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well NYC, Today is the Day

  • Опубліковано 26 вер 2022
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  • @TheAndrewSchulz

    Why did Miles sell Skudin’s chair tho?

  • @bradley3549

    Can we all just appreciate for a moment how long it must take for Casey to get ANYWHERE while having to set up all those third person shots.

  • @edmundtaiping

    Watching Casey's videos is just like reuniting with an old friend. Missed his unique storytelling and content.

  • @joellang2847

    this is the casey content i love. the raw cuts. the utter chaos. the dirty camera sensor. so so pure and authentic. glad you are back in new york brother.

  • @linachatt-me-tp9935

    God Andrew + Casey is such a rad combo. Worlds colliding and it’s fantastic

  • @mangoshakesallday

    as a former NYC surfer (although I would use the subway with 2 transfers), I love how this video captures the difficult, chaotic, and time-consuming PROCESS it takes just to get out to the closest surf break at the Rockaways. And when you do get there, it's a bunch of closeouts; but every now and then, you catch one glorious wave that makes it all worth it. Welcome back home, Casey.

  • @hueofar2897

    I grew up watching THIS Casey, so seeing consistent uploads in NYC with authentic editing is really exciting and nostalgic.

  • @kevinpickelman3669

    It’s a good day when Casey posts. Heavy throwback vibes lately it’s giving me a lot of 2016 nostalgia

  • @turovlogs4473

    Still amazing, this dude, makes out of 1 day, 1 single day, a fun one, films it, edits it, and makes it even fun to watch... U STILL GOT IT CASEY!

  • @spicee1000

    Man...I missed your cinematography! That opening sequence in the studio was a masterclass on cinematography, editing, and a reminder why Casey Neistat is still the king of this media. SO happy to have you back.

  • @TheThinkersBible

    Pretty amazing how he took an absolutely ordinary activity -- and made into an engaging story and fair-sized production effort that's actually interesting enough to watch the entire video. Great job!

  • @nicebear8268

    Casey, you vlogging again most certainly filled something inside of me I didn't even knew i am missing. You not only inspire, you elevate. Your energy transcends the screen. The content you create (and there are less and less people who actually create something than doing basically nothing) is immaculate, flawless but not in a shiny weird production way. What you do always fascinated me: Creating a piece of media with a story, no matter how profound the thematic, with an insane eye for details, that is still totally connected to YOU. Every video has your signature written all over every frame.

  • @bizzzturtle795

    Seriously, the best, most ingenious, imaginative, creative cinematographer EVER! So happy you are making videos again!

  • @DoJoStan
    @DoJoStan  +832


  • @jayrome3272

    I’ve seen Casey maybe a handful of times in the 25 years I’ve lived in Manhattan & just knowing he’s back has made my week my year. Welcome home Casey, the city is a better place with you in it !

  • @dezzydayy4608

    And you can tell just how much fun he has making vlogs again. So glad to have him back in NYC.

  • @thecarolinacraig

    Been rewatching the old vlogs because I want to start my own channel and to see him back in NYC is teaching me a lot while giving me that 2015--2016 nostalgia. Consistency is key especially when you're being yourself.

  • @xpalace1665

    Casey back in New york is the most matching energy of 2022. Shit throws me straight back to when I started watching him in Highschool in 2015, absolute monster of a guy, keep up the great work

  • @brunowyss5678

    Successful people don't become that way overnight .most people you see as a glance-wealth, a great career, purpose-is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone who reads this will be successful in life..

  • @geekmythos

    I just missed Casey so much and his editing, music, attitude, and his storytelling. It's so Pure.