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EVERY Weapon Perk Explained & Rated (PvE & PvP) | Destiny 2



  • vennthrax
    vennthrax 2 роки тому +42

    swashbuckler with graverobber is amazing, any melee kills = reloaded weapon and 30% damage boost. very very easy to maintain.

  • EveryLead
    EveryLead 2 роки тому +98

    Quick Note: The perk "Box Breathing" is specifically great for 180 scouts, namely Hung Jury. When activated, its damage is enough to eliminate an opponent in one less shot, giving it a pretty good ttk.

    • Kevin Davidson
      Kevin Davidson Рік тому +1

      I feel like it should proc faster on scouts. Everything else on that list can stay at 1.5 seconds.

    • Usapyon4
      Usapyon4 Рік тому

      @Kevin Davidson I'm a bit late but I think that's because scouts finish ADSing faster than snipers

  • Cytofusion
    Cytofusion 2 роки тому +52

    Tireless blade is actually not bad. The phrase “Powered Sword Kill” actually just means a kill with the sword while it has ammo (so that you can’t just beat something to death with a hilt and get ammo from the perk) so the perk actually makes every other kill free assuming you’re killing in 1 swing.

    • Shifty Shenanigans
      Shifty Shenanigans 2 роки тому +4

      Was checking to see if this had already been said - works well with the assassin perk too

    • Aace 312
      Aace 312 10 місяців тому +3


  • Sawyer Bock
    Sawyer Bock 2 роки тому +245

    Osmosis is phenomenal for all these new perks that trigger from kills with a weapon that matches your subclass. It pairs well with exotics such as Nezerac's sin and Mantle of Battle Harmony.

    • iESCAP1SM
      iESCAP1SM 2 роки тому +8

      Agreed! Absolutely loving it on the new scout rifle from Gambit.

    • Familyman617 !
      Familyman617 ! 2 роки тому +12

      It's great with traveler chosen!

    • Reynaldo Rivera
      Reynaldo Rivera 2 роки тому +19

      Yup, got it on a Time Lost Fate Bringer along with Killclip. Clanmates said it was instant trash because of Osmosis, but these fools don't realize the synergistic gameplay potential

    • Sawyer Bock
      Sawyer Bock 2 роки тому +18

      @Carpet the mod Elemental Armaments is a very low effort way to generate wells and requires elemental affinity. It's all about synergy really.

  • lewfa1
    lewfa1 2 роки тому +18

    Fallout, this work is thorough and expansive. I can’t think of another content creator who’s made something like this. Thank you for giving us the benefit of so much of your time and energy. There is so very much useful information to be learned here that we can all apply to our gameplay.
    Should you, at some point in the future, consider updating this or doing something similar please consider being less PVP biased and presenting the information in a more objective way.
    Thank you again for your hard work.

  • Ian Orchard
    Ian Orchard 2 роки тому +75

    Honestly just liking and commenting to show support for how much damn work you put into this. You're appreciated Fallout

  • Kevin Ohlin
    Kevin Ohlin 2 роки тому +10

    52:18 Explosive Payload
    56:20 Eye of the Storm

  • Prophetx05
    Prophetx05 Рік тому +1

    Just started getting to a point playing Destiny where I'm really thinking about perks on my weapons and this was a perfect, super comprehensive video. So helpful

  • Jim Lang
    Jim Lang 2 роки тому +1

    Sympathetic Arsenal is useful in combination with the exotic snipers Borialis and Izignagi's Burden. You can proc the damage buff round and swap to a Sympathetic Arsenal primary to then fill your sniper with a full clip of pre buffed boss killing rounds.

  • 236
    236 2 роки тому +1

    Elemental capacitor is an underrated perk in my opinion. I have tested ARC and the 45 handling is pretty much Snapshot, not to mention the quicker swaps bonus.

  • Avm68
    Avm68 2 роки тому +2

    This is superb!!! I have been away from the game for almost a year and having this summary has been fantastic!!! The effort and time going into producing this is very much appreciated.

  • Iron Blooded
    Iron Blooded 2 роки тому +3

    Don’t think for one second that your hard work on this video didn’t go unnoticed. Very impressive sir 🤩

  • CJGrey
    CJGrey 2 роки тому +4

    Archers Tempo/Frenzy is an amazing combo, as both perks decrease the draw time. Most bow’s as well don’t need a huge damage boost to 1 or 2 shot targets, so the 15% bonus is very useful. The extra handling is really good as well, as handling is specifically important for bows.
    Imperial Needle can get that roll, and it’s been my favourite bow ever since I got it.

    • Viperacrx600
      Viperacrx600 Рік тому +1

      I think you meant Imperial Needle, but I do have that combo on a Wolftone Draw, and it is immensely helpful in GMs

    • CJGrey
      CJGrey Рік тому

      @Viperacrx600 Yeah you’re right, I don’t understand why bungie would release two weapons of the same theme at the same time with similar names. So strange, and confusing.

  • Conerd Frederickson
    Conerd Frederickson 2 роки тому +3

    Reconstruction is great on Heritage, the slug shotgun from DSC. With maxed out mag perks you can get 16 shots in the magazine which is pretty crazy.

  • Ruben Ibarra
    Ruben Ibarra 2 роки тому +1

    Regarding Redirection, the perk works against red bars as well. It considers minotaurs, captains, hobgoblins and the such as a tier up of enemy compared to goblins, dregs, and the like. I have a Trustee with Redirection and Recontruction and I love it.

  • Tiny Turtle
    Tiny Turtle Рік тому +2

    1:00:16 I think field prep is one of the best perks for machine guns in PvP. The extra bullets from heavy bricks make a difference

  • Darth Kadra
    Darth Kadra 2 роки тому +7

    Impulse Amplifier on Grenade Launchers definitely does more than just +13% Velocity, it also makes the trajectory flatter and decreases drop-off considerably. I tested it on Memory Interdict with and without the perk and the results are easily noticeable to the naked eye.

  • Lv5WoodElf Sr.
    Lv5WoodElf Sr. 2 роки тому

    I'd say do this as a series. Go over perks in depth each season, maybe at like the 1/3-1/2 point of the season when everything is understood. I think that would help a ton of people, and I know I'd watch it

  • tyler morgan
    tyler morgan Рік тому +5

    I believe you may have forgotten to mention that besides dealing 15% extra damage, Frenzy also increases your Reload speed (and handling) significantly...similar to Firefly also increasing reload speed in addition to its main solar explosion effect. If you did mention this I apologize, but I just noticed it and thought I'd add the comment just in case.
    Thanks for all your content Fallout!

    • Viperacrx600
      Viperacrx600 Рік тому

      Yeah Firefly is literally Outlaw + Dragonfly in one perk. So good.

  • Bill Ferri
    Bill Ferri Рік тому

    I like using sympathetic arsenal on my kinetic Bow when I’m running it for purposes mainly for just stunning overload champions in strikes.
    It’s nice on a bow because as soon as that next arrow is knocked, that counts as a reload.
    It’s basically instant.
    Nice to know though about the new mod in the upcoming witch queen season.

  • Kao Zorri
    Kao Zorri 2 роки тому +2

    Okay, maybe I am doing it wrong, but I always love using Tracking Module in PvP. It help move the rocket towards the guy that is running away at the very least. There are plenty of times where I have gotten a kill with a rocket only because of the tracking, and use it cause there aren't really any other PvP perks for rocket launchers.

  • WeissM89
    WeissM89 2 роки тому

    I always look for Flash counter on my swords unless I'm trying to get a dedicated boss-killer (Whirlwind blade and whatnot). Not only it applies a good debuff but it also promotes a playstyle that spices up the game, turning melee encounters into a DMC-like mini-game. That's simply... FUN.

  • IMMentat
    IMMentat Рік тому

    00:17:01 box is one of my favourite PvE sniper perks and the timer/delay has been buffed by lot recently. What it lacks in burst it makes up for people like me who don't quick-scope. Really making me miss season of the sniper, it's free extra damage for minimal downside but snipers feel behind the curve currently (imo mostly down to hit-flinch and the NEED to ADS precision hit) so many people don't bother with them.
    32:25 It seems that I need to use demo more on specials.
    edit, ignition Gl with demo, assassin and blinding, this is going to be FUN. spike better for kill-potential but blinding will trivialise so much more :)
    37:10 i WANT to like disruption but I don't run activities it would be useful in often enough to justify more than 1-2 backup weapons with it equipped (generally AoE or longer range deals)
    50:55 explosive head rampage/demolitionist on 2 arsenic bite. 2 of only 5? total bows in my vault plus a leviathans breath in my heavies (I seem to have way less heavy weapons I like vs kinetic and my energy weapons vault is at least as big as the other 2 combined.
    1:52:26 between the delay, the seemingly undocumented projectile-speed reduction and the higher odds of an enemy skimming right into me I have good reason to ignore this perk outside of certain enemy types/encounters. Champions especially like to de-stun then run on top of me if I try for more than one lasting impression rocket during the stun cycle
    1:58:30 GOOD times.
    2:15:14 overflow can also turn some "nice but the duration's a bit wasted as I need to reload a lot" fast firing weapons into near-powerhouses. 900rpm SMGs and higher fire-rate autos (before chroma came in with it's insane mag size)used to run dry and need a reload before kill-clip or rampage ran out. with overflow they can do SCARY things.
    3:03:36 I have 1 maybe 2 primaries in total with this perk (one bow, because why not and a warmind weapon?), mostly for pairing with a few horrid reload weapons (shotguns and pre-catalyst vow being a good example)
    3:07:21 ok that's a LOT better than I thought it was.
    3:09:43 2.5 to 6 seconds per kill adds up in low level and highly competitive content but yeah, it's a perk that's been firmly reigned for a reason.
    3:17:30 one of my favourites still, alas doesn't work with ranges melee but it can save your hide if you get caught out in a tougher strike.
    3:25:08 I like to keep a few unrelenting weapons around for times and classes/builds where innate healing is not available, chip damage in PvE (be it AoE shots or simple lack of sufficient cover) can be a bigger threat than even a bosses stomp in a confined space. mainly use it for defence/surrounds but in those times it's worth it's weight in upgrade mats many times over.
    3:29:01 lower numbers than I expected. still a highly versatile perk I will continue to use but I suppose that's the difference between a data-mine and subjective testing. Just puts a greater emphasis on needed to get my hands on a few more demo special-ammo weapons.

  • Arska
    Arska 2 роки тому +2

    Unrelenting on the empty vessel is literally godlike. Warmind cells and healing are a really good combo

  • D.Ito
    D.Ito 2 роки тому +663

    How dare you forget the most clutch perk that should be on every weapon: Air Assault

    • Cupcake whisperer
      Cupcake whisperer 2 роки тому +33

      Air assault op, but seriously it was decent on that shotty

    • Dexter McKinney
      Dexter McKinney 2 роки тому +12

      @Cupcake whisperer it only changed stuff by about 3 frames tho (I'm aware of the sarcasm)

    • Emilio Batres
      Emilio Batres 2 роки тому +41

      Unironically, it should come back. Let's people use mods that aren't Icarus grip all the time

    • oBlackIceo
      oBlackIceo 2 роки тому +1

      @Emilio Batres if I’m in PvP I’m not using anything besides icarus or targeting adjuster 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Justin Workman
      Justin Workman 2 роки тому +24

      @oBlackIceo Kinda makes the in air penalty seem stupid as we are mostly all running icarus.
      Counterbalance has its uses sometimes.

  • Luke Murray
    Luke Murray Рік тому

    Love this video and all the time you put into it, Fallout. Super comprehensive! Would love to see an update to this with newly added perks sometime soon.

  • Alexander Frerck
    Alexander Frerck Рік тому

    Man, I've played this game since day one and your vids still teach me new things that always improve my game quality. I really appreciate the work you put in to these videos bro! As always thank you for the tips, and keep up the good work.

  • Hakunai
    Hakunai Рік тому

    energy transfer works well with bottom tree stormcaller, heal rift and eternity edge. arc souls shoots through sword shield, the block is good against primary weapons . the riot shield play style also works with mid dawn being able to tank some supers in pvp pretty well.

  • A Dead Phish
    A Dead Phish Рік тому +1

    Good guide, very helpful. I will say, could use a post witch queen revision for new perks and perk combos. I thought of that because Reservoir Burst went from tedious to half a god roll when paired with "Compulsive Reloader"

  • Rayan
    Rayan Рік тому

    Man the work Fallout puts into making this videos are just insane. He does the work so you dont have to. Bluddy love it!!

  • v30v21
    v30v21 2 роки тому +12

    New things i learned today:
    -The spread for Cluster Bomb is tied to blast radius
    -Demolitionist gives more grenade energy on an energy weapon
    -Headseeker only accounts for bullets in the same burst
    -pretty much everything about sword perks
    Very fun video, very informative.

  • Zachster
    Zachster Рік тому

    32:42 I think demolitionist does change your play style a little bit in pvp and slightly for pve unless you're always aware of it. It depends on how you play, I use grenades as an opener rather than being in a sticky situation so it's not exactly mindless imo

  • Fawse
    Fawse 2 роки тому

    I don’t know if you remember, but infinite sword ammo was a thing in D2Y1. The raid sword from Leviathan had relentless strikes, and at the time it counted all hits for its activation, not just lights, so you would hit heavy attack, it would take all your ammo, then grant you 1 ammo back due to relentless. As long as the enemy didn’t die and you hit with all the damage from the heavy attack you could infinitely loop it, since you can do heavy attacks even with 1 ammo

  • The OP Miner
    The OP Miner 2 роки тому

    Field Prep can actually be super useful in PvP for even primary weapons, (if you remember that you have it as a perk, I constantly forget it’s on my gnawing hunger), because of that increased reload speed. The reload speed is insane and it honestly feels like it cuts my gnawing hunger reload in half, (would need to test it out and record it to confirm), but having it paired with my kill clip can be super useful if I just killed someone and have someone about to enter the room while my dodge is down, or if I am running gamblers dodge instead of marksman’s. But like I said, only great if you remember you have it, and it sucks that it no longer gets reserve ammo utility on primaries because it used to double the max ammo for my gnawing, I often had close to 1000 rounds in reserve in PvP, (don’t remember the exact number). But long comment short, insanely quicker reload time is always nice.

  • troller169 youtube
    troller169 youtube 2 роки тому +2

    can you do an exotic list like this... id love to see all the ways every single exotic works and all the fun little stuff you can do

  • Perennial Shelf
    Perennial Shelf Рік тому

    A reminder that recombination stacks up to 10x. I'm not sure of the exact increase per stack, but the Deepstone crypt shotgun and sniper can CHUNK bosses with 10x. It will eviscerate a major/champion and take a good chunk out of a boss

  • Andrew Cameron
    Andrew Cameron 2 роки тому +116

    Hey fallout. LOVE the channel.
    I'm one of the few who loves these long format vids. They are perfect 👌 for getting my chemotherapy to. Keep my mind off the horror and get me hyped to play some Destiny when I get home.
    Thanks for all you do. Hope the vacay is awesome sauce.
    Thanks for all you do.

    • flxy
      flxy 2 роки тому +13

      I wish you all the best Guardian

    • Raiyan Lynch
      Raiyan Lynch 2 роки тому +2

      Good luck with chemo

    • Thrace_Bot101
      Thrace_Bot101 2 роки тому +2

      You'll be back on your feet having beaten the disease in no time my dude, cheers.

    • Daniel Beesley
      Daniel Beesley 2 роки тому

      Take care of yourself, friend. You got this. 🖤

    • mark im
      mark im Рік тому +1

      Yeah too bad it doesn’t get my mind off of rehab after becoming a CRIPPLED DVET …it just feels like that forever never ending grind D2 has tattooed in my brain chasing me into real life…hope you get better..

  • William France
    William France Рік тому

    As a new player just into D2 and starting accumulate lots of weapons with lots of perks this video is a Godsend thank you so much.

  • Lirunel
    Lirunel 2 роки тому

    Redirection is different, actually- its not based on enemy health tier but on enemy types. You could build it up on red bar dregs and then burn your four +100% damage shots on a red bar captain. While this makes it slightly more useful, the REAL main drawback is memorizing which enemies it builds up on and which it spends on (and which spawn where), with the caveat that they usually separate those enemies into different health tiers in higher difficulty content to begin with.

  • Sponge OW
    Sponge OW 2 роки тому

    Pretty sure Archers Tempo is the only first column perk you should go for on a bow for PvE, with rampage for Lightweights or Dragonfly for precisions. I've always thought Tempo should be intrinsic tbh, would up bow viability a lot.

  • Arrisay
    Arrisay 2 роки тому

    insane dedication, hats off to you fallout, your research of weapon perks is unparalleled

  • Matthew
    Matthew Рік тому

    I'm 2 hours in lol gonna commit to this as a new player for both the knowledge, and the fact that you were patient enough to edit this masterpiece 👌

  • cyd_hunter99
    cyd_hunter99 2 роки тому +5

    Good god man this is amazing. I was honestly needing this for a while, but I figured it'd never happen cause of demand. This is greatly appreciated.
    Edit: I look forward to these kinds of videos like a kid on Christmas

  • EraTheOracle
    EraTheOracle 2 роки тому

    Box breathing has a use in pvp on the few 180 rpm scout rifles that roll it, because they allow for a 3 shot kill with the only strings attached being hard scoping, which you quite often do on scouts anyway

  • justfrancois
    justfrancois 2 роки тому +1

    Dude!! This is certainly one of the most valuable contributions to the Destiny community. This is just super cool. Thanks heaps mate!

  • Kuzumai
    Kuzumai Рік тому +1

    Fallout I normally don't comment on UAclips. but what you have done here for the destiny community is incomparable. Even the way you handled how most people would react to seeing 3ish hours of content. but since I am a dirty pvp sweat I was truly hear to watch everything. the more you know the better your builds become. knowledge is wealth.

  • PG
    PG 2 роки тому

    Excellent video worth all the hard work the Community really appreciates it!

  • EY3FUL
    EY3FUL 2 роки тому

    Adrenaline Junkie is one of the most situational perks in the game. Very highly build-dependent. They should just remove the 10 second timer, and it should last until you fire.

  • ShinnyMetal
    ShinnyMetal 2 роки тому +31

    Great vid. Misunderstood what tireless blade means. By "powered sword kills" it doesn't mean heavy attack, it means that you are killing with sword energy. In other words, you cant get ammo by killing with the hilt.
    Tireless blade is better for add clear.
    Relentless strikes is better for single target.

  • Matt bazeley
    Matt bazeley Рік тому

    Thanks for taking the time to do this beast of a rundown. #stayedtiltheend 🤪 I ran out of popcorn around reconstruction 😂

  • Mridul Biswas
    Mridul Biswas Рік тому

    Brilliant, brilliant video. I've been playing for about a year and still found a lot to learn, even on older perks. Well done mate, and thanks a lot!

  • Jeff
    Jeff 2 роки тому +1

    Dude. Seriously. Just sheer respect for you, man. 👊

  • Sir Cornmeal
    Sir Cornmeal 2 роки тому

    Can you make a guide for all the armor mods next? This guide is awesome for all new players and I'm definitely gonna recommend this to any of my friends that are new to destiny or are just curious about what perks do.

  • JailenS
    JailenS 2 роки тому

    Really appreciate that people are dedicated enough to make these kind of videos. Thx Fallout!

  • Pitter Patter
    Pitter Patter 2 роки тому +45

    Love listening to videos like these while I grind away in D2. Excellent video, my man

    • ExoTitan5
      ExoTitan5 2 роки тому


    • rayriley999
      rayriley999 2 роки тому


  • Eric Baek
    Eric Baek 2 роки тому

    i feel like now that vorpal and disruption break are underrated. And Andreline Junkie is the most hated perk right now but, if its combined with demolitionist or wellspring people farm for it like crazy (looking at The Last Breath). Frenzy is also underrated too!

  • Adam
    Adam Рік тому

    Just to note, tireless blade returns ammo on all kills, both light and heavy attacks

  • reptar
    reptar Рік тому

    I really wanna see a test on trench barrel for seventh seraph. I have a full choke, accurized, quick draw, trench barrel range masterwork. It seems to be really powerful

  • Jake Stueckle
    Jake Stueckle 2 роки тому +1

    This is an awesome video. I seriously commend your dedication and stamina to put out such a useful resource for new players. Well done.
    I do disagree a little with a few ratings you gave on here though. Namely, recombination, reconstruction, and rapid hit.
    Recombination rolls on Succession. With no timer on it, it’s incredibly easy to stack it on trash adds up to the max of x10, at which point it gives an 81% damage boost. While this is only to the first shot, that kind of storable damage boost is unparalleled for burst DPS and is a god tier perk on that gun.
    Reconstruction is also extremely good. It’s essentially an ALH Lite. Back when dual slugs was the meta, you could start with a recomb Heritage, empty the 12 slugs, swap to ALH FILO, empty that, swap back, and be at 5 or 6 shots already. It’s obviously not as good but the overflowing mag + pseudo auto loading makes it really strong IMO.
    Lastly, you rated Rapid Hit as only okay in PVE but it’s god tier on precision weapons for higher end content. The key thing to remember is that most reload speed perks require a kill to proc which is usually fine but in GM, can’t always be relied upon. Rapid Hit only requires you to hit precision shots. It’s not only fantastic for champion stunning/killing but is far more consistent for high level ad clear as well.
    Edit: I also feel like you slightly misunderstood the usefulness of Reservoir Burst. The idea isn’t to keep it up all the time. It’s to make it so the first shot in your volley against a boss or major hit a lot harder. It gives a 25% damage boost which, on a weapon that fires 5-9 shots, is really significant.

  • Adam Craig
    Adam Craig Рік тому

    Thank you so much for spending the time to do this, I'm an og d1 since beta, and this game is starting to get more complex and this helps a fricking lot 😊😎

  • Luke Gaul
    Luke Gaul 2 роки тому +5

    What a masterpiece of a video. You are my favorite D2 content creator!

  • ItsFortyBelow
    ItsFortyBelow Рік тому

    I'm a returning player, and I greatly appreciate videos like this. Although I know it's subjective, I think maybe at the end of the video, it would be nice to have you just do a quick top 3 or so for PvE and PvP. Anyways, I'm now a sub, appreciate your work.

  • Fractured Solace
    Fractured Solace 2 роки тому +1

    The Wolftone Draw bow is a beast! Impulse Amplifier on a bow is great. Zen Moment is a great perk.

  • Duke
    Duke 2 роки тому

    As someone playing less than a year, this clarified my understanding of several perks and helped frame what is better for my preferences. Thanks FallUwUt!

    • Dre
      Dre 2 роки тому

      you started mid shadowkeep? man how did you manage to stick around.

  • Profanity Walkn
    Profanity Walkn 2 роки тому +1

    Thank you for this video, I have not played Destiny 2 since initial release, and all these mods feel new. I Really appreciate the time taken for this video.

  • Joe Suggs
    Joe Suggs 2 роки тому +1

    Thanks for all the info and the work that went into this.

  • TalenTrippin
    TalenTrippin 2 роки тому

    You're a very valuable asset to this destiny community. I just want you to know that

  • Andrew Bjornas
    Andrew Bjornas 2 роки тому

    I love these super long videos they're so good and informative
    Reconstruction is always active, it will work while you have the weapon out, you don't have to put it away. It also DOES appear on a heavy weapon; the raid LMG

    • Elizabeth Hicks
      Elizabeth Hicks 2 роки тому

      I’ve got a hard time choosing between my Commemoration with Reconstruction and my SWARM with bottomless grief and extended mag… they both hit the magazine cap for their frame types… it’s like 20 seconds of continuous firing before they run out lol

  • Aidan May
    Aidan May 2 роки тому

    Seasonal artifact mod for fusion rifle dmg could make backup plan viable this season as each shot progressively does more dmg

  • zack phy
    zack phy 2 роки тому

    Heritage's godroll is reconstruction/recombination as it's the only damage perk it can get. And it's actually really good in things like strikes where you're using your primairy weapon more often so when you pull out the shotty you get a massive shot that 1 shots most yellow bars. It's good on Succession for strikes as well. Vorpal is good for straight boss fights but in strikes if you can stack recombination up to max it's a 200% buff which would take about 13 shots to match with Vorpal. So dps of recombination will be higher until around the 13th shot where it overtakes it. But it only holds like 12 shots anyway so as long as you can stack it they're baiscally equivalent and for things that die b4 12 shots recombination is better.

  • FubstheFish
    FubstheFish 2 роки тому

    A weapon mod and enemy rank explanation would be good, considering the similar wording but different affect of Vorpal vs Boss Spec vs Major Spec.

  • Hyper_Nova
    Hyper_Nova Рік тому +3

    I play on console so I actuality love Zen moment on things like AR's and SMG's, especially ones with higher rpm's I find it almost mandatory to have Zen moment even if there are better perks for column 3

  • Random Viewer
    Random Viewer Рік тому

    Dude! Very good vid!! Kudos on taking a personal situational stance along the standardized explanation of each perk.

  • Adamantite Hawk
    Adamantite Hawk 2 роки тому

    i just finished watching the video and i learned a lot in the process on the ins and outs of the different perk and i have to say that how zen moment worked was probably the most surprising to me out of all the perks

  • Cruzmi55ile Destiny Game enthusiast

    “Thanks 🙏 you @fallout plays “for taking the time to map all this out. And come out with a video like this .This is great for a veteran player like myself as a refresher that’s been playing since day one or a new light player they just started playing last week. I love destiny but sometimes I forget how complicated and in-depth it is and here’s a good example of it.

  • Geovanny Jácome
    Geovanny Jácome 2 роки тому +2

    Awesome video, really informative. 💙
    I love to know about perks and stats!

  • meatball dom
    meatball dom Рік тому

    listening to these kinds of videos gets me through my awful work day. very audio friendly content 👌👌

  • Marcus Patston
    Marcus Patston 2 роки тому +5

    I am so throughly impressed by this video. One of my top 3 destiny UAclipsrs/steamers/content creators. You're the best man!

  • Rahg NaRhok
    Rahg NaRhok 2 роки тому

    I love these longer videos. I listen to them at my desk at work and if I need to re-wind or jot things down I keep a note pad right next to me. Keep it up! Quality content

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