Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack - Official Roster Reveal Trailer

  • Опубліковано 21 сер 2019
  • The full Kombat Pack Roster has finally been revealed! Earthrealm just got a whole lot more dangerous.
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  • Big Willy Style
    Big Willy Style Годину тому

    Predictions for Kombat Pack 2:
    Ash Williams

  • Fatimah Qadir
    Fatimah Qadir Годину тому


  • Old Camel
    Old Camel Годину тому

    You came for 0:38

  • j2323j
    j2323j Годину тому

    Amazing 😀

  • Xyrius D
    Xyrius D Годину тому

    A game.... we need a mortal kombat movie!

  • dj williams
    dj williams Годину тому

    Lmao they was doing solid until they showed that kid in a joker costume 😂

  • Don Martin
    Don Martin Годину тому

    Ok here we go!!!! (Scrolls down to comments)

  • Shade On A Cool Day
    Shade On A Cool Day Годину тому

    Joker looks like a batty boy giving tutorials of how to use pomade in your hair.

  • scumbag benis
    scumbag benis Годину тому

    The joker looks too chubby

  • Jane Flash
    Jane Flash Годину тому

    I will buy a TV just to play this game. 💖💖💖💖

  • Dude on Dope
    Dude on Dope Годину тому

    Damn, Arnold looks really menacing. I'm definitely looking forward to his character

  • Taylor Thompson
    Taylor Thompson Годину тому

    Why can’t super smash bros have cool people like this

  • Regel Kent Delos Santos
    Regel Kent Delos Santos Годину тому

    Goosebumps for Sindel! Finally!!!!

  • bobbitsunami tsunami
    bobbitsunami tsunami Годину тому

    WTF spawn’s release date is March 17‼️

  • Alex
    Alex Годину тому

    Terminator 2 Skin , Joker : heath ledger - jack nicholson or Joaquin Phoenix PLZ

  • Hector Calavera
    Hector Calavera Годину тому

    Why are they going to release Spawn on March of 2020?

  • Martin
    Martin Годину тому

    That joker design looks really cool.

  • Eduardo Galindo
    Eduardo Galindo Годину тому

    They should have played the terminator theme song in the last scene

  • Manny Covers
    Manny Covers Годину тому

    I wish they got someone else other than Joker since he was in the mk vs dc

  • Yogie Febriady
    Yogie Febriady Годину тому

    I dunno, but wasn't The Joker supposed to be a little bit... malnourished...?

  • Mario de la Rosa
    Mario de la Rosa Годину тому +3

    I want to see the Batman who laughs gear for Joker in Mortal Kombat 11

  • Dean C
    Dean C Годину тому

    Well, I certainly didn’t expect Spawn...

  • Manny Covers
    Manny Covers Годину тому

    NUMBER 1

  • Popcorn Time
    Popcorn Time Годину тому

    Look, Arnie is the Terminator. Obviously they gone with the new t800 look to promote the new movie. So why don't do the same for Joker? Take the Joaquin Phoenix model to also promote the movie. It wouldn't be that hard especially that the Joker is WB
    I'm also disappointed that Ash from evil dead was removed. We all know he was in the pack til they made last minute changes. You can search reddit for proof of Ash's existence in pack 1.

  • CoolDudeMcSwag CoolDudeMcSwag
    CoolDudeMcSwag CoolDudeMcSwag Годину тому

    The alternate costumes for Arnold are going to be so sick

  • angel Lunar
    angel Lunar Годину тому +2

    damn everyone judges everyone just because of looks like dude its 2019 let them look how they wanna look😂😂

  • JuneBug
    JuneBug Годину тому

    When Joker gets a Fatality done on him, I want him to laugh as he die in pain. Also, after he’s finished I want him to have a smile on his face when his corpse is on the floor like in Arkham City.

  • Craig Hennessy
    Craig Hennessy Годину тому

    Add Robocop also

  • Camden Devries
    Camden Devries Годину тому

    Damn I guess Bruce Campbell wasn’t lying

  • John Smith
    John Smith Годину тому

    I think quagmire should be dlc in mk11. Jjjjjackpot!

  • UltraGoldCoin
    UltraGoldCoin Годину тому

    Amazon rainforest

  • Ricardo Almeida
    Ricardo Almeida Годину тому

    Só faltou o goku 🇧🇷

  • Meme Nibba
    Meme Nibba Годину тому

    You already know Joker going to be hella annoying mostly bcz he might be a spammer

  • Kurt Brown
    Kurt Brown Годину тому

    How was that joker approved? Did the artist think it would be cool if he made himself in bad cosplay? How? They made injustice.

  • Craig Hennessy
    Craig Hennessy Годину тому

    All they need now is to add Austin powers

  • Hyu Uzumaki
    Hyu Uzumaki Годину тому

    The joker looks so out of place.

  • Vulture Aid
    Vulture Aid Годину тому +1


    Terminator: Am i a joke to you?

  • Da Anime Fox
    Da Anime Fox Годину тому +1

    Now we just need Neo from the matrix and Shrek. Then it will be lit!!

    NOT YOU Годину тому +1

    Pretty weak Joker.

  • Normie
    Normie Годину тому

    Whaaat theee eeeefff

  • Steb Gaming
    Steb Gaming Годину тому +1

    Spawn and the Terminator T-800 is so Badass

  • Van danh
    Van danh Годину тому +1

    Shang Tsung : your soul is mine
    Terminator : Hasta la vista, baby

  • Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports
    Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports Годину тому +1


  • Jarevibr
    Jarevibr Годину тому

    Why is spawn last

    • Craig Hennessy
      Craig Hennessy Годину тому

      Jarevibr he ain't Last what happen you fall asleep in the middle of the video and not see the rest?

  • GunBunny JUNK
    GunBunny JUNK Годину тому

    I think... I think I just came from seeing good ol' Terminator.

  • Semystic
    Semystic Годину тому +1

    With all the non-MK fighters in this game its more like a dark super smash bros 🤣🤣🤣

  • Crazymaneli Clark
    Crazymaneli Clark Годину тому

    These release dates are bullshit
    At least spawn is coming out NEXT YEAR......What the fuck man

  • Kermit Explains the joke
    Kermit Explains the joke Годину тому +1

    Hello this is Kermit the frog here to explain the joke
    So basically this is the dlc for mortal kombat 11

  • BushidoWarrior 935
    BushidoWarrior 935 Годину тому +1

    For everyone shitting on Joker: Yes, his design sucks horribly. But, you gotta think. Not only is MK Graphics, there'll be alternate outfits.

  • محمد الخاطر
    محمد الخاطر Годину тому

    They Should Add Tifa Lockhart On Kombat Pack Instead of Joker.

  • Justin Castillo
    Justin Castillo Годину тому +1

    Relax guys, they're taking a long time cause they have to fix the monstrosity that is Joker's face

  • June Marie Liddy
    June Marie Liddy Годину тому

    this seems spooky Halloween is coming

  • Yo Adrian Entertainment
    Yo Adrian Entertainment Годину тому

    No Ash Williams

  • Just Awesome ::
    Just Awesome :: Годину тому

    Super excited for this👍

  • Boden Vlogz Koreanong hilaw
    Boden Vlogz Koreanong hilaw Годину тому

    For more videos click the link belowвідео.html

  • Vlad Vlad
    Vlad Vlad Годину тому

    I’m pretty sure it’s number 1 on trending because EVERYBODY who even has never played MK series games knows the freaking I’ll be back Terminator. So why couldn’t you release him let’s say TODAY? So many new customers just in one day. No! You have to make people wait for more than a month when excitement will be already gone.
    I think it’s just stupid

  • ProdByLorenzo
    ProdByLorenzo Годину тому

    These release dates are ridiculous

  • Snake Plissken
    Snake Plissken Годину тому

    I think we all know why this is trending number #1....T-800 Arny!

  • Rollby
    Rollby Годину тому


  • ETK007 _YT
    ETK007 _YT Годину тому

    So if Arnold does he have Regular blood or Robot blood I’m confused

  • AkiRa22084
    AkiRa22084 Годину тому

    Why does Sindel have more Wrinkles than Old Arnie?

  • Vice president Mike pence
    Vice president Mike pence Годину тому


  • U.S.A.F
    U.S.A.F Годину тому

    What are these release dates?!?! March of next year? January? Holy Christ

  • BBT Network
    BBT Network Годину тому +1

    I'm sorry but that is not the joker. That's just some bootleg Joker person.

  • AS5gamerdude360
    AS5gamerdude360 Годину тому

    I wanted the DOOM Slayer.

  • AkiRa22084
    AkiRa22084 Годину тому

    How can Arnie look so good and not uncanny, while the women and Joker are so ugly faced?

  • taylor trash
    taylor trash Годину тому

    which ps4 vr games are the best? I just picked one up

  • Giddo Quiroz
    Giddo Quiroz Годину томувідео.html sheet!

  • Fathima Gang
    Fathima Gang Годину тому

    I swear these are the type of people to be late at they own party 😂

  • Nickolas Shavandrin
    Nickolas Shavandrin Годину тому

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  • 1GoldRunner
    1GoldRunner 2 години тому +1

    Everyone looks awesome except for Joker, what were the creators thinking? Please, change him.

  • Samanosuke Akechi
    Samanosuke Akechi 2 години тому

    Worst k.p., for worst mk game.

  • Hunter Sathira
    Hunter Sathira 2 години тому

    I kinda like the joker

  • no h3lp
    no h3lp 2 години тому

    id be baddass if they added the beat from terminator 2 when hes walking out of the elevator and sarah connor trips when she sees him

  • Karloss
    Karloss 2 години тому +1

    Shang Tsung: Your soul is mine!
    Kombat Pack: Your money is mine!