2018 MacBook Pros Released + HUGE Apple Leaks Update!

  • Опубліковано 12 лип 2018
  • NEW 2018 MacBook Pro Released! SIX Core i9, 4TB, True Tone & MORE! + 2018 Apple Product Lineup Leaks, Apple Watch 4 Leaks!
    Last iPhone Leaks: uaclips.com/video/7mQ8yT1JhvE/відео.html
    Apple Watch 4 Concept: goo.gl/UeXe86
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  • Lyssa Marie
    Lyssa Marie 11 місяців тому

    Are they going to release MacBook Air in 2018?

  • Inspiring Rishab
    Inspiring Rishab 11 місяців тому

    That wallpaper link🙏🏻

  • IfBTSisnoturstandardthenraiseurstandards

    How much ever android tries to grab attention, apple does it easily there is some magic in apple!!

  • IfBTSisnoturstandardthenraiseurstandards


  • vigneshking100
    vigneshking100 Рік тому

    Hi guys
    In recent rumours apple planned to make dual sim tech in upcoming iphones... thats a welcoming idea especially in India.
    But i would like to see how well they can sync with apple watch
    Series 3 supports lte
    So series 4 must support lte too... will it support dual network???? Any idea???

  • Flip Tube
    Flip Tube Рік тому

    What if Apple makes the Smart Display for the iPhone 12 it will have the camera built in and Touch ID, mainly because if Apple makes the all screen iPad and make an iPad Pro version, then it will look so weird in landscape mode if you try to use it like Apple says as a computer, and if you want to record a video with the front camera, then the camera will be way to the side, they are going to put it into the center of the screen, also because if you FaceTime someone, they don’t look at the camera, they look at the other person

  • Andres Ramirez
    Andres Ramirez Рік тому +1

    who else is watching on a MacBook Pro and wishing they could trade it in for this one?

  • Jared Cruz
    Jared Cruz Рік тому

    what chair do u use? lmao😂

  • chgarciaro
    chgarciaro Рік тому

    Are you wearing a t-shirt with Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria?
    If you ever come to Colombia, please leave that one at home, people here are not very happy with the whole glorification of Pablo Escobar thing.

  • Simon Jacobsen
    Simon Jacobsen Рік тому

    When would the apple watch series 4 come out

  • Simon Jacobsen
    Simon Jacobsen Рік тому

    In DKK for the sleeve 1200

  • jennefer martinez
    jennefer martinez Рік тому

    Should i wait to get the new apple watch??

  • Trey Newawlins
    Trey Newawlins Рік тому

    $7000 for a laptop Naa I wanted a Mac book but I’m not paying that I figured they was like $1200-$1500

  • StunnerAlpha
    StunnerAlpha Рік тому

    Stop spreading misinformation. We don't know if the keyboard issue is resolved with this keyboard update. All we know for sure is the keyboard is quieter. "Why?" You ask? Because it takes months of usage to give users a chance to get dust under the keyboard like in previous models before confirming the fix.

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler Рік тому

    3k. I can buy a car with apple play

  • Zehra Jafri
    Zehra Jafri Рік тому

    www.latestapplenws.com/home/download-the-2018-macbook-pro-wallpaper-here . you can download one of the wallpaper from here

  • hareen m
    hareen m Рік тому

    impressing feature ....nice video

  • xoStylingwithSarah
    xoStylingwithSarah Рік тому

    So now i have no choice but to update to a bigger phone..i like my SE/ smaller phones..im not ready to commit 😭😓😰

  • Alexander Gruber
    Alexander Gruber Рік тому

    odds shortly settle hurry waste marketing relative forehead flow.


    Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the iphone "SE2"!!!!!

  • Lowkey.x Delilah
    Lowkey.x Delilah Рік тому

    I feel like apple products are getting to a point where there too expensive and there just different and there kinda ugly... you’ll be loosing people if your doing a price like that

  • Joe Herber
    Joe Herber Рік тому

    Meh! Too expensive for a laptop.

  • yeah Its Deezyl
    yeah Its Deezyl Рік тому


  • Nicolas Masset
    Nicolas Masset Рік тому

    You should really think about putting up some acoustic panels on the walls and ceiling, it would get rid of that ringing resonance frequency on your voice and make everything more “pro”! 😉

  • Matt
    Matt Рік тому

    MacBook Pro... New processor, no new thermal solution. New and improved, now with overheating after only 3 minutes with use.

  • Paul Zedric Drilon
    Paul Zedric Drilon Рік тому

    Wow superb Macbook Pro

  • Jefferson Tzun
    Jefferson Tzun Рік тому

    Good video

  • Mathesh Lukumar
    Mathesh Lukumar Рік тому

    I liked the summary.

  • Lina Charpentier
    Lina Charpentier Рік тому

    Plain guarantee celebrate external metal pen typical expertise complicated.

    PAN VIPER Рік тому

    7:40 if this is official, they fucked up bad. SE was the only iPhone that i realy loved. Becouse of it size and abilities. Rest of them are just huge, that you are afraid to drop every single time you manage them. I am realy interested how many people will buy iPhone X plus. LoL. Like its not big enough already.

    PAN VIPER Рік тому

    SINCE WHEN THE FUCK SE makes no sense anymore? Not everyone wants an iPAD in his pocket FFS! SE2 would be SO smart move apple...most of the ppl are not buying iPhone becouse it is just TOO BIG. There is no choice in size between the iphones! Just the only SE is standing there like a LAST FUCKING SAMURAI and the idea of new SE is gone? FUCK YOU APPLE. Im buying fucking NOKIA just to piss you off!

    PAN VIPER Рік тому

    oh god please be iPhone rumors fake..

  • Juan Cuadra
    Juan Cuadra Рік тому

    MacBook Pro's keyboards scratch the retina-displays because there is no clearance between the keyboard and the display. Do have any comments this problem?

  • shawn antonio
    shawn antonio Рік тому

    i need that pablo shirt

  • Raju Gurjar
    Raju Gurjar Рік тому


  • Chronically Immersed
    Chronically Immersed Рік тому +1


  • Charles Franklin
    Charles Franklin Рік тому


  • no homo
    no homo Рік тому

    thermal throttling in new macbook just pushes windows laptops (i.e. dell xps) even further ahead for a lower price tag

  • Jorge Hernandez
    Jorge Hernandez Рік тому

    It will be a big screen as the ipad pro that my friend will be a huge laptop very expensive as well haha... keep up the good work

  • Anjali Devrukhkar
    Anjali Devrukhkar Рік тому

    iPhone X pls

  • Tdrex820
    Tdrex820 Рік тому +1

    Please show us your Supreme collection

  • Frank Ashenhurst
    Frank Ashenhurst Рік тому

    Damn it haha. Bought a $6,000 IMac about a month ago.

  • Aurimas Maleckas
    Aurimas Maleckas Рік тому

    Can i win? I realy realy want IPHONE X :)

  • Dnpopo Production's
    Dnpopo Production's Рік тому +3

    is he wearing a Pablo Escobar Tshirt?

    • _its_ paulo
      _its_ paulo Рік тому

      Dnpopo Production's yes he is

  • jakob arnold
    jakob arnold Рік тому

    Journal sweat lock magazine advertising clear honey toward today infection working.

  • Muhammad Abdullah
    Muhammad Abdullah Рік тому

    i need the iphone x

  • cerasss
    cerasss Рік тому

    Iphone 10

  • Majora Boy
    Majora Boy Рік тому

    Can the iPad pro 10.5 be a laptop replacement ????
    Check out my review on this subject

  • Hridoy
    Hridoy Рік тому

    Nice 👌🏻

  • Kanishk Rathore
    Kanishk Rathore Рік тому

    Hello EAP, I wanted you to guide me on something. I'm planning to buy the new Macbook Pro that just dropped but I think maybe apple is planning to drop a redesign of Macbook in this keynote, maybe that's why they dropped the new upgrade out of nowhere. Let me know what do you think about this? Should I just buy these or wait for the keynote?

  • ProfessorOak
    ProfessorOak Рік тому

    Iv has the China thing on my phone on my battery before idk what it was

  • Johny Shaik
    Johny Shaik Рік тому


  • Ryan Beazely
    Ryan Beazely Рік тому

    Great video as always 👍🏻

  • Fabrizio CARENA
    Fabrizio CARENA Рік тому

    are u a Pablo Escobar fan?

  • Abraham George
    Abraham George Рік тому

    thanks for the give away
    it means a lot 😊

  • Mads Schulze
    Mads Schulze Рік тому

    Expose promote continue disappear civilian Mrs vacation virtually relax novel journey.

  • nischith kashyap
    nischith kashyap Рік тому

    You spoke for 10 min 40 sec without having the new laptop.. Hmmm. Wow

  • DNDJourney
    DNDJourney Рік тому

    Go out China! That’s is not funny

  • Frieda Lang
    Frieda Lang Рік тому

    Box file luck grave basis clock distant lower next

  • Jeff
    Jeff Рік тому +2

    Support Taiwan, boycott China

  • DAC087
    DAC087 Рік тому

    I'll wait for a new Macbook Pro thanks. Not just an upgraded one

  • L Ortega
    L Ortega Рік тому

    I recognise your shirt... Pablo Escobar mugshot.... so you know you have Colombians viewers on your channel 💁🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️
    Curious of why you choose to wear this shirt? 😳🤔

  • Ali El Ali
    Ali El Ali Рік тому

    I’m all for seeking out ways to secure something you really want i.e. the new MacBook Pro, but I don’t think it’s a good idea to enable people into thinking that it’s ok to go into debt as you said for something unless it’s needed. It can be such a trap and I wouldn’t want anyone to get into that hole!

  • Eric Khachian
    Eric Khachian Рік тому

    I literally bought the last gen computer 4 months ago...

  • Christy Marshall
    Christy Marshall Рік тому

    i'm just waiting on the apple watch ⌚️ 4 i have the original apple watch so i'm excited 😆

  • de Luca Productions
    de Luca Productions Рік тому

    Great! I can finally run games like Fortnite decently on a Mac for a great and reasonable price! : /

  • Gabe Resnicow
    Gabe Resnicow Рік тому

    What matters is if u can play fortnite tbh

    DANIEL Рік тому

    Guys! Here’s the wallpaper! tr.af/x/purplex.jpg

  • Elias Mejia
    Elias Mejia Рік тому

    Cydia is dying😭😭😭

  • Matthew Macdonald
    Matthew Macdonald Рік тому

    Apple have still not done the curved display. Slack

  • Muhammad Syahir
    Muhammad Syahir Рік тому

    Hey dude, could you please help me on to download apps that more than 150 MB using mobile data? Thanks bro

  • Snapped
    Snapped Рік тому

    WTH I just bought a 500 dollar ipad

  • jhnwlkr
    jhnwlkr Рік тому

    Hey Filip, you should make your videos iphone x friendly so that the top of your head doesn't get cut off if the video is zoomed in...just an idea.

  • Brayden Delp
    Brayden Delp Рік тому

    Do a bunny rabbit phone case drop test

  • Fahd Saeed
    Fahd Saeed Рік тому

    2:47 what?