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Great Minds: Slavoj Žižek

  • Опубліковано 3 лип 2011
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    Modern radical thinker Slavoj Žižek spoke on the 1st July as part of the 'Great Minds' series, and affirmed his status as a great mind of modern philosophy and social, cultural and political theory. Starbucks, social solidarity and self-commodification were among the varied and enlightening topics touched upon by Žižek, all grounded by his interpretation of ideology and its continuing importance.

    One of Europe's foremost Marxist theorists, Žižek criticised modern leftist groups who, he argued, didn't really know how to cope with the upheaval of the 'sublime' moment (revelation that an assumed state of total happiness is actually nonexistent). The question of 'what happens next' has been asked since the dwindling exhaustion of modernism into postmodernism. Žižek asks us to put ideological pressure on modern life, confirming the presence of ideological symbolism even in blatant popular culture (such as two Oscar-winning films, The King's Speech and Black Swan [2010]).

    His manner was sometimes serious, sometimes comic and vaguely apocalyptic (he is a self confessed pessimist), which all together made for an engaging talk, dense in historical, anecdotal and political references. The combination of issues allowed the modern audience member to examine their own behaviour alongside Hegelian optimism, Freudian self-commodification and Marxist ideas of social roles, in a non 'academic' sense, referring to the purchasing of Starbucks coffee as a subconscious purchasing of social solidarity built into the price. An audience member asks 'isn't it the case that people know that what they're doing is buying a coffee that will then, in some sort of self-serving way, make them feel better about themselves?', thus showing that ideology is no longer a 'smokescreen' of sorts. Žižek answers by claiming that we follow things, knowing that they are ideologies, and this does not necessarily make them 'right' or true. This is where the notion of ideology seems to be headed; to a total self consciousness -- as with a Hegelian resolution of the 'Zeitgeist' (Žižek is actually close to the publishing of an 800 page book on Hegel).
    In his relatively brief talk, Slavoj Žižek managed to expose our susceptibility to certain ideologies, thus proving their ever present role in modern society - not bad for a Friday night in West London, perhaps the capital of the British bourgeoisie.


  • @Torrriate
    @Torrriate 11 років тому +32

    I've had a feeling for so long why my intellectual peers are wrong in so many points of their world view, but I couldn't point it out, thus wasn't taken seriously. Now Zizek points it out clearly, what's wrong with them. He even goes beyond and shows even me new perspectives. Kudos to this man.

    • @TS-hi4il
      @TS-hi4il Рік тому

      🤣ma gavte la nata

    • @goofyahhh254
      @goofyahhh254 8 місяців тому +2

      Exactly. But I'll go a step further- he points our what's wrong with precisely MY view of the world

  • @ariflanzraich7315
    @ariflanzraich7315 10 років тому +63

    I cant tell if his open-endedness is a compliment, in that he assumes we are all intelligent enough to fill in the blanks, or if he is just so dishevelled that its a naturally product of his brain activity. Either way, love him!

    • @ritwikchakraborty2805
      @ritwikchakraborty2805 8 місяців тому +4

      It's a product of him being a Hegelian

    • @goofyahhh254
      @goofyahhh254 8 місяців тому +3

      @@ritwikchakraborty2805 I like that the reply is 9 years after, but from my perspective 2 weeks ago so contemporary for me. Lol

    • @jacobskovsbllknudsen5908
      @jacobskovsbllknudsen5908 День тому

      Dialectical synthesis!

  • @njits789
    @njits789 2 роки тому +40

    I think this is the best, most consistent talk I have seen of him here on YT. And I have seen a lot of them.

    • @NathanDudani
      @NathanDudani 2 роки тому


    • @michaelware4891
      @michaelware4891 2 роки тому

      What do you mean by consistent?

    • @njits789
      @njits789 2 роки тому

      @@michaelware4891 Clear, focused, without too many digressions... I think he was simply a bit tired, to be honest.

    • @davyroger3773
      @davyroger3773 2 роки тому +1

      The onw with Paul Holdengraber is one of the best

    • @njits789
      @njits789 2 роки тому

      @@davyroger3773 Yes, I like that one too. In fact, there are two.

  • @oddnejmus
    @oddnejmus 11 років тому +17

    Sometimes I think Zizek's greatness lies in his ability, not to invent new material or produce original thought, but rather in finding pop cultural pearls.

  • @alil2young51777
    @alil2young51777 Рік тому +7

    You know he’s a great mind when this is still relevant today.

  • @nachannachle2706
    @nachannachle2706 6 років тому +13

    This man has VERY original observations. Ideology is still alive and thriving, for better and worst.

    • @ahmedminhal8924
      @ahmedminhal8924 Рік тому +2

      And so on

    • @entelektuel.yolculuk
      @entelektuel.yolculuk Рік тому

      And so on....Though no.... Whereas Islam is the truth and solution to the problems of the mankind, ideologies can never be trve and real. And their time is looooonnnng gone.

  • @jopeDE
    @jopeDE 2 роки тому +20

    I think this is the best talk on ideology i have ever listend to.

  • @habibie
    @habibie 12 років тому +38

    I am Zizekian! Long live Zizek!

    • @abecerra81000
      @abecerra81000 4 місяці тому

      So you’re a Stalinist lol there’s no such thing as a zizekian

  • @jccusell
    @jccusell 7 років тому +58

    It's good thing Slavoj is still around. One of the few Marxist intellectuals left in academia these days. He really challenges the main stream ideas common in so many social an political science curricula.

    • @hzingano
      @hzingano 7 років тому +8

      "One of the few marxist intellectuals left in academia" wow... how distant from reality can you be?

    • @RobotRocker615
      @RobotRocker615 7 років тому +19

      hzingano I can't think of many Marxist intellectuals that speak as often on as many subjects as he does while doing it from a Marxist perspective. Can you name a few? I always love to hear more.

    • @hzingano
      @hzingano 7 років тому +2

      Brandon R. how about almost every single professor in academia? College is the most Marxist volcano in the us, from whom do you think this comes from? please... open your eyes

    • @RobotRocker615
      @RobotRocker615 7 років тому +22

      hzingano what do you think Marxism is?

    • @hzingano
      @hzingano 7 років тому +1

      Brandon R. marxism is not an idea, it's the whole revolutionary system, changes ideology from time to time, from place to place. the Frankfurt school changed how marxism penetrates western society in the 20th century, so you can't define what it is, becouse it is not a policy or a party. the question "what is marxism" comes from a person who does not know what marxism is.

  • @sawtoothiandi
    @sawtoothiandi 4 роки тому +10

    By far the clearest presentation of Slavoj's i've heard, or perhaps i'm now getting the gist of it!?

  • @martolba
    @martolba 12 років тому +7

    Absolutely brilliant! Remarkable presentation!

  • @rumiumegaki8415
    @rumiumegaki8415 11 років тому +3

    The Charing Philosopher. I could listen to him for hours

  • @MysticOfTheSands
    @MysticOfTheSands 10 років тому

    An ideology cannot be WITHOUT villains.There's always the bad guy somewhere.

  • @metabalcanico
    @metabalcanico 12 років тому +4

    Good insight on the change occurring within universities...Here in Australia we have our own version of the private use of reasoning: Its called the Melbourne Model...streamlined education to get you to become a unit of capital asap..Not to mention the proliferation of so-called long distance courses, higher education "institutions", etc etc...

  • @intanhidayat6064
    @intanhidayat6064 Рік тому +2

    Even the first minute was a genius statement. Love that punch.

  • @alexpetrow1237
    @alexpetrow1237 3 роки тому +33

    I've watched a lot of zizek this year and last night I met zizek in my dream. We looked at museums where I work and I tried to be smart and give big explanations but he I got the notion that it was insignificant to him until he asked me what church was the most beautiful in Tyrol where I am from and I told him the court church but it was more like a museum to me. Either way, we went around Innsbruck and we made some pictures. It was a nice dream. Miss you slavoi

    • @solangearaujo2912
      @solangearaujo2912 2 роки тому +1

      Happened to me last night🤔

    • @alexpetrow1237
      @alexpetrow1237 2 роки тому +1

      @@solangearaujo2912 I forgot about this dream, thank you for your reply!

    • @solangearaujo2912
      @solangearaujo2912 2 роки тому +1

      @@alexpetrow1237 isn't it strange?

    • @chlorine5795
      @chlorine5795 Рік тому +1

      Just reminding you of the dream again

    • @alexpetrow1237
      @alexpetrow1237 Рік тому

      @@chlorine5795 forgot about the dream again. Thanks 😅

  • @m-bronte
    @m-bronte 6 років тому +11

    People don't act on what they believe because society has invested a lot of money into making us all feel insecure and not sure of what we see and know. We are all in a constant state of insecurity 24/7. Even if you think your not, YOU ARE!

    • @m-bronte
      @m-bronte 6 років тому +4

      When you look back in time the era's that had no media, those times were colourful, creative, great minds were born, people were interesting. As soon as media began, all creativity went out the door and people became subservient.....the age of insecurity was born.

    • @srglepore
      @srglepore 4 місяці тому +1

      There has got to be a means for us who agree with this observation to form an alliance that will reach around the world because people from all over are feeling this vicegrip of austerity tighten each year and for every disaster a billionaire is born.

    • @m-bronte
      @m-bronte 4 місяці тому

      @@srglepore agree, but I'm afraid it will just be you and me in this alliance, as everyone else to to chicken sh*t.

    • @srglepore
      @srglepore 4 місяці тому +1

      @m-bronte People are hard to put in a single box. I can not explain it all here. People are animals who want to live. If something beneficial to the sentient animal appears, they will eventually want a part of it. Jobs, for example, we are so geared up to show up to work, even if it sucks. War-no one wants it. Hunger-no one wants it. Etc. To get to the point: Money is the residual vestige of our species that must be dropped off like we are doing to religion. Resource based economy must replace it. Capitalism and Communism are dying patients on the doctor's table. I am telling people younger than me to imagine such a world and replace their brainwashed minds occupation with 1. Religion and 2 Money with a core meaning to their lives. This is to create a world where there is no need for war and no need for money. The natural resources of the world should be made avail. to all like a global Magna Carta. We have thousands of universities. Factories. Brilliant scientists, technicians, farmers, etc. If we got out of this competition mode of the dinosaurs, we can build a global cathedral for all life forms. People would not have to fear tomorrow. You could go to school and develop the knowledge to cure cancer, hunger, create food unheard of, there would be more Tesla - minded individuals to discover new avenues in science we still cannot understand because we are in competition with one another. Imagine a global Alexandrian Library. Alien civilizations have evolved past 1. Religion and tribalism 2. Monetary systems 3. War 4. Scarcity. We can do the same, but it must begin in the mind. Jacques Fresco had the answer: The Venus Project. He spent 50 years of his 101 years developing it and sharing it. Somehow, the science community worldwide must learn of this alternative and push it.

    • @m-bronte
      @m-bronte 4 місяці тому

      @@srglepore agree, but I'm starting to think people the animal are inherently built to self destruct, that's where it feel's like it's going.

  • @jamespotts8197
    @jamespotts8197 5 років тому +5

    This is an excellent lecture, I am still in a state of misunderstanding wether or not the " knowing of a fact" that has the potential to lead to a catastrophic outcome and not acting on that fact in some preventive manner is in it's self an ideology? Or is that the problem with ideologies of modernity, the past and or the future?

  • @MrThommyMunday
    @MrThommyMunday 11 років тому

    Zizek is right - we seriously need to think our way out of this mess. This means challenging the very core assumptions of our thought. I've started a discussion of these issues - just search material indeterminism on google.

  • @ComradeDt
    @ComradeDt 2 роки тому +10

    i love slavoj, you know? hes good and so on and so on

  • @Birthdaycakesmom
    @Birthdaycakesmom 2 роки тому +2

    Does anyone else think that because we did not come up with Ancient Greek Philosophy, but have attempted to apply it, that we might be able to avoid a “fall of Rome,” but more dealing with of things “falling into place.”

  • @Lu9c8as7
    @Lu9c8as7 10 років тому +1

    No ideology comes without it's problems, or it's villains. Comparing them is all you can do.

  • @ThorstenPattberg
    @ThorstenPattberg 10 років тому +3

    Why don't people in the audience just ask simple questions, succinct and clear? There is always someone who tells about his own life, makes statements, tells jokes, tries to outwit the speakers, tries to propose a whole counterargument, drops some names, elaborates more facts... crazy.

    • @jopeDE
      @jopeDE 2 роки тому

      But I think exactly these small added subinfos in there questions were nessecary to make the point clear, even though they might appeared annoying and unnecessary to you. Often times the" Nebensächlichkeiten" are only able to build the "Hauptsache".

  • @marcelors2764
    @marcelors2764 8 років тому +38

    Not my disciple but you are doing it right and sometimes funny.

  • @vanhavirta
    @vanhavirta 11 років тому +5

    The worst use of "I'll try to keep this brief" at the end (by an audience member). :)
    Awesome lecture.

  • @lukashanzel6320
    @lukashanzel6320 10 років тому

    However, this is the charm of a debate! The counterarguments, dropping names, elaborating more and more facts, this is what society needs. Would you like to have just one way look on all things in the world? Of course not, however people hate to be challenged in what they believe is the only truth, they are even stupid enough to feel offended by such action. But there does not exist such a thing as "the only truth" because the truth never fails only because it never stands just on one side.

  • @ahmedminhal8924
    @ahmedminhal8924 Рік тому +5

    I loved this and so on.

  • @andrew5613
    @andrew5613 12 років тому +1

    this man has the word i never had to my ideas and thought i have and ideas to thought i never had manly the latter

  • @timtillack
    @timtillack 12 років тому +2

    Thanks. This was a wonderful call to critical thinkers and intellectuals

  • @Lu9c8as7
    @Lu9c8as7 11 років тому

    yeah but the thing is he's not talking about the "point" of the movie, he's actually talking about what the movie is not 'saying' but implying. That's his point on ideology today, it is so strong that we're not even aware of all our own beliefs because we are not aware of their implications; so that's the point, the king finally becomes enough of an 'idiot' to take himself seriously; that's ideology, we become stupid enough to take it seriously

  • @mikoajbadzielewski3396
    @mikoajbadzielewski3396 7 років тому +6

    zajebisty akcent

  • @Lu9c8as7
    @Lu9c8as7 11 років тому

    He makes a point about your opinion on the idea that politics is hopeless; but he says that the odd thing is that people who dismiss the whole political establishment still demand, as if to someone else, change; they never say, we the people will take over this responsibility, it's always about an external solution

  • @mieszkomieszko
    @mieszkomieszko 11 років тому +2

    I'm perpetually amazed how does he jump form genial insights into notions which make me want to crie. :)

  • @Zirc0nium69
    @Zirc0nium69 11 років тому

    exactly, what i think we're going back now is this more radical, polarised way of thinking and that plays into the hands of extreme left and extreme right parties, everywhere in europe especially the extreme right is getting stronger again and many leftists are so extreme that you could almost call them nazis.i believe in the notion that there is a constant exchange from structure to chaos back to structure happening in society, ideological systems kind of repeat themselves over and over.

  • @Oishi08
    @Oishi08 12 років тому

    It's sad, but true what this European thinker states is the case. He is not quaint in rendering the ideological pressures on modern life. No, he in fact confirms the presence of ideology even in popular culture and in acts of purchasing Starbucks coffee. His work is crucial to understanding the cynical functioning of ideology today. "It is ideological cynicism which obscures the religious core of capitalist beliefs."

  • @Zirc0nium69
    @Zirc0nium69 11 років тому

    here in europe most intelligent beings arent very loud either, actually from what i saw they get more media coverage in the US but probably not many people watch it. most people i met where really just parroting somebody else but immediately fail to actually pose sensible arguments, mostly retreating to name calling or ad hominem "arguments". i try to still believe in humanity a little though, if that wasnt the case i would mostly be a hedonist too i suppose

  • @slowflowheat
    @slowflowheat 11 років тому

    Is there a transcript of this anywhere? It would be of some use for some of the things he refers to.

  • @Lu9c8as7
    @Lu9c8as7 10 років тому

    you can also reject it, but if you do it without understanding it then you are prejudicially rejecting it

  • @jonahfox
    @jonahfox 12 років тому

    I don't agree with his reading of Black Swan but I am currently reading The Parallax View and it is very good.

  • @SomeCrypticName
    @SomeCrypticName 11 років тому

    Well, if he seriously thinks that the best way to fix the computer is to stick enough bobby pins through the ventilator and goes on to present his approach seriously to an auditorium full of people, then yeah, you're probably better off disregarding whatever he has to say, no matter the topic.

    @CC3GROUNDZERO 10 років тому

    That's exactly how Kant's name is correctly pronounced in German. It's funny how some people, Americans in particular, desperately mispronounce his name as "Can't" or "Kaaaant".

  • @rebharath
    @rebharath 5 років тому

    must say, those communist/soviet jokes are gold.

  • @delgermaadavaasuren
    @delgermaadavaasuren 4 роки тому

    is there any possibility to obtain a text of his talk here?

  • @widerling
    @widerling 12 років тому

    An optimist and a pessimist are standing at the edge of a cliff. The pessimist looks down and says depressingly:"If i jump, I will die. "The optimist responds: Well, walk then."

  • @robertholland8283
    @robertholland8283 4 місяці тому

    Interesting conversation.

  • @JUGAopet1
    @JUGAopet1 12 років тому +1

    30:00 (Kant) - 37:20 is fookin' brilliant ! Go, Slavoj GO !

  • @Tenning
    @Tenning 11 років тому +2

    Around 30:00 he talks about universities producing experts, who will then figure out how to exercise soft power and spin in order to avoid public criticism and gatherings, e.g. I think he refers to protest and crowd control, media spin and by the use of mass media maintain an ever present narrative that leaves no room for dissidence or criticism. I think he refers to some kind of "economism", that can always point to a buttom line for justification. If so I think he's right, it's happening.

  • @mercmer....
    @mercmer.... 2 роки тому +2


  • @adamusein
    @adamusein 10 років тому

    one is not necessary antisemitic to criticize Israel, but there is a necessity to point out that you are not antisemitic if you are actually criticizing Israel.

  • @lolozaurio17
    @lolozaurio17 8 років тому +2

    Great contemporary thinker - On ideology

  • @Zhiloreznik
    @Zhiloreznik 12 років тому

    @boracay234 But of course there can be something better. Internet is an amazing tool for developing ideas. They should not be negated so easily as rubbish. All systems must be under constant pressure to point out better solutions and dispose bad ones. If it is constructive is always welcome. Free thinking society is a necessary step for better future. I acknowledge your arguments as you do mine and I praise constructive dialog. Not many dialog's on the internet are so constructive. Sadly.

  • @ThwartedVillainy
    @ThwartedVillainy 11 років тому

    Everytime Zizek speaks he is grabbing either his nose or shirt, therefore, a thumbnail of him grabbing his nose is a pretty accurate representation of any video Zizek speaks in.

  • @loccoptic
    @loccoptic 12 років тому

    at last some1 pointed out the attack on the public use of reason

  • @SomeCrypticName
    @SomeCrypticName 11 років тому

    OK, I'll give it a shot, but I just want to say that my first comment was not about his bluntness, but rather about how can I trust this mans opinion about anything if he has so blatantly missed the point of the two movies?
    His commentary on them is so practical-reductionist that you might as well go around thinking that sex is simply the exchange of bodily fluids, and wonder why I might be inclined to say that you're missing out on something in life.

  • @truelieswow
    @truelieswow 12 років тому

    @Vier5501 It's not stated in the film. It's given as one of the many problems that could have caused it.

  • @fishybishbash
    @fishybishbash 11 років тому

    Zizek did not gain his platform by assembling armies and invading sovereign states; my point was that to dismiss his ideas as nonsense betrays more about he who makes the judgement rather than Zizek himself. The same could be said about he who regards his rhetoric as obfuscatory.

  • @MyTomServo
    @MyTomServo 7 років тому +82

    I have no idea what he's talking about, but it's fascinating

  • @ianmartinezcassmeyer
    @ianmartinezcassmeyer 2 роки тому +1

    "The movie with Ewan McGregor before he became a Jedi..." hahaha

  • @eddiebrock5022
    @eddiebrock5022 4 роки тому +4

    Perfect comedic timing

  • @aloofaloofing2859
    @aloofaloofing2859 3 роки тому +3

    Nothing says, ‘Pro’ quite like starting off with, ‘I hope this works’.

  • @mltorley
    @mltorley 12 років тому

    @TheRacistsMustDie So long as you avoid falling into the trap of trying to model social behavior on the level of the individual, the relevant forces make themselves clear and can be easily mapped. The result is fuzzy, due to the high level of uncertainty (which makes it look a lot like quantum mechanics), but a social theory shouldn't aim for too much detail anyhow.
    It is only the overemphasis on the expectation of rational behavior that leads to inconclusive theory. Humans ain't that rational

  • @mltorley
    @mltorley 12 років тому

    @TheRacistsMustDie Its not so hard to grasp as you may think. There's a bit of a trap that can get you stuck in an infinite loop but since its basically just a fractal its pretty easy to work out the essence of the pattern.
    Its a shame most people can't see it but human perception is pretty limited. People on the autism scale tend to get caught up in calculating incalculable relations. The numbers and functions keep changing.
    Once you figure out whats fuzzy and whats emergent, its easy.

  • @fishybishbash
    @fishybishbash 11 років тому

    Who is right, Zizeck? Yes, I agree.

  • @mltorley
    @mltorley 12 років тому

    @astroboomboy Which is itself one of the two major flaws in Marxism - it ignores fundamental aspects of human nature; so that even if the controlled collapse and resolution of the dialectic can be achieved (and it cannot, this being the other fundamental flaw), the resulting social order cannot be maintained as certain fundamental drives are left unchecked.

  • @albacan
    @albacan 2 роки тому

    Remarkable man

  • @Zirc0nium69
    @Zirc0nium69 11 років тому

    don't take him so literally. he has often stated that, yes he does view himself as marxist, but he absolutely does not want a system like the soviet union to return. he is, like marx, a philosopher. and like marx's work his thoughts are being used by many ignorant people. i am an anti-communist since my family had to suffer many times under the oppression of a communist government but i still love listening to zizek, because he accepts no taboos when it comes to thinking

  • @TeaParty1776
    @TeaParty1776 3 роки тому

    Zizek should introduce cable TV news with a joke.

  • @TheRacistsMustDie
    @TheRacistsMustDie 12 років тому

    @mltorley Well I was talking more about the concept of overdetermination which states that no theory about the social world can ever be fully conclusive which if I think Althusser was the the first one to come up with, but afterwards it has become a commonly accepted fact in the social sciences (which I study, thus my outrage). It is btw not a concept grounded in Marxism so criticizing that wont really bring overdetermination into discredit. Why he didn't believe me? Because he thought I was

  • @cbawt
    @cbawt 11 років тому

    I know what you are describing. Unfortunately however you will never know unless you actually understand it :)
    Many of his points presuppose some familiarity with some philosophical notions, so if you really want to get it, you should probably read up on the big philosophers, and at the very least some Descartes, Hegel and maybe some psychoanalysis, many of his references both obvious and subtle are rooted there.

  • @Lu9c8as7
    @Lu9c8as7 11 років тому

    and, this is very dangerous, because if we are demanding it, someone may come and respond to those demands, but if it comes from outside the political establishment, who knows what kind of fanatical leaders may take the place of politics

  • @FedjaHvastija
    @FedjaHvastija 11 років тому

    There's a handy way to see if he has anything sensible to say. It mostly revolves around watching the rest of it.

  • @vpdisco
    @vpdisco 10 років тому +1

    I'm sure Zizek (and many famous intellectuals) gets that a lot. There's a doc where a young fan tried making an impression on him (which failed) and was very awkward to watch.

  • @boracay234
    @boracay234 12 років тому

    @Zhiloreznik haha cheers mate i definitely agree. you should read umair haque if you do not already. talks about redefining economic thinking for the 21st century

  • @WorldCollections
    @WorldCollections 12 років тому +1

    Two words: Psychotic brilliance.

  • @user-oo7rv4pu4o
    @user-oo7rv4pu4o 3 роки тому

    English subtitles,please

  • @cgdermot
    @cgdermot 9 років тому +19

    "Hit him in his Hamster", love it.

  • @lyndonbailey3965
    @lyndonbailey3965 11 років тому

    @Lucas ' in a true communist society only the essential material things are necessary' bit of a 'no true scotsman move there, but aside from that, Baudrillard pretty much exposed the division between real needs and false needs as capitalist ideology itself, presupposing an order of needs which naturalises utilitarian need and weakens so called 'unessential needs'. In common sense terms we can sort of identify what we think are the important needs, but it's ideological too

  • @MrThe1And0nly
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    "She's dead. She died and so on." hahahah

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      timestamp to save socialism pls

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      F’ing fruit juice. Seriously.

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      @@ta55o5 16:00 ish

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      @@ta55o5 you have my dads name lol.

    • @ta55o5
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      @@andreav318 wanna hear something funny? Your name is the same as my dad's as well
      Andrea(s) in Greek is a male name

  • @Monzyboy
    @Monzyboy 8 років тому

    So basically his answer to subconsciously believing our ideology is to challenge the natural rules of the system?
    Doesn't that mean that we have to be outside of it, to get the perspective? To capture what is not said?

    • @ryanboone6386
      @ryanboone6386 7 років тому

      +Cookielol what is intropection

    • @addammadd
      @addammadd Рік тому

      It means that you should never allow yourself to be complacent in your critique of anything at all ever. Constantly subject your observations and environment to critique. Critique your critique.

  • @jez9999
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    "Don't know what you did to this microphone Slavoj..." "I did NOTHING."

  • @jblanchette91
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    this guy always convinces me i need therapy

  • @yasseralsaidi1168
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    Zizek .s is A true Crusader +++ i could picture him with his helmet⛑️ of Combat and body Armor

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    Please add Subtitle

  • @truelieswow
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    @Vier5501 The other explinations, both explicit and implicit are the pressure of being king, the favouritism of his father, his domineering older brother etc. Then there's all the underlying tensions and you could probably crack out some Frued on this bad-boy.

  • @FourbitFriday
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    Don't trust the dislike counter; I accidentally clicked that button. I don't actually dislike this at all.

  • @farrider3339
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    "Hit him at his hamster point !"
    Very nice idea to ultimately call the others bluff.
    However 'hamster', as we've seen in Zizeks example, became clear only RETROACTIVELY !
    In a hot discourse, hamster is a very well hidden, mysterious agent, I claim !
    Sorry, I don't chave time now to develop dezz further ~

  • @thelimatheou
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    Very interesting discussion. While I don't agree with him, he's obviously a very intelligent man. It's a pity he hasn't been able to wean himself off eating his own snot (36:13), as it erodes his credibility somewhat.

  • @lanslater
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    Thx Iqsquared Couldnt buy get or acquire Perverts Guide to Ideology over here in Holy Catholic Ireland this is the closest Ill get I spose

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    This has aged like wine.

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  • @adamusein
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    philosophical questions today are like the Palestinian conflict.
    before one starts making his point, one has to start with:
    i'm not antisemite, but...
    i'm not islamophobe, but...
    what is the palestine question in it deepest core?
    the question of identity within geographic borders.
    the whole conflict is unsolvable today because
    the Zeitgeist prohibits the plane and simple answer:
    there should be a vague identity shared between citizens of a country.

  • @Mauser91
    @Mauser91 12 років тому

    Where does Zizek speak of this Hegel book? I some how missed it.

  • @yasseralsaidi1168
    @yasseralsaidi1168 2 місяці тому

    So true

  • @RichardKoenigsberg
    @RichardKoenigsberg 10 років тому

    He take culture SO SERIOUSLY: he's so attached to the world and its structures, so he fights against them so desperately. Therefore, he's original. However, he has no distance--no space for reflection. That's why he's so hysterical. He seems to feel that he's responsible forthe world.

  • @TheRacistsMustDie
    @TheRacistsMustDie 12 років тому

    @mltorley Moreover, this came just to my mind after posting, I once I told this classmate I had autism, and he didn't believe me!

  • @jonoderidder
    @jonoderidder 11 років тому +2

    What a fascinating man. Extremely, extremely perceptive guy, I think. I think he seems as if his communication is slightly awkward and difficult at times, but that's because the things he's perceived are the most elusive elements of the human condition. His metaphors alone are a worth a million apiece. And anyone who can make an idea of Lacan's accessible has a lot of talent!

  • @Lu9c8as7
    @Lu9c8as7 11 років тому

    actually, more precisely, capitalism, not communism, thrives on the rules of scarcity

  • @mltorley
    @mltorley 12 років тому

    @TheRacistsMustDie Gödel could tell you that much, its a simple consistency/completion issue. So long as you allow for inconsistency you can sidestep the compound causation issues that Althusser called overdetermination. I am aware of the over-acceptance of this notion of which you speak in the social sciences (which I also study) and have long argued against this as it is patently false.

  • @cpp2300
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    This is brilliant

  • @gilliancockroft1719
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    ...think alike ❤