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Colorado Athletics Press Conference

  • Опубліковано 3 гру 2022


  • Coach Jackson

    I'm 40.years old and I just jumped in the portal and signed with CU.... Lol love you Coach Prime keep being great for these student athletes....

  • Fshn4Lmt
    Fshn4Lmt  +36

    “He helped Joshua fight the battle of Jericho, he helped Daniel get out the lion’s den, HE HELPED THE BUFFALO’S MAKE THE COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYOFF”

  • David Abbett

    I am a 61 year old midwestern guy who now lives in Texas, but am now an unapologetic CU fan going forward. CONGRATULATIONS CU on this selection, and let’s Ride Coach Prime ! ! ! !

  • Andrew Zack - DOC

    What a great leader, in words and actions. I could listen to Deion Sanders all day! Welcome to Colorado, Coach Primetime. I will be a supportive fan.

  • Fox Town
    Fox Town  +32

    Forget about football!!!This man is making you feel what working hard is and in life and do your absolute best because you are your strongest competition.This guy is sooo loved by all!Loved the attitude he brought in his playing days!He played like he was against the devil and he wasn’t gonna lose!

  • Earth Man
    Earth Man  +14

    Much respect to Prime! Proud to have witnessed his entire NFL career as well as witnessing his growth as a man an leader of young men. I was on the production crew of a popular tv show being shot in Las Vegas (2019) Prime was one of our celebrity guest stars... He came on set with little fanfare and zero handlers. He did his thing and went on with his life. Very refreshing to see someone so publicly hyped being low keyed and professional behind the scene.

  • Praise The Lord!

    Deon will be an incredible blessing to so many! All glory be to God 👆🏻🙏🏼

  • Matthew Crump

    I love listening to Deion a man on a mission with that drive I know will succeed. He genuinely cares about making an impact on these kids lives and that's a powerful thing. A lot of coaches just want to win games.

  • Chase23
    Chase23  +24

    I am 64 years old, but if I were a young man now, I would play for Coach Prime. This man is a leader of young men with a deep faith in God and a direction. Go get 'em Coach Prime!

  • alvidrez79

    Man I love this guys confidence , and his love for the lord !!!!Welcome aboard Coach Prime !!!!

  • Kevin Ritz

    The dude is just such an awesome person. How can you not like him? Dawg fan all the way but damn I’ll be rooting for Colorado next season. Great hire for them.

  • Corey Evans

    Deion is really a blessing to these Colorado kids. No one should be hating on this man

  • larry johnson

    I’m a die hard LSU fan and I can’t wait to see Colorado next year.

  • Amari Jackson

    This is truly awesome. This means that the University is serious about winning.

  • Dr. Lisa Bates

    Coach Prime, I've been a die hard Philadelphia ML Sports fan (all sports) since the '60's. I'm only a couple years older than you. I "grew up" with you, watching you play FB and BB, always loved you and respected you, regardless of the jersey you wore, bc of your spirit, grace and poetry in motion on the field. I live in Arkansas now and was so thrilled when you came to JSU bc it's so close. I have followed what you've accomplished at JSU, read articles about your challenges and successes there. Now, I've listened to you speak at this PC and also your first mtg with the team...I am even more blown away by you, your words, your spirit, your passion, your vision, your humanity. I just gotta say, I love you, Coach Prime. I think you are a wonderful human being and I have a tremendous respect for you. May Hashem continue to Bless You, Deion! And I pray that you are successful in turning around the lives of these young men and all those you touch at CSU and in the community. I hope that I might be blessed to meet you some day. Amen!

  • Translate to English

    We need more people like Deion Sanders!😊😊

  • Nikki White

    I love it! Prime is crazy !😂

  • Philip Johnson

    Haven’t watched many introductory press conferences. But this was prolly the best one ever. Motivational and funny. They may have something.

  • Tom Hurst

    Lifelong Gator and I friggin’ LOVE Coach Prime! Congrats to Colorado and JSU as well. So have enjoyed watching everything you’ve accomplished (JSU) as well. Will continue to root for you all. Excited to watch the Buff’s in the years to come. 😁❤️🐊👍

  • TMT
    TMT  +121

    Very happy for Prime! He's going to bring a level of swag and expectations to that program.