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  • Ловите смешные пранки у школьной парты - пранки над друзьями и еще для зимы, для школы и велосипеда. Рекомендую еще видео - 100 пранков для школы и 100 лайфхаков для школы, там очень веселые приколы. Хотите новые лайфхаки для школи? Можете написать свое мнение в комментах.
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    1. bit.ly/2zTaLMB
    2. bit.ly/2z6ndcc
    3. bit.ly/2HED0SR
    Ссылка на пластик Полиморфус - polymorfus.ru
    Самые популярные видео на канале:
    100 НЕРЕАЛЬНЫХ ПРАНКОВ для ШКОЛЫ: uaclips.com/video/LHdM542JPXY/відео.html
    100 ЛАЙФХАКОВ ДЛЯ ШКОЛЫ: uaclips.com/video/xUr5_zfxo1A/відео.html
    100 ВЕСЕННИХ ПРАНКОВ ДЛЯ ШКОЛЫ: uaclips.com/video/4Vt5lmQlWA0/відео.html
    100 КРУТЫХ ТОВАРОВ С ALIEXPRESS: uaclips.com/video/BrJgGOw6e5U/відео.html
    Самые популярные плейлисты на канале:
    Пранки над дружищами: uaclips.com/p/PLOBBTEV1dWLrVdaBd5CTWV6PG6UYRN92z
    Школьные лайфхаки: uaclips.com/p/PLOBBTEV1dWLo135KwjKMV-ocJh2pFDmfk
    Тема в вк с идеями для пранков - topic-76754243_36315039
    Страница ВК: DoctorLoony
    Группа ВК: TopsOops
    По вопросам рекламы и сотрудничества: igonin@wildjam.ru


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    Всем привет. Как дела?) Кстати, вот еще пранки, также рекомендую их посмотреть - uaclips.com/p/PLOBBTEV1dWLrVdaBd5CTWV6PG6UYRN92z


    Место начинки орео зубная паста

  • Аилана Ят
    Аилана Ят 2 дні тому

    On 2 June 1953, the coronation ceremony of Queen Elizabeth II was held in London. This event was one of the most spectacular in the history of Britain of the XX century - for the first time such a large-scale event was broadcast on television.On that day, many well-wishers gathered in London to witness the festive procession and greet the young Elizabeth, and millions of Britons froze at televisions and radios, trying not to miss a single detail of the broadcast. The coronation of Elizabeth II was a real holiday for the whole country, the first Grand event after the difficult postwar years.The coronation took place almost a year and a half after Elizabeth was proclaimed Queen. Her father, George VI, died on 6 February 1952. The lavish coronation ceremony took place only 16 months later, at the end of a period of national mourning and after careful preparation for the large-scale event. According to a centuries-old tradition, the ceremony was held in Westminster Abbey.

    In the harsh postwar period, the coronation of Elizabeth II was to become a memorable event for the people, a symbol of hope for a bright future. The difficult task of organizing the celebration fell on the shoulders of the master of ceremonies, the Duke of Norfolk, who brilliantly coped with it. Every detail mattered and had been carefully worked out and rehearsed.
    The pictures for the Qur'an to readDespite the difficult financial situation in which Britain was after the war, from the state Treasury was allocated about one and a half million pounds (almost 36 million pounds in today's equivalent) for the festive decoration of the streets of London. In the Mall, leading from Trafalgar square to Buckingham Palace, four giant steel frames had been erected, and flowers and flags were everywhere.

    The coronation outfit was created by the Royal family's favourite fashion designer Norman Hartnell. The white satin dress was decorated with hand-embroidered flowers and plants - the national emblems of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries, including the English rose, Scottish Thistle, Irish clover, canadian maple leaf and other symbols.Despite the rain and unusually cold weather for June (about 12 degrees), the streets of London were Packed to overflowing with people who wanted to see the festive procession. According to approximate data, about 3 million Britons, who came from different parts of the country on the eve of the coronation, gathered in the capital. 8200 guests of honor were invited to Westminster Abbey and witnessed the historic moment. Among the guests was four-year-old Prince Charles.The celebrations were held strictly in accordance with the plan. On the morning of 2 June 1953, Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh proceeded from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey in a Golden state carriage drawn by eight gray horses. The solemn service at the Abbey was conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the spiritual head of the Church of England.26-year-old Elizabeth said the words of the sacred oath, was anointed to the throne and crowned according to an ancient tradition Dating back to the Anglo-Saxon king Edgar. She became the 39th monarch to be crowned in Westminster Abbey. The coronation service lasted almost 3 hours, and after its completion, the festive procession with the Queen, her husband and almost 16 thousand other participants proceeded through the streets of London.Witnesses of the historic event were not only those who came to London. About 27 million people watched the television broadcast and another 11 million listened to the report on the radio. The real sensation was the fact that the shooting was conducted not only in the streets but also inside Westminster Abbey, and it gave the opportunity to capture the moment of the coronation. The young Queen herself insisted on broadcasting, despite the fact that Prime Minister Winston Churchill and the Queen mother were categorically against it.( эт инфа на англ)

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