Faith Hill - When The Lights Go Down - live



  • DJ Ray
    DJ Ray 17 днів тому

    That arm at 2:57! Such a performer!

  • ולאָזטאָ ולאָזטאָ
    ולאָזטאָ ולאָזטאָ 26 днів тому

    Apparently, all performance in this show SHOULD BE LIPPED. I've never seen live singing from this show.

  • Phil Manning
    Phil Manning 2 місяці тому

    amazing song amazing voice amazing beauty

  • DJ Ray
    DJ Ray 2 місяці тому

    Best glimpse at this amazing performer in her prime. God gifted talent.

  • Christopher Joseph
    Christopher Joseph 3 місяці тому

    Her greatest song but it's not live. Who knows, they may have been live on this show at the time but this video is the recording of the song.

  • Shirley Morales
    Shirley Morales 8 місяців тому

    faith hill can I ask you to be my godmother and tim Mcgraw can be my godfather I want to meet you in person I can sing country music i want to be a country singer i can sing with you on stage aunt faith love your hopefully goddaughter shirley morales 🎤 🎶 🎶

  • Create Logic
    Create Logic Рік тому +2

    This is awesome!

  • Gregorio Freitas Barcelos
    Gregorio Freitas Barcelos Рік тому +1

    Good Music, Ilike it!!!. "Faith Hill - When The Lights Go Down - live!!!!. (TheVeryNiceGirls!!.)

  • Sara23RM
    Sara23RM Рік тому +1

    Faith & Tim, please tour Europe

  • Linda Dunn
    Linda Dunn Рік тому +2

    When i hear faith hill sing its with passion heart & soul & i adore her singing i could listen to faith sing day & night because i feel every word , & i think that her husband Tim Mcgraw is her completed god bless you both & keep your music coming please & love to your family always Linda X

  • Marie Elisa
    Marie Elisa Рік тому +1

    beautiful song.. and beautiful Faith Hill

  • Tom B
    Tom B 2 роки тому

    Somewhere right now, Vinnie Colauita is watching this video...and laughing. Out loud.

    AVIDEOGAL 3 роки тому +3


    • Lexi Laios
      Lexi Laios 2 роки тому +1

      she's on the voice now

  • Francoise Mesnage
    Francoise Mesnage 3 роки тому +7

    what a beautiful lady! wonderful song. Tim is lucky!

    • urban land
      urban land Рік тому +1

      The greatest song of all time...Great voice

  • Tom B
    Tom B 4 роки тому +3's Vinnie Colaiuta on drums here, and Dan Huff is on lead guitar. Oh, except neither of them is actually ONSTAGE.
    Wait...I think they call that playing to a track?

    • Livinthosesongs
      Livinthosesongs Рік тому

      😂😂😂 you’re the one disputing what everyone on here is saying. If you can’t tell that this is the exact album track and those musicians are what you’re hearing then I’d love to hear your band. 😂😂😂 BTW - I can play Vinnie’s part verbatim but the dude in this video clearly can’t. Go back to practicing the chicken dance for Aunt Gertie’s wedding his weekend.

    • ny10980
      ny10980 Рік тому

      Arguing with you is a waste of time. I somehow doubt you spent all the time lining anything up. If you were a musician and had the chart or an ear, you could play this very SIMPLE song simply. Dan Huff plays a straight forward lead on this and doesn't win an award for anything and neither does Vinnie. A few days ago I watched a UAclips video of a wonderful singer singing live and the mouth was out of synch the whole time with the music. This stuff happens. And so is the drummer out of synch when they do a close up but when they show him behind Faith with the whole ensemble, that seems to be in synch. Lip synching is not what Faith or anybody else is doing in case you cant tell. They are all really playing their instruments. You singing, and making noise when hitting the drums and the bowing of all those string instruments! But what you are saying is that they are not quality enough musicians to actually play this simple tune and so they play the studio version instead. But yet somebody got to hear what they were playing. That's what happens when you play your instrument. Noises come out of them into the room in which they are played. So you self proclaimed know- it-all's can keep this one bogus thread going indefinitely spanking your little monkeys with each other. Glad you have such time on your hands...or in your hands!

    • Kirt Burcroff
      Kirt Burcroff Рік тому

      I have a feeling that someone finally did that and realized that arguing with me was silly. ;) When played together it's crazy obvious.

    • Tyler
      Tyler Рік тому

      This isn't playing to a track. It's verbatim the studio recording in play back. Timber of the piano, EQ, her voice, reverb all the same as the album cut. The subtle hamond b3 part and lead guitar part in the second verse, exactly the same. Play this video at the same time as the studio recording and I can guarantee it will line up perfectly.

    • Livinthosesongs
      Livinthosesongs 2 роки тому

      I guess we're done here. 😂

  • Gianella Ciarlo
    Gianella Ciarlo 5 років тому +3

    Congratulations. this version is wonderfull !!!!

    • Justin B
      Justin B 2 роки тому

      Gianella Ciarlo what other versions have you heard?

  • anoce3
    anoce3 5 років тому +2

    Just have to say I love that song but the ending where he's introducing her to the other guests was soooo awkward

  • S.M .Photography
    S.M .Photography 5 років тому +4

    Da hatte "Wetten Dass" noch KLASSE!

  • David Gilmore
    David Gilmore 6 років тому +4

    This is the best version of this song

  • Rebailu
    Rebailu 6 років тому +1


  • Rebailu
    Rebailu 6 років тому +1

    What show is this? :)

  • deb2zen
    deb2zen 6 років тому +1

    Simply the best!!!!!

  • deb2zen
    deb2zen 6 років тому +1

    Love Faith Hill, my all time favorite singer.