What Hygiene Was Like For Medieval Peasants

  • Опубліковано 20 жов 2019
  • Although cleanliness in the Middle Ages was primitive compared to what modern people enjoy, it doesn't mean medieval hygiene didn't exist. Despite living in an era long before indoor plumbing, shampoo, and nail salons, people used the best hygiene practices they could. Unfortunately, they didn't have a lot to work with. Peasants had it especially bad and weren't often able to afford luxuries like more than one set of clothing. For the lower classes, personal hygiene in the Middle Ages meant keeping clean however you could, even if it wasn't easy.
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  • Weird History
    Weird History  Місяць тому +456

    What one item would you take back to Medieval Europe?

    • Fresh Beginnings
      Fresh Beginnings 5 годин тому

      A gun to shoot myself in the head.

    • J Tap
      J Tap 5 годин тому +1

      Tesla truck

    • duloh suaib
      duloh suaib 23 години тому

      @Nora Lankhof guess what cohen?? Your fucking ancestors invade so many countries and took advantages from them indigenous people that's why!

    • duloh suaib
      duloh suaib 23 години тому

      @Zayvs with no infrastructure for the reception?? You must be really stupid in real life

    • duloh suaib
      duloh suaib 23 години тому

      @Karl Geli gun?? Perfect example of murrican

  • Fresh Beginnings
    Fresh Beginnings 5 годин тому

    Medieval times: Who's fucking? *N O B O D Y*

  • Ncyim
    Ncyim 9 годин тому

    When did turpentine come into play? I use it in my liniment mix w/ excellent result. Can also be used w/ ice cream 1x per week for gut health per Dr Jen Daniels. Please talk about Thieve's Oil too.

  • sophalino brown
    sophalino brown 13 годин тому

    They had to have HUGE tolerance for bad smells especially with women....

  • Crystal Ankeny
    Crystal Ankeny 21 годину тому

    I can't imagine trying to cram a twig up there! My husband accidentally bought me the tampons w/the cardboard applicators and I side-eyed him like he had handed me a box of twigs 😂 smooth plastic for me please! I'm so grateful!!

  • John Sweeney
    John Sweeney День тому

    This is like India today. Shit piss berry bodies throw rubbish in your water supply then drink cook wash swim out of it.

  • sarikatimmi
    sarikatimmi День тому

    was that bam margera’s dad phil?

  • MadAnth0ny C
    MadAnth0ny C 2 дні тому

    Romans where cleaner

  • Leslie-Ann Monroe
    Leslie-Ann Monroe 2 дні тому +3

    "Hey, got a tampon?"
    *picks branch off tree* "Sure!"

  • jeep19
    jeep19 2 дні тому

    B-hole sex 😏 must've been a real turn off, dingleberries every where...

  • jed-henry Witkowski
    jed-henry Witkowski 2 дні тому

    Good lord. Our race has come far! Lol.

  • Phillip Dinan
    Phillip Dinan 3 дні тому

    In 1492 they came to the New World .

  • MakerO'chilD
    MakerO'chilD 3 дні тому

    All i got from this was medieval people were incredibly stupid and lazy..

  • gustavo mitre
    gustavo mitre 3 дні тому

    Just imagine living a life and not knowing you were ugly as shit cus you didn’t have a mirror

  • Chanel Hati
    Chanel Hati 3 дні тому

    rotten teeth, crotch rot, sootkins no wonder they got the plague dirty buggars at least natives bathed in river and didnt need stinky sweaty clothes

  • Jo-Anne Price
    Jo-Anne Price 4 дні тому

    Antibiotics 😊

  • Bernard Bernabe
    Bernard Bernabe 4 дні тому

    Any proof? Did you time travel?

  • Wesley Slippers
    Wesley Slippers 4 дні тому +1

    9.08 Is that the future Captain Smith of Titanic fame?

  • Wesley Slippers
    Wesley Slippers 4 дні тому +1

    Good 'ol days. Remember them well.

  • GhostMacross01
    GhostMacross01 4 дні тому

    It sounds a lot similar to the Indian subcontinent of Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh where despite all that modern infrastructure society facade there was pollution and poverty and limited in both sanitation and plumbing. Yes they have electricity and lighting, can see that on Google Earth on night time but their standard of living was low and their mentality and behavior was unreliable and untrustworthy towards one another and towards foreigners. They strongly believe that outsiders with dark skin were thieves and violent troublemakers. I bet they might even assault Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, Laurence Fishburne, and Will Smith on vacation tour outside the modern and tourist parts of the Indian subcontinent. And proud of it to even participate in harming an innocent Black African from Africa or even a Black African American. Hey it is local meant for local consumption. It is a sick joke to even suggest much less support the notion that the Asian Indian could have uplifted themselves to an economically stable modern industrial state without the Europeans and East Asians. Ramesh "Sunny" Balwani the Asian Indian almost murdered hundreds of thousands of patients but instead arrested for massive fraud in a blood diagnostic device.

  • Kimberly M
    Kimberly M 4 дні тому

    4:00 "go over it with a fine-toothed comb"

  • alexander younes
    alexander younes 5 днів тому

    If you had to choose between living homeless today or living a normal life in medieval times. Which one. I would choose homeless today.

  • Cindy Howe
    Cindy Howe 5 днів тому +3

    Not anybody
    Peasant: see this parasite coming out of my leg😂😂

  • Indiana Jones
    Indiana Jones 6 днів тому +1

    The face that my sexy and beautiful wife made at a certain point in this video will entertain me for the rest of my life.
    Thanks for being a child of the late 20th century.

  • Murakami
    Murakami 6 днів тому

    Lots of women back then just free bled. They also had fewer periods...

  • wildgun95
    wildgun95 6 днів тому

    So it is european heritage to bot wash their asses after taking a dump

  • Lectric_ladyLand
    Lectric_ladyLand 6 днів тому

    No wonder we were slaughtered. These silly medieval Europeans were lost didnt know how to do shit. We were the most advanced thing to happen to earth but evil will always lurk. Proud to be aztec and mayan blood baby!

  • Lerum Lae
    Lerum Lae 6 днів тому

    So indians in the jungle had a better hygiene and living solution than europeans..

  • MightyJustas
    MightyJustas 6 днів тому

    Glue toast actually works

  • Everything
    Everything 7 днів тому

    Only in Europe

  • Everything
    Everything 7 днів тому +3

    We live better now than Kings and Queens did in the medieval ages

  • Joe Sigl
    Joe Sigl 7 днів тому

    It’s a good thing there weren’t strip clubs back then. Ahh who am I kidding, I’d still go if there were. Ripeness!

  • Berendsen
    Berendsen 7 днів тому +1

    meanwhile same era in the muslim countries they washed 5 times a day xD

  • lisalozano1408
    lisalozano1408 7 днів тому

    Dam!!!!! Europe was nasty!! 🤢

  • chris Barnett
    chris Barnett 8 днів тому

    Women didnt trim so dripping would crust on their pubes. It would get all matted with lint balls and dick cheese from uncircumcised men.

  • chris Barnett
    chris Barnett 8 днів тому

    Imagine trying backdoor shex on your wife. You'd wipe on her upper lip and she'd have crustys

  • luis Davalos Gonzalez
    luis Davalos Gonzalez 8 днів тому

    Who are the Vikings today

  • Im 2technical
    Im 2technical 8 днів тому

    Medieval times took a step back from ancient Rome, Egypt etc..... cleanliness was a priority in ancient times crazy isn't it....

    • Im 2technical
      Im 2technical 6 днів тому

      @Kaden Smike I don't, I go research..... They lived a better life before the medieval times.... its documented

    • Kaden Smike
      Kaden Smike 6 днів тому

      FFS don't believe everything you see/hear in a UAclips video.

  • Kim Zastrow
    Kim Zastrow 9 днів тому

    We had a house were the toliet was broken so it pinched your ass

  • DeepFriedBill
    DeepFriedBill 9 днів тому

    uh oh stinky

  • Ren Regie
    Ren Regie 9 днів тому

    I'm gonna be blantantly honest with you guys. Most indonesians still think westerners reek to this day. Why? Because most of us bathe minimum two times a day, and we think yall reek because yall shower like twice a week. This is an honest question, actually how often do most europeans bathe??
    (meanwhile, westerners are more hygenic in the terms of bacterial management e.g. dont want to touch bathroom handles, etc)

  • Ginger snaps back
    Ginger snaps back 9 днів тому +6

    I think my roommate thinks he’s from this time.

  • Rakhi L
    Rakhi L 9 днів тому

    Some people now behave as though they live in the Medieval days...I am germaphobe, the only thing which would have killed me back then was the idea of someone touching me. Eeekkk!! 💀 ☠️💀

  • Kfyhh Ggjgcf
    Kfyhh Ggjgcf 10 днів тому

    Middle easterns still live like this it’s so trifling

  • Robert Lance
    Robert Lance 10 днів тому +1

    You forgot the "community sponge". AKA toilet peper

  • Lord Geep
    Lord Geep 11 днів тому

    Imagine eating a coochie back in the day 🤢

  • Jack Lan
    Jack Lan 12 днів тому +2

    I wouldn't want to live in a time period where taking a shit on a "toilet" is considered luxurious.

    • Kaden Smike
      Kaden Smike 6 днів тому

      Toilets are overrated. I lived for months in a tropical rainforest and everyday I relieved myself in quiet spots. It was relaxing and I didn't have to put up with the smells that we normally associate with rooms containing toilets. Earth dug outhouses are unpleasant.

  • Nikola Fima
    Nikola Fima 12 днів тому +2

    It’s amazing that we are alive today it means our ancestors survived all these things and other stuff. We are so lucky and don’t realise it sometimes.

  • Nergis Ayan
    Nergis Ayan 12 днів тому

    Why were most peasents never bathed? Or were they communist?

  • Style Points
    Style Points 12 днів тому

    We white people were gross.

  • Emma Hopkins
    Emma Hopkins 13 днів тому

    Uh oh stinky

  • Steven Guegens
    Steven Guegens 13 днів тому

    NON existent 🤢🤕🤒😷 💯💯 Percent 🧞

  • GachaAri
    GachaAri 13 днів тому +1

    Women: *stanky fishy*

  • sheh hocane
    sheh hocane 13 днів тому +1

    What was the average age of men and women of medieval pheasant?

  • Mahima Bhat
    Mahima Bhat 13 днів тому

    Thank God we live in 21st century

  • Albe Beltrami
    Albe Beltrami 13 днів тому

    There is like a legend in my hometown about middle ages: a man refused his wife at the altar cause she washed herself before marriage. Without the usual smell he didn't want her anymore. People were used to dirt and smell...but there is a reason for that: water was often not clean and you could get infected by it. That's why they usually drank wine while eating. The opposite of the Romans, that enjoyed baths a lot.

  • L D
    L D 13 днів тому

    People were dumbass's

  • Volks Flieger
    Volks Flieger 13 днів тому

    Filipino eating with hands on a banana plate on 7:08. Present day kinamot or boodle LOL.

  • your sleep paralysis demon
    your sleep paralysis demon 14 днів тому +1

    these people take the term "fishy stanky" literally.

  • Kat Hiersche
    Kat Hiersche 14 днів тому

    this is so inaccurate...