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  • Опубліковано 27 вер 2022
  • Today we are finally telling you her name!! Subscribe for more videos: bit.ly/dailybumps
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  • Cullen & Katie
    Cullen & Katie Рік тому +670

    Oh my goodness, what a beautiful name!! 🥹💕 I was totally expecting the nickname version to come from the first part of her name, so that was a cool extra surprise at the end! So so excited for you guys!! 😭

    • mommyduncan84
      mommyduncan84 Рік тому +22

      Same here, I totally thought the nick name would be Bri (said bree) 😊

    • Drummerboy15 2003
      Drummerboy15 2003 Рік тому +8

      I was totally expecting this as well. I'm so happy for them!

    • Katelyn Benedict
      Katelyn Benedict Рік тому +8

      i agree, i though it was gonna be Bri or something, but i love it anyways

    • J Dempsey
      J Dempsey Рік тому +3


    • J Dempsey
      J Dempsey Рік тому

      @mommyduncan84 morning w😮

  • Hal
    Hal Рік тому +259

    I love it! Her nickname being Elle is so sweet.

    • dog lover
      dog lover Рік тому +10

      Bri could be onother name

    • It’s Bella
      It’s Bella Рік тому +6

      @dog lover I agree

  • Shelby Wiley
    Shelby Wiley Рік тому +13

    Absolutely in love with her name! From the beginning I always had a feeling her name would be similar to “Brianna” but would have a new unique twist to it. Just seemed so fitting! So happy for your family 💕

  • Stephanie Harrison
    Stephanie Harrison Рік тому +176

    I love her name and the meanings behind it. So sweet.

  • Joseph Javid
    Joseph Javid Рік тому +1

    I've always loved that name! It's just so unique and special, I can't wait to meet her! 😄🥰💞

  • sweetsouthernmama
    sweetsouthernmama Рік тому +6

    My daughter’s middle name is Eloise because both of her great grandmothers were named Lois and Louise. She VERY quickly got dubbed the nickname “louie”. She’s 4 and still goes by Louie 80% of the time ❤

    • Sam G
      Sam G 11 місяців тому

      I love that

  • Lori Davis
    Lori Davis Рік тому +36

    That has to be the most gorgeous little girl name I've heard in a long long time. 🥰 It will grow with her beautifully as she turns into an adult. Congratulations 💜

  • Vince Ramirez
    Vince Ramirez Рік тому +1

    I love her name! I just found out from wife well watching this that you had baby Brielle, so happy for you all! God bless her and you all!

  • Lauren W
    Lauren W Рік тому +46

    What a creative way to reveal it! ❤ Beautiful name and meaning!

  • Kaylee Maldonado
    Kaylee Maldonado Рік тому +7

    Beautiful name. I got chills when her name was fully spelled out ❤

  • Svenja Lia
    Svenja Lia Рік тому +125

    I’m so excited to know the name! Also how fun is it that both you and ellie get to have girl now? ❤ so sweet x

    • Sam G
      Sam G Рік тому +7

      And they plan to nickname the baby Ellie among other names

  • Hamna Amir
    Hamna Amir 11 місяців тому +1

    Beautiful name. I had a friend named Brielle who now lives in in the UK. After I saw the name is this video, it reminded me of my friend, Brielle! Love the name!

  • Papaapple93
    Papaapple93 Рік тому +1

    Congratulations! So happy for you and your beautiful family!! What a lovely name you’ve chosen!!

  • Emily Marseilles-Adams
    Emily Marseilles-Adams Рік тому +1

    I love her name! Our oldest daughters middle name is Jean and it came from my husbands grandmothers. They were both named Jean ❤

  • Carly
    Carly Рік тому +11

    I've been here for a very long time, seeing her middle name gave me flashbacks to you both doing the "draw my life" videos and the story of missy always playing piano with her grandma always stuck with me. I am so happy you were able to give your little girl such a special name.

  • Cailey Williams
    Cailey Williams Рік тому

    My little girl’s middle name and I absolutely love it! I haven’t heard of it from many others. We also loved the meaning of it. Congrats 💗💕

  • Tasha Wells
    Tasha Wells Рік тому

    Such a cool way to tell us her name!!! So happy for you guys!!!!

  • Kedo
    Kedo Рік тому +4

    This is so heartwarming 😭❤ The way it was revealed was very unique and creative!! Through arranging the letters to putting a photograph of the inspiration. Baby Gabriel and Louise would be so happy. Very happy for the Lanning Family ❤

  • SunshineGirl
    SunshineGirl Рік тому

    Love that you included the name Brielle! God will watch over that baby forever and ever and love her so much! Love the name!

  • Ainiewainy
    Ainiewainy Рік тому +57

    I absolutely love her name! Fits so well with her brothers! ❤️

  • Dabney Mallory
    Dabney Mallory Рік тому

    I love the name! And the reveal of the name was so beautiful. I am so excited for you both

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones Рік тому

    This is adorable. Crying of joy for your family.

  • Brenda Buckley
    Brenda Buckley Рік тому +5

    I love it! I love baby names with meanings to them. We can't wait to see her. Congratulations!💕

  • K73 85
    K73 85 Рік тому

    Congratulations guys!
    Such a beautiful name! Look forward to watching Baby Brielle grow up.💖

  • Izzy Bee
    Izzy Bee Рік тому

    How beautiful!! Welcome, little baby Ellie!

  • Barefoot and Wild
    Barefoot and Wild Рік тому

    Awe I love it!!! I’m so happy you guys did something like this!! I remember Oliver and Finn name reveal! This one was so cute! Beautiful name!

  • Kelli Brown
    Kelli Brown Рік тому +1

    What a beautiful name and meaning behind it 🌸❤️.

  • YorElise Day
    YorElise Day Рік тому +3

    Very sweet meaning behind her name really love it. Can't wait to see her so exciting. 🥰

    • Olivia
      Olivia Рік тому +2

      She’s here!!

  • Amie Lawson
    Amie Lawson Рік тому

    What a beautiful name!!! Cannot wait to meet her!

  • Lisa Markovich
    Lisa Markovich Рік тому +1

    That was a beautiful way to reveal her name! I absolutely love it! I CANNOT wait to see pics of her! She is so lucky to be a Lanning! I'm sending all my love to you guys and pray for an easy birth and quick recovery! ❤️😍🤗

    • Alyssa Bria
      Alyssa Bria Рік тому

      Photos are already up. She’s here 😊

  • Dana Henderson
    Dana Henderson Рік тому

    Great video! Love the name, so sweet to honor your special grandmothers. 💞✨💞

  • Mystearicia
    Mystearicia Рік тому

    What a beautiful name! She’ll be the second girl that I’ve heard with the name Brielle 😊

  • spoly 813
    spoly 813 Рік тому +1

    Beautiful name! Another nickname for Brielle is Bree. She's gonna be a beauty with blue eyes!

  • Corinne Van Nort
    Corinne Van Nort Рік тому +45

    I absolutely love her name! I’m so excited for you all and can’t wait for Brielle’s arrival.

    • Paige
      Paige Рік тому +2

      Thanks for ruining it! :D

    • Tasha Crawford
      Tasha Crawford Рік тому +5

      @Paige not her fault you were going through the comments before finishing the video😂❤ I was tempted to but didn’t😂

    • J&K Vlogs & More
      J&K Vlogs & More Рік тому

      @Paige didn’t ruin it for me lol. I didn’t wanna watch. Just wanted to know 😂

    • Jenneh
      Jenneh Рік тому

      She's arrived!

  • Aline MacDonell
    Aline MacDonell Рік тому

    Absolutely love love love her name!!!! And I love the video too!!! It was so sweet to see all your memories and photos! Having Ollie and Finn do the intro was so sweet!

  • Angel Merricle
    Angel Merricle Рік тому

    I absolutely LOVE baby girls name! So precious and unique!

  • Chelby Farley
    Chelby Farley Рік тому

    OH MY GOSH!!! I have been obsessed with the name Brielle since high school and have been saying that I want to name my future daughter Brielle. So I literally freaked out when I saw this. I was super excited to find out her name regardless of what it ended up being, but this is so cool!! And her middle name is great too. So precious.

  • jellybeanbu
    jellybeanbu Рік тому

    That was almost my oldest's name. I love it! It's so unusual and beautiful

  • Christine M
    Christine M Рік тому

    What a beautiful name for baby girl!!! So excited for baby girl to get here!! Love you guys!

  • Kayla Huey23
    Kayla Huey23 Рік тому

    I absolutely love her name it’s something you don’t hear everyday that’s for sure and love the meaning behind it as well I can’t wait to see baby Brielle’s arrival and love her nicknames as well you could also say Bri for her nickname too. I’m excited for you guys

  • Emily Marie
    Emily Marie Рік тому

    I absolutely love her name and the meaning 💕

  • Emma Louise Burn
    Emma Louise Burn Рік тому

    Love her name so much, truly gorgeous! Has the same middle name as me! Congratulations you guys! So excited for Baby Elle's arrival! 🎀💗

  • Megan CK
    Megan CK Рік тому

    I cannot wait for Brielle and Ellie and Jared’s baby girl to play together, after all these families have gone through to get these precious baby girls❤

  • Rebecca Lincoln
    Rebecca Lincoln Рік тому +6

    Beautiful name guys! Congratulations! Looking forward to seeing her.

  • Emily Hicks
    Emily Hicks Рік тому

    Brielle Louise - what a beautiful name for her, I love it! 💖 Can't wait til she's here!

  • GabriElla Smith
    GabriElla Smith Рік тому

    Awe, how sweet & special that you both had grandmas named Louise! My daughter has a girl in her class named Abrielle who goes by Ellie. Can't wait for baby Elle/Ellie to be here!

  • Nicole Coleman
    Nicole Coleman Рік тому

    One of my daughters middle names is Louise too after my grandma. I love the name you've chosen for your baby girl! Such a beautiful name!

  • Unknown Jay_Hussle 24
    Unknown Jay_Hussle 24 Рік тому +15

    Yes a girl apart of the family, can’t wait to see how much of a wonder little women she can become

    • helen Godliman
      helen Godliman Рік тому

      What a beautiful name i love that omg 🎉love you guys can’t wait to meet her ❤

  • Family Adventure tv
    Family Adventure tv Рік тому +2

    What a creative reveal y’all! So sweet!

  • Libby Kat
    Libby Kat Рік тому

    Beautifully done and what a special meaning to both names ❤

  • Tash
    Tash Рік тому +2

    Yay, we’ve all been waiting for this one!!! Such a beautiful meaningful name. So excited for you all 💞

  • kimmy shaner
    kimmy shaner Рік тому +5

    The name is absolutely beautiful can’t wait to see her!!! Love how creative you are with the name reveals ❤

  • Nelleen Roepke
    Nelleen Roepke Рік тому

    Love her name!! Congratulations again Lanning family!! 🎀

  • Gina Navarrete
    Gina Navarrete Рік тому

    ❤so sweet! I went through both my pregnancies around the same time as both your boys and am so happy for you guys and your growing family!!!

  • Madison Myers
    Madison Myers Рік тому

    i’m absolutely in love the name omg!! it fits so well, and i also love the meaning behind it, as well as the middle name!!🤍🤍

  • Marissa Piscitelli
    Marissa Piscitelli Рік тому

    That is a gorgeous name I love it and the fact that it has meaning behind it makes it even better. I am so happy for you both❤️

  • muffin2u63
    muffin2u63 Рік тому +2

    Beautiful name! I thought you may include your grandmother's name too. I remember an old video where you were going to name a baby girl after your grandmother because she meant so much to you growing up. I didn't realize Bryan's grandmother had the same name! That works out great! It honors both of your grandmothers. I think Brielle is very pretty as well.

  • Amaryllis
    Amaryllis Рік тому +5

    Her name is so beautiful and how amazing that both your grandmother's were named Louise! Ellie Lou is seriously such a cute nickname. 💕

  • Sophie Scott
    Sophie Scott Рік тому

    That is such a beautiful name and I love how y’all also named her after y’all’s grandma’s ❤🥰☺️

  • Me & my Kids
    Me & my Kids Рік тому

    Beautiful, meaningful,sentimental what a great name for baby girl and the name reveal was so sweet love it congratulations guys

  • Alexandra Thorson
    Alexandra Thorson Рік тому

    Her name is sooo beautiful! Congrats can’t wait to see what she looks like you guys make some darn cute kiddos!

  • Rensink Ramblings
    Rensink Ramblings Рік тому

    This was so beautiful. As soon as I saw the pictures of your grandmothers I started to cry. A beautiful name for a blessed little girl. Congratulations 🎉❤

  • Amanda Love Vlog for Boys
    Amanda Love Vlog for Boys Рік тому

    Beautiful name. I got chills when her name was fully spelled out

  • Meagan Russell
    Meagan Russell Рік тому +18

    Beautiful tribute to your pregnancy and the beginning of welcoming sweet Brielle ♥️

    • Paige
      Paige Рік тому

      Thanks for ruining it! :D

    • Layton James
      Layton James Рік тому +9

      ​@Paige should of watched the video before coming to the comments, ofc people are going to say it here 😑

    • Jordan Graybill
      Jordan Graybill Рік тому +1

      @Paige that’s your fault

  • Lindsey Pratt
    Lindsey Pratt Рік тому

    I know it happened sooner than planned so I hope you had a smooth delivery 💜

  • Eve Slee
    Eve Slee Рік тому

    Can’t wait to finally see little Brielle!!! ❤❤❤

  • Jessica Brown
    Jessica Brown Рік тому

    My grandmothers name was Louise too! Love your name choice! Can’t wait for the big day!

  • Gina Pinkerton
    Gina Pinkerton Рік тому

    Omg I love it!!!! What amazing pictures throughout the video! What a beautiful meaning for her name!!! Can’t believe she was born today!!!

  • Tweety2022
    Tweety2022 Рік тому +8

    What a beautiful name! Already in love with it 💕

  • Jordan Hall
    Jordan Hall Рік тому

    Beautiful name 💕 it's clear that she is so loved already!

  • SuperMissblueeyes
    SuperMissblueeyes Рік тому

    I love it! Such a pretty name! Can't wait to see her!

  • Ellie Hosford
    Ellie Hosford Рік тому +1

    This was the best, most wholesome name reveal I've seen ❤

  • Brianna Balise
    Brianna Balise Рік тому

    Such a beautiful name! I love the meaning behind it and her nickname. I go by Bri so I totally thought that was going to be the nickname. 💗

  • Lifestyle.Of.Abigail
    Lifestyle.Of.Abigail Рік тому

    I absolutely love the name 💗. I've been watching you guys for a long time. I'm so happy to see you guys having a baby girl. I grew up watching y'all. this baby is going to grow up into a loving home. 💕

  • Ky_104
    Ky_104 Рік тому +14

    This is so exciting, I remember watching when Ollie was a BABY baby and always hoping y’all would have a little girl some day

  • Cara McGillicuddy
    Cara McGillicuddy Рік тому

    Such a beautiful name. So happy for your family!

  • Nadalee
    Nadalee Рік тому +1

    Brielle is a beautiful name! Congratulations!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Megan Sampson
    Megan Sampson Рік тому +1

    Beautiful name. I used to work with a girl named Bri, she was so pretty. Bri would be a neat nick name too ;)

  • Hailey Lopez
    Hailey Lopez Рік тому

    Love her name! And that was such a simple yet beautiful reveal💜

  • Alina Jeknavorian
    Alina Jeknavorian Рік тому

    Aww what a beautiful special name!! Love the meaning behind her names and how special and honouring that you have both your grandma’s names and their legacies!