I Wish I Never Moved Away

  • Опубліковано 14 сер 2018
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    Dejah was born and raised in Aurora Colorado. She took her first steps there, spoke her first words there and made her first friend there. It was where all of her most important firsts happened. Basically, everyone and everything that was closest to Dejah's heart was in Colorado.
    One day she was hanging out in her room, on her cellphone, when she heard her Grandma and her Mom talking downstairs in the kitchen and she heard her mom say that she got a promotion and that they would be moving from Colorado to Illinois. But it kind of went in one ear and out the other. Dejah's Mom is always playing jokes on them and teasing them so she just didn't believe it - it seemed so far out.
    But, two weeks later her parents, mother and father, pulled Dejah and her younger brothers together and told them, as if it was no big deal, as if it was actually a good thing - We're Moving to Chicago!!!! And, even though he smiled and hugged her Mom and congratulated her - she wasn't happy about it, not at all.
    The plan was that her parents would move to Chicago first and set up the new house and get settled while Dejah and her brothers stayed with their grandparents and packed everything up. But Dejah was so upset about the move, not wanting to, and pretty tough and stubborn, and while her brothers and parents and grandparents all worked to pack their stuff up, she refused - just lay on her bed pouting and angry. Packing her room was something she wasn't going to do. Her Grandma and Dad had to pack all of her things up while she just laid there - unhappy.
    Dejah and her brothers waved goodbye to their parents and their loaded car and they set off - two months of the kids with the grandparents and November set as the moved date for the kids. And even though Dejah felt like she would have enough time to get used to the idea of leaving, and be able to spend tons of time with her friends and extended family, November came really quickly and before she knew it it was time to go meet her parents in Chicago and start her new life.
    After a lot of tears were shed, and a lot of hugs and goodbyes, Dejah and her brothers boarded a plane to Illinois and off they went. Of course she was happy to see and be with her parents after so much time, but as more time passed and the more time she spent away from Colorado the more sad and unhappy she became.
    After a while she started feeling really depressed and had a really short and bad temper - the smallest things would set her off. Of course, her parents noticed that she was having a harder and harder time and they found someone Dejah could talk to, a therapist who could help her find ways to accept the moved and move on.
    The therapist helped with her grief, depression and sadness, and explained that she was literally grieving Colorado, and their family dog who had become sick and died before they left - that was hard too.
    Now Dejah has good friends at her new school in Illinois, and they have all been really nice and welcoming and that has helped her adjust to being in the new place - she's caught herself genuinely laughing and smiling, which she hadn't done for quite some time.
    So, today, while she's doing and feeling so so much better, she has to admit that she is not 100% happy and content, maybe even wish she never moved away because if she never moved away, she might be completely happy. She's super family oriented and no matter what, most of her family and lifelong friends are in Colorado and looking through all the social media showing them all together, doing the things they used to do with her, well, that doesn't help - it makes her feel sad for sure.
    All that being said, she is finding new things and people and opportunities in Chicago that weren't in Aurora, and she is starting to appreciate those things more and more. Perhaps things aren't absolutely perfect for Dejah - yet - but she is open and excited for whatever comes next!
    - - -
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