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we made an INDESTRUCTIBLE Skybase!

  • Опубліковано 14 січ 2022
  • Finally, the skybase meme strat is back in Fortnite & more overpowered than ever!
    Shoutout to the Squad @Chanzes @Overstrand & @Vindooly !
    Main Channel - uaclips.com/user/lachlan


  • Ethan The Reaper

    Fortnite after this:

  • Izzy
    Izzy  +674

    This would also happen with the guzzle a few weeks back. The max was 2 for each stack though so I filled my tent and it got reset a few weeks ago

  • Hudson
    Hudson  +383

    Everyone: Woah I need to try that.

  • Gaminglegend

    Imagine how much time that took

  • the
    the  +70

    YES I WANTED SKYBASE TO MAKE A COMEBACK! Heck, this is fantastic.

  • SmallLime 2812

    I have some manly tears, I remember doing this on the old map in Season 2 with friends it was so much fun

  • Brandon Wagner

    Why is no one talking bout that crash pad?

  • Rhhig
    Rhhig  +31

    The effort that went into this video is astounding 🙌

  • Olly Barker

    I just saw this video this morning so op

  • TheBiggestBoi

    Wait when he placed the tent he was in Ps4

  • TTV_SpandexTerror29

    Me and the boys staying up till one to replace this meme

  • AdsAu
    AdsAu  +110


  • L
    L  +4

    Learning more about fortnite when I watch Lachlan 😂 the most educational content for fortnite

  • orca22

    “Due to an issue we have disabled building”

  • Xander on gfuel

    Hold on how you have crash pads🤔

  • Malcolm Hur

    Tents are so fun.

  • Lennon Dickson

    Anyone notice lachlan was on controller at the start 🤔🤔🤔

  • XxsammyxX

    These shorts are amazing, Keep it up!💝

  • Jakegoated9

    Remember before the season we thought they were traps

  • Bob
    Bob  +6

    Wait crash pads are unvaulted?