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I Bought 1 Star Amazon Pokemon Cards..BUT Its Actually Good!

  • Опубліковано 19 лип 2022
  • In this Pokemon cards opening I bought the worst 1 star Amazon Pokemon products...but they were actually good?!
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  • Deimos
    Deimos Рік тому +1129

    They've also raised the price almost $30 since this video released. I'm gonna say they knew it was you and I appreciate you being honest and telling us not to buy them. That's the reason I continue to support you as a content creator and a card seller.

    • EpicEric
      EpicEric Рік тому +9


    • Kira Yoshikage
      Kira Yoshikage Рік тому +1

      @All 4 Happiness For the dollar tree xy pack?

    • CallMeJDB
      CallMeJDB Рік тому +5

      He definitely said he used different information. So it’s not likely that they knew it was him 🤷‍♂️ it’s a mystery and that’s the gamble it comes with

    • ArchAngelMichael
      ArchAngelMichael Рік тому +68

      @CallMeJDB lol we found the owners boys

    • ArchAngelMichael
      ArchAngelMichael Рік тому +36

      @CallMeJDB it’s beyond obvious they knew. Last time it was seriously one of the worst mystery pack rip off. Any even if he changed his address, he changed it to a P.O. Box. Literally going to be in the same State and prob a town over. It’s literally beyond honest they knew it was him. And no one else buys multiple $100 mystery packs at once, except him lol nice try though bud really hope u ain’t the seller scamming

  • Jacob Eskelsen
    Jacob Eskelsen Рік тому +118

    Yeah that does seems a little to good to be true, but crazy seeing the shiny charizard PSA 10 coming out of that mystery pack.

    • Thomas Grabowski
      Thomas Grabowski 10 місяців тому +1

      Wow lol.

    • MrWhoAsked
      MrWhoAsked Місяць тому

      They send famous Pokemon youtubers good packs for advertisement.

  • dubstyle714
    dubstyle714 10 місяців тому +17

    Thank you again for showing us what NOT to buy. Your sacrifice helps us all grow as collectors in the proper way by investing in things we have better odds in. Legit Pokémon products vs. these random Mystery Packs. Don't get me wrong... some have been tempting and I'm even guilty of buying one or two. But 99% I steer clear of them because of you. Again... Thank you!

  • FatmanJonesTV
    FatmanJonesTV 11 місяців тому +21

    No way in hell they didn’t know it was rev buying those lol they gave him one graded card that covered all 3 and then jacked the price up for them 😂

  • Deettles
    Deettles Рік тому +47

    Yeah, I have a hard time believing those great cards from that company since I remember how bad the last ones were. Still awesome to see you pull hood stuff though!

  • Kristin Goulding
    Kristin Goulding Рік тому +14

    It’s always so weird to see how much some of these cards go for! Like I remember getting some of these when I was a kid and loosing them or messing them up and now at 30 I’m like DAMN.

    • Srifka Wandu
      Srifka Wandu Рік тому +3

      I feel you. Me and my brothers had 8-9 shoes boxes full of 1999-2004 cards back then when we use to play Pokemon. Half of them were from stolen packs as we were young and didn't have much money to buy. Now nearing the 40's, Huge regret at how valuable Pokemon has become and not keeping them when we moved.

    • Pawz Uno Channel
      Pawz Uno Channel 5 місяців тому

      Relatable... my old MTG cards back in late 90s - early 2000s... Maybe I spent around $100 and sold them around the same... I wish I keep them lol

  • Cherry
    Cherry Рік тому +255

    So crazy how that one card covered the cost of all 3 mystery packs! I’m so curious as to if they knew it was you or not.

  • Jeabado
    Jeabado Рік тому +25

    The way Amazon has been ever since the CEO change a few years ago. Amazon has been more and more like Ebay with the fake products and no authentication of products.. hoping for the best!

  • Drexler RS
    Drexler RS Рік тому +4

    I respect you a lot more after watching this video, seeing you acknowledge the big possibility of the seller knowing it was you from the get go

  • Demiscrub
    Demiscrub 9 місяців тому +18

    Thank I really enjoy watching your videos. I also like how you just straight up say what's on your mind. I would be so greatful to get those items out of a mystery box. But you trying to protect your awesome community which is BIG! Keep it up man. Starting to purchase my first mystery boxes from you. I hope my fiancee dont read this, she also watches your videos :D

  • Eduardo Garcia
    Eduardo Garcia 2 місяці тому

    The face you made when you got that charizard PSA 10 was priceless 😂

  • MDK414
    MDK414 Рік тому +1

    More joy than disappointment 😱 Those packs will probably still sell out on Amazon now 😂 Hopefully you didn't get the last/only big hits 🙈

  • DustH
    DustH Рік тому +75

    Mystery items never cease to confuse and amaze me lol. I think there’s going to be one great pull but overall bulk. I speak from experience.

  • Audrey Fabian
    Audrey Fabian Рік тому +1

    Such a risk, glad it worked out overall though! That gold Zamazenta is really cool, even if you did overpay for it. That Shiny 10 Charizard is amazing!

  • Steven Williams
    Steven Williams Рік тому +4

    Love the mystery box videos. Always nervous buying and these videos are always helpful!

  • 666Linus666
    666Linus666 Рік тому +7

    Such a hardworking guy in terms of churning out content my man! 🙏🏻🙌🏻

  • Katie Skala
    Katie Skala 2 місяці тому

    I love your videos. You got me into Pokemon. In my opinion, you are one of the best content creators.

  • Misused
    Misused Рік тому +6

    The last product actually seemed really fair to me. Like the last pack, was fair for paying $100, considering they can’t guarantee your money back.

  • Bamandy01
    Bamandy01 Рік тому +1

    Mystery items never cease to blow my mind sometimes but yet make me cringe... insane luck you have Rev!

  • Rita Bullock
    Rita Bullock Рік тому

    I never thought you would actually get something good on a bad mystery graded card. Now that’s lucky

  • Killuminati Confirmed
    Killuminati Confirmed 2 місяці тому +1

    Definitely feel they knew you were buying & wanted redemption ! 😂💯

  • Amie H
    Amie H Рік тому +6

    Love the mystery items content! Hoping there’ll be some good stuff ⭐️

  • DerkTheMan
    DerkTheMan 2 місяці тому +1

    I love these videos! Thanks for everything you do pokerev!

  • AfroThunder
    AfroThunder Рік тому +97

    I've always worried that places would start to pick up on streamers and youtubers buying these 'mystery' items and adjusting them for marketing purposes. Hopefully, that doesn't become the norm. I don't think I could every buy a mystery box online. Way too much opportunity for scams.

    • Oudoloulo
      Oudoloulo Рік тому +4

      This 100%

    • Rusty Torch
      Rusty Torch Рік тому

      ive only found a couple legitimate mystery box sellers, many are scams but there are some legit people out there

    • Zack Wilson
      Zack Wilson Рік тому +1

      Too broke for that lol

    • KidsHiddenSide Gaming
      KidsHiddenSide Gaming Рік тому

      Wow that zoopacks with the champions path zard was fire!!!

    • Hunter Parkman
      Hunter Parkman Рік тому

      He uses a fake name every time but maybe

  • B Why
    B Why Рік тому +1

    Love this video! These mystery item videos always entertain me and I think there will be some good items among all the items you ordered. Good luck on the pulls, Rev!

  • Edmonton Chalk Art
    Edmonton Chalk Art Рік тому

    I thought it would crash and burn but Wow those mystery packs were really good!

  • Ajay Vaidya
    Ajay Vaidya Рік тому

    The Shiny Charizrd V pull was actually insane for a 1 star rated pack. I will order it next time too and try out my luck lol!

  • Just Another Collector
    Just Another Collector Рік тому

    Me and wifey watch you with our 7 year old… we appreciate how not sponsored by these company’s this channel is. Feels like a honest channel so dope great pulls

  • Connor Perkins
    Connor Perkins 13 днів тому

    They could do big numbers ones sometimes. Good way to get hype and makes sense

  • Rahul Sharma
    Rahul Sharma Рік тому +18

    That graded shining charizard looked quite magnificent! And yes, I agree. Those mystery packs looked unusually loaded.

    • Kaito_Yujo
      Kaito_Yujo Рік тому +6

      Don’t pay attention to the reply that’s not poke rev it’s a scammer

    • Rahul Sharma
      Rahul Sharma Рік тому +6

      Yup, I'm familiar. They keep posting on almost all of my comments, which is quite sad.

    • Kaito_Yujo
      Kaito_Yujo Рік тому

      I know dude

    • Troy Tampir
      Troy Tampir Рік тому

      So how are you to know the right one if you do win with all the scammers?

    • Rahul Sharma
      Rahul Sharma Рік тому +1

      Rev writes down the winners in the video description on his Tuesday live stream openings.

  • UnholyTerminus
    UnholyTerminus Рік тому

    I think you just got lucky on the zoo packs, seeing how the third one was probably one of the more "common" ones that you could get. Still, I don't think I'd spend 100$ on these. Amazon is great for official sealed products, but be careful on that secondary market/mystery items!

  • Greatglenfiddich99
    Greatglenfiddich99 Рік тому

    Wow! Everyone’s chase card in that mystery zoo pack. Def agree that’s hard to believe it was a random “win” for you without them knowing it was you Rev. Most mystery boxes come in around half the price, with a chance to receive about the cost or slightly over.
    But either way ty rev for the interesting content, love watching the stuff you come up with!

  • Poke Max ©
    Poke Max © Рік тому

    Pokerev is a force of nature. Always producing awesome videos regularly!

  • PokeMint
    PokeMint Рік тому

    You also have to keep in mind for the Zoo packs, they wouldn't have such low star reviews if they were all this amazing. Maybe you got lucky just like the miscut Rayquaza, like things happen, but it's a risk yes.

  • Jonathan Cunningham
    Jonathan Cunningham Рік тому

    Thank you for being honest, I'm a new subscriber to your videos....awesome content and love learning from you

  • HumanHobbiez
    HumanHobbiez Рік тому +4

    I thought this might be a random but fun opening and I was pretty spot on lol. The Lugia break card from Fates Collide was a really sick pull though! You da man Rev

  • Bora Sin
    Bora Sin Рік тому

    I'm always optimistic when you open packs or mystery box in the cave. I'll definitely going with the title of the video and say its going to be a very good opening!!! Goodluck

  • DatgirllreadzxD
    DatgirllreadzxD Рік тому

    Honestly, it’s so hard to tell if u get good things or not but I think u might get good stuff!

  • Lydia McGuire
    Lydia McGuire Рік тому

    Love how you risk it for the content and the joy/excitement for what you might get! ❤️

    • Jona
      Jona Рік тому

      he risks nothing he makes more money with the video than it cost

    • Lydia McGuire
      Lydia McGuire Рік тому

      @Jona and? Even if he didn’t risk anything it’s still fun to watch, + most ppl wouldn’t want to risk their money like that, so it’s nice to see him do it for us

  • Kevin Vasquez
    Kevin Vasquez Рік тому +1

    I love the random finds lol. Hopefully it's good pulls.

  • Savy Singh
    Savy Singh Рік тому +1

    I wish I had the 2 shiny pokémon cards because I never really had any of them. And you pulled them out. It is awesome.

  • Kit Hyena
    Kit Hyena Рік тому +64

    13:13 that reaction to the graded Champions Path Charizard there was priceless. Congrats there on that score PokeRev! ^^

    • andreana irvin
      andreana irvin Рік тому +1

      That face was everything.

    • RoninKorey#1714
      RoninKorey#1714 Рік тому +1

      Yep best to me this comment lol

    • Robotata
      Robotata Рік тому

      I think he might have crapped himself when he saw that card. The last time he opened up zoo packs they were straight up garbage so that was a shocker.

    • Chanel808life-MTHi
      Chanel808life-MTHi Рік тому

      Congratulations 🎊🎈🍾🎉 on the zard that super lucky 🍀 are super suspicious don’t be suspicious don’t be suspicious (Zoo packs ) 😂

  • Angel Carrasco
    Angel Carrasco Рік тому

    I have always wanted to try to buy mystery items, but it is very difficult for one to get their value back on them. Getting that Charizard graded was crazy.

  • ColeBB
    ColeBB Рік тому +2

    I love the big mystery selections you do theyre always dope, i have a feeling that all this stuff will be mid though

  • Isaac Dziuban
    Isaac Dziuban 9 місяців тому +3

    Man those gold cards are so sick. If I had the money which I don't I wouldn't mind spending 200 dol-airs just to have one in my collection lol

  • Link1238
    Link1238 Рік тому

    Mystery items never fail to give off confusing vibes lol.

  • ScW  (Bb10yt)
    ScW (Bb10yt) Рік тому

    Hey man! Amazing job on the video as always!
    Been working on getting enough saved up for the new lost origins booster box!
    Any advice on how to find the Golden Pikachu!!

  • malachi johnson
    malachi johnson Рік тому +4

    Thank you for the great content as always, I hope to see maybe some not expected wild pulls from the products you bought.

  • Allen Benton
    Allen Benton Рік тому

    Yea those mystery packs are sus. Appreciate you taking the bullet for all of us on these type of openings

  • truth teller!!
    truth teller!! Рік тому

    I think there going to be some surprises today pokrev..nothing too crazy but just enough for a banger vid..
    Thanks for the content as always
    You do such a good job

  • Arendvdt
    Arendvdt Рік тому

    Actually insane you got good cards! I am always apprehensive to buy them!

  • Lydia Knight
    Lydia Knight 9 місяців тому +45

    Did some digging, and found out that zoo packs puts good cards in the packs that famous Poké tubers buy for free advertising. Don’t buy a pack yourself it’s not worth it.

    • wowgek7
      wowgek7 7 місяців тому +1

      that happens with most mystery boxxes I saw a youtuber who did an test he ordered one and his friends did not only was his box several times bigger with way more stuff his friend got like almost nothing the difference was so oblius

  • impostor
    impostor  Рік тому +12

    The reaction to the charizard was amazing! Hopefully you get something good, but most of the time these are scams

  • Mathew Padgett
    Mathew Padgett Рік тому

    Always enjoy watching you open mystery stuff

  • Nick Saulnier
    Nick Saulnier Рік тому

    Another great video! I’ve always wanted to buy a Pokémon “mystery” pack or box but I just can’t justify paying so much money just so an extremely small chance at breaking even. I would be curious if you had a non UAclips friend buy those mystery pack for you, new name and address and see what you get.

  • Ben Thornton
    Ben Thornton Рік тому

    Just recently found you... Really enjoy the videos and you have got me bk into collecting them also wanting to get my kids into it. Keep up the content. Great work 👌👍

  • Gregory Johnson
    Gregory Johnson Рік тому

    I was pretty certain you wouldn't get anything good but you got a couple of great charizard cards. Congrats.

  • Mahmood
    Mahmood 3 місяці тому

    The last pack seems to be a "real" one, because the value was less than 100$ by a bit

  • James
    James Рік тому +3

    The reaction to that PSA 10 charizard was as epic as the pull !

  • Halabunka
    Halabunka Рік тому +3

    I think they might be decent! They didn’t seem to be scams, more just shitty price 😅

    • Jia Cheng
      Jia Cheng Рік тому

      Congratulations 🎊 🎊
      You've been selected among our shortlisted winners. Dm to claim your prize

  • adrianna vieira
    adrianna vieira Рік тому

    Expecting the worst but really hoping for the best with these pulls!

  • YQ Maoski
    YQ Maoski Рік тому

    Well, I did read the title, so I hope you pulled some fire! (As for the Chimchar, it's a perfectly fine card, just at $10, it's way overpriced. But then again, this is one of those situations where you are paying for it knowing what it is, so can't really complain about it.) (Also, Zoo Packs probably knew it was you.)

  • Annmarie
    Annmarie Рік тому

    Wow, not bad for Amazon. Those mystery packs are crazy, but like you said use caution. Great shiny Charizard.

  • Papa Aggron
    Papa Aggron 2 місяці тому

    I think there's gonna be some great value found. A diamond in the rough, so to speak.

  • Jessica Anderson
    Jessica Anderson Рік тому +5

    Love these videos Rev! 💜 Thank you for doing this so we don't have to. I think you're unfortunately going to end up with some really bad products today. 😎 Hopefully there will be some diamonds/gems within these purchases. 🤞

  • Ashley Dalton
    Ashley Dalton Рік тому +1

    Pretty decent for 1star rated review items! I do agree with you on the zoopacks thing, it seems like it may be a little "too good to be true" for sure.

  • Icarus
    Icarus Рік тому

    A good follow up video would be to have a friend order the same Zoo Packs that you ordered and open those to see if it really is that crazy.

  • Mythbusting & More
    Mythbusting & More 10 місяців тому

    13:23 There is always that one moment of processing what just happened😂

  • RyKaiYin
    RyKaiYin Рік тому +1

    Absolutely love your videos Rev! I don't have high expectations for these products but you never know! 😂👍

    • JetFireStar850
      JetFireStar850 Рік тому +2

      Scammer. PokeRev has stated in his live streams these Telegram accounts are not him. ☝

  • Brody L
    Brody L 5 місяців тому

    Shiny zard had everyone’s jaw drop. Thank you for being honest 💯

  • Gotta' Draw'm All
    Gotta' Draw'm All Рік тому +7

    Thank you greatly for spending your time and effort by far to make content for all of us to watch if I had to wait a week our less to see a new episode I'd go crazy so thank you for grinding for YOU AND FOR ALL OF US 🇺🇸 😊

  • Lukas Mullins
    Lukas Mullins Рік тому

    Ref you're the man, love saying probably shouldn't do this... add to cart. hahaha love the different content! Great video and insane pull at the end!!

  • Miguel Ramirez
    Miguel Ramirez Рік тому +1

    You're gonna get legit stuff in theses products! Sometimes I'm tempted to buy things that look fishy but never have. Might do it now. If the video comes out showing its worth it haha

    • message me on @thatwasepic35
      message me on @thatwasepic35 Рік тому

      Congratulations you have been shortlisted among my lucky winners message me to claim price

    • JetFireStar850
      JetFireStar850 Рік тому +3

      These are scammers! PokeRev announces winners on his livestreams! He even says so in his streams these are fake/scammers!☝

  • Alyson Rodgers
    Alyson Rodgers Рік тому

    Those charizard boxes were actually fire! You should do another video opening some more!

  • Esteban Tapia
    Esteban Tapia Рік тому +1

    I just spent my entire pay check on these same buys that you did. I hope it was worth it 😅

  • JR
    JR Рік тому

    This one looks interesting, hope you got something good!

  • chris gaultier
    chris gaultier Рік тому +88

    Yeah I’m with you on the zoo packs lol. They’re using UAclipsrs as advertisers. Well after finishing the video it’s like they threw in a single normal pack.
    I mean 500-600 to get some amazing ad time. Is a small price to pay but if no one goes for it and you come out with some decent value. It definitely made up for the $25 $1 eco packs which were probably weighed. My thoughts take care.

    • Drewgonfly
      Drewgonfly Рік тому +3

      Rev didn't even show that he purchased those in the beginning of the video. I wonder if he did that intentionally

    • pay pay
      pay pay Рік тому

      Thank you i won

  • The First Guy, Jaek255
    The First Guy, Jaek255 Рік тому

    I love how transparent Rev is on products. Especially on that Charizard! Congrats on getting it though!

  • Lexi Gogic
    Lexi Gogic Рік тому

    I collect Pokémon myself and watching your videos makes me love Pokémon even more but it’s hard for me to buy cards cause their quiet experience

  • RetroMelon
    RetroMelon 9 місяців тому

    They still had the dollar evolutions packs at a dollar store i go to a few months ago. Pretty neat find

  • zDizzy
    zDizzy Рік тому

    Alway interesting what's in those unknown amazon packages, love your content

  • FadedPancake25
    FadedPancake25 Рік тому

    Thanks you so much for the the enjoyable content. Love your videos.

  • PC RekZy
    PC RekZy Рік тому +64

    Bro these mystery boxes are so weird! Lol. Their fun to watch you open though. 😂

  • Charlie Hunt
    Charlie Hunt Рік тому

    Feel like it will be an up and down opening. There’s no way of avoiding a bad purchase on this though I reckon

  • Joshua Cappi
    Joshua Cappi Рік тому

    Great video the zoo packs seem dodgy as could have believed the 1st pack if the other 2 were trash to cover the cost. Bit even the "bad" pack had like $70 worth of stuff in it. You might have to do another big lot of those using totally nee details and see how it goes!

  • Henry Cooper
    Henry Cooper Рік тому

    I think these are going to be great thx for getting me back in to Pokémon love your content bro

  • willisthegreat1
    willisthegreat1 Рік тому

    I really enjoys these videos gives us an insight on what and where to buy thanks bud

  • amb3r
    amb3r 10 місяців тому

    Love the honesty. This is why i watch your videos.

  • Sinnroth
    Sinnroth Рік тому +9

    I’ve been burned by amazon before but love pokerev for these videos, bad mystery orders are my guilty pleasure to watch!

    • Francisco Orozco
      Francisco Orozco Рік тому +1

      Stop scamming people TELEGRAM ME there is a video on exposing scammers and you were in it

    • Kaito_Yujo
      Kaito_Yujo Рік тому +1

      Don’t pay attention to the reply that’s not poke rev it’s a scammer

  • brittany herald
    brittany herald Рік тому

    We hope you get amazing cards! I still have my sealed marill from my younger days!

  • YvesS
    YvesS Рік тому

    i love how you buy the product then open it so that we dont have to wait for it in the end of the video and get all confuse . really great job and I just started collecting pokemon cards because of you not for profit but for collecting it and i just bought 5 boosters and a bundle of cards to start up my collection

    • YvesS
      YvesS Рік тому

      I dont know if this is legit 🤣

  • Cullen
    Cullen Рік тому +1

    I’m hoping for some crazy random items that turn out cool!

  • Kyra Matson
    Kyra Matson Рік тому

    That marill promo was pretty sick! I think your going to get pretty surprised. You never know what you can get off Amazon

  • Que Sarah
    Que Sarah Рік тому

    I have a feeling they definitely knew it was you. Love the videos as always!

  • EmKat Durand
    EmKat Durand Рік тому +3

    Honestly I think some of these are going to be at least a little good maybe even great with the 3 card pack as the seller can't know what's in it, but there's probably going to be a lot of trash as well

  • Kera Kat
    Kera Kat Рік тому +38

    The most hilarious thing is that the shiny zard sold in an auction in December 2020 for 960 dollars. I’d love to know how it made its way to the zoo pack after that.
    Hilarious that people thought a card with a population of multiple thousands of cards in psa10 would hold value going forward when people were still and still are opening champs path to this day. Crazy.

    • Luke Latham
      Luke Latham Рік тому

      I saw the same thing when I looked up the psa cert. 2020 was crazy times.

    • Deo
      Deo Рік тому +1

      uh oh! he cut the video to when he was grabbing the charizard fakeee

    • Luke Latham
      Luke Latham Рік тому

      @Deo I realized this as well. Weird that he felt he had to do that.

  • Pocket monster Dan
    Pocket monster Dan Рік тому

    All pretty good for one ⭐️ , evolution packs was bad it’s so hard to get them un Weighed.
    Great video as always rev

  • kaidurrr
    kaidurrr Рік тому

    thank you for showing us the reality of all these mystery boxes/lots!

  • Danae Peters
    Danae Peters Рік тому

    Hey PokeRev! I’m betting these will be surprisingly good! Amazon reviews can be very confusing lol

  • Chazb
    Chazb Рік тому

    I think you might actually get some pretty cool things from these. Super cool video idea