brine sella
    brine sella 21 день тому +2

    *why do piranha plant have bone in it??*

  • Karl Solvang
    Karl Solvang 21 день тому

    But the Koopas :’(

  • TheNobod3
    TheNobod3 22 дні тому

    Dry Brian is my new band name

  • faroshscale
    faroshscale 22 дні тому

    This is shy guy erasure

  • Diana Collier
    Diana Collier 22 дні тому +2

    There are... so many quotable moments. My faves are probably:
    "They come to me in my dreams, like a prophet receiving visions from an angry god."
    "Because God has cursed me for my hubris, and my work is never finished."
    "Is there an analogous military that is somewhat bloated, often antagonistic, and seems to be the only thing the leadership cares about funding? Unfortunately, I couldn't find any real-life examples of this.... [blank stare] So I'm loosely basing this on the U.S. military."
    "His father took a bullet for Bowser back in the Korean War, so now he's a general."
    "Because not even death can excuse you from service in Bowser's army."
    "Why do Pirhana Plant have bone in it?"
    "You might remember him as that helpful guy who picks you up in Mario Kart, but he actually got his start in carpet bombing."
    "Despite what he's written in his memoirs, he's never been in active duty and is a valor-stealing bastard."
    "Oh my god, they're civilians."
    "Mario has committed at least 5 war crimes."

  • NobleLeader6
    NobleLeader6 22 дні тому

    Unfortunately for all the people happy about Mario committing war crimes, we don't know if Mario is a part of the Toadstool Kingdom's military, nor if the Toadstool Kingdom signed the Geneva Convention. Along with this, the Geneva Convention only applies if the guilty party signed on to the Convention in the first place, and if war was declared by both sides. After all, the Convention was made for the idea of Fair War, in that both sides are only attacking military targets. Bowser clearly doesn't fall under this.

  • Morthm Koturma
    Morthm Koturma 22 дні тому

    MP3 of that song?

    • schuelermine
      schuelermine 21 день тому

      There's a full video of it on his twitter.

  • Walker Wardrop
    Walker Wardrop 23 дні тому

    Am I the only one that got distracted by the playing of Manhattan beach in the background

  • Dragon Fire
    Dragon Fire 23 дні тому +2

    I will pay for a crossover between MatPat and BDG