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Hozier - Swan Upon Leda (Official Audio)

  • Опубліковано 5 жов 2022
  • Hozier - Swan Upon Leda - listen now: hozier.lnk.to/swanuponledaID
    Egyptian journalist and author Mona Eltahawy once referred to the global systems that control and endanger women as the world's "oldest form of occupation."
    Ever since hearing her speak in Dublin, I wanted to explore that thought in a piece.
    I wrote Swan Upon Leda in Ireland a year ago and recorded it recently with producer Jenn Decilveo. We were tracking it in studio when the news came through of Roe v. Wade being overturned. I felt there was an opportunity to offer some show of solidarity.
    We're reminded again by the protests in Iran that progressivism is a global movement. the recent pushbacks against civil liberties and human rights respect no boundaries or borders, and like all acts of control, violence and indeed all forms of occupation, their legacies can be immeasurable in both the personal and political spheres.
    Of all the songs coming from my 3rd album "Unreal Unearth", I wanted to offer this song at this time. I’ll be making a donation to Mayday, AidAccess, Plan C and Amnesty International, organizations working toward ensuring women and pregnant people can gain safe access to reproductive healthcare and civil rights. Click the links below to read about their work and contribute to their funds should you be in a position to do so.
    Mayday: www.mayday.health/
    Aid Access: aidaccess.org/
    Plan C: plancpills.org/
    Amnesty International: www.amnesty.org/en/
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    A husband waits outside
    A crying child pushes a child into the night
    She was told he would come this time
    Without leaving so much as a feather behind
    To enact at last the perfect plan
    One more sweet boy to be butchered by men
    But gateway to the world
    Was still outside the reach of him
    Would never belong to angels
    Had never belonged to men
    The swan upon Leda
    Empire upon Jerusalem
    A grandmother smuggling meds
    Past where the god child-soldier Setanta stood dead
    Our graceful turner of heads
    Weaves through the checkpoints like a needle and thread
    Someone’s frightened boy waves her on
    She offers a mother’s smile and soon she’s gone
    The gateway to the world,
    The gun in a trembling hand,
    Where nature unmakes the boundary
    The pillar of myth still stands,
    The swan upon Leda
    Occupier upon ancient land
    But gateway to the world
    Was still outside the reach of him
    Would never belong to angels
    Had never belonged to men


  • Julia Williams
    Julia Williams Рік тому +2821

    A husband waits outside
    A crying child pushes a child into the night
    She was told he would come this time
    Without leaving so much as a feather behind

    To enact at last the perfect plan
    One more sweet boy to be butchered by men

    But gateway to the world
    Was still outside the reach of him
    Would never belong to angels
    Had never belonged to men
    The swan upon Leda
    Empire upon Jerusalem

    A grandmother smuggling meds
    Past where the god child-soldier Setanta stood dead
    Our graceful turner of heads
    Weaves through the checkpoints like a needle and thread

    Someone’s frightened boy waves her on
    She offers a mother’s smile and soon she’s gone

    The gateway to the world,
    The gun in a trembling hand,
    Where nature unmakes the boundary
    The pillar of myth still stands,
    The swan upon Leda
    Occupier upon ancient land
    But gateway to the world
    Was still outside the reach of him
    Would never belong to angels
    Had never belonged to men

  • Dr. Soumya
    Dr. Soumya 11 місяців тому +193

    "What never belonged to angels
    Had never belonged to men"

  • Keyura Tata
    Keyura Tata Рік тому +2275

    By William Butler Yeats
    A sudden blow: the great wings beating still
    Above the staggering girl, her thighs caressed
    By the dark webs, her nape caught in his bill,
    He holds her helpless breast upon his breast.
    How can those terrified vague fingers push
    The feathered glory from her loosening thighs?
    And how can body, laid in that white rush,
    But feel the strange heart beating where it lies?
    A shudder in the loins engenders there
    The broken wall, the burning roof and tower
    And Agamemnon dead.
    Being so caught up,
    So mastered by the brute blood of the air,
    Did she put on his knowledge with his power
    Before the indifferent beak could let her drop?
    Hozier has mentioned Yeats as one of his favorite poets before, and this poem might have been one of the major inspirations for this song. It describes the rape of Leda (the Queen of Sparta) by Zeus in the form of a swan, and alludes to the Trojan War (Helen of Troy, whose abduction triggered the war, was Leda's daughter). The myth, the poem, and the song all speak of sexual violence and unplanned pregnancies.
    Considering what the world is going through right now... the timing of Hozier releasing this song could not be more perfect.

    • Just some random name
      Just some random name Рік тому +46

      the timing was perfect because it was intentional (just in case you didnt know)

    • galacticvampire
      galacticvampire Рік тому +27

      Syringa Sensation I think they meant that it says exactly that in the description 😅 Hozier did this intentionally and is being very open about that

    • From the Rise and Fall
      From the Rise and Fall Рік тому +3

      @galacticvampire that part 😆

    • Keyura Tata
      Keyura Tata Рік тому +33

      @Just some random name yes, he did say online that he is choosing to release this song bc of the state of women's rights in the world rn

  • Natalie Wright
    Natalie Wright Рік тому +2770


  • Allison Parks
    Allison Parks Рік тому +726

    The symbolism and story of Leda and the Swan are so powerful. Dominance over innocence. Yeats captured the story in his poem perfectly. I’ve never seen a painting or sculpture of Leda and the Swan that I haven’t been moved by.
    Thank you for this, Hozier. It’s remarkable.

  • cherryrice
    cherryrice Рік тому +426

    i'm from iran and have been a fan of yours for a few years now. i am also literally sobbing. thank you not only for this song and your music but for being so well informed about the situation in iran and human rights in general . lots of love

    • Josefine Hoestermann
      Josefine Hoestermann 11 місяців тому +11

      be safe

    • cherryrice
      cherryrice 11 місяців тому +5

      @Josefine Hoestermann thank you 💞

    • Jo Jo
      Jo Jo 11 місяців тому +14

      We are behind you, be strong, be brave, never give up. We love you.

    • Sam Sommers
      Sam Sommers 4 місяці тому

      I hope you are still ok... I am so sorry for the role my country has played in the conflict and atrocities that have occurred and are still occuring in your country and all across the middle east. That bite from the savage beast that is America is so evil that it is even turned upon itself; myself and many others are in danger and losing freedom at an astonishing rate in a country that is supposedly a beacon of safety and freedom.

  • Morgan Swampcroft
    Morgan Swampcroft Рік тому +878

    Nobody is free until everyone is free. The furious gentleness of this piece undid me in the first verse, and that only grew more potent as it progressed. If we are to survive, we all need to work together. Thank you for this one.

    • The Frogue
      The Frogue 11 місяців тому +20

      Yes! You put into words, furious gentleness. When I first listened to this I was amazed by how soft it is, and yet there’s so much anger and sadness, and sort of longing to change. And I think it’s not just about women, but the broken relationship between men and women, men and boys, the ways that children can be broken before they become adults

    • Morgan Swampcroft
      Morgan Swampcroft 11 місяців тому +15

      I was sexually assaulted the day after this came out. It's now one of the things keeping me together in the aftermath. Thank you for this one.

    • Jamie Dancer
      Jamie Dancer 11 місяців тому +11

      @Morgan Swampcroft I am so sorry that happened to you. I hope you have the support you need to heal.

    • Morgan Swampcroft
      Morgan Swampcroft 11 місяців тому +11

      @Jamie Dancer Thanks. I have support and care at home, just. Vile serendipity at work! Here's to an end of this sort of violence being Normal within our lifetimes.

  • Jaimie G-H
    Jaimie G-H Рік тому +402

    The instrumentation on this is so richly layered and the lyrics and vocals are as always BEAUTIFUL

    • finbarr 789
      finbarr 789 11 місяців тому

      Can't wait to hear the rest

  • Rimma Rudakova
    Rimma Rudakova Рік тому +1928

    This may help to understand the lyrics.
    Swan Upon Leda is a poetic song about women’s rights and conditions in ancient and modern society.
    Following this reasoning, Hozier gave this title to the song, referring to the ancient Greek myth of Zeus raping Leda in the form of a swan as a punishment for becoming Queen of Sparta. From Hozier’s point of view, this myth proves that society always wanted to control women, denying them freedom of decisions and access to prestigious positions. The support the song gives to women is confirmed by famous personalities active in defense of women’s rights, like Annie Lennox and Allison Russell.
    The first lines describe the scene of a little girl giving birth to a child. The reference to the feather confirms the theory that the child is the result of rape, implying that the swan Zeus was behind it.
    A husband waits outside
    A crying child pushes a child into the night
    She was told he would come this time
    Without leaving so much as a feather behind
    Therefore, the husband waiting outside is Tyndareus, the King of Sparta. Rape, pregnancy, and abortion are hot topics in 2022 after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the landmark piece of legislation that allowed abortion. The confirmation that the lines are about this debate was given directly by Hozier on Twitter.
    According to this vision, society was focused on raising boys and girls according to discriminatory and disrespectful ideas since the dawn of time. That explains the last two lines of the first verse, explaining the purpose of Leda’s rape:
    To enact at last the perfect plan
    One more sweet boy to be butchered by men
    The chorus seems to refer to women’s right to decide for themselves. Their freedom of choice wasn’t belonging to angels (or Gods) in ancient Greece and doesn’t belong to men today. The swan upon Leda is compared to the empires that always wanted to conquer and control Jerusalem.
    But the gateway to the world
    Was still outside the reach of him
    What never belonged to angels
    Had never belonged to man
    The swan upon Leda
    Empire upon Jerusalem
    Another hint that the lyrics of Swan Upon Leda are about abortion and women’s rights comes from the following lines:
    A grandmother smugglin’ meds
    Past where the god child-soldier
    Setanta stood dead
    Setanta is a demigod of Irish mythology symbol of Irish Nationalism. The grandmothers smuggling meds past the statue of Setanta implies importing in Ireland from the U.K. the medications necessary for abortion, which is now illegal in Ireland.
    Swan Upon Leda has a slow, melancholic mood, and it generated a massive buzz for the meaning of its lyrics, according to which society always tried to control women, reducing their freedom of choice. The song is likely to become a new hymn of feminism.
    Sourse: auralcrave

    • Zoe Apostolidou
      Zoe Apostolidou Рік тому +26

      The thing is though, Zeus did not rape Leda in any ancient source - not for punishment or any other reason. He seduced her, as the ancient sources say and it was perceived as a consensual 'mating' between them - as shown by both the ancient sources and the ancient depictions which either have Leda clutching the swan close to her as they 'mate' or drawing him closer and caressing his beak (which goes against the depictions of violence - sexual or otherwise). Why would she be punished for marrying Tyndareos, in any case?
      If anything, Zeus sought women of aristocratic lines because they could give him worthy children (all his children were either grand gods or demi gods and heroes). As shown in the sources:
      Homeric Hymn 33 to the Dioscuri :
      "The Tyndaridai (Tyndaridae), the Sons of Zeus, glorious children of neat-ankled Leda, Kastor (Castor) the tamer of horses, and blameless Polydeukes (Polydeuces). *When Leda had lain with the dark-clouded Son of Kronos* , she bare them beneath the peak of the great hill Taygetos,--children who are delivers of men on earth and of swift-going ships when stormy gales rage over the ruthless sea."
      Pseudo-Apollodorus, Bibliotheca 3. 10. 5 - 7 :
      "Hippokoon (Hippocoon) expelled [his brothers] Ikarios (Icarius) and Tyndareus from Lakedaimon (Lacedaemon). They fled to Thestios (Thestius) and allied themselves with him in the war which he waged with his neighbors; and Tyndareus married Leda, daughter of Thestios. But afterwards, when Herakles slew Hippokoon and his sons, they returned, and Tyndareus succeeded to the kingdom . . .
      Tyndareus and Leda had daughters, to wit, Timandra, whom Ekhemos (Echemus) married, and Klytaimnestra (Clytemnestra), whom Agamemnon married; also another daughter Phylonoe, whom Artemis made immortal.
      *But Zeus in the form of a swan consorted with Leda, and on the same night Tyndareus cohabited with her* ; and she bore Polydeukes (Polydeuces) and Helene to Zeus, and Kastor (Castor) and Klytaimnestra to Tyndareus. But some say that Helene was a daughter of Nemesis and Zeus; for that she, flying from the arms of Zeus, changed herself into a goose, but Zeus in his turn took the likeness of a swan and so enjoyed her; and as the fruit of their loves she laid an egg, and a certain shepherd found it in the groves and brought and gave it to Leda; and she put it in a chest and kept it; and when Helene was hatched in due time, Leda brought her up as her own daughter."
      Apollonius Rhodius, Argonautica 1. 146 ff (trans. Seaton) (Greek epic C3rd B.C.) :
      "[The gathering of the Argonauts :] Aitolian (Aetolian) Leda sent from Sparta strong Polydeukes (Polydeuces) and Kastor (Castor), skilled to guide swift-footed steeds; these her dearly-loved sons she bare at one birth in the house of Tyndareus; nor did she forbid their departure; for she had thoughts worthy of the bride of Zeus."

    • Zoe Apostolidou
      Zoe Apostolidou Рік тому +9

      Syringa Sensation Well, that's not quite the case here though. For one, these myths predate Christian Mythology (Eve and Adam, included). For another, Castor and Pollyx were equal though they had different fathers (in the myths where Tyndareos was not both their father) and all honours they received, they received equally. Also, I'm pretty sure all children Eve had were Adam's, no? I don't believe I've ever read that one was Lucifer's but I could be wrong.

    • lausanneguy
      lausanneguy Рік тому +23

      It can mean a million different things to a million different people, or to one person a million different times in his life.

    • Ella Ní Cheallaigh
      Ella Ní Cheallaigh Рік тому +50

      Just a side note: abortion is legal in Ireland now, as of 2019

    • Ella Ní Cheallaigh
      Ella Ní Cheallaigh Рік тому +17

      Syringa Sensation It was legalised in a referendum with a 2 to 1 vote so I take that as a positive sign for Irish society. In terms of social progression we’re behind a lot of European countries so while they’re attacking their abortion laws, we literally just got ours so I think they’ll be protected for a good long time

  • Gabby Cuyler
    Gabby Cuyler 11 місяців тому +156

    “the gateway to the world, still outside the reach of him.. what never belonged to angels had never belonged to men”
    so beautiful I cannot stop listening to and crying to this

  • Brittany Smith
    Brittany Smith Рік тому +361

    Amazing as always! The message behind the song, Hozier’s posts he shared on social media a few days ago, were so moving. I have always loved not only his music but what he’s stood for, what his songs are about, how he uses his platform and what he creates for GOOD. Thank you for the new song, and thank you for your unwavering humanitarian efforts.

  • Ji Moran
    Ji Moran Рік тому +124

    I don't think I'll ever get over how otherworldly this song sounds when it hits 0:47 . It just gives you shivers and makes the song that much more amazing.

    • Himani Singh
      Himani Singh Рік тому +1

      So true! It’s almost as though you’re born again. You weren’t living before 0:47. 😢

    • Stephanie M
      Stephanie M 8 місяців тому


  • Carola
    Carola 11 місяців тому +15

    I would like to add guys: the issue presented here is timeless and not tied to one specific political event. Violence against women and the violation of our rights has been around forever, everywhere. Since mythical times, as the song portrays. This has to be an ode to women everywhere and their kindness and strength and ability of creation, as well as a portrayal of the violence we face all over the world. I can't know for sure Hozier's thoughts behind this song, but I am pretty sure it was not specially impulsed by the roe v wade overturn as many comments imply. I am not minimizing how heartbreaking it is but oh gosh it's exhausting to hear only about the issues that women in privileged countries go through. I'm sorry, it's just too much seeing the direct correlation so much people are making between this song and american politics as someone who lives in LATAM. There's horrors beyond America's (& Europe's) privilege comprehension that women all over the world face every day, but no one seems to care bc it's not happening in a rich white country.

    • Alina Choboter
      Alina Choboter 2 місяці тому

      The description of the video does mention Roe v Wade, but you're totally right

  • Lee
    Lee Рік тому +221

    Never clicked a youtube notification faster in my life. And im in awe of how he some how gotten EVEN better than before. This is one of the most beautiful songs ever.

  • Sabi Sgambi
    Sabi Sgambi Рік тому +114

    Ah. I got chills, and then I just started crying. Leda and the swan is one of the first Greek legends I ever read, and there’s something about this song that perfectly captured the innocence and loss inherent to that story. It hurts, in a bittersweet way. Thank you for the gift of your music.

    • Allie Hodges
      Allie Hodges 11 місяців тому +4

      Literally the second he compared Mary to Leda in the first I bust out into tears and I’ve been sobbing since

    • Euni Bey
      Euni Bey 11 місяців тому

      @Allie Hodges who's Mary?

  • Nynee Gardner
    Nynee Gardner Рік тому +435

    I knew he was in his Mystical place, working his magic, about to cast a spell over all of us again. Now it's here. I am so mesmerized, my mind is in another place and I am floating on a cloud. I absolutely love your music, Andrew. And your activism as well. Looking forward to more!

    • nikola
      nikola Рік тому +3

      you described it so beautifully, I love it so much!

    • Nynee Gardner
      Nynee Gardner Рік тому +4

      @nikola Thank you so much! I'm a creative person too, I love to make music, poetry, and more. I have an ancestor whose last name is Ozier (Great Great Grandmother), so I consider Andrew a long-lost cousin. He inspires me in so many ways!! I even wrote a poem dedicated to/inspired by him!

    • nikola
      nikola 11 місяців тому +2

      @Nynee Gardner oh wow, amazing! that’s so cool! would love to read the poem if you were willing to share it, of course

    • Lois Heichberger
      Lois Heichberger 11 місяців тому +2

      @Nynee Gardner ..is there a chance you would share your poem?

    • Nynee Gardner
      Nynee Gardner 2 місяці тому

      Yes, I think I would include it in a small publication of my work. It could use some tweaking, but I think it's good.

  • Alec Elijah
    Alec Elijah 11 місяців тому +53

    I love the line "Past where the god child-soldier Sétanta stood dead" so much! It's such a small line but it just adds so much to the song. étanta is better known as Cú Chulainn. He was the son of the Irish god Lugh and was given the name Cú Chulainn after he killed a guy named Chulainn's guard dog. To make up for it, Sétanta becomes Chulainn's guard dog and gets the name Cú Chulainn. Meaning "hound of Chulainn". Him using Sétanta's name and not calling him some one else's possession fits the song so much. The song also mentions his death during a battle where he tied himself up to a rock so that he could die on his feet facing his enemies. I think it's just such a beautiful metaphor. Like we may be losing our rights but we're not going down without a fight ya know?

    • E M
      E M 3 місяці тому +1

      I think he’s referring to setanta being a figure deeply tied with right wing nationalism in Ireland

    • Mërry
      Mërry Місяць тому +1

      Googled him on Wikipedia. Apparently his mother, Deichtine, became pregnant with the god’s child unwillingly. She sought shelter one day in a house with a pregnant woman inside. That woman gives birth to a baby boy. The house vanishes and Deichtine takes the child in, but the baby dies. Deichtine is saddened and has a drink, but in that drink a little being slipped, and she became pregnant with Setanta. In some variations of the story, Deichtine marries right after this incident and crushes the baby inside of her because she feels ashamed

    DIELIKEAROCKSTAR Рік тому +242

    i am so happy to be here. Hozier has made such an incredible and meaningful impact on my life. I have a hozier quote tattoo and everything. Thank you for all you do, bog man 🌾

    • Steven A
      Steven A Рік тому +5

      Which quote, if you don't mind my asking?

    • Justus Holloway
      Justus Holloway Рік тому

      I’m curious too

      DIELIKEAROCKSTAR Рік тому +7

      @Steven A I just got “born sick” from take me to church because that was the first hozier song I ever heard years and years ago, and those specific words really resonated with me!

    • Steven A
      Steven A Рік тому +2

      @DIELIKEAROCKSTAR Thank you for sharing! It is a powerful implication.

    • Jonathan Sterba
      Jonathan Sterba Рік тому +2

      @DIELIKEAROCKSTAR bro that’s the same tattoo I want to get whenever I turn 18 soon.

  • Drilon Kennedy-Gorné
    Drilon Kennedy-Gorné Рік тому +68

    I hope Hozier knows I literally owe my life to him. This song touches a part of me so deep that I didn't even know existed, and turned it inside out. His gentle defiance and mourning even in solidarity and action speak volumes for the type of person, artist, and man that he is. I quite literally would not be who I am today, would not be, if it weren't for his quiet, solid poetry and life-giving voice. Thank you, Andrew.

  • isabella
    isabella Рік тому +65

    THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL it's different from his previous songs yet so familiar to me. What a stunning production and the lyrics almost made me cry. Praying for Iranian women and all women fighting for their freedom.

  • Amber Maloof
    Amber Maloof Рік тому +65

    Thank you Hozier for another masterpiece 😭
    No one else has the ability to put this much emotion into a song and pull so much emotion out of listeners.

  • Somya Shukla
    Somya Shukla Рік тому +99

    Such a masterpiece! Gives the chills, leaves the eyes wet, the layered instruments unfold every emotion, and his voice gives life (as always)
    Thanks for such unwithering support Hozier. We're grateful and blessed 🧡

  • Justyna Wollschläger
    Justyna Wollschläger 10 місяців тому +12

    Moves me to tears each time listening, impeaching and mourning the fate of women and, sadly, this of men (child soldiers, dying painfully for somebody else’s causes, persecuting their own mothers, grandmothers and wives). The contrast between the peaceful, angelic music with this “weaving”, steady rhythm and the ripping, gut-wrenching lyrics gives this song an own life, as if it was a well or an open wound…
    Thank you so much for this song. Your sensitivity makes this world a better place. Love and peace ❤️

  • Liam Robertson
    Liam Robertson 11 місяців тому +14

    This is why I fell in love with Hoziers music. The effortless warmth of his vocals and the expertly composed string lines. That and then the messages of liberation and freedom for oppressed people of all kinds.
    He knows how to please the ears of course but it’s the way he soothes and uplifts the soul that is truly beautiful.

  • Brit tany
    Brit tany Рік тому +12

    I’m not sure how he delivers such powerful lyrics accompanied by such angelic music.
    Thank you Andrew for sharing your gift with us. Your music has gotten me through some of my darkest days.

  • Elenor
    Elenor Рік тому +22

    Amazing song seriously.... I dont yet understand all the lyrics fully but i do know the significance of the song and the message it is sending... As always i am once again proud to be his fan not just for his work but what that work stands for. He has beautifull voice and he makes sure that he uses it for all the right reasons. Always.... Thank you so much Hozier for the song and your hardwork. Please keep doing this for a long time

  • Bulletproof Love
    Bulletproof Love Рік тому +10

    I‘ve been listening to Hozier for about 8 years now and seen him live once. I have to say this is imo probably his best song so far, constantly raising the bar even for himself

  • h3xt0r
    h3xt0r 4 місяці тому +5

    "A crying child pushes a child into the night" this line reminds me of Ann Lovett, an irish 15 year old girl who died in childbirth in 1984. She had hidden her pregnancy from everyone and gave birth alone in front of a statue of the virgin mary. Her child was a still born.
    I'm not sure if it was an intentional reference, but still very fitting, especially considering the attack on abortion rights happening all over the world right now.

  • Aristotle
    Aristotle Рік тому +49

    this is breathtakingly beautiful. he manages to outdo himself with every song he releases 🥺

  • Tyler Likes Movies
    Tyler Likes Movies 11 місяців тому +17

    Hozier is the greatest poet of our time.

  • Moriah Hogans
    Moriah Hogans 11 місяців тому +17

    Every time I listen to this, every time I hear the first line "A crying child pushes a child into the night" I cry.

  • Yen Chavol
    Yen Chavol Рік тому +42

    Amo su voz.

  • Kamarumara - 12
    Kamarumara - 12 11 місяців тому +6

    I have always listened to music. Every day, every hour of my life. She's the first and the only thing that has always accompanied me. And I don't feel I am exaggerating in saying that this song is one of the most beautiful, profound and poignant that I have ever heard. It is simply a masterpiece.

  • Katelyn Matthews
    Katelyn Matthews Рік тому +48

    God, this music. The instrumental stretch at the end is so grand and majestic while also being bittersweet. I cant incapsulate the emotions and imagery his music provokes with one word or sentence. I feel like I’m soaring through the sky. I feel like I’m falling in love. I see my life passing by me. I’m dancing on a bed of clouds, marveling at the vastness of the universe in contrast to my own short, mortal existence. It is so beautiful

  • Little Hollow, WzD
    Little Hollow, WzD 11 місяців тому +12

    Nothing short of lyrical, vocal, and instrumental mastery. And from a truly good man, no less. May the ground rise up to meet you, and may the sea part at your passing, young Andrew.

  • rpmills
    rpmills Рік тому +18

    I'm grateful to God for creating me at the same time as Hozier. His voice just like an angel. We love you

  • † The_Riddler †
    † The_Riddler † Рік тому +29

    Omg this man's poetry makes you flow on sweet journeys, while his instrument is painting a very nuanced world. This man descends deep into the heart and brings outwards a beautifully and elegant art. Bravo!

  • Dan S
    Dan S 11 місяців тому +6

    I love a song from a real songwriter that makes you think

  • Colin Brown
    Colin Brown 6 місяців тому +2

    This is THE best song I’ve heard in a few years. It has everything!! Absolutely beautiful and a stunning piece of work ❤️

  • Svante Svantesson
    Svante Svantesson 11 місяців тому +10

    I have lost my words. Thank you, wonderful artist, for your beautiful solidarity with my sisters all over the world.

  • Yadira Alvarado
    Yadira Alvarado Рік тому +27

    Enamorada de Hozier enamorada de su música enamorada de su voz ✨

  • Beckett Mullen
    Beckett Mullen 11 місяців тому +7

    this song has everything. reproductive rights, contested borders, classical myth, the history of the Levant, the Ulster Cycle,

  • Tristan Villalon (TRISS)
    Tristan Villalon (TRISS) Рік тому +42

    This has a Simon and Gurfunkel effect, this man Andrew Hozier Byrne never fails making great quality music💯🎸🎤🎶

    • Glenda Kurkimaki
      Glenda Kurkimaki 11 місяців тому +1

      Exactly what I have been saying!!!!! Good ear!

  • MesaTheinsane
    MesaTheinsane 11 місяців тому +6

    Hands down the best artist of this time.
    He plays his guitar like its a instrument of his soul.
    His texts are so intelligent and poethic.
    Though i've got alot of problems in my own life, listening to Hozier always gives me joy and strength.

  • gus
    gus 6 місяців тому +3

    listened to this for the first time today and i have to say it is my favourite song by the man. such a beautiful creation.

  • Coffee aroma
    Coffee aroma 5 місяців тому

    Прекрасная музыка, глубокий смысл, спасибо

  • Aline Pompermayer
    Aline Pompermayer Рік тому +17

    Perfeito como sempre! Essa música toca a alma de uma forma muito profunda... Amo saber que você existe no mundo, sou mais feliz por você existir

    • Daniele Freire
      Daniele Freire Рік тому +3

      Amo que as músicas dele sempre são tão profundas, a melodia, a voz... Tudo perfeito. Amo esse homem.

    • Maureen Cofrin
      Maureen Cofrin Рік тому +3

      Don't have to understand anything more than Perfecto.

  • Irina Marunova
    Irina Marunova Рік тому +8

    i'm crying. it's not much like Hozier's previous creations, but the song definitely has its own charm. very touching and deep. this, in other respects, as always.

  • John Colletta
    John Colletta Рік тому +1

    BEAUTIFUL. I think Hozier actually took a page out of Gregory Alan Isakov's book. That picking pattern is a classic Isakov pattern (learned it myself), found in Master and a Hound, She Always Takes it Black, Was I Just Another One. I've always wondered what a collab between the two would sound like, or if Hozier covered an Isakov piece, but I think this is closest we'll get and I'm completely here for it.

  • gleep
    gleep Рік тому +26

    Thank you Andrew for this. Not only a beautiful gift for my ears, but a show of solidarity. It's so unfortunately needed in so many places in the world, my home the US included. Thank you.

  • Carlos Carrasco
    Carlos Carrasco 11 місяців тому +7

    The song, the myth, the poem 🥺👏🏻

  • Eddie Hauser
    Eddie Hauser 11 місяців тому +3

    Beautiful song and lyrics and words in the description! It’s not often I praise celebrities because even the ones I like probably get too much of it while many others who deserve it don’t get enough but damn this guy is either a truly beautiful human being or one of the greatest actors ever!

  • Ivana Vrkić
    Ivana Vrkić 11 місяців тому +6

    This is so beautiful.💐✨😌 I'm crying. 🥲The motivation and the story, the melodies, the lyrics, the echoes. I appreciate with whole my heart the fear, the pain, and the sadness all of this is waking up in me and inspiring me to love, and support with infinite compassion. ☺☺❤❤I enjoy my rhythm of breathing and each cell of my body is healing while I'm listening, and I hope the world is healing as well. 🌞🌞🌞🌊🌊🌹❤❤Thank you Hozier and everyone involved in the process. 🌻🌺🌼🌷🌼I support you.💐❤🌞And I send a lot of love, support, compassion, and strength to all the brave survivors and activists, you're so stong, resilient🌻🌺🌼🌷🌹🏵🌞 ❤❤❤✨

  • Marisol Luna
    Marisol Luna Рік тому +17

    Thank you for fighting for us and those who don't have a platform to do so themselves. You are so powerful and I bow to you with pure gratitude and love.

  • Wolfsister _
    Wolfsister _ 11 місяців тому +3

    Like a majority of Hozier’s songs this makes me want to cry and dance in the forest with fae. Simultaneously ethereal and melancholy. Absolutely and utterly devastating

  • Mallory Bivans
    Mallory Bivans 11 місяців тому +7

    Hozier has been in my life through the good times and the terrible times. I am going through probably the roughest time of my life; him coming back to release something new is like the weight of the world being lifted off my body.

  • sav
    sav Рік тому +32

    this sounds amazing can’t wait for more from unreal unearth

  • Abi Nyxx
    Abi Nyxx 11 місяців тому +5

    I've listened to this about 10 times this morning, so beautiful and perfect. thank you Hozier, and thank you for showing solidarity in such a way

  • captain teatop
    captain teatop 11 місяців тому +14

    Thanks for standing by our side, always loved your angelic voice, thanks for using it in our defense
    Wish you the best and in hopes of a free Iran 🖤

  • Mikayla Skye
    Mikayla Skye Рік тому +21

    this is deathly phenomenal

  • LeoMar110
    LeoMar110 Рік тому +3

    The lyrics is piercing my heart as well as make me do something revolutionary ♡

  • jennifer valero
    jennifer valero 11 місяців тому +4

    Admiro tanto a este artista por todo lo que transmite a través de su música, interpretación y hasta sólo por el hecho de existir, es indescriptible las emociones que nos hace llegar. Todo es tan sublime, poético. Que gran tema, me hizo llorar ♥️. Te amamos Andrew 🌼

  • Tasfia Zahin
    Tasfia Zahin Рік тому +2

    Hozier making a song about the innocence of women brutalized by men and the despairing struggle that follows right when so much crisis happens. Thank you again Forest Bard for your song

  • imnotaniphone
    imnotaniphone Рік тому +9

    The lyrics, instrumentation, everything is phenomenal as usual. What a treat to exist while Hozier is releasing music again!

  • katsu
    katsu Рік тому +12

    There is literally nothing this man does that isn't an absolute masterpiece.

  • Cat B
    Cat B 10 місяців тому +26

    Andrew is truly not of this world. Absolutely beautiful.

    • Shanks
      Shanks 9 місяців тому

      bro thinks they buddies 💀

    • Josey Wales
      Josey Wales 8 місяців тому

      Oh he is

    • Roid Rager
      Roid Rager 8 місяців тому

      Agreed Cat B. He has an incredible voice.

    • Roid Rager
      Roid Rager 8 місяців тому

      @Shanks What is the point of your reply? Do you enjoy making idiotic assumptions? Or is the idea of enjoying a strangers music foreign to you?

  • Casey Gilmore
    Casey Gilmore 11 місяців тому +6

    I love how passionately you write about human civil rights. This brought tears to my eyes. Your haunting and ethereal voice bringing my heart both above and below my self defined boundaries to create imagery in my mind that stirs me... Urges me to step past the mundane of my daily activities and sit with you. Feeling all the world of every slighted and broken life to be given a world's hum by your voice.

  • Sandra Presciti
    Sandra Presciti 11 місяців тому +3

    Beautifully arranged, the score and voice are gloriously haunting befitting the topic

  • Hazel Brown
    Hazel Brown Рік тому +22

    It's always amazing hearing your voice

  • Nora
    Nora 11 місяців тому +13

    how can he write songs like this one is beyond my comprehension... this is poetry, a hymn to women, heartbreaking and magnificent. you, sir, are a geat, unique artist. glad to have you back. chapeau.

  • Wolves
    Wolves 4 місяці тому

    Hozier is a necessary man, thank you so much for your music ❤️

  • perksofbeingAnna
    perksofbeingAnna Рік тому +7

    it has been long since i've been moved by a song so much, it brought me to tears. remarkable.

  • sunflower1040
    sunflower1040 11 місяців тому +1

    Breathtakingly beautiful, CHILLS all over my body when I hear.. your music touches my SOUL. Thank you 🙏

  • Tara
    Tara 11 місяців тому +2

    Your lyricism never ceases to amaze me. This is such an unbelievably beautiful and equally just as powerful song. And it only continues to get better the more and more you listen. Thank you for another masterpiece. Can’t wait for the next album.

  • Cosmic Mj
    Cosmic Mj Рік тому +18

    I’ve been listening to your music all day, really happy to hear this new beautiful song !

  • hope
    hope Рік тому +9

    Hozier is magic

  • Tony Irayhany
    Tony Irayhany 11 місяців тому +1

    Your lyrics always inspired me. Damn, it's freaking beautiful

  • Chasta Springman
    Chasta Springman Рік тому +3

    Hearing his voice again finally, so calming, shoothing... Couldn't have come at a better time.
    So incredible! Thank you so much, Hozier, for sharing yourself with us

  • nas
    nas 11 місяців тому +2

    Thank you for your voice. It is beautiful as always, but especially now in the form of these words. This is what we need.

  • mahmoud
    mahmoud 11 місяців тому +1

    Amazing as always! ❤

  • Gustavo Lopes
    Gustavo Lopes 11 місяців тому +2

    Cara, mais uma pra lista de músicas perfeitas dele

  • Morgan Rickards
    Morgan Rickards Рік тому +1

    I love this lovely man
    Rends spirits in twain, muscle and sinew from bone with his depth and artistry.

  • chocoholic Allemand
    chocoholic Allemand 11 місяців тому +4

    How you can convey such an important message and show support with such a beautifully haunting, sad song is magic. Druidic Bard.

  • Chlorophyllis
    Chlorophyllis 11 місяців тому +3

    The song makes me feel like I am a young forest inviting all to see the little pockets of beauty I have made. One early visitor came and trampled over my young roots and flowers. Several visitors after told me I should have put signs and clear paths; that I should have healed back to the forest I was supposed to be.
    I have become an overgrown dark forest surround by thick fog. Many past by the entrance, deterred by the feeling on being watched. The few who dared entered are swiftly circled back to the entrance and claim there was nothing to see anyways.
    The branches and roots grow more twisted, the mud thickens until knee deep, the rivers are filled with rushing water and jagged rocks.
    No one will ever reach me. I can never reach them. I am finally safe.

  • alexander maxwell
    alexander maxwell 2 місяці тому

    You know what I love about mythology? How it constantly alludes to other stories out there that have happened before. Hero’s just as important that have already had their songs sung. Dante’s Divine Comedy does this perfectly as well. Alluding to the stories of ages past and invoking them as characters. You know who else does this…..Hozier. And I adore it.

  • Gabriel Limas
    Gabriel Limas Рік тому +23

    What a wonderful voice, finally he's back! We love you 🇧🇷♥️

  • luana
    luana 11 місяців тому +1

    Ele nunca decepciona ❤🇧🇷

  • Euge Lo Celso
    Euge Lo Celso 11 місяців тому +2

    no puedo dejar de escuchar esta canción!

  • Anastasia
    Anastasia Рік тому +2

    beyond happy to hear Hozier again. even though the voice is a bit reverbed, the message and the instrumental make sure to tell you - yep, it's Hozier. Gentle and strong, standing up for his beliefs and offering comfort to those who relate. 🤍

  • Ng Yu Xin
    Ng Yu Xin 11 місяців тому +2

    thank you hozier, this song means the world 🙆🏻‍♀❤

  • Jt Smith
    Jt Smith 11 місяців тому +6

    An anthem for the jaded world unbound. Yeats was featured by the Waterboys a decade or so ago. Thanks Hozier. i often wonder why the smallest of things mean universal love divine. the string arrangement carries Hozier's voice past the rock line.

  • Elias
    Elias 11 місяців тому +2

    it's really powerful how the lyrics interposes imperialism and violation.

  • DANI28256
    DANI28256 Рік тому +1

    BRAVO, as usual ❤️👏👏👏

  • Leticia
    Leticia Рік тому +2

    Perfeito como tudo o que esse homem faz .
    Andrew obrigada por existir! Você é tão tão necessário.
    Venha para o Brasil, queremos shows.
    Que o album novo seja um grande sucesso. 🇧🇷💜

  • Justin_Glen_with_1_N
    Justin_Glen_with_1_N 6 місяців тому

    I have tears in my eyes and full body chills from this song. It's so amazing

  • Stephen Bolger
    Stephen Bolger 7 місяців тому

    Always poetic and smooth with his lyrics.

  • Olivia Drake
    Olivia Drake Рік тому +20

    I feel crazy blessed to have seen this so soon, thank you for the release :)

  • Sageman101
    Sageman101 11 місяців тому +2

    A hymn for all humanity that none of us have the right to decide who lives or who dies.

    • Aquila
      Aquila 9 місяців тому

      Unfortunately, as the song is about the claimed common interests between abortion politics in the United States and Ireland, and the fight for the lives of women in the decidedly anti-women theocracy of Iran in the midst of the recent protests, it is essentially in large part an ode to the notion that one of the most important rights a woman has is to decide who lives and who dies. I wish that it were closer to your interpretation.

  • Mahmoud Helmy
    Mahmoud Helmy Рік тому +18

    He's back with another masterpiece of his unique Style!! 🖤🔥

  • D Readman
    D Readman 11 місяців тому +2

    Perfection. Thank you for this.