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"Dunkey" plays Donkey Kong Arcade

  • Опубліковано 16 гру 2021
  • Donkey Kong 64 gameplay.
    donkey store dunkeyscastle.com/
    donkey twitter vgdunkey
    donkey twitch www.twitch.tv/dunkstream
    donkey wife / leahbee​​
    edited by evan-boldt.com/
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  • Incredible Hamburgr
    Incredible Hamburgr Рік тому +1660

    Love that Dunkey is Participating in both "Donkey Kong December," AND "Dont Upload December" at the same time

    • Micah Lawrence
      Micah Lawrence Рік тому

      Donkey kong deshember

    • 1 tomuch
      1 tomuch Рік тому

      It's been two weeks dunkey plz come back with the milk

    • Incredible Hamburgr
      Incredible Hamburgr Рік тому

      @guildwarsnerd123 that’s a Miss

    • guildwarsnerd123
      guildwarsnerd123 Рік тому +4

      @Incredible Hamburgr cringe

    • Incredible Hamburgr
      Incredible Hamburgr Рік тому

      🤫 it’s ok, people who don’t know the reference don’t get the joke; that’s just how memes work (and sadly we can’t change that)

  • Jotham Salifu
    Jotham Salifu Рік тому +932

    I was not expecting the plot twist that he was playing the game inside of Donkey Kong 64 lol

    • Jigzzy
      Jigzzy Місяць тому


    • Ty Verlaine
      Ty Verlaine 2 місяці тому

      That was the first thing I thought of.

    • trashteamracing
      trashteamracing 3 місяці тому +2

      I thought something was weird. This version looks slightly different than the proper arcade version. Also, I think this is a port of the Japanese version, because you get the Pie Factory stage early in that one.

    • OpaIescent
      OpaIescent 7 місяців тому +4

      @Nightenstaff THE CONVEYOR LEVEL IS SUPPOSED TO BE CEMENT? my dad and i always called that the "pie factory" when we would talk about donkey kong!

  • Daniel Lyn
    Daniel Lyn Рік тому +496

    Glad Dunkey finally recovered from dropping the best video of all time.

    • Ursine Canine
      Ursine Canine Рік тому +1

      @Defa Omega "no, kong doesnt have nipples Greg" - Canine

    • Ursine Canine
      Ursine Canine Рік тому

      @fungling good answer, a little corpo, but accepted. You'll make a fine CEO one day my son x

    • fungling
      fungling Рік тому +1

      @Ursine Canine By uploading donkey kong kongtent every day

    • Ursine Canine
      Ursine Canine Рік тому

      How do you milk a kong though?

  • MrFahrenheit6
    MrFahrenheit6 Рік тому +128

    Honestly it was a interesting plot twist that he was actually playing the arcade game through DK 64

    • OogaBoogie
      OogaBoogie 2 місяці тому

      You have to beat it twice to beat dk64 lmao

  • ADoseofBuckley
    ADoseofBuckley Рік тому +420

    Dunkey is like the Billy Mitchell of Donkey Kong.

    • The Moon
      The Moon 3 місяці тому

      My dad is Billy Mitchell’s lawyer you better take this down right now 😡

    • Nightenstaff
      Nightenstaff Рік тому

      @Shiva007 Nice.

    • jaylerms
      jaylerms Рік тому +2

      ​@viscountalpha Dunkel should usurp Billy's hot sauce empire, too. It's really just the logical progression of things.

    • viscountalpha
      viscountalpha Рік тому +1

      The irony is dunkey is far more popular and makes more then Billy Bitchell

    • Gabiscis
      Gabiscis Рік тому +5

      @Shiva007 immediate lawsuit! how dare you defame billy's good character like that

  • Wally Hackenslacker
    Wally Hackenslacker Рік тому +325

    So this is how Dunkey has been honing his skills ever since the mastahpiece that is Donkey Kong Shake dropped.

  • babysealsareyummy
    babysealsareyummy Рік тому +77

    Don is the most legendary player who ever lived. It makes me sick Gon tries to undermine him at every turn.

  • waffle56
    waffle56 Рік тому +225

    “Donkey kong December”was my most played song on Spotify in 2021

  • Milo S
    Milo S Рік тому +182

    The problem with gon is that he refuses to optimize his play with a USB steering wheel

  • Funartic
    Funartic Рік тому +57

    Donkey Kong arcade is so hard, and Seth Rogen never runs out of barrels to throw.

    • Fake Shemp
      Fake Shemp Рік тому +1

      This is the best Seth Rogan biopic ever produced. Riveting

  • Symm
    Symm Рік тому +33

    "I don't know what the fuck that does" was actually Rare's marketing slogan for Dk64.

  • Eoin Ocuinneagain
    Eoin Ocuinneagain Рік тому +169

    I like how dunkey is in quotes it emphasizes he’s a strand type man

    • iroll
      iroll Рік тому +1

      @sakaki an easy mistake to make :)

    • sakaki
      sakaki Рік тому

      @iroll forgive me for mixing them up, gon plays very similarly to dunkeys little brother. my mistake.

    • iroll
      iroll Рік тому +2

      @sakaki No, it was Gon. Watch video before posting memes.

    • sakaki
      sakaki Рік тому

      his little brother was playing

    • Foxe
      Foxe Рік тому +2

      @TippyHippy You’re starting to look like a spam bot. This isn’t the first comment section I’ve seen you ‘12 year old’ up

  • Caleb M
    Caleb M Рік тому +27

    I always liked how that spring level is 10x more difficult than the others

  • Sephiroth, the One-Winged Angel
    Sephiroth, the One-Winged Angel Рік тому +27

    Dunkey isn’t even a single person, now he has multiple souls living vicariously through him. AND they’re all expert gamers too.
    _The plot thickens…_

  • James Reimer
    James Reimer Рік тому +63

    Going through this game as a requirement for beating DK64 was such a troll move by Rare. Those guys were awesome and had a great website back in the days of the N64

    • tonyt3955555
      tonyt3955555 Рік тому +1

      how high can you go, how high can you go, how high can you go.... that music over and over loved this game and was pretty proud as a kid when i 100% it

    • Orlando Guevara
      Orlando Guevara Рік тому +6

      I never beat the game because of this mini game, it was way too hard for my slow brain.

    • Sangurucho
      Sangurucho Рік тому +2

      @Josh Taylor omfg

    • Encrypted Liberty
      Encrypted Liberty Рік тому +6

      @Josh Taylor This was brutally difficult when I was like 9.

    • Josh Taylor
      Josh Taylor Рік тому +15

      Yeah, you have to beat this twice to get the Nintendo coin, and get 5000 points playing Jetpack in Cranky's lab to get the Rareware coin. Can't beat the game without them

  • CrockpotCrumble
    CrockpotCrumble Рік тому +59

    it's a good thing Gon was there to show dunkey how the levels went so he could get it on his second try

  • BigSussyEDP
    BigSussyEDP Рік тому +314

    Zero dislikes? The sheer skill of dunkey is enough to impress anybody

    • D Vargas
      D Vargas Рік тому

      @No-Bark Noonan It seems the other guy was right actually. The tool that reported dislike data (what the other guy called an API, which is what it is) was there for a little while in the backend after UAclips publicly removed dislikes, so the extension could still find the dislike number in the background and show it (it also scraped a bunch of data on old videos as well, so the dislike count for those is probably more or less about right); it was completely removed on Dec 13 and now the extension is more or less “estimating” the number of dislikes on each video. They do have ways to get the number much more accurate that just plain guessing (like asking UAclipsrs to share their video stats with them so they can compare their estimated dislike counts with the true dislike counts only the content creators can see for their videos; collecting data from new and old videos to enter into their database consisting of millions of YT videos to compare, on average, how many dislikes a similar video with similar stats received; checking the ratio of likes to dislikes given to a video from people with the extension installed, etc.). But yeah, like LTT said, he is sharing his dislike info with the extension creator, and some other UAclipsrs are as well, but the vast majority still aren’t, so it’s still just a rough estimate. Perhaps if the dislike info LTT is sharing is constantly being updated in the extension in real-time, then it is possible that the dislikes for HIS channel could be ~100% accurate most of the time (since the extension is grabbing the real stats constantly and showing that info directly to us). Again though, that would only be for a select handful of channels that are sharing this info with the extension Dev, so in general most channels are going to be an estimate of the dislike count. As the program ages though and more people use it, it will collect more data and get smarter, and hopefully in time the estimate will be so close to the true dislike count that they’re nearly indistinguishable.

    • Hajilee
      Hajilee Рік тому

      It actually has 66 dislikes.

    • No-Bark Noonan
      No-Bark Noonan Рік тому +2

      @lacuNa I wasn't responding to OPs comment, I was responding to someone else in this thread, however it appears they deleted their comment. They were the ones who said they removed dislikes, and "ruined the joke". I was explaining to them, that there's still dislikes tracked, since they said it wasn't possible to be tracked. Doesn't really matter, just saying since it appears now my comment looks out of place.

    • Aciga a
      Aciga a Рік тому


    • lacuNa
      lacuNa Рік тому +1

      @No-Bark Noonan yeh everyone knows about it. You're just ruining a joke

  • Joseph Poulsen
    Joseph Poulsen Рік тому +2

    The nice thing about Dunkey is that when he plays Donkey Kong, you know he isn’t using game shark like Billy Mitchell did. Really the pinnacle of this generation.

  • Purple BatDragon
    Purple BatDragon Рік тому +24

    Why have I never noticed how thicc Mario is while climbing ladders?

  • mcslob the third
    mcslob the third Рік тому +9

    Doing this in DK64 was one of the toughest things I've ever done

  • Langston Devereaux
    Langston Devereaux Рік тому +13

    One time I was in the Aladdin's Castle arcade in Council Bluffs, Iowa in 1992 and all the high scores on all the games said D O N and A S S and right then I knew this was the work of a true master

  • Nel_Annette
    Nel_Annette Рік тому +26

    I explained to my girlfriend that that was Cranky Kong. That's Donkey Kong Country's grampa Cranky. This game is in the distant past. This takes place when Mario is an intern at Plumber Tech. My girlfriend then left me. She doesn't appreciate lore.

    • ZufDawg
      ZufDawg Рік тому +9

      This is a blessing in disguise brother. Never marry a woman who doesn't appreciate Donkey Kong lore -Aristotle

    • Nel_Annette
      Nel_Annette Рік тому +1

      @Caleb M :(

  • TrollinTheInterwebs
    TrollinTheInterwebs Рік тому +15

    I dont think he realized the umbrella protects from fall damage

  • C.J Armstrong
    C.J Armstrong Рік тому +3

    Dunkey just making whatever videos he wants these days and we all love him for it

  • -:
    -: Рік тому +6

    Feels like I'm just stood behind dunkey at the arcade machine, just listening to him talk.

  • badmonkey91
    badmonkey91 11 місяців тому +2

    nobody's ever gotten far enough to see the pies before. what a feat we've all witnessed today.

  • Michelle Godwin
    Michelle Godwin Рік тому +11

    Dunk should do a whole month of Donkey Kong videos

  • Nick Czarniawski
    Nick Czarniawski Рік тому +19

    I personally have more respect for Gon than Don as Gon at least gave us more than one attempt.

  • Derrick Fox
    Derrick Fox Рік тому +6

    If DON is "short for dunkey", GON implies the existence of videogame"gunkey"

  • Man Quail
    Man Quail Рік тому +4

    Donkey kong game inside a donkey kong game. Donkey kong December never dissapoints.

  • Forminlo
    Forminlo 11 місяців тому

    I can certainly say after seeing Dunkey playing this that this is one of the games of all time.

  • Dylan Young
    Dylan Young Рік тому +35

    This game really makes you FEEL like you're Mario.

  • LooseGrip
    LooseGrip Рік тому +2

    Seeing it being dk64 was the biggest plot twist of all time

  • Ethan
    Ethan Рік тому +5

    So kind of Don to show Gon the ropes on mastering Donkey Kong.

  • icantnotthink
    icantnotthink Рік тому +9

    Did not expect this to be how he was gonna handle Donkey Kong December

  • Marcus Figueras
    Marcus Figueras Рік тому +3

    the donkey kong pies are actually decently obscure due to the fact that that particular level in general was cut from the NES port

  • Jhost90
    Jhost90 11 місяців тому

    I remember asking for Mario for Game Boy back in the days and my parents gifted me this. I was so disappointed that I pushed myself into finishing the game. One hell of a ride

  • Jack Manhardt
    Jack Manhardt Рік тому +4

    Jumpman be looking extra thicc going up those ladders

  • HowDoUPlay
    HowDoUPlay Рік тому +9

    As the 100th fastest speed runner of this game, I noticed you made the rookie mistake of climbing up the first ladder on the first stage.

    • HowDoUPlay
      HowDoUPlay Рік тому +3

      @KL If you think running a 40-year-old game then posting on a Dunkey video is serious business, then idk chief. 🤔

    • KL
      KL Рік тому

      u r saying this unironically which is painful

  • Brian Elliott
    Brian Elliott Рік тому +60

    Say he won't do it.
    He's gonna do it every day.

  • universalperson
    universalperson Рік тому +2

    When I first played DK for the Game Boy I didn't know how to beat stage 4. It was only seeing that stage in Arcade Donkey Kong on DK64 that I instantly realized what to do.
    Also, fun fact, there were legal issues with the development of the original arcade Donkey Kong, which is likely why we haven't seen any re-releases of the original arcade version until recently- and that was published by another company. Rare's use of arcade Donkey Kong might not have been above board...

  • MmmChestnut
    MmmChestnut Рік тому +3

    I’ve played a few arcades before. Our ancestors have fought great battles before us.

  • Jonathan Brown
    Jonathan Brown Рік тому +3

    Seeing this gave me legit anxiety from flashbacks of trying to 100% this game

  • Huddy
    Huddy Рік тому

    Remember beating this as a kid, hard af

  • Kirby Inhales Jotaro
    Kirby Inhales Jotaro Рік тому +7

    I like how dunkey develops multiple personality disorder over the course of this video

  • Mr. Frog
    Mr. Frog Рік тому +8

    Now I understand why Dunkey cancelled Donkey Kong December. He needed time to work on his masterpiece.

  • Sargasso Sea
    Sargasso Sea 11 місяців тому +1

    i remember when i was a kid playing this on dk64. it took me hours to beat it

  • norweeg
    norweeg Рік тому +3

    Glad to see more Donkey Kong December Kongtent.

  • Luca bel
    Luca bel Рік тому +13

    “Alright, back to the real game.”
    Immediately hears the arcade music come back on as screen fades to fish XD

  • Ira Rodriguez
    Ira Rodriguez Рік тому +2

    You guys are forgetting that Dunkey holds the record Bowser's Big Bean Burrito

    KATARATAK Рік тому

    Man I'd love to see you play the GBA remake of this. It has a triple jump

  • MrSuper65
    MrSuper65 Рік тому +5

    When I was a kid I deleted my brothers ave file for this game and we never beat it. Recently I wanted to beat this game for my bro’s so I played it again and doing this part was the part that kept us from winning because we could never do it, but we figured it wasn’t a mandatory thing. I found out after all these years that getting this coin was the last step and man this shit was hard. But I’m a pussy so I just save stated my way through to beat it and it took more than twenty years since we played it as kids and I finally beat the game.

  • linkh200
    linkh200 Рік тому +3

    This is the hardest part of the game. I always just did the glitch to get past the nintendo coin wall to get the key. I wish I was as good as duncle

  • Liam Chisholm
    Liam Chisholm Рік тому +18

    Dude no way hes playing the hardest game ever made..

  • Rukalin
    Rukalin Рік тому +5


  • Anthony Watson
    Anthony Watson Рік тому +13

    I don't think it was "required" to beat the game, but it was this minigame that kept me from finishing DK64 all those years ago.

    • tom morrow
      tom morrow Рік тому

      @Garrett Schwartz dark souls is easy, it’s consistent. monkey kong is a fucker, that era was all about making an hour long game into something that’d take you weeks.

    • pentelegomenon
      pentelegomenon Рік тому

      @Garrett Schwartz it's actually one of the greatest games ever

    • Garrett Schwartz
      Garrett Schwartz Рік тому +1

      @Hydrel Dacernis i was definitely a kid who didn't beat this game because i got to the door that you need both coins to open and i couldn't beat the arcade game.
      it's funny, lately i've been playing dark souls a lot and it's funny how much easier it seems than this old piece of shit arcade game

    • LockerBuddy
      LockerBuddy Рік тому +7

      @Hydrel Dacernis DK64 is the first 3D fucker type game. Only rivaled by games like Bubsy 3D

  • Lord Lordington of Awesomeshire

    Amazing that he did all this with a blindfold on.

  • Pedro Luis
    Pedro Luis Рік тому +1

    I love Donkey Kong December! =)

  • FiddleRiddle DiddleDiddle
    FiddleRiddle DiddleDiddle Рік тому +2

    This game really makes you feel like DON.

  • holycowrap
    holycowrap Рік тому +2

    The frustrating thing about the original DK game in DK 64 is that it's REQUIRED to beat it twice in order to beat the game. 9 year old me could never beat DK 64 because of that lol

  • seankkg
    seankkg Рік тому

    Only true fans find where Donkey Kong December truly takes place.

  • BaStAgE
    BaStAgE Рік тому +18

    the fall damage on this game is insane
    i pity the poor children that had to play this for...."fun"

    • Ian Weatherell
      Ian Weatherell 11 місяців тому +1

      so this version for DK 64 modded the rom to be way, way harder than the original release of Donkey Kong. I actually played the real Donkey Kong after suffering to the DK64 version and was surprised how much easier it was.

    • Omar
      Omar Рік тому +1

      Back then this was peak bro. Say what you will but you gotta respect it's place in history.

  • Drew D
    Drew D 9 місяців тому +2

    Yes, there’s “falling damage” in Donkey Kong. 😂🤣

  • GlowingGleam
    GlowingGleam 5 місяців тому +1

    I’m so glad “Dunkey” Finally played this “Game”

  • ricroon
    ricroon Рік тому +3

    the hardest part of beating donkey kong 64 is beating donkey kong arcade, it's the only reason I've never 100% DK64

  • Mr. Owl
    Mr. Owl Рік тому +2

    the first time i heard marios little chip tune looney toons tip toe feet; I knew why this game is a legacy and a milestone in games as we know them

    • DL
      DL Рік тому

      Thank you for the insight Mr. Owl!

  • Shady Individual
    Shady Individual Рік тому +10

    This is just 10 minutes of Gon's terrible gameplay before Don takes over

  • Stevie Obie
    Stevie Obie 4 місяці тому +2

    Imagine if it cost you $1 per attempt 😳

  • לחם
    לחם Рік тому +1

    great moves Don Cheadle, thanks for stopping by to help dunky

  • TLS
    TLS Рік тому

    Finally the DK video of the month!

  • BeTheHero905
    BeTheHero905 Рік тому

    What can I say? Don is good at donkey kong

  • pjdlol
    pjdlol 11 місяців тому +1

    as a kid this was the hardest banana to get

  • Vordt
    Vordt Рік тому

    Just so people know, you need the Nintendo coin from this, and the rareware coin from the arcade game jetpac to fight the final boss.

  • jesse shaver
    jesse shaver Рік тому +3

    For Donkey Kong December, you should review Monkey Kong: Tropical Cold. It's about time.

  • SuperWiiBros08
    SuperWiiBros08 Рік тому +70

    Dunkey Kong December is looking better

  • Dollop of Mayo
    Dollop of Mayo Рік тому +2

    ah, the time when Mario was named Jump Man but was really bad at jump

  • kyle litwack
    kyle litwack Рік тому +5

    Donkey Kong December is the greatest song of 2021.

  • Fuzunga
    Fuzunga Рік тому +27

    I can't believe Sakurai looked at the third level of Donkey Kong and said "Yes, this will make the perfect Smash Bros stage!"

  • Garl Vinland
    Garl Vinland Рік тому

    When Dunkey pulled away from classic Donkey Kong to reveal Donkey Kong? It was like the intro to a movie. Cinematic mastapeace

  • MasterOfBepis
    MasterOfBepis Рік тому +7

    I was getting concerned with the lack of donkey kongtent, thanks for the upload

  • legoboy7107
    legoboy7107 Рік тому +1

    Yes, that second level is in the real version. It's just that second level with the pies was only in the arcade version (and this one here which is basically the arcade version), and not the NES version that got all the console re-releases, so few actually know about or recognize it (honestly pretty sure Dunkey already knows this and is just playing clueless lol).

  • Blaq Sh33p
    Blaq Sh33p Рік тому

    After getting farther in this game than anyone before, Nintendo decided to rename it Dunkey Kong

  • Suakeli
    Suakeli Рік тому

    At first I doubted that Dunkey is the world's best Donkey Kong Arcade player, but I was convinced by the zero dislikes.

  • ThetaTN111
    ThetaTN111 Рік тому +4

    Now most UAclipsrs get an average view to like ratio of 10%. Dunkey on the other hand is such a supreme UAclipsr that at this moment in time he has a like ratio of 11% (this is a real figure no making up!!).

  • Araceli H.D.
    Araceli H.D. Рік тому

    this reminds me of when jason found virtua fighter 2 in yakuza and played it for the whole stream. great old games!

  • cross counter
    cross counter Рік тому

    I remember I beat this game fast as shit one afternoon I don't even remember how. I can't even replicate that feat anymore.

  • Ameer Fursan
    Ameer Fursan 11 місяців тому +1

    3:24 biggest plot twist in the history of history

  • Emerson
    Emerson Рік тому

    I missed your uploads sir, thank you.

  • Raymundo Hernandez
    Raymundo Hernandez Рік тому

    The trauma that the failure of Donkey Kong December has left on me is so hard that I would never be able to enjoy any donkey Kong content ever

  • nbadude44
    nbadude44 Рік тому

    In this episode, Dunkey will be played by James McAvoy's character from Split (with 100+ multiple personalities)

  • Matt Covarrubias
    Matt Covarrubias Рік тому +1

    This is like the time I had coffee at Jason Bateman's house.

  • Skateboard Turtle
    Skateboard Turtle 11 місяців тому

    0:45 This is when Dunkey realized Donkey Kong is a strand-type game

  • Jagar Tharn
    Jagar Tharn Рік тому +2

    Fun Fact: Donkey Kong was named after Dunkey.

  • Gunner98
    Gunner98 Рік тому +2

    7:07 it's not the fall which hurts. The fact that he fell on his balls hurts.

  • Aaron Thomas
    Aaron Thomas Рік тому +8

    The only thing Gon’s good at is taking the controller

  • Logan Labbe
    Logan Labbe Рік тому +1

    In the full version of the game you cloud do hand stands and high backflips and stuff. This is actually harder

  • Tomato Broth
    Tomato Broth Рік тому +1

    Cant wait until the full DK 64 review

  • Barbonius
    Barbonius Рік тому +1

    Ah so this is where Donkey Kong Decembertm continues

  • Hayden Harris
    Hayden Harris Рік тому +1

    The reason no one could beat DK64

  • quag311
    quag311 Рік тому +1

    Long live DK December.