Pacquiao beats Thurman for WBA Super World Welterweight Championship belt | HIGHLIGHTS | PBC ON FOX

  • Опубліковано 21 лип 2019
  • Manny Pacquiao defeats Keith Thurman via split decision to obtain the WBA Super World Welterweight Championship belt.
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    Pacquiao beats Thurman for WBA Super World Welterweight Championship belt | HIGHLIGHTS | PBC ON FOXвідео.html
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    PBC ON FOX  День тому +40

    What did you think about Manny Pacquiao's victory?

    • Kiel Matteus
      Kiel Matteus 22 години тому

      what did you think about your highlights? where's the knockdown on first round? bias much? ./.

    • Jeevan Kaged
      Jeevan Kaged 22 години тому

      Why didn't the knockdown make the highlights?!!

    • Роверт Баскон
      Роверт Баскон 22 години тому

      No, what do you think?

    • Ultimate Zeno Russell
      Ultimate Zeno Russell 22 години тому

      @Shawn Tomboc Because they're trying to rig it.

    • Shawn Tomboc
      Shawn Tomboc 22 години тому

      Common Fox. Don’t be fake news. You can make a better highlight for manny. I like fox but don’t discuss me like CNN disses trump.

  • MegaDcept
    MegaDcept 22 години тому

    Wow trash highlights lmao

  • allan oteyza
    allan oteyza 22 години тому

    Great fight

  • andreus torres
    andreus torres 22 години тому

    -this highlight makes it seem like Thurman won lol

  • Rimpau Blvd Baby
    Rimpau Blvd Baby 22 години тому

    Wtf is this lol

  • Wake up Sheeple
    Wake up Sheeple 22 години тому

    DAZN Highlights are way better 💯

  • Pictogram #1
    Pictogram #1 22 години тому

    This is literally the WORST highlights I have ever seen! You should be ASHAMED!

  • LinkMaster64
    LinkMaster64 22 години тому

    The thumbnail- FALCON PUNCH!!!

  • Digong DU30
    Digong DU30 22 години тому

    PBC Fox is so salty.

  • TheLakesideplaya
    TheLakesideplaya 22 години тому

    How tf was that highlights!!!!!!

  • Scottie M
    Scottie M 22 години тому

    terrible job on the highlights video u bum

  • SirWalterSansRien
    SirWalterSansRien 22 години тому

    was this highlight done by an AI? Fox did you actually watch the fight???

  • Bernard Fernandez
    Bernard Fernandez 22 години тому

    Worst replay where the knock down? WTF

  • Brandon Giordano
    Brandon Giordano 22 години тому

    A 40 second highlight of a hour long fight that didn't even include the knockdown. Great work...

  • Uso's brutalino
    Uso's brutalino 22 години тому

    This is Keith Thurman UAclips account for sure

  • Oscar Maidana
    Oscar Maidana 22 години тому

    You had a great fight, with acción, and you do a 50 seconds hightlight??? come on.

  • Gerardo Quiteño
    Gerardo Quiteño 22 години тому

    Good Job this video almost get more dislikes than likes well done 👌🏽

  • Manny Ortiz
    Manny Ortiz 22 години тому

    Wtf is this?

  • Alex Moran
    Alex Moran 22 години тому +1

    I love you manny! You have blessed me with great fights, but I think it is time to hang those gloves up :( you have nothing else to prove ! You are one of the greatest ever !
    Congrats to the goat on the win!

  • cbaezga
    cbaezga 22 години тому

    Taking Punches to the body is keith biggest weakness

  • Yotto Sanchez
    Yotto Sanchez 22 години тому

    Oh my! Is this even real, this highlights? C'mon! HAHAHAHHA

  • Cesar Vasquez
    Cesar Vasquez 22 години тому

    Respect to dazn they are not greedy they give us good highlights

  • Stick32
    Stick32 22 години тому

    First thing I want to say is that for American (born in this empire) citizens to not be behind their own fighter's shows me that their "patriotism" is a disgusting disgrace and false. Second I have to tip my hat for the decision win for Pacquiao. IMHO, Thurman showed his opponent entirely to much respect. He was a natural at his weight class and that alone should have been a big factor in his fight with his opponent.

  • FlowState with Danny
    FlowState with Danny 22 години тому

    Where’s the knock down 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • loko freestyle
    loko freestyle 22 години тому


  • Matt Global Entertainments
    Matt Global Entertainments 22 години тому

    bias editing..why didnt show the ko?and the body shots?lol..hire new editor.

  • Jose Talavera
    Jose Talavera 22 години тому

    Worst highlights. Bias channel

  • Leo theChibowow
    Leo theChibowow 22 години тому

    Wouldn't even show the body shot either.

  • Talisunep Jr
    Talisunep Jr 22 години тому

    'We've got everything you need, right here. On PBC on fox' bitxh gtfoh. Where's the knockdown wow

  • Arman Villanueva
    Arman Villanueva 22 години тому

    Heres you highlight🖕

  • Isaias Ortiz
    Isaias Ortiz 22 години тому

    There were way better parts for both fighters lol clip mad dumb

  • Rocky Boy
    Rocky Boy 22 години тому

    Wheres the knockdown?

  • Berto A
    Berto A 22 години тому

    Shittiest highlights ive ever seen wtf would anyone subscribe

  • Fish Sauce
    Fish Sauce 22 години тому

    The uploader of this “highlight” must be single. You left out the best highlight that happened in round 1

  • Derill Wilson
    Derill Wilson 22 години тому

    One judge had the fight 116-111 foh lol

  • Halfmanhalftree
    Halfmanhalftree 22 години тому

    What type of highlights? Lmfao whoever made this need to be fired

  • Moy Pal
    Moy Pal 22 години тому

    This is not an highlight!!!!!!!

  • Derill Wilson
    Derill Wilson 22 години тому

    Bruh congrats to Manny but he got out punched 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • no name
    no name 22 години тому

    What? WHAT? LOL WHAT??????

  • Jaolo Bio
    Jaolo Bio 22 години тому

    Dislike the video. This is a salty highlights

  • Jimbo Jacob
    Jimbo Jacob 22 години тому

    Hahahaha unsubscribing for a very not worthy to watch clip

  • eduardo landingin
    eduardo landingin 22 години тому

    haha bitter highlights made by thurman fan. only a few hits by thurman were shown here, the hits done by paquiao where totally absent? Well at least he won nonetheless!

  • Antidote54
    Antidote54 22 години тому +1

    Biggest BS highlights ever. Amazing fight and PBC doing only a 58 second clip excluding the knockdown. Smh

  • Lord High Xcutioner
    Lord High Xcutioner 22 години тому

    Pac the GOAT, great win for him.

  • vlad mashv
    vlad mashv 22 години тому

    Go figure #PBC and there incompetence ! Highlights ?? Really
    Where is the knockdown

  • Dr. Corpuscle
    Dr. Corpuscle 22 години тому

    So Manny head-butted his way to victory.

  • MEECH !!
    MEECH !! 22 години тому

    What kind of highlights is this

  • Mwfrizzellandsons
    Mwfrizzellandsons 22 години тому

    Paid per view has ruined boxing.

  • Sky Blue
    Sky Blue 23 години тому

    Great highlight lol 😂

  • Marvin Tayong
    Marvin Tayong 23 години тому

    my 7 years old son can do better than this craplights you said

  • Diane Collin Villarin
    Diane Collin Villarin 23 години тому

    your channel poor thurman is lose forever

  • 49 Cent
    49 Cent 23 години тому

    Take some notes from DAZN and put together a fight highlight that's 5 minutes long not 1 minute

  • Pro Boxer 17
    Pro Boxer 17 23 години тому

    Someone tell me how pacquio one this fight Thurman clearly hit him way more times

  • Kevin Brooks
    Kevin Brooks 23 години тому

    What about wen the Mexican knocked paquiao in the hospital?

  • The God Of Games
    The God Of Games 23 години тому

    thurman is not undefeated anymore he lost to manny. proud to be a filipino . thurman - manny im gonna knock you out manny - let my fist talk in the ring and see what happens.

  • connor hall
    connor hall 23 години тому

    Just lol

  • RamboRigs
    RamboRigs 23 години тому

    Missed the Knockdown and Missed the massive body shot. The two most pivotal moments of the fight. What kind of highlights are these?

  • Valley Prime Logistics
    Valley Prime Logistics 23 години тому +2

    Worst highlights in my life. Please knockdown the EDITOR and the PUBLISHER!!!!

  • Mary Flor
    Mary Flor 23 години тому


  • Sharon Mamorno
    Sharon Mamorno 23 години тому

    I watch this is our TV

  • gamingph mio Catamora
    gamingph mio Catamora 23 години тому

    Sino Ang nanalo

  • Johnmichael Pangan
    Johnmichael Pangan 23 години тому

    Hbo is the best

  • Air Apparatus
    Air Apparatus 23 години тому

    Leave it to fox pbc to leave out the biggest moment in a highlight vid. Where's the knockdown that manny threw?

  • Johnmichael Pangan
    Johnmichael Pangan 23 години тому

    Fox is on thurmans side.obvious
    Hahahaha bitterrrrr!!!! Highlights

  • Néstor Villafañe
    Néstor Villafañe 23 години тому

    This is the worst highlights video.

  • Johnmichael Pangan
    Johnmichael Pangan 23 години тому

    Bias highlights fox.
    Coz manny is not american lol

  • dilly2007hk
    dilly2007hk 23 години тому

    Some awful highlights

  • Johnmichael Pangan
    Johnmichael Pangan 23 години тому

    Where is k.o highlights fox

  • ambivalent ambiguity
    ambivalent ambiguity 23 години тому

    you call this a Highlight? Wtf?

  • MarSH
    MarSH 23 години тому

    u suck...just remove ur channel

  • Luzvert 93
    Luzvert 93 23 години тому

    Bad highlight

  • Sean Jones
    Sean Jones 23 години тому

    I am so proud of Pac-man. He has proven without a shadow of a doubt... That the older wiser athlete can defeat the more youthful athletes👍 God bless Manny not only for the win, but as well as accepting the lord as his personal savior. He did that when he fought Floyd. God is walking with you Manny✌

  • Frank Turtle Luck
    Frank Turtle Luck 23 години тому

    This is kind of highlights makes me miss more of HBO

  • Novel Rabaya
    Novel Rabaya 23 години тому

    Im so disappointed of this “highlights” 😩😩😩

  • SquirmyJ
    SquirmyJ 23 години тому

    worst highlights - unsubscribed

  • Larry Santos
    Larry Santos 23 години тому

    Natatamaan si Manny nang madalas. Buti na lang nanalo. Salamat sa Diyos.

  • M H
    M H 23 години тому

    How are you going to make a highlight reel and miss the two key highlights? 1st round knockdown and 10th round body shot. Fire whoever made this smh

  • Frankee Al Ansin
    Frankee Al Ansin 23 години тому

    PBC ON FOX Please improve your highlights.

  • Gen.salsalani Rubat
    Gen.salsalani Rubat 23 години тому


  • Father and Son
    Father and Son 23 години тому +1

    Editor needs an uppercut

  • Gibraeel Duga
    Gibraeel Duga День тому


  • Vincent Anunciado
    Vincent Anunciado День тому

    You guys suck!

  • Blayre Ward
    Blayre Ward День тому

    Paquiao vs McGregor

  • kyrie rauwhero
    kyrie rauwhero День тому

    that was a straight left to the body not a "headbutt" that backed up thurman

  • Donyor Abaquita
    Donyor Abaquita День тому

    even this highlight can't see manny's hand speed.....bwahhahahahah

  • Terrible 1
    Terrible 1 День тому

    Like how much did everyone make on PacMan last night?

  • Jan Uvero
    Jan Uvero День тому

    Worst highlight ever! Magsara na kayo!!!

    • Jan Uvero
      Jan Uvero День тому

      Bias 🤬🤬🤬

  • Heisenberg Jr
    Heisenberg Jr День тому

    This channel is attrocious. How are you missing out the biggest highlight in a fight highlight video 🙄

  • Ken TV
    Ken TV День тому

    It is Thurman's Highlights only. Sorry your idol beated.

  • Imperiu
    Imperiu День тому

    This is not a highlight. Everyone report this video this was made by a rookie editor who most likely just got hired.

  • Ancestral Rage
    Ancestral Rage День тому

    How do you not show the knock down?

  • Admiral General Aladeen
    Admiral General Aladeen День тому


  • Ham Boba
    Ham Boba День тому

    Just imagine what a prime Pac would have done to Thurman

  • James Paul Chatto
    James Paul Chatto День тому

    wow!!! is this really a highlights? or a Thurman fanatics!!

  • Lej Gb
    Lej Gb День тому

    Itong round nato bugbog c manny.

  • RAiZUS
    RAiZUS День тому

    Worst highlights suckers

  • Mr. Chips
    Mr. Chips День тому +1

    Thurman proves that he is also a real champion Bye giving a better fight than Mayweather

  • PanSeth TV
    PanSeth TV День тому


  • jaime delgado
    jaime delgado День тому +1

    worst highlights ever. who was editing this? mr bean ?

  • redskitter
    redskitter День тому

    Bias highlights. Where is the round 1 knockdown?