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The Most Haunted City in America (w/ Karl Jacobs & Foolish)

  • Опубліковано 25 бер 2023
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    Sam and Colby take Karl Jacobs and Foolish Gamers away from MrBeast and send them ghost hunting in America's most haunted city: Savannah, Georgia. Did demon spirits at Moon River Brewing Company and the Sorrel-Weed House make it the most terrifying USA city?
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    Editor: Sam and Colby
    Asst Editor: Charles Liu
    Producer: Zach Bell
    Friends in Video:
    Karl: @Karl
    Noah: @FoolishGamers
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    Location #1 Moon River: www.moonriverbrewing.com
    Location #2: Sorrel-Weed House: sorrelweedhouse.com
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    The Most Haunted City in America (w/ Karl Jacobs & Foolish) | Sam and Colby
    • The Most Haunted ...
    Sam and Colby
    / samandcolby
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  • Sam and Colby
    Sam and Colby  2 місяці тому +10900

    Which city do you think is the most haunted? we might go next.... ALSO: for extra content check xplrclub.com

  • Karl
    Karl 2 місяці тому +33114


    • Kimm
      Kimm 2 місяці тому +224


    • d4rl!ng._.d3@r3st
      d4rl!ng._.d3@r3st 2 місяці тому +389

      We love you Karl 🤭

    • ItsDan
      ItsDan 2 місяці тому +366

      Hey daddy

    • Jordan Marie
      Jordan Marie 2 місяці тому +118

      omg karl!!! ❤️

    • Tubs.
      Tubs. 2 місяці тому +404

      @ItsDan lets not

  • Grustnicow
    Grustnicow Місяць тому +567

    I like how Sam and Colby are so serious but theres Karl and Noah which be scaring the scary ghosts ☠️☠️

    • Rhys
      Rhys 16 днів тому +4

      188 Likes And No Comments? Let Me Change That.

    • ALEX!
      ALEX!  11 днів тому +4

      They didn’t pray the gay away. They gay’d the pray away.

    • Why Not
      Why Not 10 днів тому +1

      ​@ALEX! nah that had me 💀

    • -i am aether's sister-
      -i am aether's sister- 8 днів тому

      382 likes? And 3 comments? Lemme fix that rq.

    • Mason Craft
      Mason Craft 5 днів тому

      When karl and Noah were up there and on the back when Karl said did u move, there was a light behind him! With the night vision

  • Hamza Khalid
    Hamza Khalid Місяць тому +539

    Toby: “Energy, Lust & Tease”
    Sam and Colby: WHAT DOES THIS MEAN
    Karl and Foolish: sitting on eachothers laps asking if the ghost likes it
    honestly, it feels like all the answers sam and Colby got from the ovulus at the time, were all easily related to what Karl and Noah were going through

    • Samantha Fernandez
      Samantha Fernandez 23 дні тому +10

      That's what I thoughttttt

    • Kayyyyyne
      Kayyyyyne 22 дні тому +4

      ​@Samantha Fernandez same

    • David Morales Flores
      David Morales Flores 11 днів тому +4

      I know this is late but when the spirit says I am not what if he was responding to fool saying you're a bitch

    • ALEX!
      ALEX!  11 днів тому

      @David Morales Floresuhhhhh
      I don’t wanna even think abt that

    • LavaPineHaha!
      LavaPineHaha! 13 годин тому

      whos toby i frogot

  • Lillsparkles ♡
    Lillsparkles ♡ 18 днів тому +198

    **Karl and Foolish freaking out so much bc of footsteps**
    **Sam and Colby being so normal in the basement**

    • editsxx
      editsxx 7 днів тому +1


  • AussieTeen0508
    AussieTeen0508 Місяць тому +755

    Karl and foolish: Messing around and taunting the sprits
    Sam and Colby: being serious and trying to figure stuff out

    • xx_nic_xx
      xx_nic_xx 28 днів тому +8

      What I was thinking

    • 🖤🔗lurgs
      🖤🔗lurgs 28 днів тому +4

      That’s so true 26:37 😂

    • piggypink
      piggypink 28 днів тому +3

      Yes I was thing,8ng abt that

    • LexieLJR
      LexieLJR 25 днів тому +9

      For real like why was karl and foolish being so disrespectful

    • Your mum
      Your mum 25 днів тому +5

      @LexieLJR they weren’t being that disrespectful..Sam & Colby do that sometimes. Apart from sitting on eachother 😂

  • Morgan Calisi
    Morgan Calisi 28 днів тому +110

    As someone who lives in Savannah and worked next to the “Hanging Square” I have seen shadow people, I have had lights turn off, things thrown off of shelves, and finally I was rushed at in the basement. As a witch I love this city, I'm so glad you guys got to visit our city!!

    • Morgan Calisi
      Morgan Calisi 28 днів тому +6

      Also don't forget to say goodbye to the people buried in the runaway at the Savannah Airport.

    • Rhys
      Rhys 17 днів тому +1

      ​@Morgan Calisi Hi

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca Місяць тому +2000

    i love how Sam and Colby are being dead serious about this while Karl and Noah are just sitting on eachother’s laps 💀

    • moon light stars
      moon light stars Місяць тому +14

      yeah totally agreed 😂😂

    • ♡someone♡
      ♡someone♡ Місяць тому +11


    • Olivia George
      Olivia George Місяць тому +10

      Literally what I said 💀

    • Gabriel Bartholomew
      Gabriel Bartholomew Місяць тому +10

      Whoever is reading this, I wanted to say I hope you have a great day and that God loves you so much that He sent His son, Jesus, to die on a cross for your sins and He rose again from the dead three days later. God Bless!
      And also, He doesn't want you to go to Hell, but He wants you to go to Heaven with Him but you have to be Saved. How do I get Saved you might ask? Here are the steps below on how to get Saved!
      1. Confess to Jesus that you are a sinner and ask forgiveness for your sins and Turn away from your sins. If you sin again after asking forgiveness of that sin, ask forgiveness again and try not to do it ever again. Jesus will forgive you!
      2. Believe that God sent His Son
      (Jesus) to die on a cross for your sins and that He rose again from the dead 3 days later.
       3. Ask Jesus to come into your heart and your life and for Him to be your Lord and Savior forever.
      4. Build a Personal Relationship with Jesus by Praying and Reading the Bible daily and Live for Him Forever.
      I'm Praying for you and you are loved!
      (Romans 10:9-13)

    • Aayidah Sadat
      Aayidah Sadat Місяць тому +6

      I made it 1k😭😂

  • MissWrangler
    MissWrangler Місяць тому +381

    Karl trying to hug Colby at 42:48 and Colby looking towards him as he does. LOL! 😂

    • Hi_There_Its_Me_O.O
      Hi_There_Its_Me_O.O 21 день тому +8

      i knooooooww I saw it too! I immediately saved it in my camera roll 😅 it looks so sad but so funny 😂

    • -Kiana-
      -Kiana- 4 дні тому +2


  • inkdpixie
    inkdpixie Місяць тому +438

    That was the funniest hunt I’ve ever seen!!! Big love for Karl & Noah!!! 🫶🏻 Y’all are hilarious together!!!

    • justsam
      justsam Місяць тому +3


  • R A
    R A 8 днів тому +38

    Karl and Foolish are those type of friends that goof around when their in a scary situation. Love them 😭.

  • Rhosida Abasola
    Rhosida Abasola Місяць тому +134

    Foolish: *trash talking ghost*
    Meanwhile Karl: who keeps making them angry???!

  • Olivia
    Olivia 16 днів тому +49

    Sam and colby being serious and Karl and Noah sitting on each others laps scaring the spirit 😂

  • itsphoenix 27
    itsphoenix 27 2 місяці тому +2179

    Sam and Colby: **being serious and investigating**
    Meanwhile Foolish and Karl: *what if we sat on each other's laps in the demon circle?*

    • Myst1c 💕
      Myst1c 💕 Місяць тому +32

      That's why this is one of my favorites lol

    • Kittykat8113
      Kittykat8113 Місяць тому +4


    • Brandi Lines
      Brandi Lines Місяць тому +4

      It made me laugh so hard I was crying

    • littlegaygirl
      littlegaygirl Місяць тому

      so true lol

  • Iboy_ Gaming
    Iboy_ Gaming Місяць тому +433

    I can predict the future that Sam and Colby are gonna upload 50 hours surviving overnight in 3 terrifying hotels like the clown motel and they're probably gonna make it a movie.

    • Belen Bahamondes
      Belen Bahamondes Місяць тому +7

      I saw it too

    • Jelofisk
      Jelofisk Місяць тому +1


    • Pro Co Gamer
      Pro Co Gamer Місяць тому +10

      Yea it’s gonna be 1:36:00 long

    • Nori Natsu Sato
      Nori Natsu Sato Місяць тому +4

      @Belen Bahamondes wait saw what? Did they make a video about it?

    • Lysa96
      Lysa96 Місяць тому +13

      I thought I was going crazy when it disappeared 😂😂😂

  • Ebony Pearse
    Ebony Pearse Місяць тому +115

    Sam and Colby: trying to get answers on stuff
    Karl and Noah: let’s sit cross cross applesauce and sit on each others laps

  • Jiyeon Park
    Jiyeon Park 20 днів тому +50

    These two need to come back again. I’ve been watching Sam and Colby since last year and honestly these two are such a good addition to the team. They’re so chill which makes it so much more hilarious like I’ve never left a comment other than for this video because they made me laugh so much. They’re just so jokey and calm about the situation. Loved this video and the guys. Hope I can see them again.❤❤

  • ThatSly_Jaymer
    ThatSly_Jaymer Місяць тому +68

    Foolish just insulting the ghosts constantly was so funny 💀 The courage oml

  • Gomathi Surendran
    Gomathi Surendran 18 днів тому +14

    Sam: They don't like like being disrespected
    meanwhile Foolish: **teasing and calling the spirits a b!tch**

  • Evie
    Evie 2 місяці тому +16583

    Foolish: Challenging and bullying spirits and using his nipple senses
    Karl: Hugging everyone
    Sam: Being hugged
    Colby: Being serious

    • Emmaaa
      Emmaaa 2 місяці тому +319

      yeh thats pretty much the summary of this amazing group

    • NotTyraZee
      NotTyraZee 2 місяці тому +342

      "being hugged" IM CRYING LMAOOOO

    • Patricia S
      Patricia S 2 місяці тому +15


    • Joan Noon
      Joan Noon 2 місяці тому +16


    • scarfneck
      scarfneck 2 місяці тому +17

      Discord User u use discord...invalid

  • alex lane
    alex lane Місяць тому +53

    carl and noah had me dying of laughter bro💀💀💀💀

  • AlexaaR
    AlexaaR Місяць тому +49

    yesss you should bring karl and foolish back they are so fun!! you all are so fun to watch together lol

  • Weird person
    Weird person 23 дні тому +15

    19:12 the way Karl jumps up into sam’s arms is hilarious and cute🥹 I love all of them so much YALL ARE DOING AWESOME!!

    • SomeGirl?
      SomeGirl? 6 днів тому

      Sry it's my time rn

    • Weird person
      Weird person 6 днів тому

      Huh? What do you mean? I don’t quite understand sorry.

    • SomeGirl?
      SomeGirl? 6 днів тому

      @Weird person I meant my timestamp

    • Weird person
      Weird person 6 днів тому

      Ohh kk

  • I want Twinkies
    I want Twinkies Місяць тому +49

    I love how Sam and Colby are serious and talking with the ghosts while carl and noah are basically flirting with each other😂

  • Tehya Birch
    Tehya Birch 26 днів тому +19

    This is the most I’ve ever laughed on a Sam & Colby video. I actually enjoyed this because you can tell the guests haven’t been traumatized yet lol

  • Blah
    Blah 2 місяці тому +12629

    Karl and Foolish sitting on eachothers lap in a literal DEMON circle is such a mood

  • J Figueroa
    J Figueroa Місяць тому +52

    I would love to see Karl and Noah more they are a great add on

  • vik
    vik Місяць тому +39

    I love how noah makes fun of everything but as soon as smthing happens he gets extremely scared😭😭

  • princess Trin
    princess Trin 18 днів тому +10

    We all need to take a second to say how much work they put into their videos and how entertaining they are. I love you guys so much. You guys are so great at what you are doing❤❤❤

  • Kaleigh
    Kaleigh Місяць тому +60

    Loved it when Karl told the ghosts to push foolish off the ladder😂😂

  • Killedbyanangle
    Killedbyanangle 2 дні тому +4

    Why do we need history class when we have Sam and Colby🤷🏻‍♀️😂

  • Nova Chabot
    Nova Chabot Місяць тому +20

    I live in Savannah, GA and honestly, its pretty fuckin cool to see your videos here in my hometown. I've passed by the Moon River Brewing Compandu and the Sorrel-Weed House so many times growing up and each time i always get a weird vibe from the two places. Thank you for investigating my hometown guys!

  • glamobunny
    glamobunny 17 днів тому +10


  • Chase Crow
    Chase Crow 18 днів тому +4

    Okay so I'm from Savannah and I just want to put it out there the most haunted place ever been is DEFINATLY the sorrel weed house. I have seen and felt things in that house. The spirit I have felt the most is molly. I feel straight up pain and suffering from her. I would say that had y'all spent longer in her room and brought in a female to communicate you all would have had more evidence of her. I feel as though male presence Is unwanted by her considering the deep backstory between her and Francis. I would definitely do more research and visit again.

  • 3rr0r
    3rr0r Місяць тому +11

    I love how Noah was just cussing at the ghosts and Karl was genuinely so scared

  • Jelly Bean
    Jelly Bean 22 дні тому +11

    Watching these at midnight feels the same as being the only one awake at a sleepover

  • Payge D[SnC Lover]
    Payge D[SnC Lover] 2 місяці тому +2184

    Lets give a round of applause for sam and colby for always making a effort to make us laugh and also jump out of our skin EVERY SINGLE TIME

    • Cobe Red21
      Cobe Red21 2 місяці тому


    • someone
      someone 2 місяці тому


    • Kendall
      Kendall 2 місяці тому +7

      are ya winning son? they don’t need to be cancelled? What have they done to make you think they need to be canceled why are you watching them if they need to be canceled?

      GACHA WITH LAIBA 2 місяці тому +1


    • Jamal
      Jamal 2 місяці тому +2

      @Kendall its a bot

  • Nihaal GM
    Nihaal GM 19 днів тому +8

    The funny thing is that at the scariest times Karl and Noah laugh a lot

  • Olivai Arruda
    Olivai Arruda Місяць тому +3

    This videos funny bec Sam and Colby were being serious and had no idea the other two were just messing around 😂😂😂

  • ᴛʀɪʟʟ ʙᴇʟɪᴄʜɪᴄᴋ
    ᴛʀɪʟʟ ʙᴇʟɪᴄʜɪᴄᴋ 20 днів тому +1

    Shout out to Colby for bringing Awareness to Men’s health.
    ❤ Stay strong big dawg.
    Get screened Gentlemen!!

  • ashleigh McClure
    ashleigh McClure Місяць тому +6

    YOU GOTTA HAVE THEM ON AGAIN they match the energy so much they should come on a lot more they are amazing really made me laugh

  • Lizzy Alm
    Lizzy Alm 12 годин тому +1

    the way that noah and karl are so goofy almost the whole time and take very little seriously is very fun to be because it makes the video even more fun to watch
    Love you guys! keep up the good work and stay safe!!

  • toastie
    toastie 2 місяці тому +1523

    Karl and Foolish are literally the definition of "go big or go home" 😭

    • •Everlong•
      •Everlong• 2 місяці тому +25

      I’d go home 😊

    • toastie
      toastie 2 місяці тому +8

      @•Everlong• pls- 💀

    • asher
      asher 2 місяці тому +8

      i didnt even know foolishs name was noah.

    • not_haleyy
      not_haleyy 2 місяці тому


  • Ashlyn Paredes
    Ashlyn Paredes Місяць тому +2

    Can we just appreciate the fact that Sam and Colby do all of this for our entertainment? They do so much research, spend so much money, and put their lives at risk. Thank you Sam and Colby! 😊

  • Bees_Go_Bonk
    Bees_Go_Bonk Місяць тому +10

    If you’re looking for other cities, I would recommend San Antonio, Texas. I’ve been a lot and almost all the buildings have more than one haunted story associated with it! The place is also just really big on the paranormal, so I would recommend it

  • zoey
    zoey 28 днів тому +2

    i actually wanna go ghost hunting/adventure’s when i get older i’ve been watching this kind of stuff since i was 4 or 5 and the fact my birthday is on halloween “the devil’s birthday” i think it would add on to the experience if i run into negative entities

  • TDF_ WorldKeY
    TDF_ WorldKeY Місяць тому +6

    I hope they get these two back another time they're hilarious

  • Cece Boni
    Cece Boni 6 днів тому

    We need another million so they can go back to the conjuring house!!! Karl and foolish are pretty funny. I hope they come back soon.

  • Awot Kovr
    Awot Kovr Місяць тому +1471

    Karl and Foolish are literally the definition of "go big or go home"

  • Nina D.  Ali
    Nina D. Ali Місяць тому +8

    bro can anyone else say they now wanna try going and recording the place themselves. honestly ive followed from 3 accounts for the past 4 years and i cant even explain how much i wanted to be in these kinds of videos THEY LOOK LIKE SO MUCH FUN

  • Michael
    Michael Місяць тому +10

    Kris is a brave soul, she always ends up taunting the demon or spirit lmao

    • Melissa Massa
      Melissa Massa 11 днів тому


    • Michael
      Michael 11 днів тому +1

      @Melissa Massa Sam and Colby have done a couple videos with another UAclipsr named "KallmeKris", and I thought it was relevant to comment that she's brave because she kinda, always taunts the spirits, but then apologizes at the same time, it's pretty funny!

  • Nani B
    Nani B 27 днів тому +5

    My biggest dream is to go ghost hunting with you guys. My favorite videos on the internet for sure 👏🏽

  • Candice.sanders
    Candice.sanders Місяць тому +10

    karl and foolish:sitting on eachothers laps asking if the ghost like it
    sam and colby:OMG WHAT IS THIS THE “trickster”

  • Isabel💋
    Isabel💋 Місяць тому +8

    I love how Sam and colby are being serious in the basement and then upstairs Karl and Noah are having their time of there life’s sitting on each other laps😂 please do more videos with Karl and Noah please they
    are such a good sport

  • Emmy
    Emmy 2 місяці тому +1180

    Sam: “I wonder if karl and foolish are freaking tf out up there.”
    Karl and Foolish: sitting on each other’s laps and giggling

    THEPINKMONSTER  Місяць тому +29

    Noah "do you wanna go sit in the demon circle." Karl willingly agreeing

  • Ricardo Matzumoto
    Ricardo Matzumoto 9 днів тому

    Noah is freaking hilarious and Karl bro omg the way he was terrified but kept going is awesome you guys need to bring them to the channel again please

  • Pien H
    Pien H 16 днів тому +1

    honestly, Karl and Foolish made this so funny... because they got so scared but they still think like "fuck it, I'm doing it*

  • Nicole
    Nicole Місяць тому +14

    I love how Sam and Colby were serious while Karl and Noah jst messing around

  • sienna 🫶🏻
    sienna 🫶🏻 Місяць тому +1729

    Sam: "I bet Karl and Noah are like freaking out right now."
    Karl and Noah: *screaming at the ghosts*

    • Flame
      Flame Місяць тому +5

      True lol

    • あかつき
      あかつき Місяць тому +3


    • Nova6162
      Nova6162 Місяць тому +18

      Honestly if I was a ghost I would be scared of Karl and Noah XD

    • Kaii
      Kaii Місяць тому +1

      in the 2nd house when Karl was alone with molly there was flashlights going off downstairs

    • Kaylene reyes
      Kaylene reyes Місяць тому


    HUNNY _ MILK Місяць тому +13

    I love Karl and Foolish they're such a charming duo 💜

    CHLOE TAYLOR Місяць тому +4

    I literally watch your videos to help me overcome my fear of ghosts and the paranormal 😂

  • Alexi Clark
    Alexi Clark 20 днів тому +1

    19:12 I love how Karl's first reaction was to go hold onto Sam

  • Vicky Clanahan
    Vicky Clanahan Місяць тому +8

    Holly crap this 1 was a banger, u had me on the edge of my seat when I heard those noises and those screams. I love the fact that u all r respectful to the native land guardians.

  • ariana 🎆.
    ariana 🎆. 19 днів тому

    i'm literally thee most excited person when it comes to watching sam n colby's videos , like the horror and suspense js gets me frfr.

  • Ash
    Ash Місяць тому +1981

    Sam: *”They don’t like being disrespected.”*
    ..a while later
    Karl: *”F*ck you, I’m going this way.”*

    • Jitsuko Royama
      Jitsuko Royama Місяць тому +35


    • ron
      ron Місяць тому +15

      then he ran away after 😭

    • Skyla Rath-williams
      Skyla Rath-williams Місяць тому +2


    • Livia Peristeri
      Livia Peristeri Місяць тому +5

      That part was funny when carl said that

    • Ash
      Ash Місяць тому +2

      @Jitsuko Royama YEA😭😭

  • xXCosmic_RavenXx
    xXCosmic_RavenXx Місяць тому +3

    You have to get these guys back, holy shit I've never laughed so hard and been scared for someone at the same time, god damn get these guys their own show this is amazing 🤣

  • JacksonAnimations
    JacksonAnimations Місяць тому +1

    Foolish is making every ghost really mad by being brave🗿

  • Jenna Reimann
    Jenna Reimann 10 днів тому

    I love Karl and foolish 😂😂 they're so funny

  • Esmeray
    Esmeray Місяць тому +10

    I just love how your friendship is like you and Sam are soulmates😀

  • aubree lynn
    aubree lynn 26 днів тому

    Im watching Sam and Colby videos at 2-3am knowing damn well ima be to scared to leave my bed when i get thirsty

  • TaLa - Fails
    TaLa - Fails 2 місяці тому +1455

    I love that Sam and Colby are serious throughout the investigation, while Karl and Foolish are laughing and scared the whole time

    • Kayla
      Kayla 2 місяці тому +2

      Ur likes r 666. Lemme change that for u-

    • シℳ𝒶𝓇𝓎𝓃シ
      シℳ𝒶𝓇𝓎𝓃シ 2 місяці тому

      Fr 😂😂😂

    • Negative creep
      Negative creep 2 місяці тому +11

      Their laugh ruins it

    • Kaitzi
      Kaitzi 2 місяці тому +8

      @Negative creepit makes it less tense for people to watch, it doesn’t ruin anything

  • Rachel Audrey
    Rachel Audrey Місяць тому +3

    If I was a civil war ghost I'd want to talk to Karl specifically too

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