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Diane Guerrero, Stephanie Beatriz - What Else Can I Do? (From "Encanto")

  • Опубліковано 12 січ 2022
  • Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Encanto” tells the tale of an extraordinary family, the Madrigals, who live hidden in the mountains of Colombia, in a magical house, in a vibrant town, in a wondrous, charmed place called an Encanto. The magic of the Encanto has blessed every child in the family with a unique gift from super strength to the power to heal-every child except one, Mirabel (voice of Stephanie Beatriz). But when she discovers that the magic surrounding the Encanto is in danger, Mirabel decides that she, the only ordinary Madrigal, might just be her exceptional family’s last hope.
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    Music video by Diane Guerrero, Stephanie Beatriz performing What Else Can I Do? (From "Encanto"). © 2021 Walt Disney Records



  •  ShortHax
     ShortHax 4 дні тому +28004

    This scene deserves an Oscar, a Grammy, and a restraining order

    • Lunaroblox
      Lunaroblox 11 годин тому


    • Juliabee
      Juliabee 12 годин тому

      @Ivan Ichianus I feel like if Disney would submit the other songs, they'd dominate the nominee list😅

    • Taimoor Ali
      Taimoor Ali 18 годин тому


    • Milasuknut Mila
      Milasuknut Mila 19 годин тому

      @Leo Duggan my

    • ThatOneHiyokoKin
      ThatOneHiyokoKin 19 годин тому

      @Nicollas Val I don’t really like it but it makes me cry, has a Colombian it has some history about Colombia’s 50 year civil waf

  • The Fish
    The Fish 20 годин тому +478

    “Changing minds”
    “You’ve changed mine”

    As an elder sibling, this hits hard.

  • Celine Franchesca Mayoga
    Celine Franchesca Mayoga День тому +309

    I love this song Stephanie and Diane’s voice are perfect when singing together.

    • Peter john Tagabe
      Peter john Tagabe 12 годин тому


  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks День тому +1982

    This song really show’s Mirabel’s strength

    • Red boba*#
      Red boba*# 10 годин тому

      What- Isabela or Mirabel like I don't understand 🤔

    • toodleoo
      toodleoo 17 годин тому

      it really does 🥺💖 it makes you realize "oh THATS her gift"

    • nikki.
      nikki. 20 годин тому +8

      @Faridah Akinola she held onto the side of a tree without falling and only had herself wrapped around half the tree

    • Faridah Akinola
      Faridah Akinola День тому +2

      Ok cause I was more focused on Isabela

    • Faridah Akinola
      Faridah Akinola День тому +1


  • Cosmos
    Cosmos День тому +599

    Isabela might not be as strong as Luisa physically, but she's very strong mentally, like through out the whole movie you won't see any struggle on her(until this part came). She's always graceful, calm and perfect because that's what they want her to be. But as you see on this song she also faces a lot of struggles but chooses to keep it to herself since she's the oldest grandkid on their family and need to be strong since the family's expectations on her is high.

    • Nolan Erckert
      Nolan Erckert 19 годин тому +20

      You can also see the struggle in "We Don't Talk About Bruno", where Mirabel is putting the prophecy together as everyone dances around her. Isabela's smile is replaced with a pained frown while singing, "I'm fine, I'm fine".

  • Haley Gabriel
    Haley Gabriel 4 дні тому +8687

    I love that she’s clearly studied plants other than pretty flowers but didn’t think she could make them herself because of the pressure to make something perfect

    • Jake Riviera
      Jake Riviera 15 годин тому

      @Ryppl Mirabel does have a gift, which is being able to instill hope and help resolve issues of other family members, basically being the one who fixes people’s gifts. The reason she doesn’t have a door or room is because her room is the entire casita and her door is the front door. It prob comes from her optimistic personality and determination because she always tries to look at the root problems that cause issues in each of her family members, and reminds them about hope.

    • FoodPlayzGames and BlahThing
      FoodPlayzGames and BlahThing День тому

      @❤️MICI’S WORLD ❤️ did you even get that it's a joke

      Well I think it's a joke

    • khymera915
      khymera915 День тому +2

      @Laura Stimpson You’re not wrong but there’s never any reason for Encanto to undergo a drought; there are few things easier than getting Pepa wound up, and telling her that, “OMG, we’re all gonna starve” would probably be extremely effective.

    • Laura Stimpson
      Laura Stimpson День тому +6

      You know what's astonishing? Isabella's Gift would have been, and will still be (since she's still growing plants at the end,) so much more valuable to the village than even Louisa's. Bad harvest? Drought? Plague of locusts? In about three days Isabella can turn that into a bounty. No one, and I mean NO ONE, is as valuable to a village as the one who can take a desperate time and make sure everyone is fed.

      I'm just glad she discovered this ability soon before the house fell, so that she can feel comfortable saying "no" in times of plenty. She doesn't need the same pressure as Louisa always felt.

      But still, if a drought happens, she can make sure food is not an issue, but if there was a drought before this and people were starving, she wouldn't be able to help much. There's not much roses can do for starvation. Her Gift could have been completely wasted.

    • khymera915
      khymera915 День тому +1

      The funny thing is that half of the plants Isabela sang about (tabebuia, jacaranda, even sundews) also have pretty flowers; they're just not the roses and plumeria she usually creates.

  • A duck with a YouTube channel
    A duck with a YouTube channel День тому +907

    Isabella naming the plants and their qualities (“careful it’s carnivorous”) shows that she’s spent the time to read up on all sorts of plants but has been only been growing flowers as that’s what’s expected over her.

    • Diamante
      Diamante 20 годин тому +1

      Or kalachuchi as they call it here

    • Diamante
      Diamante 20 годин тому +1

      @davidd51xd You mean frangipani?

    • davidd51xd
      davidd51xd 22 години тому +4

      @walter van der wolf I was referring to a flower called flor de mayo XD ,Although I don't know that festival you're talking about 😅

    • walter van der wolf
      walter van der wolf 22 години тому +13

      @davidd51xd all of em XD

      Flor de mayo is actually a festival in may that lasts the whole month.

      In this case tho she means plumeria ( if my latin still functions )

    • Olinka Blevins
      Olinka Blevins 23 години тому +2

      At the end of the song, she could use a bath

  • Kim D
    Kim D День тому +453

    I love Mirabel's little dance and skirt swishies at 2:23. I like Luisa's song a tiny bit more than Isabella's but this is the scene where I'm in absolute awe of the animation in this movie and how absolutely stunning it is. This movie is mostly a series of *people talking in rooms* even though those people have superpowers, but because they give each song this incredible visual landscape it feels as epic as the emotions of family trauma and healing ought to feel. (That may also be a feature of the magical realism in general, I've not read enough of the genre as originally written to say, but I'll have to start.)

    • diana cao
      diana cao 20 годин тому +6

      @MacStar Chicross that's crazy, like the skill they must have to be able to bring movement and characters to life through zoom and isolated at home it just makes you appreciate the film even more

    • MacStar Chicross
      MacStar Chicross 20 годин тому +8

      Fun fact about the animation of skirts in this movie! Due to covid a lot of animators were forced to work from home! Thus they had to use curtains and bed sheets for references for things like skirts!

    • Sid._.7979
      Sid._.7979 21 годину тому +2

      @diana cao FRRRR✨😻

    • diana cao
      diana cao День тому +6

      I thought I was the only one! I havent seen anyone else mention this tiny part in the song, there's just something about it

  • P M
    P M День тому +426

    This song is Let it Go without isolation. Instead of running away alone as Elsa did, Isabella shares this moment with her sister.

    • Pink
      Pink 13 годин тому +1

      Yeah Elsa was pressured to keep her powers hidden while Isabella was pressured cause she was perfect and her family expects a lot from her as the eldest grandchild.

    • gt345
      gt345 15 годин тому +5

      @Blind Justice-404 No, Frozen reflects a different type of trauma entirely from Encanto and it isn't bad just because it's popular

    • Stanley Animations ツ
      Stanley Animations ツ 16 годин тому

      @Luther John Sioson Daza Burned

    • ⠝Crae
      ⠝Crae 17 годин тому

      @Luther John Sioson Daza 💀🤣

    • molly
      molly 18 годин тому +4

      @Luther John Sioson Daza frozen thawed

  • 드라마 OST
    드라마 OST 20 годин тому +39

    “It’s not symmetrical or perfect but it’s beautiful and it’s mine. What else can I do?” Truly words to live by.

  • Macstokow
    Macstokow 2 дні тому +124

    I really like how after mirabel figures out how important this is to isa, she stops trying to force the hug and just decides to be there for her sister.

  • Bountiful Buckets
    Bountiful Buckets День тому +170

    I like how, unlike other Disney movies where the moment when “it’s all fixed” lasts like the whole song, it’s more realistic, as the song keeps going on, acknowledging the hug, but not taking away from the fact that this is a growing point for Isa, (Idk if that made sense..)

  • Coffee and Sarcasm
    Coffee and Sarcasm День тому +726

    I really love how Mirabel echoes Isabella's motif back to her, and then adopts her new melody to show that she understands and accepts her.

    • Marianne Meyer
      Marianne Meyer День тому +18

      oh yes! thank you for pointing that out! that is awesome

  • LeilaniScorpi
    LeilaniScorpi День тому +37

    I love how in We Don’t Talk About Bruno, when everyone is singing, Isabella has the most positive future, but her face is worried because she thinks that Bruno meant that she’s gonna have to be perfect forever.

  • Jelly Jess
    Jelly Jess 2 дні тому +6032

    I think we can all agree we love Isabela’s self growth ✨glow up✨

    • Shane Dog
      Shane Dog 13 годин тому

      @Xap Ete think what you will, but I and the everyone else would have to disagree

    • Luna Is Gaming
      Luna Is Gaming День тому

      Also hiii jelly jess!!!😁

    • Laret Cummings
      Laret Cummings День тому +1

      Thx 🤩

    • Luna Is Gaming
      Luna Is Gaming День тому +2

      Yeah! Isabella is such a great character!🌺🌸🌷

    • Just_Your_Average_Artist☆~
      Just_Your_Average_Artist☆~ День тому

      @believe in the gospel of the only Lord JesusChrist did I just witness you Copy and paste a bible quote-

  • Starry Sky
    Starry Sky 20 годин тому +21

    Mirabel’s gift is keeping the family together

    remember, if their family’s relationship falters, so will the miracle.

    Mirabel is like the glue holding the family together.

  • Starlight Forever
    Starlight Forever День тому +47

    Louisa: addresses the stress and pressure older siblings shoulder, trying take on all the burdens to protect their families

    Isabella: addresses the anger and unhappiness kids feel, when they're forced to 'be perfect' and not their true selves, just to make other people and their families happy.

    Mirabell: addresses the pain and worthlessness some kids feel, when they're left out and treated like they're never good enough by their families.

    The fact that this movie addresses so many issues, is one of the reasons it's amazing.❤
    (These are just my interpretations, if I'm wrong I apologize)

  • 🍯Hxney_Bear🍯
    🍯Hxney_Bear🍯 День тому +47

    The "you're a bad influence" at the end was...✨PERFECTO✨

  • Serperior and the animator
    Serperior and the animator День тому +67

    Honestly I really like this song and I really relate to it as an artist. I think a lot of other artists can relate when I say that it sometimes feels like people only like you for making one type of content even if you like to create multiple types or get sick of creating only one type of art. But honestly- who cares what people think? As long as you enjoy it and you take interest in it, who cares what other people think!

    • Aii iiA
      Aii iiA 16 годин тому +2


  • Florr Corr
    Florr Corr 4 дні тому +2955

    Something I really appreciate on this song is the voice acting while singing. During "We Don't Talk About Bruno" Isabela sings in a very airy way, like any other Disney Princess. Here her voice has more grit, it's even a lower pitch I think, which really helps the narrative of her shedding the pretense of perfection.
    When Mirabel sings her verse she even uses the same melody Isa used in "We Don't Talk About Bruno", since that perfect girl is all she knew her sister as.
    Also love how it's more rock (90's spanish rock) inspired than the other songs in the movie.

    • Daniel Kang
      Daniel Kang День тому +1

      Also when Mirabel sings "all i know are the blossoms you grow" its the same melody that Isabella uses in her part in "We dont talk about Bruno"

    • Elipsaun Films
      Elipsaun Films 3 дні тому

      @Florr Corr ohh ok. I see what you’re saying rn. I thought you were referring to American rock music

    • ♏ ScorpioStar
      ♏ ScorpioStar 3 дні тому

      Speaking of 90s pop, anyone else catch the verse "Deeply, Madly, Truly"? Title of an 90s hit.

    • Maria Ximena Otalora Cordoba
      Maria Ximena Otalora Cordoba 3 дні тому +3

      @Kairi1416 Spanish pop rock from the 90s and even early 2000s, early Shakira for example, I even thought of Spanish bands like La Oreja de Van Gogh slightly.

    • Florr Corr
      Florr Corr 3 дні тому +28

      @Elipsaun Films Ah, maybe I should've said it's Spanish Rock, specifically the 90's latino rock movement, Lin Manuel Miranda mentions it in a behind the scenes of the song too.

  • Biancamaria Valenti
    Biancamaria Valenti 2 дні тому +12

    This songs expresses lots of emotions plus there’s the “perfect mask to true self and free emo like” transformation of Isabela, which I personally think is really cool…
    Plus the title expresses “what else she can do” with her powers that she didn’t know because she never tried and was too preoccupied with just creating pretty plants rather than experimenting with her powers.
    She never got creative.
    It also establishes her as a real plant enthusiast because she knows what plants are carnivorous, what’s a “Palma de cera”
    It also expresses “what else she can do” if she puts her mind to it.. she can do anything.

  • 🌻Timi Torner 🌻
    🌻Timi Torner 🌻 День тому +36

    This song is just one of the best "perfect song" for a character like she, love it 📸

  • Divorced Beheaded Died
    Divorced Beheaded Died День тому +22

    Lin-Manuel Miranda deserves to win an Oscar for original songs *HE DESERVES TO ACHIEVE HIS PEGOT*

  • Pink Rose
    Pink Rose День тому +206

    Love how Mirabel was still trying to hug Isa while she was holding a cactus...

    • Trevor Trev
      Trevor Trev 11 годин тому

      @Lacondra Thompson stuck in my head love it lol

    • Dragon Fan
      Dragon Fan 20 годин тому +5

      Exactly. The whole time I was like: um... You sure you want to hug your sister while she's holding a cactus?!!?!!

    • Lacondra Thompson
      Lacondra Thompson 20 годин тому +1


    • Lacondra Thompson
      Lacondra Thompson 20 годин тому +3

      @Trevor Trev Same

    • Trevor Trev
      Trevor Trev День тому +21

      Bring it in bring it in lol 😂

  • Roxo
    Roxo 4 дні тому +2342

    I love how their relationship isnt just magically fixed cause Isa admitted she was behaving for the family. Mirabel isnt really LISTENING at first, still focused on fixing the magic, but as the song goes on, and Isa pulls her up, including her in her struggle, Mirabel's focuses shifts naturally to helping Isa and THAT heals the magic. It's so subtlety done, I love iiiiiiiit

    • Roxo
      Roxo 2 дні тому +6

      @Rahil Shaik right! It's like this two second animated sequence that packs so much in, conveys so much. Crazy skilled animators, man. Wish they'd make a making of documentary like they did for frozen II

    • Roxo
      Roxo 2 дні тому

      @NoLimits43 fixed the spelling, thank you! Dont know where my head went, spelling it like that, when I was pronouncing it in my head correctly 😂😂

    • Rahil Shaik
      Rahil Shaik 2 дні тому +12

      You can actually see Mirabel's focus shift at 1:32 when she adopts Isa's chorus from the We Dont Talk about Bruno song.

    • NoLimits43
      NoLimits43 3 дні тому +2

      @miyou3playz_YT no it’s Mirabel.

    • Josias Lourenço
      Josias Lourenço 3 дні тому +2


      3:16 'For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

      3:17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.

      3:18 Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God's one and only Son.

      3:19 This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.

      3:20 Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed.

      3:21 But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God.'

      14:6 Jesus answered, 'I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

      14:7 If you really knew me, you would know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him.'


      12:14 Make every effort to live in peace with all men and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.

  • Hafsas Fun Adventures
    Hafsas Fun Adventures День тому +16

    I really like this song, it shows that Isabella is perfect in her own way

  • Nuno Fernandes
    Nuno Fernandes День тому +15

    *As a Brazilian, I loved this scene and it's very good for me, DESERVES ALL THE AWARDS ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH.*

  • Addisyn
    Addisyn День тому +485

    I really disliked her character up until this moment. She was literally just a perfect, overly feminine walking stereotype up until this moment and this character felt so much more genuine and ultimately made me love her so much.

    • David Samudio
      David Samudio День тому +38

      Thats the Idea, you are suposed to Hate her at first, because save for Bruno's song, this songs are a window to who the Family really is behind the mask

    • Elliezabeth
      Elliezabeth День тому +53

      Ikr!!! When she first grew the cactus I was internally screaming "don't say its ugly! Don't say its ugly!! Don't scream that it's hideous!!"

      I'm glad that was the part where her character took a turn!!!

  • Jay07
    Jay07 День тому +24

    I like the subtle details on how the animation reflects the message of this song. Like, after Isabella made a new dress, her flowers spread to the rest of the town even though she was still at Casita. In the past, Isabella could only make flowers if she was in close vicinity. This shows that Isabella has been freed from the image of perfection that she had to portray for a long time. The Casita represents the expectations Isabella had to meet, and now since she had been freed, her power spread enormously.

  • AshleyBunni
    AshleyBunni 4 дні тому +9084

    I audibly gasped the first time I saw Isabela’s room, everything about her character and what she represents is so aesthetically pleasing 🧘🏾‍♀️

    • I am Immature
      I am Immature 21 годину тому

      @CuteNightShine101 You are getting so damn for no reason OP didn't say that, jesus shut up

    • abbie gump
      abbie gump День тому +1


    • Sunshie YT
      Sunshie YT День тому


    • parslyleef
      parslyleef День тому


    • AGglittersparkle
      AGglittersparkle День тому +1

      Ikr, I love Isa! 💕

  • Klee
    Klee День тому +65

    I love her line where she says "careful its carnivorous" because it shows how half way through her song shes like "oh wait, lemme help my sister"

  • Kirsh Unreal
    Kirsh Unreal 17 годин тому +7

    The song finally proves Isabella is pushing herself from her interests and wishes just for the family and abeula which was understood by mirabel and helps her unlocking the second part of her power.

  • Cor Blimey
    Cor Blimey День тому +6

    I absolutely love that when Mirabel expresses what she thought Isabella's life was like, the melody changes to Isabella's part from "We don't talk about Bruno" where she's talking about her predicted prefect life. Mirabel bought in to the facade that Isabella was projecting and what they both thought would have to be the reality. There's a ton of little moments like that throughout the whole movie and I'm loving it

  • 90 2000년대 히트곡
    90 2000년대 히트곡 20 годин тому +6

    I really love how Mirabel echoes Isabella's motif back to her, and then adopts her new melody to show that she understands and accepts her.

  • Tamara
    Tamara 3 дні тому +5031

    “It’s not symmetrical or perfect but it’s beautiful and it’s mine. What else can I do?” Truly words to live by.

    • Alexander Martin
      Alexander Martin 2 дні тому

      she thinks that ot belongs to her last, becuase all could would grow were flowers becuase she needs to look good for *others*

    • Girtle
      Girtle 2 дні тому +6

      I think the greatest thing here is the double meaning... "what else can I do" can be Isabela realizing that she can do more than just beautiful, perfect flowers and her desire to explore that, but you can also interpret it as her crying out "what else can I do" to her family because she feels as if she can't reach the bar of perfection her abuela and society has set for her. That might be a stretch but that's just something I thought of :) have a great 2022 everyone!!

    • Huh Ok
      Huh Ok 2 дні тому

      @Katerina Horelik LMAOO

    • Huh Ok
      Huh Ok 2 дні тому +1

      Me to my cat

    • Katerina Horelik
      Katerina Horelik 3 дні тому +3

      symmetrical is giving me math problems

  • Ruby  🔥 𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]

    I love how this songs shows that it’s OK to express negative emotions as well as positive ones and how cathartic it is to do so. I love how it shows Mirabel going from trying to hug Isabella to save the miracle, to her just cheering her on as she comes into her own. It’s beautiful!

  • Chupa meus culh0es
    Chupa meus culh0es День тому +63

    For the first time ever, the supposed “most hated” character is my favorite one in the movie.
    It’s just something about her that makes me love her

  • JoyoSumolo
    JoyoSumolo День тому +52

    I absolutely love how she slowly gets more and more excited by her ability to expand her power. She literally does a cartwheel, maximum excitement

  • Touch the Bidoof
    Touch the Bidoof День тому +20

    I love how Isabella's inner voice starts singing when she is thinking about her true passion

  • Gabriel Avila Jr.
    Gabriel Avila Jr. 4 дні тому +4092

    No one's mentioning it but these scenes also demonstrated just how powerful Isabela is. She doesn't just control "flowers". It's all sorts of Colombian and non-Colombian plants in general. She swings on vines like Spider-Man, punches holes with their stems, summons giant venus fly-traps and who knows what else.

    • babylovely16
      babylovely16 11 годин тому


    • Lyka marie Legada
      Lyka marie Legada 11 годин тому


    • Princess Abellana
      Princess Abellana 12 годин тому

      @BendonPC Actually Dolores's Power is a bit dangerous OvO

    • Vicky
      Vicky 12 годин тому

      And she grow food for the whole town maybe that will be dope

    • neko
      neko День тому

      @BendonPCwhy only antonio they are all siblings 😭

  • Nair
    Nair День тому +26

    2:23 I love the way Mirabel sings “Hey everybody clear the way! WOO!” always put a SMILE on my face ❤️

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya День тому +7

    I love how this this song morphs from a generic Disney princess-esque song to its own unique thing! Just like Isabela did!

  • haechanahh~
    haechanahh~ 19 годин тому +4

    2:28 is my fave part of this scene where isabela showing who she truly is while the look of abuelita shows that she only sees that side of her as 'negative' and 'out of control'.

  • Aquarius Crystalwave
    Aquarius Crystalwave 13 годин тому +4

    I love that throughout the song mirabel desperately tries to get isabela to hug her at almost every second to fulfill the prophecy, but the movie shows you cannot hurry fate and the pace of life and that all things will happen when they are meant to and in flow

    i love that the embrace comes at the end when both are in the moment and let go and genuinely flow with who they authentically are, with no ulterior motives but just truly bonding and being in the present moment, and then and only then, does the prophecy of the embrace get fulfilled

    really reminds us to just let life flow and trust in it, no matter how bleak or desperate things may seem in our heads, understanding that peace comes from within our own minds in how we perceive the things that happen externally and to not try and push or need things but instead have faith that whatever is meant for us will eventually come to us when they are meant to and what isnt will exit or never be

    It's been a tough few years for everyone, but hope everyone has been hanging in there, you got this - be proud of yourself, you are loved and you are exactly where you need to be right now and everything will flow how it needs to 💚💙❤️

  • Dtoons
    Dtoons 4 дні тому +12026

    This song is a lot like “Let it Go”: both songs about characters shedding away people’s expectations, and letting their true selves shine.

    • Lilacꨄ
      Lilacꨄ День тому

      @Kyana Harmon fr because now they’re comparing waiting on a miracle to that song anna sings in frozen 2 like💀leave mirabel alone 😭😭

    • Kyana Harmon
      Kyana Harmon День тому +1

      I’m so sick of people comparing songs like this to fucking frozen songs. Enough 🙄 literally not the same in ANY way.

    • Kaleo Montero Koutnik
      Kaleo Montero Koutnik День тому +1

      Yea but let it go was about Elsa abandoning her sister while this song is a reunion between sisters so this one is happier

    • McDonald's Diluc
      McDonald's Diluc День тому

      @E . A 😐

    • ScrapyWrappy
      ScrapyWrappy День тому +1

      The only difference is that Isabella is a good character and Elsa isn’t

  • Ludwin Castellanos
    Ludwin Castellanos День тому +5

    I think a beautiful part of This song is Mirabel reprising Isa’s melody in “we don’t talk about Bruno” realizing that Isa’s revelation about Bruno’s vision wasn’t what Isa really wanted.

    • Draconic_ Fire1
      Draconic_ Fire1 13 годин тому

      actually bruno's vision was true

      his vision was that she'd get her dream life, and this IS her dream life, her prowess did grow considering she can now grow plants other than flowers.

  • H KP
    H KP День тому +25

    I love the part where she swings her bed roughly during the chorus to unleash "a hurricane of jacarandas". It physically symbolises a shift from her "practiced poses" to newly discovered self expression of her imperfect but true wishes 🥺

  • EyeMakeJokes
    EyeMakeJokes День тому +36

    2:36 the hug is so underrated! It was so cute how Mirabel was not expecting it and Isabela says “I owe this all to you” 💞

  • Charmy Animals
    Charmy Animals День тому +6

    Out of all the bangers Disney makes, this one hits the hardest

  • FanOfAllThings
    FanOfAllThings 4 дні тому +2791

    I love how this songs shows that it’s OK to express negative emotions as well as positive ones and how cathartic it is to do so. I love how it shows Mirabel going from trying to hug Isabella to save the miracle, to her just cheering her on as she comes into her own. It’s beautiful!

    2.7K likes?! I can’t believe this!!!! You guys are awesome!!!!

    • FanOfAllThings
      FanOfAllThings 13 годин тому

      @RaylanLevin Lumibao Who?

    • RaylanLevin Lumibao
      RaylanLevin Lumibao 17 годин тому +1

      Someone copied your comment

    • LORD PVT
      LORD PVT 4 дні тому +2


    • root / ringy
      root / ringy 4 дні тому +19

      Yeah, I love how at the end the hug comes from Isabela naturally, not from Mirabel forcing it to happen, all she had to do was support Isabela when she needed it.

    • Eliana Gómez Caro
      Eliana Gómez Caro 4 дні тому


  • Psyduckenz
    Psyduckenz День тому +6

    I love how at the start of the song Mirabelle is just trying to hug her but then they are having the time of their lives

  • MyFrozenWorld
    MyFrozenWorld 17 годин тому +2

    This song is the best in the movie so inspiring and just shows how isabela really should be and be her amazing true self💖🥰

  • Spyro Shurtagul
    Spyro Shurtagul 17 годин тому +3

    As the oldest sibling, I first thought I connected with only Luisa (thinking at the time that she was the oldest). But after listening to the songs more and more, it's quite apparent that I feel a mixture of both. Dealing with the family pressures and having to be the strong one is where I connect with Luisa but then realizing that I too had to be the "perfect" example for the family like Isabela, holding in any semblance of emotions to myself in order to keep the drama from continuing.... Both songs are anthems for older siblings to be sure.

  • Bárbara Lummertz
    Bárbara Lummertz День тому +3

    I love this song so much, I relate very strongly to Isabela, both, because she is the first character that looks like me, and we both grew up as the golden child and felt that was such a huge part of us

  • I O
    I O 4 дні тому +2690

    "What could I do if I just knew it didn't need to be perfect, it just needed to be and they let me be." That is such a powerful line in a song.

    • Vidhi
      Vidhi День тому

      @- - 𝗰𝗵𝗹𝗼𝗲 - - for me mirabel and isabela are the best imo like the relationship they made after this song was so cute 😭

    • - - 𝗰𝗵𝗹𝗼𝗲 - -
      - - 𝗰𝗵𝗹𝗼𝗲 - - 2 дні тому

      she’s the best character tho..

    • Angela Plays!
      Angela Plays! 2 дні тому


    • Ari Moochie
      Ari Moochie 2 дні тому

      It is

    • Ramos
      Ramos 2 дні тому


  • The Baka Lord
    The Baka Lord 11 годин тому +1

    “Careful its carnivorous” That shows how much Isabella cares about Mirabel. Despite their strained relationship due to Isabella seeing Mirabel free of everything that shackles her and Mirabel seeing Isabella having everything she wanted, Isabella still cares about Mirabel where she doesn’t want to see Mirabel hurt.

  • Cheese Lord
    Cheese Lord День тому +8

    1:33 For anyone who didn't know, This has the same melody as Isabella's part in we don't talk about Bruno, So that's why it sounds so familiar

    • FaithsStardust
      FaithsStardust День тому +1

      Thank YOU!!! So many people are talking about it but I couldnt find it in the song myslefff

  • NinjagoGuy416
    NinjagoGuy416 20 годин тому +2

    1:01 “A hurricane of Jacarandas” gives me goosebumps every time 😁😁😁

  • May Maflahi
    May Maflahi День тому +7

    "A hurricane of jacarandaaaaas"

    I fricking love that line, I kept repeating it :')

  • Frederic Lance Catacutan
    Frederic Lance Catacutan День тому +34

    My favorite song from Encanto! “A hurricane of Jacarandas” sounds so beautiful 💖

    • Sophilia Majestign
      Sophilia Majestign День тому +3

      "The way is clearer cause you're here and well I owe this all to you!" is my favorite line. I have a Mirabel, so this line his me hard.

  • annag cocl
    annag cocl День тому +5

    This song is Let it Go without isolation. Instead of running away alone as Elsa did, Isabella shares this moment with her sister.

  • TheKkf1015
    TheKkf1015 19 годин тому +1

    2:27 the flower in her changes to something different from what was there before, helping to emphasize the change in her. I also love that in "we don't talk about bruno" her voice was pitched higher because that's the tone that's preferred, or most popular, or what's suited to her perfect persona. here she gets into more of an alto and it helps show her true self. awesome use of visual and musical combination!

  • gracefulgracie
    gracefulgracie День тому +6

    I love that at the end of the movie, Isabela changes her outfit color to represent the Colombian flag colors. 🇨🇴 🥰

  • Jae
    Jae 4 дні тому +5672

    “A hurricane of Jacarandas, strangling figs, hanging vines. Palma de Cera fills the air as I climb and I push through” what a powerful verse 😭👏🏽

    • ella vaneynde
      ella vaneynde 3 дні тому

      @Albert Lopezrare dingen dingen doen die ik heb heb ik het al ik ben nu bij de 🐝 en ik heb heb ik

    • Fathima Beevi
      Fathima Beevi 3 дні тому

      @Albert Lopez h a u mn

    • Fathima Beevi
      Fathima Beevi 3 дні тому

      V. From hHgyy

    • broncos3321
      broncos3321 3 дні тому +1

      "Bring it in Bring it in" was also powerful 😭😭😭

    • Valeria Hernández
      Valeria Hernández 3 дні тому

      @Albert Lopez A jacaranda is a tree and Palma de cera is a palm but the ones who procude oil.

  • TigerKirby215
    TigerKirby215 13 годин тому +1

    "It doesn't need to be perfect; it just needed to be."
    I think everyone needs to hear this once in their life.

  • Soft donuts yt!
    Soft donuts yt! 19 годин тому +1

    nobody talking about that “THIS IS FINE” part mirabel said tho, also this is amazing song!

  • nari
    nari 2 дні тому +13

    personally, i always thought that Isabela struggled with always having to be “perfect” for abuela & the family. on a personal level, i truly relate to her a lot. it was awesome to see her break out of her “perfection” and finally be herself. after this song, when abuela catches them- i think that was the moment when Isabella realizes that Mirabel genuinely wants her to be happy & even though they are fighting, constantly & they didn’t see eye to eye for most of their lives that Mirabel was still so willing to stand up for what Isabela wanted & that shows that Mirabel is so loving + protective of her family .

  • Anadia Smith
    Anadia Smith День тому +4

    I finally realized what was so unsettling about Isabella when I first watched the movie. Her hair is perfect always tucked behind her shoulder, never in her face and always neat. It's so perfect it's unnatural and I love that as a detail. She's so devoted to Alma's wishes she won't even let her hair be less than perfect even when she's alone.

  • Bet0360
    Bet0360 4 дні тому +1897

    It's so cool how Mirabel stops forcing it and starts understanding her sister in the midle of the song. So she pushes Isabela to grow higher, and finally gets a true hug.

    • It'sCake
      It'sCake День тому +1

      @Felipe Santos yeah

    • Felipe Santos
      Felipe Santos День тому +4

      It's actually really cool how they represent this! Like, up until 1:30 Isabela is just super involved in her discovery and barely looks at Mirabel... Then at 1:34 Mirabel sings with such understanding and compassion and encouragement that Isa finally pays attention to Mirabel and how important she was for her own growth ❤️ from then on, she looks at Mira all the time throughout the rest of the song, and finally gives her a real hug! "I owe this all to you"

    • 1k challenge with 4 video
      1k challenge with 4 video 4 дні тому +3

      how many subs can I get from this comment? Current: 519

    • SUB 4 SUB
      SUB 4 SUB 4 дні тому +8

      ┴NƎWWOƆ SIH┴ SƎʞI˥ pN∀ ƎW O┴ Sq∩S OHM ƎNO⅄N∀ O┴ פNIqq∩S W,I


    • It'sCake
      It'sCake 4 дні тому +30


  • Ruby- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]

    This scene deserves an Oscar, a Grammy, and a restraining order

  • Adriada
    Adriada День тому +5

    2:37 I started bawling. That hug was so powerful. You can tell Isabella is so thankful that Mirabel helped her explore a side she never thought she could. You can also tell how happy Mirabel is to be connecting with her sister. It’s so heartwarming. 🥺

  • Trisha Evans-Lutterodt
    Trisha Evans-Lutterodt 22 години тому +2

    I love that little dance Mirabel does at 0:23. So cute!

  • Rabbit passing by
    Rabbit passing by 22 години тому +4

    This song is so good, and i can't stop listening LOL

    • Adriana Avila
      Adriana Avila 22 години тому

      It’s for such a good beat and I live the background vocals. Like when Isabel goes “oohhh” when Mirabel is singing.

  • Wysteria
    Wysteria 4 дні тому +3812

    I like how this song also talks a little about how the stuff that’s traditionally considered beautiful isn’t all that is beautiful, because it also shows plants that aren’t considered to be, but are regardless.

    • Cloudberry
      Cloudberry 3 дні тому


    • Wysteria
      Wysteria 3 дні тому

      @n a i that, and usually native plants aren’t considered pretty, because most examples of pretty flowers tend to be from the eurasian landmass

    • Lswat Ent
      Lswat Ent 3 дні тому

      Hey I am a very supportive person of other people doing their thing keep up the hard and stay blessed

    • n a i
      n a i 3 дні тому +3

      it’s more that the plants she was growing before weren’t native and now they are, meaning she’s embracing her roots

    • Wysteria
      Wysteria 3 дні тому +4

      @jesus is a fly yes, but the point of this song is that roses aren’t the only pretty thing

  • 10 subs?
    10 subs? 20 годин тому +1

    I love how she can control or make nature not just flowers so her power is the best in my opinion

  • Hernan Lopez
    Hernan Lopez 17 годин тому +1

    This song has such a "Dónde están los ladrones" vibe. They really understood the assignment 👌

  • Sumon Ovee
    Sumon Ovee 15 годин тому +2

    I dont know how but Disney's films get better and better as they make

  • vanesitacomida
    vanesitacomida 13 годин тому +1

    Its so crazy how Disney movies are supposed of be for little kids but for some reason the movies are enjoyed by all ages🤩

  • sunday
    sunday 4 дні тому +19796

    I personally love this song, it sounds really nice and it shows how Isabela changes and in my opinion it expresses a lot of emotions. Thank you Disney I really enjoy and appreciate a film like this.

  • Originally Jalen
    Originally Jalen 18 годин тому

    This song connects with me personally, I think a lot of teens struggle with being the “perfect” child and Isabella can now really be herself with no regrets

  • BkNy02
    BkNy02 22 години тому +4

    All the songs in this movie are amazing 🤩🤩 But this one totally reminds me of Shakira when she did rock pop in Colombia. Before she sold out to crossover. If anyone is interested please check out Donde estan Los ladrones? and Pies Descalzos here on UAclips. Classic albums.

  • Ellie Clarke
    Ellie Clarke День тому +2

    This song really show’s Mirabel’s strength

    H3LLOS0UL День тому +1

    I personally don't really like Isabella, but this song definitely speaks out to me the most.

  • Adrianexe
    Adrianexe 4 дні тому +4252

    1:33 PLS THIS PART IS SO GOOD ISTG ITS LIKE ADDICTING TO HEAR IT Also I love how mirabel help Isabella to be her true self

    • Josias Lourenço
      Josias Lourenço 3 дні тому


      3:16 'For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

      3:17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.

      3:18 Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God's one and only Son.

      3:19 This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.

      3:20 Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed.

      3:21 But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God.'

      14:6 Jesus answered, 'I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

      14:7 If you really knew me, you would know my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him.'


      12:14 Make every effort to live in peace with all men and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.

    • citrusbear
      citrusbear 3 дні тому


    • Rainbow Butterfly
      Rainbow Butterfly 3 дні тому


    • Bŕüñø mäđřïģáł
      Bŕüñø mäđřïģáł 4 дні тому


    • 25KBanana
      25KBanana 4 дні тому

      Because it switches up to a slow down and starts the duet

  • 💛Dolores💛
    💛Dolores💛 2 дні тому +18

    Any one else think this song is extremely underrated

  • Lone Kanne-Hansen
    Lone Kanne-Hansen День тому +5

    I replayed this song many times while singing along with it,ITS TOO ADDICTING

  • Blair's World #RoadTo1k
    Blair's World #RoadTo1k 2 дні тому +1

    This is my favorite I love it so much, it truly explains how Isabella is feeling!!! And I can't just say how much I love this song 🤗

  • Stevie D Stinguished
    Stevie D Stinguished 14 годин тому

    I like how she breaks out of her comfort zone and manages to have fun doing it. We can all learn from that. 🌺

  • Anuart Sevilla Garcia
    Anuart Sevilla Garcia День тому

    I love this song, it sounds great and it shows how Isabela changes, she expresses a lot of emotions.

  • Maurício Babilonia
    Maurício Babilonia 18 годин тому +1

    It's interesting how the title is confusing because it seems like what a frustrated person would say and think when try to please everybody but then you realize that is a song about the things you can do when you recognize yourself and accept yourself as you are and that unblock your skills and potential to do a lot of things that you cannot imagine. It's a really a good message

  • Aubrey Chaides
    Aubrey Chaides 16 годин тому +1

    I just made something unexpected
    Something sharp, something new
    It's not symmetrical or perfect
    But it's beautiful and it's mine
    What else can I do?
    Bring it in, bring it in
    Good talk, bring it in, bring it in (what else can I do?)
    Let's walk, bring it in, bring it in
    Free hugs, bring it in, bring it in
    I grow rows and rows of roses
    Flor de mayo, by the mile
    I make perfect, practiced poses
    So much hides behind my smile
    What could I do if I just grew what I was feelin' in the moment?
    (Do you know where you're going? Whoa)
    What could I do if I just knew it didn't need to be perfect?
    It just needed to be? And they'd let me be?
    A hurricane of jacarandas
    Strangling figs (big), hanging vines (this is fine)
    Palma de cera fills the air as I climb
    And I push through
    What else can I do?
    Can I deliver us a river of sundew?
    Careful, it's carnivorous, a little just won't do
    I wanna feel the shiver of something new
    I'm so sick of pretty, I want something true, don't you?
    You just seem like your life's been a dream (whoa)
    Since the moment you opened your eyes
    (How far do these roots go down?)
    All I know are the blossoms you grow (whoa)
    But it's awesome to see how you rise
    How far can I rise?
    Through the roof, to the skies
    Let's go
    A hurricane of jacarandas (woo)
    Strangling figs (go), hanging vines (grow)
    Palma de cera fills the air as I climb
    And I push through
    What else, what else?
    What can you do when you are deeply, madly, truly in the moment?
    (Seize the moment, keep goin')
    What can you do when you know who you wanna be is imperfect?
    But I'll still be okay
    Hey, everybody clear the way, woo
    I'm comin' through with tabebuia (she's comin' through with that boo-yeah)
    Making waves (making waves), changing minds (you've changed mine)
    The way is clearer 'cause you're here, and well
    I owe this all to you
    What else can I do?
    (Show 'em what you can do)
    What else can I do?
    (There's nothing you can't do)
    What else can I do?

  • Woozy Cool
    Woozy Cool День тому +1

    Even if you didn't find out the flowers' names, you can see that, as she spells out a flower's name for first time in the song, that particular flower sprouts all around her.

    But still, I re-listened to this, with another tab open on the side. Googled up the names of flowers, plants and/or festival mentioned.

    The song is so beautiful but once you learn the exact references, it's even more delicately beautiful.

  • TwistedTaco
    TwistedTaco 3 дні тому +2372

    I love everything about this, especially the fact that the song serves both as an outlet for Isa's emotions and a reconciliation between sisters 🥺

    • TwistedTaco
      TwistedTaco 3 дні тому +2

      @Antonella Svagelj I'm Colombian so i already have 😄 I AGREE SO MUCH!! My fave part of the spanish ver. is when she says "Que lograría sin tener que ser la hermana perfecta, lo que en mi va a surgir nadie va a impedir" and "Yo quiero emocionarme con mi versión"

    • Antonella Svagelj
      Antonella Svagelj 3 дні тому +5

      You should totally hear this song in spanish, it’s soooo good! ☺️

    • TikTok TvTube
      TikTok TvTube 3 дні тому +4

      To who ever is reading this comment
      You are awesome 🤯

      My goal is to hit 30k any help would be epic😱

    • Kaleo Montero Koutnik
      Kaleo Montero Koutnik 3 дні тому +12

      Yea it’s like the foil for Let it Go

  • LunaMoon
    LunaMoon День тому +3

    This song is just- A banger, but also, I wanna rest in peice the people who have pollen allergies and enter that room 😭😭

  • JJ
    JJ День тому +1

    I love how Mirabel starts to cheer her on as time passes. im obsessed with these sisters

  • Kiitsune4
    Kiitsune4 День тому

    I love this song it shows that everything isn't perfect and the cactus represent all the mistakes and inperfection and I love that they fix they're sister relationship ♥️

  • Erikajoyce Audemard
    Erikajoyce Audemard 19 годин тому

    "I'm so sick of pretty ,I want something true Don't you?" This is so beautiful!💗💗

  • Presto Povs
    Presto Povs 4 дні тому +2390

    this movie is just amazing! kudos to Disney

    • sol
      sol День тому

      @Darkvader 2319 i think cruella is pretty decent

    • Darkvader 2319
      Darkvader 2319 3 дні тому

      Disney should stick to animation, not live action. Marvel can stick to live-action.

    • 1k challenge with 4 video
      1k challenge with 4 video 4 дні тому

      how many subs can I get from this comment? Current: 519

    • Sterrow
      Sterrow 4 дні тому

      @Jonathan Pinzon nope don't believe it.

    • Abbygayle
      Abbygayle 4 дні тому +3

      And kudos to Lin-Manuel Miranda and Germaine Franco for writing these fantastic songs and lyrics! Without them I believe that this movie wouldn’t not have been the same

  • haechanahh~
    haechanahh~ 20 годин тому +1

    this part of the movie really gives shiver down to my spine and goosebumps idk why but.. it gets me emotional. Thus my fave song and scene from the movie.

  • Luna Is Gaming
    Luna Is Gaming День тому

    The part where the flowers kind of make Isabella appear is so cool! It's hard to explain lol but I think they did an amazing job!😁💖