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120hrs on Orient Express Luxury Sleeper Train | Paris - Istanbul

  • Опубліковано 27 лис 2023
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    Today I’m taking the world’s most luxurious sleeper train, The Venice Simplon Orient Express, from Paris all the way to Istanbul. I’ll share with you exactly what the experience is like, from my private room, the three restaurant cars, along with all the luxurious amenities offered onboard. This is a train like no other, steeped in grandeur, history and style.
    Run once a year, The Venice Simplon Orient Express will take us through 8 countries with various local excursions along the way. It also happens to be the world’s most expensive train ticket, with prices starting at over $50,000! As always, I paid in full myself for this experience so I can show you exactly what it’s like.
    0:00 - Intro
    2:50 - Room tour
    9:47 - Austria
    14:54 - Budapest
    24:05 - Bucharest
    29:34 - Varna
    35:10 - The Cost

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  • John Bowyer
    John Bowyer 2 місяці тому +699

    That refund is incredible. Yes, I could see the problem with the air conditioning not working and waiting a few hours for another locomotive, but the line closure was not the Orient Express' fault. Still, this is terrific customer service on their part and well done to them.😊

    • Terry Hsiao
      Terry Hsiao Місяць тому +18

      Unbelievable refund...a second video on next year :) or this winter

    • flym0
      flym0 Місяць тому +38

      They probably didn't want a bad review. After all, did every passenger get a refund?

    • John Bowyer
      John Bowyer Місяць тому +17

      @flym0 Very good point.

    • Trek Trendy
      Trek Trendy  Місяць тому +92

      @flym0all passengers onboard the train got the same letter / offer

    • KANNAN SWORD...௨
      KANNAN SWORD...௨ Місяць тому +3

      @Trek Trendy We are expecting your video once in the 3 days or daily.

  • Brigette
    Brigette 2 місяці тому +143

    I really feel for all the staff its a once a year trip they probably all look forward too and it would have been an organisational nightmare for them. That said I am so impressed with how well they managed it. I have always said this would be my 'if I won the lottery' trip. Fabulous report.

    THE ELRIN 6 днів тому +11

    First, let me say that that was an incredible journey to watch. The Orient express has been on my bucket list since I was 14 or 15 years of age and I am now 54. I know that I likely will never be able to afford this trip for myself and my wife to take, so watching you and your wife take it was wonderful. I was heartbroken at your two missed elements due to circumstances out of their control. When you told us that you got a full refund because of that, I actually teared up because knowing how expensive that was and they were willing to just write that off for all 90 passengers is incredible. Though my wife and I have recently started to travel, this one will most likely have to be vicarious through you and your wife. So thank you!

  • Brennen L
    Brennen L 2 місяці тому +129

    I feel like this video/trip is on another level compared to last year's trip! I know Budapest would have been inviting, but I think it's pretty awesome you got to spend the day in that ski town because of the landslide. So long as you don't have obligations at the end destination (Istanbul), I think the delays make the trip even more fun. Going with the flow on the rails!
    You both look great, and thanks for taking the time to make this content!!

  • Pierogie Dark
    Pierogie Dark 2 місяці тому +92

    A whole 36 minutes of Orient Express travel with the treky couple? Yes! Am I going to watch all of it? Yes! Am I coming back to rewatch it again thereafter? Definitely!

  • Marie Armstrong
    Marie Armstrong 2 місяці тому +55

    The magic of the Orient Express is well presented in your video content, Will. History, luxury and fine dining all together! Despite the difficult heat and delays, that is what would have likely occurred in the past! Glad you and Millie were able to experience this trip together!

  • Fraximus
    Fraximus 2 місяці тому +380

    I remember writing about one year ago how much you have improved your content. It amazes me that you keep evolving your content. I just love how well you do this. The short but interesting backstory, how well you express the experienced feelings of everything, and you also keep it lighthearted and fun. I just wanna say as a long time follower, well done. Keep it up!

    • Trek Trendy
      Trek Trendy  2 місяці тому +55

      Thank you so much, so glad you enjoy my videos - this one was quite the task to edit 😅

    • Brent Gibson
      Brent Gibson 2 місяці тому +3

      @Trek Trendyhave you thought on going on the icon of the seas when it set sails in January 2024

    • Trek Trendy
      Trek Trendy  2 місяці тому +14

      Already booked :)

    • MJ
      MJ 2 місяці тому

      ⁠@Trek Trendy love your videos so much, especially your first class aviation videos, what do you think was ur favourite first class experience??

    • Michael Anthony
      Michael Anthony 2 місяці тому

      Same here! Hope to see you Lol@Trek Trendy

  • Fergal O'Doherty
    Fergal O'Doherty Місяць тому +16

    This is a truly dreamy trip. Such great cinematography on the fly. I'm loving your pronunciation of "Lichtenstein" as "Litch-enstein" as in, well, "Quidditch." And "Le Toilette du Nord" doesn't sound like a restaurant, but L'etoile Du Nord does. Our differences are the spaces where we can come together. Keep up the good travel writing/vlogging!

    WEHO JM 2 місяці тому +32

    I've seen other vloggers share their Orient Express experience however yours's seems more intimate. Even with all the hiccups, delays and operational issues it still seemed like a wonderful trip. The fact that Belmont Organization (LVMH) offered an full refund is quite impressive. Now, how to finance the ensuite cabin?!

  • ukpianoman2015
    ukpianoman2015 2 місяці тому +10

    Really excellent video - full of information and details. What an absolutely incredible journey - the luxury, attention to detail, quality of food/drinks, improvisation during delays, firiendliness of the staff (waiting on the platform each time you reboard), fun of the entertainment....it's magical. The price is jaw-dropping but I guess some of that is to keep guests happy during the unexpected delays (getting 90 passengers in for lunch - that's quite an achievement!).

  • 천사
    천사 2 місяці тому +6

    Felt like I was traveling with you guys. First Orient Express trip was beautiful and so is this second one. Also Millie is just gorgeous.

  • Gwen
    Gwen 2 місяці тому +101

    This looked, again, like such an amazing trip. ❤
    The way all the staff handled the minor inconvenience, is amazing!
    Superb quality service.

    • Trek Trendy
      Trek Trendy  2 місяці тому +33

      The staff were phenomenal throughout - felt so bad for them when the AC was out, especially those in the kitchens!

    • Gwen
      Gwen 2 місяці тому +2

      @Trek Trendy Oh my gosh, exactly. And still in such a great spirit it seems. These kinds of people are rare nowadays.

    • Jeff White
      Jeff White 2 місяці тому +4

      My wife and I were on the same trip (even staying in Car A with Will and Millie). The inconveniences for the staff ranged from minor to I would guess fairly rough at some points.
      And we left wondering if phenomenal was sufficiently complimentary. The entire staff on the trip was amazing, outstandingly, above and beyondly, magnificantly (etc-ierly) phenomenal. The beauty of the train is sublime. But even so, the staff was better.

  • The River Pirate 13
    The River Pirate 13 2 місяці тому +12

    The L'Oriental Dining car is off the chain! Beautiful Will! Just glad the landslide didn't happen when your train was going through! You do a phenomenal job with the storytelling of journeys in your videos! The videography is so impressive too! These help me better at making my own travel videos for my channel!

    • Warrington Minge
      Warrington Minge Місяць тому +1

      All three dining cars are special in their own way and the bar car is an absolute treat too!

  • john whitbread
    john whitbread 2 місяці тому +3

    To the both of you thank you for whisking us back to a time of exquisite service and life from another period that is so hard to find in today’s society, I love this channel, you take me places I can never go with my own personal circumstances. Let’s have more of the 2 of you rocking and rolling all over the world.

  • Honeth Cornejo
    Honeth Cornejo Місяць тому +4

    Deve ser incrível viajar no Expresso do Oriente, que ficou famoso mundo afora pelo filme baseado no livro de Agatha Cristhie. Pelo que vi é um luxo só. Bela viagem para fazer a dois.❤

  • mcb67206
    mcb67206 2 місяці тому +9

    Thanks Will and Millie for letting us vicariously come on another adventure

  • Tony B
    Tony B 2 місяці тому +15

    Grateful for Will for not only bringing us along for the adventures, but to do so in top tier style. Great video, editing and shots of everything the O.E. and it's stunning sights has to offer👍🏻❤️

  • fire horse
    fire horse 2 місяці тому +16

    So nice to see you two dressed up for the full dining car experience. Wish there were more trains and restaurants where formal attire was required.👍🏾

  • SC7
    SC7 2 місяці тому +216

    Will you are definitely UAclips’s best luxury travel vlogger. Keep up the great work, loving it!

    • Trek Trendy
      Trek Trendy  2 місяці тому +20

      wow thanks so much :)

    • Paddy Gozie
      Paddy Gozie 2 місяці тому +4

      @Trek Trendy I swrr. I'm always hungry for you next upload. Keep it up!!

    • tybaltyrant
      tybaltyrant Місяць тому

      He and Kurt Caz are my favourites. Completely opposing styles, both highly entertaining, but this channel is much more wholesome XD

  • Jamie Broughton
    Jamie Broughton 2 місяці тому +31

    How can such utter opulence garner such a feeling of claustrophobia…for £42000! Brilliant experience none the less for you both. I really enjoy your immersive style Will. Thank you

    • Hilary Moloney
      Hilary Moloney 2 місяці тому

      I think utter opulence can feel like that.

    • alfrredd
      alfrredd Місяць тому +7

      quite outrageous, you really have to care very little about money and your comfort to pay for something like this.

    • Rover
      Rover 21 день тому


  • Stand up and smash the matrix
    Stand up and smash the matrix Місяць тому +9

    Your content is top notch , rather wait a few weeks each time for quality than once a week for average stuff, your setting the bar high , yourself and Emma cruises are doing the brits proud 🇬🇧🇬🇧

  • Shay T
    Shay T 2 місяці тому +10

    What a beautiful experience ❤ A very beautiful and seamless transition between takes, and cuts of food, and walking diwn the hall back tobthe cabin out the window to see the amazing sites. I dont know how you do it, its literally an art form of audio, and videography! I love seeing everything you ate, and the layout of the rooms. 🎉❤ Congratulations I believe this video was a masterpiece 😍🤩
    Sending you and Millie positive vibes and prayer!❤

    • Trek Trendy
      Trek Trendy  2 місяці тому +2

      Thank you so much for watching and the kind words 🙏🏼

  • Marilyn Hardman
    Marilyn Hardman 2 місяці тому +2

    Wow! Thank you Will and Millie for sharing your amazing journey. What an incredibly beautiful train. 💐

  • Michelle Sartori
    Michelle Sartori 2 місяці тому +53

    That trip is my true bucket list wish and watching Millie and Will enjoy such unique experiences aboard has only made me want it even more! I must say though that the company did well, although surprising, in offering a full refund or on board credit due to the anomalies experienced whilst on board. Well done to the company and to Will and Millie for "roughing it" on our behalf.

  • Ingleman Dovetail
    Ingleman Dovetail Місяць тому +1

    That was an incredible experience, well photographed and beautifully edited. The service looked amazing and the refund at the end was something they didn't have to do but what a gesture! Thoroughly enjoyed this. Well done.

  • Thor Cloud 🇦🇺
    Thor Cloud 🇦🇺 2 місяці тому +1

    Thanks again for taking us to a stunning train and exotic locations that we can only dream about. It's so beautiful to see the train still running and being updated with facilities 🌹

  • thompson J
    thompson J 2 місяці тому +3

    This was truly an epic adventure indeed. Kudos to the company for reimbursing you fully for the delay. Such high standard...Bravo orient express🎉

  • DoubleDee
    DoubleDee 2 місяці тому +26

    We had 2 journeys on the restored Orient Express back in the 1980's. The first was London -Paris, and a few years later we did Paris-London. Both trips were very pleasant, but we were glad we had decided not to do the overnight sections as the plumbing then was pretty basic - it bore no comparison to a couple of trips we did on the Indian Pacific. We were very glad to have chosen the Orient Express to have done the Paris-London journey, which was out of the ordinary. There was a severe storm in the Channel and the train were diverted to different Channel ports, both in France and then in the UK. We did not have to worry about organising these changes, just sit back and order another pot of tea.
    There's luxury, and then there's luxury. The restored train does it in 1920's fashion, and does that very well indeed. Service and food was excellent. On the Indian Pacific, you got good food and service, along with modern plumbing and ride.

    • Anders Grassman
      Anders Grassman 2 місяці тому

      Dear Sir, could you elaborate on the "On the Indian Pacific, you got good food and service, along with modern plumbing and ride", as I'm not indigenous to the subtleties of Anglo-Saxon communications? Could you try to clarify your perceived qualities of th Indian Pacific travel?

    • DoubleDee
      DoubleDee 2 місяці тому +4

      I started a reply but it has somehow got lost. The double compartments of the Indian Pacific give you a private cabin. The back of the sofa folds down to give a single bed while there is an upper single bed as well. Each double bedroom has its own private bathroom with shower and wc. I can't now be sure if the handbasin was in the bathroom or if it were in the cabin itself. I think it was in the cabin. By contrast, you had to go to the end of the coaches on the Orient Express to have a wc, shared with the other passengers. My memory is that there was no shower for passengers, shared or not. Having your own shower and wc was what I meant by modern plumbing. The modern ride comes from advances in springing and suspension generally from the days when the Orient Express was new. The suspension may well have been updated since we last travelled on the OE.
      Of course, the Indian Pacific coaches don't have the woodwork or elaborate upholstery of those in the Orient Express. I prefer to have my own bathroom including a shower to 1920's furnishing details. Others may well make different choices.@Anders Grassman

    • Anders Grassman
      Anders Grassman 2 місяці тому +4

      @DoubleDee Thank you for answering. My wife put us on the Singapore-Bankook back int the 90's for part of our honey moon, as she kwows I'm a train fanatic.😁
      I really think this type of train travel ought to be offered as an alternative to ship cruises. to a much wider public, and at all price ranges!
      Once I was a poor (well...) teenager, travelling major European cities, once actually sleeping in the overhead piecemeal luggage nettrays in a cabin. That one is THE singularily outstandingly most uncomfortable trainride of my life! Not sure even what country I woke up in. Woke up smiling though!
      I think we should make the advantegerous, uncomftorbable and maybee somewhat dangerous travels when we are young. Yoy know, it's great fun knowing you took part in a discussion on whether to allow goats (!) on the train in Italy. And a couple of decades later you enjoy insane nice luxury train travel. That actually makes a detour to watch the acctual "Bridge on the Riwer Kwai". (Beeing slightly upper class, my tip is always bring decent linen suits. They wear well also when creased. When things go completely awry, which they surprisingly often do, I find it very comforting to wear decent apparel.

  • Brennan Hughes
    Brennan Hughes 2 місяці тому +2

    This is one of your coolest videos ever! Love the longer length trips, I’m passionate about traveling and would love to visit all of these places you have visited🙏 and as always Milly is the best travel companion!

  • David Logan
    David Logan 2 місяці тому +94

    Thanks William and Millie for sharing your amazing train adventure! What a fabulous experience for you both. The train looks marvellous indeed! Peles Castle looks amazing too.

    • Javcar123
      Javcar123 2 місяці тому +2

      I wonder how much he pays her to be his gf

    • Alison Foster
      Alison Foster 2 місяці тому +1

      ​@Javcar123how rude are you

    • Javcar123
      Javcar123 2 місяці тому

      @Alison Foster do you really think she is with him because she likes him or because of his money?

    • Alison Foster
      Alison Foster 2 місяці тому +1

      @Javcar123 dose it matter that's your opinion and also none of yours or anyone's else ls business and I'm pretty sure the lady has her own money to the point she won't want or need his money so you should keep your not so nice comments to yourself

  • Mike Moxley
    Mike Moxley Місяць тому +2

    What a GREAT adventure! Even with the delays… bottom line for me that would make it more of an adventure!

  • hamid lodhi
    hamid lodhi 2 місяці тому +7

    I have been waiting for something from you for quite some time and finally it arrived, you were not as comfortable this time in the Journey as you were in the past but as you mentioned it is part of the adventure. Your videos are something that take us where I, probably would never ever have the resources to go and experience. Love your content and presentation, it is well made and nicely presented.
    Love ❤❤ for the Couple.
    Stay healthy and prosper.

  • Jack McGlenchy
    Jack McGlenchy 2 місяці тому +2

    Will and Millie do yet a other amazing adventure along Europe 🎉

  • Brettj
    Brettj Місяць тому

    Excellent, interestingly filmed, quality travelogue film. Thank you Will ! I'm rather envious that you were offered a full refund a week after. Being a lover of train travel, The Orient Express has been on my "wish to-do list" since I was a kid. Unlikely ever to do the journey from Paris to Istanbul though, because costly. Many other less expensive options for us to go on adventures. But a big thank you for producing such a lovely film.

  • Amanda Guevares
    Amanda Guevares 2 місяці тому +1

    I will never have this experience, but I'm SO glad you did and you chose to share it with us. Top notch trip, loved travelling with you 💜🖤

  • Roisin O'Hagan
    Roisin O'Hagan 2 місяці тому +33

    Even with the unplanned stops and aircon issues it looks an incredible trip. Thanks for sharing, loved every moment of your travel vlog 🚃

  • Zachary Lange
    Zachary Lange 2 місяці тому

    What an incredible journey!!! Appreciate you as always sharing these incredible docuvlogs and I can’t wait for the next journey that awaits you two!

  • Eva Toth
    Eva Toth Місяць тому +3

    Thank you for taking us on this incredible journey. I hope you enjoyed your time in Budapest 😁 Much love to both of you from Hungary.

  • Deb Ramage
    Deb Ramage Місяць тому +1

    One trip I would love to do. Well done Will and Millie. Stunning😊

  • Deby Coles
    Deby Coles 2 дні тому

    One of the most incredible things I've ever seen. Thank you so much for showing us all this amazing trip, and breath-taking train. I'm here because I'll never be able to afford to step on board, and its bitter sweet, but now I know what I'll be missing. At least I can take the trip in my dreams.

  • William Bunce
    William Bunce 23 дні тому

    Will and Millie was a great adventure and amazing journey you never fail to deliver I recommend your videos to all my friends I never tire if watching your adventures I love the journeys with your dad and mum on the cruise and especially the lovely Millie 2favouretes stick out rovos rail in Africa and the orient express my favorite even my brother is now hooked I wish you all the best in your future journey s cheers will (I'm also will 😊)

  • J.P. Wing
    J.P. Wing 2 місяці тому +14

    I really loved following along with you and Milli on this adventure and I'm very impressed by the videography. Stunning video work. I do miss the "The next day..." interludes from before, but the new mentions bring a touch of class appropriate to the Orient Express experience.

  • LoLa
    LoLa Місяць тому +2

    Going on this journey has always been a dream of mine that, sadly, I will never be able to do. Imagine my joy at finding your video! Thank you so much for sharing this epic adventure with us!

  • MiaCat Adventures
    MiaCat Adventures 2 місяці тому

    What a fantastic trip! One on the bucket list 🚂

  • aussiebloke51
    aussiebloke51 Місяць тому +1

    Really enjoyed your journey. I've been to all the places you visited - much of it my train - but in cattle class and supermarket snacks! One small detail - did you show an aerial view of Budapest-Keleti train station instead of Budapest-Nyugati train station at 15:05?

  • Denise Barrett
    Denise Barrett 2 місяці тому

    What a phenomenal adventure. Really enjoyed it all!! What a dream come true for you and Millie. Your two lovely people ❤❤

  • Susan Spaulding
    Susan Spaulding 2 місяці тому +6

    *Thank you Will and Millie for another wonderful train expedition* !! *The Orient Express Luxury Sleeper Train looks FABULOUS* !! *All of the cuisine onboard looks perfect* !! #TrekTrendy

  • Sierrah Max
    Sierrah Max Місяць тому +3

    What a dream trip, I cried a few times as it was so beautiful and pure luxury. Thank you so much for taking us all along this grand journey with you. Aww wonderful. Cheers !

    • Dorian. C
      Dorian. C 22 дні тому

      You cried? 😂

  • Sanele Gundu
    Sanele Gundu Місяць тому +1

    Will, it's always magical to travel and see the world through your eyes brother. I am always looking forward to your videos. It's so nice when you travel with Millie. Great content.... Great content. Keep up the good work.

  • Linda Krause
    Linda Krause 2 місяці тому +1

    Thank you for this video about your magical trip aboard the gorgeous Orient Express!! I know I will never be able to make the trip myself, but thanks to you I can truly imagine what it must be like!

  • Michael John Dennis
    Michael John Dennis 2 місяці тому

    Imagine if there was a high-speed rail tunnel from Holyhead to Dublin, we could have the Orient Express pulling into Dublin Connolly or Dublin Hueston or even Killarney or Tralee - imagine if they created an Irish version of one of those coaches, as we already have the Enterprise Train from Dublin Connolly to Belfast and there used to be similar trains from Dublin Hueston to Cork, Killarney and Tralee back in the day complete with a live radio broadcast by Larry Gogan on RTE’s 2FM

  • James Brown
    James Brown 2 місяці тому +1

    My Ultimate Travel Dream. I've taken the OE from Paris to Berlin (and loved it!) but THIS is the ultimate 'golden age' of travel experience!

  • ThunderSpitt
    ThunderSpitt 2 місяці тому +51

    It really made it into the news in Bulgaria. Our railways are so slow and off schedule that we can screw up the most famous train in the world. Great trip once again! keep up the good work

    • Romulus C
      Romulus C 2 місяці тому +2

      So what happened?

    • Tony S
      Tony S 2 місяці тому +4

      Don't worry the railways in the UK can do a better job of screwing things up. If not on strike.

    • Jeff White
      Jeff White 2 місяці тому +1

      My wife and I were on this same trip. Earlier in the trip, the AC on the train was not keeping up.
      I'm pretty certain that every time we entered a new country (which was often on this trip) the train engine was swapped for an engine from that country's train service.
      Unfortunately the Bulgarian train engine failed (I guess) quite quickly. So we further delayed, waiting in the heat without any AC. This caused the train interior to cook. My wife and I took a siesta (I suppose) to avoid the worst of the heat.
      A new train engine showed up and we got back on our way. But this delay put us many hours behind schedule and we missed nearly the entire time allotted for our beach side stay in Varna. That was quite disappointing because the resort at Varna looked to be absolutely lovely.
      The "fun" part of this section of the trip was when we did arrive in the Varna station (remember, many hours late). There was still a huge crowd of people at the station to greet us and the train. It almost felt like a crowd of paparazzi.

  • Ominously Baked Art
    Ominously Baked Art 11 днів тому

    Even though I never will have the funds to go on such an extravagant trip, watching you and Millie experience this was more than enough, and it even gave me the impression I was there chatting with ya. You just earned my subscription! :)

  • Sheila Athay
    Sheila Athay 2 місяці тому

    Thanks you two for sharing this most special excursion with everyone. It is truly a dream for any train fanatic. What a beautiful thing. The train , and the service. Thank you❤🎉😊

  • Shirley V
    Shirley V 2 місяці тому

    I soooooo enjoyed watching this. It's long been a dream of mine to take my Mom on the same journey on the Orient Express and it was fabulous to see how it all works here on your video. It looks amazing ❤❤❤

  • Gary Petermeier
    Gary Petermeier 2 місяці тому +2

    I'm glad they enforce a formal dress code. You both look stunning, and it is well suited for the occasion and trip on such a unique train. The bar car 3674 was amazing in that blue and a pianist was a nice touch!

  • Bruce Watt
    Bruce Watt 2 місяці тому

    That must have been a phenomenal experience! It’s been on my bucket list for the longest time.

  • TheRealUnconnected
    TheRealUnconnected Місяць тому +1

    Would love to see you come to Japan and travel on the Shiki-Shima train with JR East. Its hard to get a reservation but it would be amazing and is rarely something media is able to access for a proper review.

  • Amy Nervig
    Amy Nervig 2 місяці тому +4

    Such a fun way to travel! Thank you Will for taking us viewers along, and as always, nice to see Millie!

  • Adam Gilbride
    Adam Gilbride Місяць тому

    Will - absolutely epic. Thank you so much. I loved watching this. Brings back amazing memories of when I worked in Istanbul last decade!

  • Tsenngu Lasse johansen
    Tsenngu Lasse johansen 2 місяці тому +7

    Since the price of a trip like this is for the ordinary person extremely expensive (even though you get incredible value for money food and drink wise including excellent service) I am still amazed in the end when they offer to reimburse you the FULL cost of the trip or give you 130% credit value towards all their offerings and trips. THAT is something that also tells even though it is super expensive this is how they take care of their customers. Great video as always and looking forward to your next adventure.

    • Jeff White
      Jeff White 2 місяці тому

      My wife and I were on this trip also and received the same compensation offer after the trip. I ended up very impressed with Belmond after they assessed what happened and stepped up to "take care" of us (and we're not even famous vloggers 🙂).

    • Box0rz
      Box0rz Місяць тому +1

      @Jeff WhiteSo did you choose the full refund or 130% credit? The latter seems like the better option.

  • Monica
    Monica 2 місяці тому +3

    As always I love your videos. Great to see Millie again. Was great to see a different route for your Orient Express trip this time altho loved the last one as well. The Orient Express would be a perfect and romantic venue for popping the question. Lol. Again cheers from Australia.

  • Sandi Robinson
    Sandi Robinson Місяць тому +2

    Love your videos!!! What do you do when you aren’t busy riding the Orient Express??? And lovely Millie?? This is so exciting! Thank you for sharing this with us!!!

  • Annie T
    Annie T 2 місяці тому +3

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