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Subscriber hand builds me an insane Motorcycle

  • Опубліковано 26 січ 2023
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  • @BikesandBeards

    Here is the video of the Guy who Built this

  • @shAdOwstAlkEr945

    The reaction of that dude in the prius as the nerf gun fired is so wholesome lol

  • @HFV_Junkyardin

    buddy just multiplied his subscribers 100 times over. And probably actually just made his passion a profitable UAclips business. Thats awesome.

  • @Knapweed
    @Knapweed  +10

    What an incredible piece of work with all the Easter eggs and custom parts. It's got Sparky another subscriber and I think you guys did a great job of showcasing this special build. Kudos all around!

  • @joniijon2651

    wow. Whoever made that is TALENTED. Thought of every possible factor that a real company would have. Hats off to bro!

  • @jasongrech5293

    Just goes to show how much people appreciate you guys 👌🏽 that’s so awesome 🙏

  • @brentholladay3113

    What a wonderful gift!

  • @chriscuriosity

    can we have the builder come on the show and tell us exactly what he did here? I love the work here it shows true garage passion.

  • @justincloncs1116

    That bike is sooo cool. A lot of time and effort went into the Motobeardo

  • @TH-lo9ei

    Greetings from Germany,

  • @kipphelan

    Completely amazing. An evil genius on the path of righteousness and that is one righteous vehicle. Love stuff like this. Be well…Chris🇨🇦

  • @middleburyastrology

    The amount of thought and time and craftsmanship is inspiring. Loved watching this episode with my kids... so darn cool :)

  • @hyperionxxxxx

    The amount of love that must have gone into this build, im kind of speechless tbh. <3

  • @billbkr32ify

    He built you a unique one of kind scooter/ motorcycle. Definitely deserves further videos. I don't think this one did the bike or the time that went into building it much justice at all.

  • @Slythen345

    Honestly love watching your videos. I have always loved motorcycles and motorcycle culture. I used to have a bike a long time ago but had to sell it when my house burned down to be able to afford somewhere to live and now its just impossible for me to afford a new one so I enjoy watching your videos. Keep up the amazing videos!!

  • @TheRealChetManley

    That is very well done and made for one of your better videos. I’m not usually into the gimmicky stuff but that was a neat build and I enjoyed seeing you guys have fun on it.

  • @hope801

    the guy who built it reminds me of my old shop supervisor. He loved bikes so much he loved helping others and going the extra mile to make the customer happy. What a passionate enthusiast. Love it!

  • @WOLFIE-96B-UK

    Hi from the UK. Just gotta say, you guys rock! Can't get enough of your videos, you put top gear to shame!

  • @jayholt2101

    First off that thing if pretty cool. Great job to the guy who built this. I'm sure he has a few orders now coming his way. I think the only thing it is missing is under the seat storage for when you need to make the "soda" run. I'd love to have one just to beat around town in or if I lived by the beach you could add a surfboard rack to the side and go surfing. Love it!!

  • @NaterBater

    This is by far the coolest thing I’ve ever seen built! The nerf launcher is a perfect touch for you Sean! The amount of dedication and detail that this man put into it is amazing! I’m gonna watch how he built it now!!