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Hozier - All Things End (Official Video)

  • Опубліковано 26 кві 2023
  • Official video for “All Things End” by Hozier
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    A two tonne weight around my chest feels like
    It just dropped a twenty storey height
    If there was anyone to ever get through this life
    With their heart still intact, they didn’t do it right
    The last time I felt your weight on my chest you said
    'We didn't get it right but love we did our best'
    And we will again,
    Moving on in time and taking more from
    Everything that ends
    And all things end
    All that we intend is scrawled in sand
    or slips right through our hands
    And just knowing that everything will end
    Should not change our plans when we begin again
    We begin again
    I have never known a silence
    Like the one fallen here
    Never watched my future darken in a single tear
    I know we want this to go easy by being somebody's fault
    But we’ve gone long enough to know this isn’t what we want
    And that isn’t always bad
    When people say that something is forever
    Either way it ends
    And all things end
    All that we intend is scrawled in sand
    or slips right through our hands
    And just knowing
    That everything will end
    Should not change our plans
    When we begin again
    We begin again
    we begin again
    We begin again
    And all things end
    (Knowing we can always start again)
    All that we intend
    (Knowing we can have another day)
    is scrawled in sand
    (Knowing we can always start again)
    or slips right through our hands
    (Knowing we can have another day)
    And just knowing
    That everything will end
    Should not change our plans
    When we begin again
    Director - Jared Asher Harris
    Producer - Sofie Warshafsky
    Production Company - Glia Productions
    GLIA Executive Asst - Charley Capp
    Production Manager - Aili Nicholson
    DP - Griffin Voth
    1st AD - Parker McMillan
    1st AC - Jacob Lallas
    Steadicam - Nick Serabyn
    Gaffer - Mitch Storey
    Key Grip - Robert McQueeney 
    Swing - Jason Yu
    Swing - Harrison Bliss 
    Production Designer - Annie Becker 
    Set Dresser - Emily Bankston
    Choreographer - Jillian Meyers
    Choreo Assistant - Damian Gomez
    Lead Surgeon/Lead Dancer - Dana Marie Wilson
    Surgery Team/Dancer - Chris M. McCartin
    Surgery Team/Dancer - Alyson Van
    Surgery Team/Dancer - Sasha Rivero 
    Surgery Team/Dancer - Antavius Ellison
    Hozier HMU- Helen Jeffers
    Hozier HMU assistant - Christian Bier-Gross
    Hozier Stylist - Katie Miles, Cristina Acevedo
    Cast Stylist - Sailor Gonzales 
    Video Commissioner for Columbia Records - Jill Kaplan
    Columbia Records Marketing - Betsy Whitney, Sarah Flanagan
    Island Records - Charlie Smith
    Rubyworks - Niall Muckian
    Hozier Management - Caroline Downey
    Director Rep - Jen Herrera / Las Bandas
    Camera - Fulton Cameras
    Lenses - Media Box
    Grip & Electric - Blackstone Entertainment 
    Production Supplies - Set Life
    Production Trucks - King Kong
    Truck PA - Kyle Kaplan
    Driver / Art PA - Donovan Sykes 
    #Hozier #AllThingsEnd #EatYourYoung


  • @kaitk.7259

    As someone who works in a hospital and wears scrubs all the time, I’m absolutely mesmerized and enthralled by the surgical gown to choir gown transition in the costuming. Whoever designed those is brilliant.

  • @idanzick2710

    God that muffled sound of the music playing in the background while looking at the dead body hurts so much. The portrayal of grief taking over because you couldn't save someone, to the acceptance that that's just how it goes through the dancing and singing together only to cut back to the harsh reality they are gone.

  • @laurennyquist

    The switch from hospital gowns in the beginning to gospel choir gowns in the end is such a clever nod to the way gospel music impacts Hozier's work. What a beautifully done video!

  • @rileybarron5170

    As a nurse, the sadness and helplessness in the surgeon’s eyes hit me so hard. No matter how many patients you lose and how hard you fight for them, you’ll always feel the grief and the “what ifs.”

  • @Mules2468

    I feel comforted by this song and video. My grandmother passed away yesterday while battling Alzheimer’s. Thank you Hozier, for feeding my soul when I needed it most.

  • @BrittanyNCrosby

    This reminds me of the Jamie Anderson quote “Grief, I've learned, is really just love. It's all the love you want to give, but cannot. All of that unspent love gathers in the corners of your eyes, the lump in your throat, and in the hollow part of your chest. Grief is just love with no place to go.” Another brilliant song and video by the team, touching a nerve, especially as we all carry new types of grief within us.

  • @savannahhayescontent

    The fact that this is coming out right after I find out my best friend passed away... So much comfort in such an awful time.

  • @shinesnakee

    I love how the entire meaning of a song can be changed when the artist shows how it’s meant to be taken. It’s fantastic.

  • @AqEva
    @AqEva  +433

    My personal favourites:

  • @xratedMadHattress
    @xratedMadHattress 21 день тому +8

    The shot of the corpse and the muffled choir in the background gave me goosebumps and an existential moment. This is what I hope I can listen to on my deathbed one day. Lord, thank you for blessing the Earth with Hozier’s music and creativity. It sounds so weird but every time I listen to one of his songs that I connect with, I have an out of body experience and feel that much closer to God and the universe.

  • @EveningSoother

    What I love absolutely the most about this song is that it ends with an lift note, the chord never goes "home" and is left hanging. Because, well, the last line is "when we begin again".

  • @destinykay1643

    im sad that ill never be able to fully express my gratitude to this man for making such beautiful music that speaks the words my soul needs to hear

  • @daveg9246
    @daveg9246  +656

    I spent a better part of a year in the hospital thinking I was gonna die. After fully recovering I realized everything will end and death does not discriminate, I appreciate every single moment with my family and friends because we take nothing the grave.

  • @irene-marivanderwalt2063

    I lost my mom to cancer almost five years ago and my worst fear is that I’ll forget how much it hurt to lose her. I never want to forget that I cared about her enough for her passing to completely break me to my core. I never want to forget that love like that not only exists, but also that I was privileged enough to have shared in it. Watching this reminded me of every emotion I felt the morning of her passing and, in a very backwards way, it was so beautiful to know that I still carry those feelings within me.

  • @ParanoidOwlet
    @ParanoidOwlet 28 днів тому +5

    The contrast between him standing tall and energetic in that suit and the body laying cold and alone…just hits you in some odd place of the heart.

  • @mx.milagros

    This is such an intimate and relatable depiction of grief. It’s heart wrenching and freeing at the same time, another masterpiece from Hozier

  • @danawrites5960

    I saw him live, singing this recently, and the whole experience was healing. The love him and the band put in the songs really makes it magical. It sounds exactly the same.

  • @pixalpeach2570

    🫀I had a heart attack a few years ago at 33 from stress from SA and DV. I woke up on the table while they were putting in my stent. I'm so grateful that God kept me here for my kids. This song has made me cry everytime I've heard it and now the video... Wow... I'm just so grateful that I've been given the chance to be able to begin again. God removed my heart of stone and replaced it with a heart of flesh. Thank you Hozier for helping me remember that my plans don't have to change💜🫀

  • @RaurXDberry

    I love the lyrics

  • @popcat232

    The switch to the gospel scene after represents that life continues after death for me. They are still up there living and dancing on even if their body has died. Death is not the end. There is light and connection even in the darkest of times.