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Hozier - Eat Your Young (Official Video)

  • Опубліковано 4 кві 2023
  • Official video for “Eat Your Young” by Hozier
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    I’m starving, Darling
    Let me put my lips to something
    Let me wrap my teeth around the world
    Start carving, Darling
    I want to smell the dinner cooking
    I want to feel the edges start to burn
    Honey, I
    Want to race you to the table
    If you hesitate
    The getting is gone
    I won’t lie
    If there’s something to be gained
    There’s money to be made
    Whatever's still to come
    Get some
    Pull up the ladder when the flood comes
    Throw enough rope until the legs have swung
    Seven new ways that you can eat your young
    Come and get some
    Skinning the children for a war-drum
    Putting food on the table selling bombs and guns;
    It's quicker and easier to eat your young
    You can’t buy this fineness
    Let me see the heat get to it
    Let me watch the dressing start to peel
    It’s a kindness, Highness
    Crumbs enough for everyone
    Old and young are welcome to the meal
    Honey, I'm
    Making sure the table’s made
    We can celebrate
    The good that we’ve done
    I won’t lie
    If there’s something still to take
    There is ground to break
    Whatever's still to come
    Get some
    Pull up the ladder when the flood comes
    Throw enough rope until the legs have swung
    Seven new ways that you can eat your young
    Come and get some
    Skinning the children for a war-drum
    Putting food on the table selling bombs and guns;
    It's quicker and easier to eat your young
    Director: Jason Lester
    Producer: Laura Burhenn
    Production Company: Our Secret Handshake
    Cinematographer: Gus Bendinelli
    1st AC: Q Rodriguez
    1st AD: Matthew Sanchez
    Gaffer: Chase DuBose
    Key Grips: Armando Vasquez, Jr, Adrian Ramirez
    BBE: Ethan Waddell
    BBGs: Nam Le, Yaxkin Garcia
    Puppet Fabricator: Handsome Devils Puppets
    Puppeteer: Han
    Production Designer: Ava Jones
    Leadman: Talyn LaTour
    Set Dressers: Katie Carey, Lexi Contreras
    PAs: Nolan Tiongco, Brittany Bennett
    Choreographer: Jillian Meyers
    HMUA: Helen Jeffers
    Stylist: Cristina Acevedo
    Stylist Asst: Katie Miles
    Editor: Jason Lester
    Colorist: Gus Bendinelli
    VFX Artist: Alex Familian for Neon Pig
    Commissioner for Columbia Records: Bryan Younce
    Columbia Records: Betsy Whitney, Sarah Flanagan
    Island Records: Charlie Smith
    Rubyworks: Niall Muckian
    Hozier Management: Caroline Downey
    Director Rep: Cheyenne Shannon for Lark Creative
    BTS: Eric Longden
    Shot on Kodak 16mm Film
    Special thanks to Bob Baker Marionettes, Standard Camera & Fun Ton
    THE MAN: Andrew Hozier Byrne
    THE WOMAN: Ivanna Sakhno
    THE BOY: Sawyer Puranen
    BACKGROUND: Armonn Livingston, Bailey Bursteen, Christine Martin, Dana Dubovsky, Edy Arreaga, George Brooks, Jamilee Abucay, Joe Integlia, Judith Oehman, Julian Solis, Karena Ardaji, Kurt Zierlein Garcia, Lily Moffet, Lola Harkrider, Luis Lopez, Mariana Leal, Mary Grebing, Meg Darbourne, Michael Tyrone Delaney, Olivia Puranen, Porsha Sales, Quincy Stemp, Ranen Warren, Remi Harkrider, Rhoda Pell, Sam Clauder, Samira Winter, Savannah Meetes, Sonali Chugani, Stephanie Roos, Steve Sakai, Theresa Krosse, Tuuli Sandvold
    #Hozier #EatYourYoung


  • @singsins
    @singsins  +16

    lesbians gather, the father is feeding us

  • @vhs3760
    @vhs3760  +12

    wow. the husband leaving for war, the mother turning to stone, the anger that grew in the child from being guided away from true interests and towards traditional masculinity. showing him in a worker uniform before he was gone. the tantalizing glimpse of something red in that little fridge which sent the children scattering away from the puppet show. nice job, everyone involved!

  • @reevakhunud8180

    I love how they depicted that the war 'ate' his hand and how his anger at her 'ate' her emotions and how they 'ate' the child by forcing him to be something else. Hozier has such a nuanced way of depicting a vicious cycle that society forces us into.

  • @daniabarajas5160

    It always amazes me how Hozier's songs become even more alive and real through their music videos. When I think a song can't get any better, a music video comes out for it and proves me wrong. Truly powerful. I love it.

  • @nobreadnojam

    Quick analysis because I love Hozier's art and this vidoe is just great. About the performance, it starts from the guy and the girl meeting and falling in love. they then proceed to unveil each other's wardrobe. or 'costumes.' focus on how they themselves don't choose the costumes, its the other, this can refer to the expectations we put on the other person regarding their mesculinity/femininity. the way this is choreographed and runs smooth can show that we most often let others, even if it may be our partner define or limit our masculinity/femininity, like it is expected of them.

  • @darcim8737

    Love it when Hozier is Mad and Political, gotta be one of my favourite Hozier's

  • @plenty-of-stardust

    I feel like I haven't even begun to understand it, but I love the way the kids and adults have such different reactions when they're pretty much watching different versions of the same show. I think I'll just keep watching it.

  • @nercolord3512

    As a songwriter and poet myself, I find it hard to express my emotions as clearly and creatively as this beautiful man. His work really highlights parts of the human experience I think we all at some point or another experience and it not only exceeds my expectations, but raises them to a level I feel no other artist has ever reached. Bravo.

  • @killerpea

    I... words escape me. He has raised the bar so high for himself after this. I feel I'll need to watch this about 8 more times to peel all the layers. It's so beautiful. It's so good. I'm so happy he wasn't afraid of doing something different. This is why he keeps me hooked (no pun intended).

  • @hannahwatts2694

    I often find myself wondering how this man could ever come close to the bar that he’s set for himself and yet he somehow continues to raise it every single time he releases Absolute work of art

  • @FD-ek2li
    @FD-ek2li  +647

    I love that even when the curtain falls, the child is not included in the final bows, as if his destruction, or consumption as the title/fridge/hook suggests, is a real-life consequence of the play.

  • @lanastepanets7610

    The fact that he chose Ivanna as a co-star for this M/V makes it so much more meaningful and important to me as a ukrainian fan. Hozier is just so considerate and always pays attention to the details. True artist 👏

  • @chrisdowney427

    I find the themes of this song to be so interesting, especially in how it’s also reflected in its reception as it was released. The song talks about exploitation of one generation by another “skinning children for a war drum, putting food on the table selling bombs and guns.” While at the same times makes it sound so alluring, and the song was released in a way to emulate that theme. Hozier release the opening line and made it sound like some sexy, sultry song of desire, only to have the true message of the song sink in after everyone was lured into the sensuality of it.

  • @user-xl7dv7hi9b

    wow... a cinematic masterpiece which needs multiple watches to unpack all the levels of meanings. the woman turning herself into sculpture to resemble an injured husband is such an accurate depiction of what survival syndrome feels like. love from Ukraine ❤ (and Ivanna Sakhno, a Ukrainian actress, is incredible here)

  • @hozierupdates

    The message behind it, I’m amazed. This is absolutely Hozier-like, just wow.

  • @lyricq6994


  • @victoregannon9578

    I'm so grateful to be living at a time where I can see and listen to masterpieces such as this

  • @lizzyt1248

    Hozier never fails to make incredible art with his videos. I love the juxtaposed macabre here - the music itself and the puppet show against the lyrics and content. The innocence boy dressed the same as his wounded father. Really emphasizes how much evil is done up pretty in the world.

  • @tjardeanderson6773

    The song and video both are so perfect with their story telling. This is truly what arts ought to be

  • @grooveonthehillside

    Gorgeous on every level. It might be a weird compliment but a) I really appreciate how Hozier chooses such interesting video concepts AND appears in them himself, and b) he’s clearly gotten more comfortable with filmed appearances and choreography! What do I call that, parasocial pride?