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Sheriff: Death Toll In "Hundreds" In Lee County, FL During Hurricane Ian

  • Опубліковано 28 вер 2022
  • The Lee County Sheriff said the death toll is in the "hundreds" from Hurricane Ian. #foxweather #weather #ian
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  • paul may
    paul may Рік тому +67

    I lost my house in 92 in hurricane Andrew. I remember hearing neighbors and other people saying ahhhhh I’m staying here. We will be fine. When I got into homestead (I fled the storm using common sense) the same people were on their knees just petrified from what they just endured. If you have the capability to leave during a hurricane, I would say, do it.

    • Anthony
      Anthony Рік тому +1

      Hurricane Andrew was the worse!

    • Morgaine DePolloc
      Morgaine DePolloc Рік тому +3

      I remember it well, unfortunately. I was providing auxillary support from Langley AFB in Hampton VA at the time. I will never forget the trauma on the faces of the citizens impacted. As I monitored this hurricane, I kept thinking of Andrew.

    • Sara Helton
      Sara Helton Рік тому

      I’ve lived in areas my whole life that have hurricanes that are usually followed by some flooding. I lived through Hugo, Andrew, Katrina, Floyd, Charlie, Florence, watched Sandy on TV, and then 3 storms over the past 6 years that had *heavy* flooding in my area. Everytime we’re (the public) are told “GO NOW OR DIE!” the storm will wobble and ultimately weaken. After this happens enough- 3or4 times- you become a little numb and a lotta skeptical to the warnings and hysteria. And then *BOOM*
      a storm like Sandy. Like Ian, and add the unreliable US Weather Service models (European Service has WAY more accurate models) that are used by most outlets and followed by most Americans and you have a horrific recipe for catastrophe. Again. And again.
      Sorry but this is something I started noticing about 20 years ago and sorta followed when I could and it’s astonishing how INcorrect the US models are compared to the European models and compared to what actually happened. mind boggling imo.
      Whew 😅 thanks.

    • Felicity
      Felicity Рік тому

      I read that over 7000 bodies were recovered after hurricane Andrew, and it was covered up by authorities. They probably didn't want to admit that proper warnings were not made and procedures were not in place to save these people. Same thing with the deadly Joplin tornadoes, the death count was grossly understated.

    • paul may
      paul may Рік тому

      @Felicity the migrant illegal farm workers were not included to the public count. It wasn’t 7,000 but it was way more than the 59 that they claimed. I talked to a truck driver who was commandeered to fill his refrigerated trailer with bodies.

  • V
    V Рік тому +8

    To those who are unfamiliar with the area, matlacha is a very small island off the coast of Cape Coral, they’re connected by 1
    Bridge, my sister chose to stay on matlacha and it extremely traumatized, she was rescued by boat this morning and were thankful she is alive, however devastatingly she watched 2 of her neighbors get on a boat as the eye was passing matlacha (they thought the storm was over and it was safe to flee, no one had internet to make sure) she watched her neighbors disappear into the distance and just minutes later the eye had passed and the eye wall was hitting matlacha 3x as hard as it was before, we do not believe the 2 men made it alive

    • Lisa Nunez
      Lisa Nunez Рік тому +1

      V , 😭😭😭 as I am watching these videos and listening to the weather news I find myself crying. I can't imagine the heartbreak these people are going through. I am a praying woman and believe that God hears our prayers and will provide because He is Sovereign and Loving Father. May you receive the comfort and peace for your soul 🙏💖

    • iicy_Hott_x3
      iicy_Hott_x3 Місяць тому


  • Stormchaser85
    Stormchaser85 Рік тому +101

    That's rare for Florida. Hurricane deaths are usually sparce, especially in hurricane country. My heart goes out to the families who woke up today without their loved ones. I also hope there's people alive that are simply presumed dead. Maybe hiding in the rafters of the attics of some of those homes. No one really was expecting it too be this bad. The night before landfall, I'm calling foul on just about every meteorologist. At 11pm the night before, the eye of Ian underwent a replacement cycle. It looked a bit disorganized and the untrained eye would see a weakening hurricane. Meteorologists were quick to claim that was the beginning of a weakening trend the models had been hinting at for many days. Wake up 8 hours later to almost a Cat 5 bearing down. I'll admit, the models really did show only a Cat 1 or weak 2 at best the day before. Once again proving hurricane guidance is not seeing ALL the variables that shape, build and direct these monsters and how there's plenty of room for improvement. If steering flow forecasts are off by just 1° or 1 to 2mph, over just a 100 mile path, can equate to a vastly different landfall location. Hence why Tampa Bay was spared being destroyed as predicted just a few hours before. We aren't done with Ian. The Carolinas, Maryland and Virginia is in for 6 to as much as 10 inches of rain and gusty winds over a large portion of the area. Never underestimate a heavy rain event while a tropical system is involved. Ian will be with us til atleast Monday if not longer. Stay safe everyone.

    • Jes Everage - Allen
      Jes Everage - Allen Рік тому +13

      You can't predicted mother nature. But at the end of the day what happened is what always happens. People lulled into oh that's what they always say this storm is a killer which passes by as a kitten. Well ian was a tiger.

    • Lisa Snow
      Lisa Snow Рік тому +9

      Nothings been confirmed except for 2 deaths

    • Lovely Me
      Lovely Me Рік тому +9

      I follow Ryan Hall youtube and he predicted Ian to be cat 4 or even cat 5 a week ago and he is usually right in predicted the weather. Much much better than the government or tv programs

    • Ankit
      Ankit Рік тому +3

      "No one was really expecting it to be this bad". Yea thats precisely the problem. What the heck can be done to explain people to get the heck out in time? What, glued to the screens till the last hour trying to figure out from TV whether its going to be a category 3 or category 3.5? People don't even know what these categories mean. At least remember this lesson. Just listen to people who know better and get the heck out of there when they tell you to.

  • Just C
    Just C Рік тому +9

    Very sad for all the lives lost. Prayers for Florida 🙏🏻 please take evacuation orders serious.

    • kim Duffy
      kim Duffy Рік тому

      This is probably not true.

  • Debbie Pendleton
    Debbie Pendleton Рік тому +21

    Prayers for the families who have lost loved ones. Prayers for healing and strength at this time. This is a sad day in America.

  • Chris Valen
    Chris Valen Рік тому +1

    I'm sorry for all my fellow Floridans hurt by this. Keep up your strength we are almost thru it

  • Betty Worley
    Betty Worley Рік тому +153

    So heartbreaking that so many had no place to go or financially could not leave, rest in peace 💔

    • Thomas Holt
      Thomas Holt Рік тому +4

      True 👍

    • Chronic Awareness
      Chronic Awareness Рік тому +23

      no excuse... plenty of time... how couldn't they evacuate? we k new the hurricane was going to have bad storm surge go to a shelter... we knew the path for 1 week before it hit about.. we knew anyone on the west coast needed to be carful and prepare to evacuate atleast 3 days ahead

    • Amy
      Amy Рік тому +20

      There were lots of resources available and shelters

    • Jickie
      Jickie Рік тому +18

      I understand people didn't have the financial ability to evacuate and get a motel room for even a day maybe but there is zero excuse not to go to a local shelter, they're free!!!

    • Crime Junkie (true)
      Crime Junkie (true) Рік тому +11

      Here in TX, they pick people up
      ( in buses) with no transportation or means to leave and take them to shelters, everything paid for.

  • Kevin Mann
    Kevin Mann Рік тому +130

    Its very sad that people don't take these storms serious enough to get out of its path. I watched 3 young men on a pier camera in Fort Myers playing in the water as the storm was pushing waves onto the beach pretty violently. Sad to think those 3 probably are among them. :-(

    • Todd Bessenger
      Todd Bessenger Рік тому +20


    • HOP
      HOP Рік тому +68

      @Todd Bessenger wrong time dude. Politics are melting your brain.

    • Kendra Diane
      Kendra Diane Рік тому +9

      They had pretty much hours notice, central flordia was under the impression we were getting hit and already trying to get out tying up traffic so they couldn't because the news didn't have it to hit them

    • Steve scuba
      Steve scuba Рік тому +51

      @Kendra Diane false. Evacuations started 2 days before the storm hit. It was very clear that it was coming somewhere near Tampa.
      I live 100 miles north of Tampa, and everyone around me knew when and where the storm was coming, within a reasonable margin. The governor and his task force did an excellent job of establishing support, to include shelters all over the place.
      Anyone who was in the path of the hurricane chose to remain there.

  • Yvonne Johnson
    Yvonne Johnson Рік тому +102

    😢😢😢😢 wasn't expecting to hear this at all this morning...Knew there would be catastrophic flooding because of the size of Ian but so much death I'm numb...with tears in my eyes my thoughts and prayers are with their families and friends...may they R.I.P💔💔

    • Melanin Duh
      Melanin Duh Рік тому +4

      I Wasn't Either...Im In Tampa

    • Cloudie 9 Druoid
      Cloudie 9 Druoid Рік тому +1

      Ya I think that governor needs to answer some questions!!!! Like did he invest in assisting Floridians who don’t drive etc. or is he only interested in frivolously using tax dollars to relocate immigrants into democratic states as a joke instead?

  • Caridad Revilla
    Caridad Revilla Рік тому +244

    I have in FL all my life and never have heard of that many people passing during a hurricane. I believe the flooding was the main factor. Very very sad news this morning.

    • Jack russell
      Jack russell Рік тому +36

      That’s because it’s not true

    • Caridad Revilla
      Caridad Revilla Рік тому +2

      @Jack russell I hope not.

    • Lil' KBBL Radio
      Lil' KBBL Radio Рік тому +16

      @Jack russell yeah, he says they are expecting....and no one else is reporting that.

    • Kim Pulsipher
      Kim Pulsipher Рік тому +17

      @Caridad Revilla people die every hurricane because they don't listen. They get complacent. The report is estimating numbers not stating numbers.

    • pueblodove
      pueblodove Рік тому +1

      I agree, I stayed through a whole lot of them.

  • Ninja Dog
    Ninja Dog Рік тому +71

    Unfortunately, there are some people who cannot evacuate due to circumstances beyond control. I am such a person here in NW Florida. If this beast had come here, I have no choice but to ride it out, because I have to take care of someone who cannot be evacuated. God speed to these people in SW Florida. It's time to get to work.

    • Elaine Jonas
      Elaine Jonas Рік тому +8

      People that can't physically evacuate should reconsider living in a hurricane prone state.

    • Calig St. Calig
      Calig St. Calig Рік тому +17

      @Elaine Jonas will you pay for them to relocate?

    • Metta Analysis
      Metta Analysis Рік тому +6

      I can relate to having to care for someone who is immobile. It is no simple task especially if they have memory problems too.
      I know there were a lot of able bodied people with plenty of money who stayed too. Surely some of them perished because they didn't want to leave.

    • Zhenren
      Zhenren Рік тому +11

      I think its all about perspective when you say "can't be evacuated". There is always a way. Changing your mindset is hard tho and most people aren't up to it.

    • Elaine Jonas
      Elaine Jonas Рік тому +4

      @Calig St. Calig why should I? They should have chose another state to live in. I live here by choice. If I choose to move, I wouldn't ask for hand-outs to relocate. If they chose to live here & can't evacuate - that's on them. Lmfao why would someone think they are entitled to someone else paying? I said they "should" reconsider living here. If they can't afford to move, that isn't my problem.

    👹BLURZERK BONKERZ😇 Рік тому +1

    Prayers for everyone in Florida🙏 can't imagine what they're going thru❤️‍🔥

  • Tina Taravella
    Tina Taravella Рік тому +8

    My thoughts and Prayers go out for their families 🙏🥺🙏

  • Adlih Kristopher
    Adlih Kristopher Рік тому +24

    My prayers are with everyone affected by hurricane 🌀Ian stay safe y'all ❤love from the islands 🏝🙏

    • Crecencio Gonzalez
      Crecencio Gonzalez Рік тому

      The days of Noah
      Are near but millions
      Are blind serving the world
      Forgot a ??????👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

  • Sharon USA
    Sharon USA 11 місяців тому

    Love and prayers to ask of the families adversely affected by storm Ian 🙏 😢

  • Ricky D.
    Ricky D. Рік тому

    From an Aussie. Heartfelt commiserations to American people, particularly those who’s loved ones perished and others affected by the cyclone.

  • Starkey Farmstead
    Starkey Farmstead Рік тому +73

    Our son is in Lee County as a National Guardsmen. They were stationed in Fort Myers. I spoke to him last night nothing so far. I am heartbroken for Florida and for our guardsmen as they begin moving into those areas to help rescue and recover.

    • Imperator lightoneous
      Imperator lightoneous Рік тому +7

      Prayers for your brave son 🙏

    • FEMALE
      FEMALE Рік тому

      It was a cat 73.
      First ever historical climate change hurricane.
      Coming up next on colored boy weather.
      Hashtag pay for Ukraine 🏳️‍🌈🇺🇦

    • Judi Pool
      Judi Pool Рік тому +1

      God bless him and praying he stays safe himself. Thank him for his service for all of us.

    • steelcity gal
      steelcity gal Рік тому

      @FEMALE no such thing as a cat 73

    • FEMALE
      FEMALE Рік тому +2

      @steelcity gal
      Don't be racist.

  • Cookie Fortuna
    Cookie Fortuna Рік тому

    Prayers to the people of Florida. Godspeed.

  • The-Reapings
    The-Reapings Рік тому +6

    The whole time last night I was thinking how peaceful it was and that disaster is happening elsewhere it's crazy to think about and the fact that there were hundreds of casualties scares me. I hope everything gets better for the ones who lost anyone and everything during Ian.

  • SharonLynn
    SharonLynn Рік тому +5

    My heart aches for all. I’m so sorry 😢 My prayers are constant.

  • Sean Crespo
    Sean Crespo Рік тому +8

    We have a good family friend who lives in Fort Myers. We haven't heard from him since yesterday; I really hope that he's alright and not the worst case scenario

  • Bob Mariano
    Bob Mariano Рік тому +50

    Prayers to them & their families. 🙏

    • comfortably numb
      comfortably numb Рік тому +2

      Yeah that'll help 🤣

    • Krusty
      Krusty Рік тому +2

      GOD vs. DeSantis ... GOD won BIGLY .. pray for DeSatan to change his ways

    • Gary Strauss
      Gary Strauss Рік тому

      @comfortably numb Another hater

    • comfortably numb
      comfortably numb Рік тому +1

      @Gary Strauss I didn't say I hate anyone or anything. That's just as silly and unproductive as thoughts and prayers. Want to help? Find a way to donate clothes, easily prepped foods, first aid stuff, batteries, and the stuff that actually helps after a storm. People can't eat or wear or rebuild with thoughts and prayers. Hate? No. I like effective results, not words.

  • jacqueline santelises
    jacqueline santelises Рік тому +6

    OMG. I am so sorry for the family that has lost a love one. Today my prayers are for them.

  • Sara Helton
    Sara Helton Рік тому +3

    You can hear and see his real pain.
    It must be so hard to report on this after you all but begged people to leave…

  • MD
    MD Рік тому +11

    May all the people who lost their lives may they all Rest In Peace this is very devastating.

    • FEMALE
      FEMALE Рік тому

      It was a cat 73.
      First ever historical climate change hurricane.
      Coming up next on colored boy weather.
      Hashtag pay for Ukraine 🏳️‍🌈🇺🇦

  • Andy Appley
    Andy Appley Рік тому +1

    My thoughts are with everyone affected. I am in the U.K,but have 2 friends living in Ft Myers,so truly hope they are ok. Prayers to you all. Xx

  • Brandon G
    Brandon G Рік тому +6

    Thoughts in prayers to my people down south. This is awful 😢 ❤

  • The Real Mega Bros
    The Real Mega Bros Рік тому +9

    Omg all my prayers going out to everyone in the path. Horrifying. Stay safe everyone please. ✌🏾

  • Cory
    Cory Рік тому +37

    I know it sounds privileged, but as an American having any catastrophic event, even hurricanes, reaching casualties into the hundreds is incredibly rare and shocking. Rest in peace to those who couldn't make it out

    • polemeros
      polemeros Рік тому

      "I know it sounds privileged". God, I hate this kind of fake humble BS. "Privileged" is BS.

    • Dana Johnson
      Dana Johnson Рік тому

      DeSantis needs to be investigated for each of these deaths!

    • Richard East
      Richard East Рік тому

      @polemeros Sounds like someone envious.

  • tiffanyr521
    tiffanyr521 Рік тому +1

    I lived in Cape Coral when I was a kid and it was such a beautiful small town. Our neighborhood was surrounded by canals. This is heart breaking. 😢

  • Ang C.
    Ang C. Рік тому +22

    I was praying all night that by some miracle I wouldn't have to hear this when I woke up, extremely sad. Praying for the deceased and for their families and friends. I'm sorry for your loss 🙏

    • Zeitgeistboxee
      Zeitgeistboxee Рік тому +2

      Well you see that's your problem right there.......praying. And then to top it all off you combine that with "miracle".
      So basically as long as people pray and believe in miracles this kind of thing will continue to get worse and worse.
      Nobody does anything at all, burying their head in the sand and then when everything falls apart it's all thoughts and prayers.
      So as long as you keep praying for miracles, then in the future you are going to be waking up to this more and more and more and more and more.
      Buckle up and don't look up.

    • Terminally Chill
      Terminally Chill Рік тому

      yeah right
      you were probably eating a pizza pocket watching youtube

    • JoseFCVS8
      JoseFCVS8 Рік тому +1

      @Zeitgeistboxee well believe it or not praying helps a lot, if u dont believe thats your problem cuz it does help, now if u are like, oh why dont u go help, then go help them then and stop saying this kind of stuff, have a nice day God bless you

    • FEMALE
      FEMALE Рік тому

      It was a cat 73.
      First ever historical climate change hurricane.
      Coming up next on colored boy weather.
      Hashtag pay for Ukraine 🏳️‍🌈🇺🇦

  • Stephen Lisson
    Stephen Lisson Рік тому

    I'm so sorry to hear of the deaths in Ft. Myers. I'm Canadian and I'm a pretty lucky guy as well as all that were with us. We were in Jamaica for my daughter's wedding and we just got back last night. Hurricane Ian basically missed us and went under Jamaica and around us. We got some rain on Monday, but nothing too severe and no storm surge. It hit the western part of Cuba and then continued towards the south of Florida. We knew the west coast of your beautiful state was going to get hit, but those devastating pictures of Ft. Myers and the surrounding areas are terrifying. I can't imagine how you all feel, on top of the news that hundreds of people are dead. My heart goes out to all of you.

  • Kim Terenzoni
    Kim Terenzoni Рік тому +1

    I have never seen this reporter before. Well spoken and compassionate.

  • Darin Barfield
    Darin Barfield Рік тому +1

    Praying 🙏 for my friends, families & customers in this area of Florida.😢

  • Howard Kerr
    Howard Kerr Рік тому +1

    How unfortunate, with all the advanced warnings now available it is hard to imagine a death toll even breaking into the double digits. My prayers for the effected families.

    • FEMALE
      FEMALE Рік тому

      It was a cat 73.
      First ever historical climate change hurricane.
      Coming up next on colored boy weather.
      Hashtag pay for Ukraine 🏳️‍🌈🇺🇦

  • ruby greby
    ruby greby Рік тому +18

    May God comfort those who lost loved ones. ❤️🙏 Hurricanes, like tornadoes, typhoons, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, & other natural disasters appear to be less predictable than we thought. You can't rely totally on the meteorologist or the newscaster to make your decision to evacuate or not, as the storm can make changes last minute all on its own. It seems that Tampa got spared last minute & that Fort Meyers & other cities got pummeled instead.

    • Me
      Me Рік тому +5

      There is no god. Try living in this century.

    • Sheryl777
      Sheryl777 Рік тому

      @Me I'm sure you can prove that there is no God, just like you would ask someone who believed in God to prove that there is.

  • Renee Moreno
    Renee Moreno Рік тому +57

    Very well presented with calm and truth. Many retirees live in that area...I'm sure there will be many stories if disheartening news.

  • dawg
    dawg Рік тому +3

    prayers to those that did not make it and their families. :(

  • The Rogue Veteran
    The Rogue Veteran Рік тому +17

    As a major hurricane survivor, may they all who lost thier lives go to the great halls, for they fought to the end.

    • The Rogue Veteran
      The Rogue Veteran Рік тому +1

      @Princess of the Cape not everyone had the ability to leave.

    • Math is Magic
      Math is Magic Рік тому +2

      @The Rogue Veteran HOW DON’T you have? When it was predicted for AWHILE. Like how. “Slow moving car kills 100 people” does it make sense? THE CAR isn’t at fault PEOPLE ARE. so again it’s funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyy they had to goooo

    • Math is Magic
      Math is Magic Рік тому

      @Princess of the Cape lol ayyyyy a genius like fr. Cuz apparently you have to be TO KNOW HOW TO SURVIVE. like a kid game

    • FEMALE
      FEMALE Рік тому +1

      It was a cat 73.
      First ever historical climate change hurricane.
      Coming up next on colored boy weather.
      Hashtag pay for Ukraine 🏳️‍🌈🇺🇦

  • Margaret Zoheir
    Margaret Zoheir Рік тому

    This is heartbreaking. I don't live in the US and I know people have free will, but when you are told to evacuate, evacuate, and it shouldn't be optional. Those poor souls may God have mercy on them. 🙏🙏

  • Michael Howell
    Michael Howell Рік тому +28

    Prayers for the families.🙏

  • cv bannister
    cv bannister Рік тому +11

    Some of those who lost their lives were people who did not have the money or means to escape. Some had pets and chose to stay with them. Do not condemn them is you don't know their story. Of course there were some who made a reckless decision to stay just to watch the storm. We are all humans in this together. Bless everyone down there.

    • FlowersandCandy
      FlowersandCandy Рік тому

      high rent to

    • bgbgabi
      bgbgabi Рік тому +1

      It did not hit in the area that was predicted. It hit within the cone of uncertainty as they call it. Days ago that cone encompassed the entire state of Florida. The entire state cannot evacuate through our one northern border. The evacuation orders for the areas hardest hit came out the day before the hurricane. If you're not going to have compassion, at least know what you're talking about.

    • Max Fulmer
      Max Fulmer Рік тому

      There are free shelters, and they will come get you. All you have to do is ask. It is so sad. Hurricane season starts in May till the end of November every year. You need to have a plan before it is to late. They can only predict where it might go, but it can change in a moment’s notice. Be prepaid.

  • Kenneth Fagan
    Kenneth Fagan Рік тому

    So sad. May God's grace and peace be with this community and these people.

  • Kenneth Oliver
    Kenneth Oliver Рік тому +1

    I feel so sorry for this to happen to these people. I know from previous hurricanes, that people say they will stay, no matter what When you are being warned for days about the disaster the storm bring, cannot understand why everyone who could leave did not..

  • Aaron Skinner
    Aaron Skinner Рік тому

    What a shame. I feel for the family's of the lost

  • Son of the American Revolution
    Son of the American Revolution Рік тому +60

    Praying for all those new Floridians who thought "they always over exaggerate the effects!". My best friends step son and family just moved to Cape Coral from WI. Decided to ignore the evac on the advice of another new Floridian. Now we're waiting and hoping they're not among the casualties.

    • Maria Herradi
      Maria Herradi Рік тому +8

      We just need to follow the advises . But catastrophic events are happening everywhere and increasing . Hope that they are fine and you can get in contact soon.

    • comfortably numb
      comfortably numb Рік тому +3

      Let me guess. Trump supporters?

    • Micheal Vergara
      Micheal Vergara Рік тому +10

      No sloppy sleepy Joe voters.

    • thankgreatful
      thankgreatful Рік тому +1

      @comfortably numb how many fax u got 9 lmao

    • Lana Hundley
      Lana Hundley Рік тому +1


  • Rachel Coleman
    Rachel Coleman Рік тому +13

    From Tampa Bay here. We were expecting it. Many evacuated here and took up places all over the state. 24 hours before it hit it decided to shift way south, even below cone. If you have never evacuated you have no idea what it takes to do so. 24 hours is not enough time to gather your family always when they are working and at school because guess what those are still happening because it wasn't going there. Then to gas up in huge lines in panic if you have a car because it shifted. And yes you may say that all should be done ahead of time but in reality it shifted tracks pretty much down the whole west side of the state in a short time. It takes a lot of money to leave your area. Im assuming shelters opened but not sure how many in such a short time. Devastating. Stop commenting criticism and lend a hand instead. #Floridianallmylife

  • Pr Shr
    Pr Shr Рік тому +5

    Praying that everyone is ok. May the lord continue to be with them

    • Travis Cole
      Travis Cole Рік тому +1

      you do know the definition of "fatality"?

  • D.A.V. 86
    D.A.V. 86 Рік тому +2

    I just simply can’t understand how this is possible in this day and age. With the advance warnings and all the tools at peoples disposal this is just unacceptable! I will also take it a step further and say this is on the people who stayed!!! There is ZERO REASON to have stayed, even if you are poor, they had options to get you out of there at no cost, NO PIECE OF PROPERTY IS WORTH YOUR LIFE!!

    • LeoLionRoarrrrrrr
      LeoLionRoarrrrrrr Рік тому

      Maybe some just wanted to stay. Just felt right to them.

    • D.A.V. 86
      D.A.V. 86 Рік тому

      @LeoLionRoarrrrrrr Well now they are DEAD….I hope it was worth it.

    • MindsMouth
      MindsMouth Рік тому +1

      Exactly 👍👍👍

  • Lisa
    Lisa Рік тому +358

    Good anchor. Very thoughtful and compassionate.

    • Harry Ballz Newz
      Harry Ballz Newz Рік тому +6

      We lost ours on the boat...

    • Greg Adams
      Greg Adams Рік тому +6

      We want news people to tell the news, not be activists and emote on camera.

    • Thomas Holt
      Thomas Holt Рік тому +6

      I agree with you 💯

  • Edy Smith
    Edy Smith Рік тому

    Sending my condolences to family and friends.

  • Weekend Gypsy
    Weekend Gypsy Рік тому

    I think a big part of the problem with people evacuating is knowing that if they evacuate they won't be able to return immediately afterwards especially if you have a hurricane like Ian.

  • Dylan Cla
    Dylan Cla Рік тому +12

    Been literally praying for you guys from Destin Florida we understand!!

    • Zeitgeistboxee
      Zeitgeistboxee Рік тому

      Don't look up.

    • FEMALE
      FEMALE Рік тому

      It was a cat 73.
      First ever historical climate change hurricane.
      Coming up next on colored boy weather.
      Hashtag pay for Ukraine 🏳️‍🌈🇺🇦

  • Mary Elizabeth
    Mary Elizabeth Рік тому +3

    Some of the elderly couldn't get out for many reasons🙏
    health ,money ,vehicle Etc ....
    what a horrible way to die 😢....prayers
    for all the souls that have passed.
    I pray for those that are alive and waiting to be rescued 🙏God give them strength and courage 🙏and I pray for all the First Responders ;they really truly care and I hope they will all remain safe 🙏
    God bless Florida Jesus we need you Mama Mary we need you too🙏🙏 prayers and hugs from Boston Massachusetts

  • rattrap 88
    rattrap 88 Рік тому +2

    That the storm shifted so much in its final approach, caught alot of folks off guard. Prayers.

  • BigHawk
    BigHawk Рік тому +2

    🇨🇦 hearts go out to all affected😢

  • Lynn Begley
    Lynn Begley Рік тому +24

    This was realistically a Cat 5
    That came on top Florida .
    Even Central Florida got slammed where flooding occured 2 stories high . smh. Really sad . light & love to everyone . Big thank you to firemen and rescue workers

    • Fizz
      Fizz Рік тому

      It was a cat 4

    • Lynn Begley
      Lynn Begley Рік тому +1

      Yes fizz but its was almost 5 end probably 5 doesn't matter Florida under water and sadly 100s died ! Big thanks to Firemen & Rescue workers ; see In2thinair youtube and mrbbb131313
      Gave great coverage ~ very Sad

    • FEMALE
      FEMALE Рік тому

      It was a cat 73.
      First ever historical climate change hurricane.
      Coming up next on colored boy weather.
      Hashtag pay for Ukraine 🏳️‍🌈🇺🇦

    • Dana Johnson
      Dana Johnson Рік тому

      DeSantis needs to be investigated for each of these deaths!

  • James McFetridge Jr
    James McFetridge Jr Рік тому +5

    Prayers to all families and loved ones 🙏🏻😇❤️

  • govern-ment=mind control
    govern-ment=mind control Рік тому +3

    It happens every year but for some reason it's "unfathomable".... there is literally something called " hurricane season".

  • Lana Hundley
    Lana Hundley Рік тому +30

    So devastatingly heartbreaking. So, so sorry .

  • Lynn Smith
    Lynn Smith Рік тому +4

    This is such sad news. I understand many of the elderly couldn't get out and I'm thinking a lot of the fatalities are either elderly or younger going out to film and couldn't get out of the way.

  • H20MXRACER 222
    H20MXRACER 222 Рік тому +8

    Exactly! Very well said! Even the news anchor said you were continually warned that a major catastrophic hurricane was coming with historical storm surge and flooding was coming and you must evacuate! So sad for the people who thought staying was a good idea. Prayers are with those families. Maybe listen to the warnings and get away from the storm next time and be grateful you have a next time..🙏

    • Kendra Diane
      Kendra Diane Рік тому +2

      The news has it hitting central fl. They didn't have enough time to leave. I wouldn't put it past this was done in purpose. The track they laid made absolutely no sense to me. Charley 2.0 to the T and they were adamant on saying central fl

    • nxxmi
      nxxmi Рік тому +1

      Some of them couldn’t get out

    • mmc
      mmc Рік тому

      You wouldn't have to tell me but once and I'd be gone!

    • Occams Razorbacks
      Occams Razorbacks Рік тому

      @Kendra Diane Of course they steered & stalled Ian on purpose, let the zombies catch up;)

  • jeff Robinson
    jeff Robinson Рік тому +7

    This shows the true power of these monster hurricane storms. 🌀 people MUST evacuate these areas in order for lives to be saved. Many waited too long and too late ....my refused to leave at all and risk their own safety. Common sense must prevail , there will be more hurricanes brewing......

  • Patricia Yarian
    Patricia Yarian Рік тому +4

    My heart goes out to the families of the deceased God be with them ..we made it alrite in Zephyrhills Florida not a bunch of damage .

  • slinman100
    slinman100 Рік тому

    Sending prayers to everyone 🙏🏼❤️

  • Rob M
    Rob M Рік тому +8

    Polk county Florida here we got hit hard and it was a rough ride last night and the sounds where horrific thank god its over but we are alive. I pray for the families of those lost I'm just finding this out now 😢

  • Imperator lightoneous
    Imperator lightoneous Рік тому

    I cant believe so many of our fellow Americans were lost last night. This is absolutely horrible.

  • Awesome Pursuit
    Awesome Pursuit Рік тому

    This is so sad… I pray for everyone in Ian’s path.. the state of this economy has put people not only in a bad state but now a deadly state

  • Starr
    Starr Рік тому

    Prayers for Florida...🙏✝️🙏

  • Dave Haggerty
    Dave Haggerty Рік тому

    The latest building code in Lee County required the first floor be 8 feet above sea level.
    New houses in existing communities set up on a mound high above the surrounding neighborhood.
    The storm surge was 7 feet.
    Even if your home survived you are without electric, water, sewer, groceries, gas virtually everything for days, maybe weeks.
    Or you may have temporarily evacuated forever.
    Homeowners insurance in Florida is expensive. A lot of people have no insurance. Especially poor people.
    Lee County is going to have a lot of FEMA communities.

  • gary K
    gary K Рік тому +5

    I don't think it is responsible to make such statements when you have no knowledge of how many people have died. These same kinds of statements were made after Andrew in 1992 and it turned out the death toll was far less than anticipated.
    Let's focus on cleaning up and recovery and hope most of those people evacuated.

  • Elaine Jonas
    Elaine Jonas Рік тому +16

    I'll never understand why people don't leave. "Can't afford to" is not an excuse. Dozens of shelters are within a close drive if not walking distance. I've been in Florida my entire life ---- hurricanes are nothing to play with. May they rest in peace.

    • BBAKER
      BBAKER Рік тому +4

      NOT always true

    • Nelson Family Coins and Silver
      Nelson Family Coins and Silver Рік тому +4

      Pure stupidity is the only reason, that or thinking it makes them tough.

    • Dai Tran
      Dai Tran Рік тому +7

      Dont say such thing until you are in their shoes..

    • david graham
      david graham Рік тому +2

      @Nelson Family Coins and Silver , My guess is that it's the elderly who are incapacitated to some degree. You might be surprised at how many are out there and home alone.

    • Sky Eaglespirit
      Sky Eaglespirit Рік тому +5

      Uber was free for those on the SW coast. Free pick-up & drop off to a shelter within 30 miles.

  • justmejenny
    justmejenny Рік тому +34

    So sad. Truly heartbreaking.

  • C
    C Рік тому

    I have never in my life heard someone reporting such bad news and think it a good idea to say its not our fault its their own fault as we told them so. The man is lost to ego with no heart.

  • Cats_crystals_and_ghosts
    Cats_crystals_and_ghosts Рік тому +2

    Very sad. I’m sure the death toll is not just 100’s of people but many animals 😢.

  • Cubi
    Cubi Рік тому +2

    Prayers to Lee County and Ft Myers my prayers for our neighbors

  • Glenn L
    Glenn L Рік тому +8

    I really need some confirmation before I can believe that such a large number of people died. What were the circumstances? Did they drown?
    I only live about 100 miles from there and I didn’t even lose power! I hope this report isn’t true.

    • Jewel Weed
      Jewel Weed Рік тому +1

      Right! They haven't actually found this many dead yet.

  • Fredrick Smith-something.
    Fredrick Smith-something. Рік тому +58

    It's just sad that so many couldn't get out in time. Some have very few places to go.

    • blakespower
      blakespower Рік тому +17

      it doesnt matter you can leave would you stay next to a erupting volcano? because you dont have any place to go?

    • Carzia_Speed⚡️
      Carzia_Speed⚡️ Рік тому +13

      @blakespower Exactly. These people always say “work” “no time” “can’t leave” stop the excuses. Would they rather die? cause at this point I think so

    • delphine Clark
      delphine Clark Рік тому +14

      There were destinations sites.They had sites for pets as well .No reason to stay behind.

    • Meditations
      Meditations Рік тому +5

      @blakespower They apparently had a place to go, the cemetery.

    • Perry Walton
      Perry Walton Рік тому +10

      @Meditations wow, how cruel.

  • James De Fore
    James De Fore Рік тому +1

    Please keep prayers for Florida victims of Ian going

  • 476233
    476233 Рік тому +1

    I have a feeling a lot of these fatalities were people who have moved to the state in recent years and don’t know the dangers of hurricanes or how to prepare for them.

  • YouTubeSucks
    YouTubeSucks Рік тому

    RIP to those who lost their lives.

  • Wilson G
    Wilson G Рік тому

    Unfortunately I think most people who decide to stay during a hurricane hv themselves never been through a bad one . I’ve been through 2 (not quite as powerful as Ian , but a strong 3 and a high end cat 2 and I’ll never do it again , both were forecasted to be significantly weaker and strengthened right before landfall . There are options to those who say they can’t afford to leave . There are local shelters or within driving distance. There are options. They may not be the most convenient or even a pain in the ass but it sure beats putting yourself and or family in jeapardy , my thoughts and prayers are with those affected by Ian 🙏.

  • Sarlat6
    Sarlat6 Рік тому +4

    Governor commenting on Sheriff statement: “None of that is confirmed. I think what that is, is there were 911 calls for people saying, ‘hey, the water is rising in my home, I’m going to go up in the attic but I’m really worried,” DeSantis said. “Of course, those folks are now going to be checked on and I think you’ll have more clarity about that in the next day or so as they’re able to go to those locations to determine whether people need services or are able to be rescued.”

  • Lord Stingray
    Lord Stingray Рік тому +19

    There an old saying, "trust but verify". Just because a Sheriff says so doesn't necessarily mean it's accurate and if he's wrong and you reported that death toll without it being verified your going to sound like Shepherd Smith did back with his Matthew coverage.

    • Ratus
      Ratus Рік тому +4

      Yes this is exactly what I am thinking. Sheriffs get the wrong info all the time. Hell remember Uvalde and that cluster of lies?

    • Mark Linville
      Mark Linville Рік тому +6

      He has since said that he cannot confirm the numbers.

    • Cautionary Tale Harris
      Cautionary Tale Harris Рік тому +4

      "Hundreds" has me fairly skeptical. It very well may be hundreds. For now that seems very very high.

    • Calig St. Calig
      Calig St. Calig Рік тому +4

      The news in my city is emphasizing this. “Is this right? Maybe he misspoke?” They’re trying to confirm this and making sure it’s clear this has not been verified yet.

    • Piri Hern
      Piri Hern Рік тому +1

      no confirmation as of yet. que vaya con dios.

  • GODknows
    GODknows Рік тому

    Omg my condolences to all the families...😭😢😥🙏🙏

  • Matt Monaghan
    Matt Monaghan Рік тому

    My grand kids are in Cape Coral and this is excruciating having to wait to hear from anyone. Their house is on a canal, haven't heard anything since 2 o'clock yesterday.

  • Unckle Buckle
    Unckle Buckle Рік тому

    I had to evacuate because of hurricane Floyd in 1999. It’s scary and surreal. Be safe friends.

  • King Kong
    King Kong Рік тому +1

    People were warned in plenty of time about the storm and the water surge, but lots of people chose to stay and ride it out and that proved to be costly in lives, but they were warned and they made their own decision to stay, so they can only blame themselves!

    • Gene peacock
      Gene peacock Рік тому

      What you typed is only partially true but didn’t need to be said! Most everyone knows that! I hope you don’t live to be in a place where these people were and have regret what you said! These people have lost their lives just send condolences and prayers especially for the loved ones left behind! Where’s your humanity and respect for the dead, if indeed this is true?

  • Aj Lived
    Aj Lived Рік тому +1

    You did a really good job sir.

  • JoeMiami
    JoeMiami Рік тому +24

    Heartbroken for my favorite part of Florida and I’m a Floridian.

    • Neverending Saga
      Neverending Saga Рік тому +1


    • O M
      O M Рік тому +1

      trump is bringing paper towels to help

  • V O
    V O Рік тому

    Soo unfortunate. i live in Florida for 28 years and moved out of state a few weeks ago. and i have seen soo many homes being built LITERALLY where water was. If Miami gets hit that way too it would be the same if not more catastrophes; it is truly sad!

  • D Fredericks
    D Fredericks Рік тому +3

    Everyone made a choice. There choice.
    Buses were provided in some areas to move people to a Safer place but people did not take them 🙄
    My condolences to there Families 🙏

  • Brenda Wernz
    Brenda Wernz Рік тому

    Floridian here, this storm was unprecedented 😢

  • Anita Mitchell
    Anita Mitchell Рік тому +14

    I have a question. As we all know, not everyone has the funds to retreat from danger. So my question is: To your knowledge, were there any mandated shelters for these people to evacuate to? No school buses available to help move them to safety? I'm not being critical, I'd just like to know the facts

    • Martha Lisk
      Martha Lisk Рік тому +5

      For that matter DeSatan could have chartered buses to move people vs spending $615,000 on private plane charter to move 48 migrants from TX to Martha's Vineyard! He chose hate over help as his priority. Such a petulant, small man.

    • trentbateman
      trentbateman Рік тому +5

      What are they going to do? Move them at gun point?

    • Lovely Me
      Lovely Me Рік тому +3

      You can use uber to the shelter nearby and have $30 coupon. I think ianrelief or something. And it was told days ago. And they literally will pick you up if you need assistance due to health issues. It is just that they just want to ride it out in their homes

    • laurie Kerze
      laurie Kerze Рік тому +6

      @Martha Lisk Do you know the circumstances of why they didn't evacuate or what resources were available? People died, and you're playing politics. Show's your true character.

  • S franklin
    S franklin Рік тому +2

    When a storm of this magnitude is coming 2 to 300 miles within your vicinity and you are told to evacuate, leave then and don't look back. It wipes everything out.

  • Sean Taylor
    Sean Taylor Рік тому +60

    And then you see videos of people swimming out in the surf and not taking this hurricane seriously. Very sad

    • Chocolatetown Forever
      Chocolatetown Forever Рік тому +2

      I saw that too, and was like wtf. Why are people even allowed to be doing that. Im all for freedom, but in times of natural disaster, nobody should be jumping waves during a hurricane.
      One things for sure, if people are doing that, and get swept out, NOBODY should be risking their lives trying to save them. At your own risk, or stupidity.

    • LYNN5
      LYNN5 Рік тому +1

      And with small children. What’s wrong with these ppl?

    • James Parker
      James Parker Рік тому +2

      It’s like standing in front. Of a loaded gun
      “I can take it”

    • BetsyS
      BetsyS 11 місяців тому +1

      @Chocolatetown Forever I saw in the comments of an Earthcam like live video comments section that a woman had actually called king distance to the authorities to report those knuckleheads. Unfortunately, she was told that due to the conditions, they were no longer going out & about so could do nothing about it.

  • Twisted Minds & Sweet Tea
    Twisted Minds & Sweet Tea Рік тому

    I'm actually surprised it didn't veer towards Pensacola like they usually do. We always end up in some mess here during hurricane season, praying for those people in effected areas & their families

    • AllShaaaallPerish
      AllShaaaallPerish Рік тому +1

      I'm in Pensacola and I wouldn't say they usually come here. in fact Sally was the only real one to hit us here in the past 20 years almost since 2004 Ivan. Louisiana gets hit all the time tho

    • Twisted Minds & Sweet Tea
      Twisted Minds & Sweet Tea Рік тому

      @AllShaaaallPerish by that I meant we usually get some sort of damages between Destin and pcola areas. I'm in the in-between area. We have had zero bad weather. just wind. I've lived here majority of my life born in pcola in mid 80's. Can't remember a year we weren't atleast hauling trees off of homes &etc. I'm honestly worried for this year...it DOES seem ... different...than all the other years. Weather definitely getting wonky. It's feeling like something big coming that's gonna really do major stuff...this hurricane here is just beginning sadly ...I pray I'm just being paranoid but it's just...wierd. idk

  • Rebecca Austin
    Rebecca Austin Рік тому +1

    Prayers for Florida 🙏

  • DuckRiverMama
    DuckRiverMama Рік тому +2

    So sad. Praying for all. 🙏🙏🙏

  • Bubba Kemp
    Bubba Kemp Рік тому

    So sad.😥 I guess it takes something like this to make people take these events serious. All they had to do is drive away, now, some are gone.😥😥😥🙏🙏🙏