Minecraft Hero Quest - Episode 29

  • Опубліковано 20 вер 2019
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    The Husky :D 15 годин тому

    Keep clicking on this: 1:17

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    Martyna Drwiega День тому

    I haven’t been watching because YoU tUbE wAsNt SeNdInG nOtIfICaTiOnS so thought you weren’t uploading

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    Hey you have a lazy.......

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    On the name tag write Henry.

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    Maria Vera 5 днів тому

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    Scott Foglesong 5 днів тому

    Dennis should have said well end instead of well then because he was hunting enderman get it

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    Ana Cruz 9 днів тому

    Did denis curse

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    Jonathan Slavens 10 днів тому

    Denis I am a biiiigggg fan!!.

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  • Brendale Cotton
    Brendale Cotton 11 днів тому

    Name a dog patrick

    ORANGE JUSTICE DOGE 12 днів тому +1

    Hi im so close to giving up ona name tag :/
    Please name me after NOT a farm animal.. it would be appreciated

    ORANGE JUSTICE DOGE 12 днів тому


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  • Sytgamer Mcgrath
    Sytgamer Mcgrath 12 днів тому

    Make this blue if u live denis

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    Holly Reed 12 днів тому

    Name: iiomgitscocoii or Hannah Moyes

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    nikka valencia 14 днів тому

    this is cool

  • Arcanium the Adventurer
    Arcanium the Adventurer 15 днів тому

    I actually startedup one of my worlds today and i got a wither skull from a wither skeleton without relizeing it and funny thing i only went to the nether for nether wart

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    Claire McCollum 15 днів тому

    clirebear plzzzzzzzz

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    You have cheats on but you won't put keep inventory on... Okay 😂

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    Kitty Kat 16 днів тому

    Spawn the wither from story mode plz😊🙂
    You can make a brown mooshroom by getting one struck by lightning 🌩

  • Shiloh Maleski
    Shiloh Maleski 16 днів тому

    you r men

  • The Pro
    The Pro 16 днів тому

    0:51 we have 4 wither skeleton skulls, 1:08 why do we have 4 wither skeleton skulls

  • Shiloh Maleski
    Shiloh Maleski 16 днів тому

    ha I wot to bee on th chut

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    I subscribed Den

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    Iva Tanaki 17 днів тому

    you should do hardcore

  • Toxic Waste
    Toxic Waste 18 днів тому

    No denis you crafted that and it still let you keep the skull lol

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    I want to be it

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    I love you denis can you put my name down on the name tag

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  • Noah_ 4508
    Noah_ 4508 18 днів тому

    Noah Kennadee Emery

  • Johanna Stone
    Johanna Stone 18 днів тому

    denis dont be a wimp. Play minecraft in hard core mode

    TOMMY CHAU 19 днів тому

    My name is Alex

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    collin Plays 19 днів тому

    Play more Minecraft

  • Ronnie Lucas
    Ronnie Lucas 19 днів тому

    Name one lucky

  • Isaias Gonzalez
    Isaias Gonzalez 19 днів тому

    At 6:08 denis shouldn't have called that creeper stupid. :)

  • Julio Mercado
    Julio Mercado 19 днів тому

    You need cammand block

  • Gia Marie
    Gia Marie 20 днів тому +1

    Hewo DenisDailey!~ This was one f my favorite episodes

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  • Yt ssMoscassPS4
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    Hey Denis Luv Ur Vids And Amost All Views Love Them! Plus The Pals To :D
    Btw You Helped Me Do Stuff So I Subed to Both Of Ur Channels

    Name: DoggoMan

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    D DZKIDtv 20 днів тому

    How did you forget you had a withreskeletin

  • meo201
    meo201 20 днів тому +1

    Stone axe does more damage than a diamond Sword, Diamond swords damage: 7 Any axe above stone Damage: 9

  • Shawn Young
    Shawn Young 20 днів тому +1

    I know someone that has 30 stacks of skulls

  • Pro Gamer Jariel
    Pro Gamer Jariel 21 день тому

    Denis:Stupid creepa.

  • Angela Romano
    Angela Romano 21 день тому

    Please do me it’s AJ

  • Antonio Ferrantelli
    Antonio Ferrantelli 21 день тому

    didnt he say he had 4 wither skulls and then he got super surprised?

  • Derpler
    Derpler 21 день тому

    Hi Denis, my name is derpler and am a youtuber with dreams. A name on the board would boost me. Ty

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    anti snow 21 день тому +2

    i having a competition with my cousins for a name tag my name is antisnow

  • Shannon Pekarovich
    Shannon Pekarovich 21 день тому

    I mean in the anvil I’m pretty sure one of those two 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

  • Shannon Pekarovich
    Shannon Pekarovich 21 день тому

    You can repair ur armor by putting it in the crafting table with diamonds

  • Khadeeja faith sakho
    Khadeeja faith sakho 21 день тому

    David and faith

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    Jamila Hussain 21 день тому