Twilight Breaking Dawn doesn't make any sense...

  • Опубліковано 25 чер 2019
  • Twilight Breaking Dawn reaction animated
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  • TreeckoJedi9
    TreeckoJedi9 День тому

    "I forgot to chaaaange the toilet paper roll agaaaain~" I find myself quoting that alot.

  • Cherry
    Cherry День тому

    Actually couples who wait for marriage are more likely to stay together, and some couples wait for marriage because of their beliefs. Also I love these Twilight videos... Just got my wisdom teeth taken out and I'm not supposed to smile too hard. I realized pretty quickly it's dangerous to watch this again XD

  • array s
    array s День тому

    "You did this".
    No shit, i'm her husband. 😂

  • Get Shwifty
    Get Shwifty 2 дні тому

    Part of me wishes the twilight series had a few more movies because I live for Alex trashing them lmao

  • Ilove ToLaugh!
    Ilove ToLaugh! 3 дні тому

    Is it weird that I actually LOVE Twilight!!💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

  • GiveMeYo Sammich
    GiveMeYo Sammich 6 днів тому

    Am i the only one who thought bella was ugly???

  • six bacons
    six bacons 6 днів тому

    Just for fun when you said bella looking like this an asos fashion advert played

  • Mae
    Mae 8 днів тому

    You had me with Edward and his emo thing 😂

  • Kiki Ramirez
    Kiki Ramirez 9 днів тому

    9:26 actual footage of childbirth 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kiki Ramirez
    Kiki Ramirez 9 днів тому

    I need a full version of " I Forgot To Change The Toilet Paper Roll Again" ...pls

  • smalls9852
    smalls9852 9 днів тому

    This was the best video ever!

  • Linus Knight
    Linus Knight 10 днів тому


  • That_girl 0110
    That_girl 0110 10 днів тому

    Can you do the vampire diaries

  • Mya Crabb
    Mya Crabb 11 днів тому

    Well they did do a lot of the devils tango and she’s a human and I’m not going to explain the the others reasons why cause that’s just to nasty for me

  • Lisa Hill
    Lisa Hill 12 днів тому

    I forgot to chaaaaaange....
    ....the toilet paper roll again..!

  • Plasmo
    Plasmo 12 днів тому

    And that's why 18 year Olds should not be allowed to name children

  • Savage Me
    Savage Me 12 днів тому +1

    Hi this is twilight logic
    If you can't get the mother...
    Get the baby......
    Me:ohhh totally makes sense right..

  • M. Nourishad
    M. Nourishad 12 днів тому

    Thank you for not showing the birth scene. lol
    That scene disturbed me so much

  • Mariam Juma Omari
    Mariam Juma Omari 12 днів тому

    Is no one going to say how funny this guy is LOL🤣🤣🤣

  • lames 123
    lames 123 13 днів тому +1

    *I forgot to change the toilet paper roll again* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I died

  • Mr & Mrs Forrester
    Mr & Mrs Forrester 13 днів тому

    Trust me when I say this, NOBODY IN THE WORLD CAN WALK IN HEELS! During a wedding, I had to wear heels for 14 HOURS! How I wish it was minutes! My feet were on fire!

  • Darlyane Nascimento
    Darlyane Nascimento 13 днів тому

    Wait... so there were 5 movies? WHATT?! I thought it was just 3 and I still thought it was 3 too many.

  • lego is love
    lego is love 13 днів тому

    (Piano noises) I forgot to change the toilet paper roll again

  • Amber Nunya
    Amber Nunya 15 днів тому

    So much heavy breathing. And who knew Jacob was a pedo? (face palming)

  • 310smoker
    310smoker 15 днів тому

    the ending was my favorite too.

  • Johnny V
    Johnny V 17 днів тому

    My favorite part was when the screen went black and those white letters roled down the screen. Pardon my bad spelling

  • Josephine Ross Marquez
    Josephine Ross Marquez 17 днів тому

    Just had a marathon of your twilight series review 😂😂😂

  • Rosemary Valenzuela
    Rosemary Valenzuela 18 днів тому

    Bro team SHARKBOY duh

  • Rajesh Sivaram
    Rajesh Sivaram 18 днів тому

    9:58 Ya, Kinda...

  • Michelle Jackson
    Michelle Jackson 19 днів тому

    What til baby is born

  • kayla bae 210
    kayla bae 210 19 днів тому

    I just love how they tried to recreate the ending of avatar like bruh😂😂😂💀

  • Hashim ThaDream
    Hashim ThaDream 19 днів тому

    🎶I Forgot To Change, The Toilet Paper Roll Agaaain🎶😞😞😞😞
    To be fair, that IS a pretty depressing experience.

  • Ty Fletcher
    Ty Fletcher 19 днів тому

    It's amazing how many romance movies look horrific when you take a step back.

  • Angelina Li
    Angelina Li 20 днів тому

    As much as I love this movie and disagree with everything he’s saying, me made me laugh my ass off. A really good channel and is soooo funny 😂😂

  • All about the Kpop
    All about the Kpop 20 днів тому

    Middle school me still loves Twilight😂

  • Sekethia Coppedge
    Sekethia Coppedge 20 днів тому

    8:34 are you assuming the baby’s gender

  • libz c
    libz c 21 день тому +1

    I think we need gifs of 'devils tango' and 'hurumph hurumph'

  • orion chan
    orion chan 21 день тому

    Pedophile Jacob 😭

  • I Am Undeniable
    I Am Undeniable 23 дні тому

    Lmao!!!!!!!!! Omg

  • Quincy Jones
    Quincy Jones 23 дні тому

    10:25 I lost my shit when you laughed at Jacob falling for a baby 😂

  • galxxy_fangirl
    galxxy_fangirl 23 дні тому +1

    My favorite: when her make up was done before she opened her eyes

  • Knight Of Nii
    Knight Of Nii 23 дні тому

    is every one going to ignore how much of a masterpiece the art 11:00 is?

  • Perish CLAMS
    Perish CLAMS 24 дні тому

    Twilight is the best ❤

  • marcus24000
    marcus24000 24 дні тому +1

    Haha that is funny "what the heck is this movie!"

  • Ya Boi Celery
    Ya Boi Celery 26 днів тому

    To be fair, EVERYONE uses Jacob for their own good in these movies and it’s kind of shaped him into the person he is.

  • uniquelly awesome
    uniquelly awesome 26 днів тому

    They misgendered the fuck out that baby 😂😂

  • Swalther10
    Swalther10 26 днів тому +4

    “And for some reason looks a lot like Michael Jackson now” and at that moment, Michael Jackson starts playing on the radio in the background… kinda caught me off guard

  • Pam Testi
    Pam Testi 26 днів тому

    this movie is so screwed up lol

  • Mayson Ooraikul
    Mayson Ooraikul 27 днів тому

    Bro. I am impressed how long Alex dragged on the feet fetish thing

  • Soitsjka Belfor
    Soitsjka Belfor 27 днів тому

    What the fuck was that!!!
    I'm dying!!!

  • Huzaifa Naqvi
    Huzaifa Naqvi 27 днів тому

    see im watching this right now and the entire time ive literally heard mumbling whenever the twilight cast speak

  • H. K.
    H. K. Місяць тому +1

    "Did Jacob just fall in love...WITH A BAAAABBYYY" 😂😂 lmao everytime I watch that scene😂😂

  • Zoe Huang
    Zoe Huang Місяць тому +2

    That's not Edward that Cedric Diggory for life.
    RIP Cedric....

  • Institucija Bakina Unuka
    Institucija Bakina Unuka Місяць тому

    This video made it easier to move on with my life

  • starbutterfly forever
    starbutterfly forever Місяць тому

    bruh he said bella is looking a hell of a lot like Micheal Jackson and now i can't unsee that.

  • Thunder Thug
    Thunder Thug Місяць тому

    2:57 are you saying Edward has a foot fetish? um I dont remember him liking feet

    • Kylie Carrasco
      Kylie Carrasco 28 днів тому

      The cold feet thing bother me bc we know what he really ment🙄🙄🙄

  • Jennifer Druidhill
    Jennifer Druidhill Місяць тому

    Nessie is a full bag of weird somethings, beginning with her given name
    that I always refuse to said or write

  • Bianca Saradetch
    Bianca Saradetch Місяць тому

    Ejay? Edward Jacob? Girl, legit are u gonna go with Team Edward or Team Jacob?

  • Bianca Saradetch
    Bianca Saradetch Місяць тому

    Jacob ‘dramatic abs’ Black

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 also those who were sweet enough to read, have a lovely day and life!

  • Bianca Saradetch
    Bianca Saradetch Місяць тому

    Exactly! What is the science behind this frikin movie?!?!?!